Build Services

Build Services

Choctaw, OK

We are happy to offer build services to customers that have firearm parts kits that need to be completed. We accept these orders on a case by case basis and our pricing reflects the completeness of your parts kit and how it has been de-milled or otherwise rendered inoperative per ATF import requirements. We need complete pictures from multiple angles of all of the parts you have before we can offer an estimate on lead time or cost due to the complexity and variability of each parts kit on the market.

As an example we have rebuilt RPD's, MK46's, M1919A4's, Thompsons, G3's, MP5's, MP5SD's,Sten guns, AK47's, PPS43C's, and rare experimental guns like a World War 1 era ST61-MG15 style gun.

We also offer conversion services for Form 1 SBR's for guns like FN PS90's, or other uncommon guns with an approved Form 1.

Please contact us at for estimates and information on these build services or any other custom work not listed.

Posted Sunday, Jan 16 2022
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Choctaw, OK

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