SEALIFE SL 516 Micro 2.0 PRO 2500 Set 64GB

SEALIFE SL 516 Micro 2.0 PRO 2500 Set 64GB

Hillsboro, OR

Micro 2.0 2500 Set


1080p@60fps Video Sea Dragon 2500 light Waterproof inner camera Includes Micro Tray, Grip & Flex Arm Reveal stunning colors with the Micro 2.0 Pro 2500. The Micro 2.0 Pro 2500 pairs the Micro 2.0 64GB WiFi underwater camera with the powerful Sea Dragon 2500 light, Flex-Connect® Micro Tray, Grip, Flex Arm and case. Featuring an ultra-wide 120° beam, high Color Rendering Index of 90 and 5000k color temperature, the sun-like Sea Dragon 2500 produces underwater images and videos bursting with color.

Posted Monday, Jan 6 2020
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Hillsboro, OR

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