22 Rimfire 6 Inch Round S

22 Rimfire 6 Inch Round S

Hillman, MI

22 Rimfire - 6 Inch Round (S) Made of AR400 Armor Plate Steel 12.12 inch Tall | 6 inch Wide | 3 Pounds

Use with 22 Rimfire Spring Base, Small Spring Base or Plate Rack

The AR400 self resetting Steel 6 inch Round(s) is a great target for tactical and practical defensive firearms training. It is similiar in area to the average human hydraulic zone heart and lung cavity or the human head. The 6 inch steel target is also for those shooters who compete in Steel Challenge Shooting competition and NRA Action Pistol competition.

The self resetting 6 inch steel target allows you to conduct very rapid trigger control drills helping to tighten your group and increase your speed. The 22 Rimfire AT™ targets employ high-quality AR400 armored steel plate (in sharp contrast to most other company's weaker, mild steel) and have the same safe-to-shoot™ design engineering as Salute's other reactive steel targets. These targets are optimally engineered for a lifetime of use with .22LR ammunition.

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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