410 2 Half Inch 8 Shot Federal Shotgun Shells

410 2 Half Inch 8 Shot Federal Shotgun Shells

Smithville, TN

Be at the top of your game with Top Gun Federal Shotgun Shells. Top Gun ammunition has been the load of choice for decades among competitors on shotgun ranges everywhere. Top Gun is now setting their bead on the sporting clays world. Whether you're shooting a charity event, you're a serious competitor or maybe you just have a deeply seeded need to dominate your group of buddies, Federal Top Gun is the load you need. Specifically engineered for the fast paced high flying hectic scramble that is sporting clays, this is the load you want to have in your gun when the top of the podium is your only objective. With steel shot and higher velocities, turning the toughest clay targets to dust becomes almost too easy. Ultra fast payloads gives you shorter lead times but you'll also experience noticeably reduced recoil to give you faster follow-up shots. Reliable primers, consistent patterns and Federal quality ensure that both clays and competition will fall before you. Birds and bunnies won't stand a chance either. If your goal is to become a better target shooter and by extension become a better hunter, then Top Gun Sporting will take your game to the next level.


  • Manufacturers Number TGS41214 75
  • 410 Bore
  • 2-1/2" Shells
  • 8 Lead Shot
  • 1/2 oz Shot
  • High velocities and less felt recoil
  • Reliable primer
  • Consistent patterns
  • Muzzle Velocity 1330 fps
  • Uses Sporting Clays, Target Shooting and Small Game

Posted Friday, Feb 4 2022
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