Jun 12, 2018


P.T.S.D. is a big deal to me , for you see I have it. Like most Vets. that combat you get a little messed up in the head. For me it start back in 2004 during the days leading up to Easter. We got hit and what makes it bad for me is that I saw a guy kill a woman who was running for cover then step on her baby's head just to get to us. Yes I took him out. Now with that said let's fast forward to be told by the V.A. that I couldn't do rehab even those I meet the more then 20 percent because as the woman in charge of my case said , "There are no gunsmithing jobs out there and once Hilary wins it won't matter." Funny thing is they sent a woman for modeling school. It's all good I take classes from AGI when I can and I belong there gun club of America , great stuff and worth the money. Now let's get to why I'm writing this. I have many Army friends and a lot of them have ptsd . One of my best friends was on the razors edge. Long story short suicidal thought and talking with me he is now be helped . It's hard to get help because you think it makes you weak , I know it was hard for me. There is a new guy at work who is a vet who going threw all this too. We talk all the time and he asked me the other night about how long did it take to get off the meds? I never took meds. He was shocked by that. The thing is that v.a. feeds you meds if you want them. I don't like that because talking to people that are on the meds they all seem to tell me the same thing. They work a little but put bad thoughts in there heads and that is why 22 vets kill themselves each day. I try to help as many vets as I can dealing with ptsd . As a whole we all need to work on helping these heros . I'm asking everyone who reads this and knows a vet who is dealing with the demons of war to please help them get the help they need. The v.a. does have a great program to help with ptsd . Let them know you care . thank you , joe

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