Large Spring Base

Large Spring Base

Hillman, MI


22.5 Long | 15 Wide | 21.5 Lbs. | .375 AR500 Steel

The Large Spring Base is part of our Interchange target/base system, it will accommodate any of our large-size steel targets. Targets can easily be swapped out without tools by simply lifting them out of the target mount. This also allows you to simply turn the targets around in the base so both sides of the target can be shot (ie: one side for lower velocity pistols/ one side for high velocity carbines & rifles), essential doubling the surface life of your targets.

Using our Safe-to-Shoot design philosophy, the Spring base is designed to safely deflect bullet fragments down and away from the safe shooting zone or trapped fragments behind the angled AR500 front plate.

This base has the option to be configured into two different shooting modes, the standard self-reset mode or in knock-down mode simply by removing the reset springs.

Pair it with our other large and small spring bases, plate targets and plate racks, and the number of set-up configurations is limited only by your imagination. The Large Spring Base is another must have, as part of your set of Salute steel targets and bases, as it adds amazing versatility to your competition, challenge and tactical training scenarios.

Posted Wednesday, May 31 2017
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Hillman, MI

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