22 Rimfire - Spartan Tactical

22 Rimfire - Spartan Tactical

Hillman, MI

22 Rimfire - Spartan Tactical Made of AR400 Armor Plate Steel 20.5 inch Tall | 11.8 inch Wide | 15 Pounds

Our faithful Salute customers have over the past year continually asked for the Spartan Target with a .22 Long Rifle capability. It required extensive re-engineering (we are in the final, pending stages of a 'Salute Spartan' patent process). This "four in one" (frame & three plates) target is carefully based on our highly successful and popular Salute Spartan. This improved IPSC A-C zone shape with 3 additional moving target zones is Salute's most popular product (our bottom feeding competition has tried to copy it with inferior AR500, mild shop steel, and even having it crudely made overseas). The same challenging Head, Heart and Pelvic kill areas/areas of vulnerability are there. In the spirit of Col Jeff Cooper (our beloved Gunsite Guru) and other modern Warrior Shootists, these key areas became the "Electrical, Hydraulic, and Chassis" essential hit focus. All three areas are built to pivot outward, where they can again be slapped back into place by follow-up bullet strikes. Think also of hostage situation take down scenarios.

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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