With Las Vegas' popular Shot Show come and gone, it's time to show the lineup of new products released!

GLOCK 43X and 48

These two new Glocks are both single stacks and are derivations on the 43. The 43X is comparable to the 19X, with its long grip on a short slide.The 48 is the same longer single stack frame with a slightly longer barrel. The mags shipping with these hold 10 rounds and have bright orange followers.

Mossberg MC1

Mossberg surprised many by releasing this Single stack sub-compact pistol.

Mossberg 590 M Shockwave

This mid-season launch is a 12 gauge with insane capacity and other grip options available.

Standard Manufacturing’s S333 Volleyfire

Standard Mfg's revolver in .22 WMR is double the fun with its double barrel!

Sig MPX Copperhead

Sig has introduced a new compact PDW to their lineup. The barrel is just 3.5″ long and it runs on MPX 9mm mags.

Rifle Dynamics RRD556 NATO AK

This new Rifle Dynamics AK is chambered for 5.56.

Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame

Walther's newest addition to their PPQ lineup is steel framed and sporty. It is reported to be a very comfortable 9mm that is fast and easy to control.

Henry Long Ranger in 6.5 Creedmoor

Although Henry wasn't at the show, they are still pulling through. Their new Long Ranger in 6.5 Creedmoor has great long range consistency. It has a lever, but feeds from mags. The barrels are free floated, and the accuracy is stunning.

Kel-Tec KS7

Kel-Tec has redeigned their sight rail to be quite short. This model holds 7 rounds in a single tube.

Kel-Tec CP33

Small, light, and with 26 more rounds, the CP33 is a quad-stack .22 LR. Built for competition, the 33 round mag helps you not run dry too quickly.

The Maxim PDX

New to the SBR category, Maxim, (known for their PDW stocks), is releasing a new PDW. This model will come in 5.56 and in 7.62×39.

SHOT Show is the firearm industry’s biggest annual gathering. More than 80,000 people will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for a week from January 21 to 25. Almost every gun maker in the country will be there, and many from overseas. If you follow gun news, SHOT Show is the main event.

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