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In a BIG way, use of rope bags separates canyoneers from others that play with ropes. Effective use of rope bags is one of the first things smart beginners glom onto. They work.

We think Imlay Rope Bags are the best. It comes down to SHAPE, MATERIALS, and FEATURES.

SHAPE - We use a flared tube as our basic shape – bigger at the top, smaller at the bottom. The shape helps stiffen the bag, making for easier stuffing and use. The three largest sizes have oval bottoms, so they are easier to attach to a pack.

MATERIALS - We have the advantage of many years of experience and a comprehensive testing program, aka daily use by the staff of canyon guides at Zion Adventure Company. Over the years, we have learned what features work best, and where material is needed for durability, and where it is not. We refined our designs to be as light as possible yet last most people many years.

FEATURES - Straps in the right places. Stiff enough for solo stuffing, but not more-so. Sizes that work well with popular ropes. We’ve had time to dial it in, and ten years of feedback from customers to work with.

Large Rope Silo - for 200’ of Canyonero (9ish mm rope) or 300’ of 8ish mm

Small Rope Silo - for 200’ of Canyon Fire (8ish mm rope)

Posted Friday, Oct 6 2017
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