Most of us always have our phones on us, so why not implement a self defense device into your phone case? Not a tactical spike or brass knuckles, but a taser! 650,000 volts will surely stop anyone posing a threat. If you are worried about taking calls with that many volts ready to go, fear not! The safety mechanisms are solid, yet take less than a second to disable. Just move the safety switch forward and rotate the electrode cap downward. The assembly's fortified housing and wraparound rubber sleeve will also protect the iPhone itself from any damage. But, because the Yellow Jacket includes its own external battery, a switch on the bottom can redirect the Yellow Jacket's battery into the smartphone itself.

Now you may have some concerns about regularly placing a tool meant to inflict pain and temporary paralysis next to your face. Yellow Jacket co-founders Sean Simone and Seth Froom (shocker and shockee respectively in the featured video) assure us they have taken every precaution to ensure their weapon is safe, and unleashes its fury only when commanded by the user.

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