Viking - Heimdal The Gatekeeper -Rifle

Viking - Heimdal The Gatekeeper -Rifle

Hillman, MI

Salute's Heimdal the Gatekeeper (Five Armored Swing Plates)

Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel 48 inch Tall | 25 inch Wide | 150 Pounds

The Salute Targets Viking Line - Shot Placement Swing Plate Targets

In the Warrior tradition of the Vikings, this unique trio of targets, Odin's Eye, Thor's Torso, and Heimdal the Gatekeeper, represent a bullseye circle, a head with upper torso, and a full figure. All of these are segmented into individual swing plates which provide the shooter with an immediate auditory and visual feedback as to where your rounds are impacting. All five plates of each target rest at an optimal safety angle so that the majority of bullet splatter hits the ground at the target base. Professional, durable, safe and challenging!

Heimdal the Gatekeeper (Five Armored Swing Plates)

In Norse mythology, Heimdal (the Gatekeeper to Asgard), was the god who stood guard firmly in place with his broadsword. Alert, powerful and wise, Heimdal's duty was that of forward defense and warning to safeguard Asgard the home of the Viking gods. This rugged, challenging, and unique target will also stand its ground under many repeated blows. Many military and law enforcement friends of Salute prefer a full figure target for various tactical training scenarios, and this one will not disappoint. Its various steel panels will make your shot placement training extremely fun as you can focus on head, upper and lower figure areas. Ideal for fun in zeroing in your target with your weapon of choice. It may be moved, but it will always return to its fighting stance. These Large Viking Targets are designed primarily for optimal usage with Carbine and Rifle.

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