SEALIFE 3 SL749 DC2000 Pro Duo

SEALIFE 3 SL749 DC2000 Pro Duo

Hillsboro, OR

1x DC2000 Camera

  • Plus- 1x Sea Dragon Digital Flash Head with Diffuser (SL9631) 1x Sea Dragon 3000 Lumen Light Head (SL6780) 2x Flex-Connect Grips (SL9905) 1x Flex-Connect Dual Tray (SL9904) 2x Flex-Connect Single Tray ( SL9903P) 1x Flash link optical cable (SL96201) & Universal Flash Link Adapter (SL992) 1x Lithium Ion Battery for light (SL9831), AC Power Adapter (SL98312), charging tray(SL98311) and Int’l plug inserts (SL98306) 1x Instruction Manuals for flash (SL96315) and light (SL98313) 2x Silicone O-rings lube for light and flash (SL9807) 1x Spare O-ring for light (SL98303) and flash (SL96303) 2x O-ring removal tool (SL9808) 2x Sea Dragon Case (SL942) (Packaged with 1 each SL740 , SL678, SL963 & SL9904)

Posted Monday, Jan 6 2020
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Hillsboro, OR

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