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The Tephra Trapwire by Omega Pacific is a combination of innovation and functionality providing a safer, stronger and noticeably lighter carabiner than other belay carabiners. The TrapWire "keeper" at the bottom of the biner helps maintain proper orientation while belaying or rappeling and it serves as the main spring of the carabiner. The traditional lever/pusher and internal spring inside is eliminated, resulting in a lighter product with fewer parts, improved reliability, and a stronger hinge. The narrow, low-profile nose and keylock design make smooth snag-free connections to belay loops, rappel devices, webbing and gear loops.


Materials: Aluminum

Certifications: CE

Major Axis Strength: 27 kN

Minor Axis Strength: 8 kN

Open Gate Strength: 10 kN

Weight: 61 g

Length: 4.41"

Width: 3.11"

Color: Red

Posted Saturday, Apr 15 2017
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