In Oregon, SB 501 is being considered for legislation. The elements of the Bill would:

Raise the legal age to purchase guns to 21

Limit magazine capacity to five rounds

Require all guns to be locked

Limit the purchase of ammunition to 20 rounds a month

Gun owners have to report stolen guns within 24 hours

Require purchasers to obtain a permit from the local sheriff before being able to buy a gun ( To obtain the permit, you must be 21 years old, have no criminal convictions, have not violated a restraining or stalking order and provide proof of completing a firearms safety course)

Basically, this bill is looking to limit access to firearms and ammunition. There is no grandfather clause on magazines that hold more than five rounds. If passed, gun owners would have to turn in or destroy all magazines above the new limit. Essentially, this would eliminate the use of most semi-auto pistols and rifles, and the sale of 50-round boxes of ammunition. Thankfully, this bill has little chance of passing as written. In fact, it may not even be constitutional. Several legislators have already come out against it.

A new Oregon gun bill would give the Beaver State the strictest gun laws in the nation, if passed. This bill is one of more than a dozen gun bills to be considered by the Oregon legislature. Rep. Andrea Salinas and Sen. Rob Wagner submitted the bill on behalf of Students for Change.

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