This amazing ring sold at auction for $11,350. What makes it so expensive and cool, you may ask? Well, it is a fully functional revolver of course! Around the web, details vary as to whether it is originated from Germany or France. My bet goes to France as 'Femme Fatale' is a french term for "Fatal Woman". The same phrase in German is (according to shoddy Google translate) "Fatale Frau", which is clearly not what is engraved on the ring band. Germany is possibly connected as where the silver for the band came from. Details also vary about the age of the ring, but the average guess seems to be around mid to late 1800's. The ring features a 7-shot, brown-finished cylinder with fold-down trigger and outer spring band. There is also a set of 7 cartridges and a mini screwdriver included in the brown leather with green velvet lined box. It is doubtful that this would do much more damage than a pellet gun, but i suppose that is more than enough at close range. Upon further investigation, this ring was sold individually, and as a set. Aptly named the ‘Les Companions’ set, featuring a matching Femme Fatale ring and a slightly larger Le Petit Protector ring. If you are a big fan of this design, a google search of "gun ring" will provide pictures of the old ones (you will be hard pressed to find a real antique one of these actually for sale), and some companies that make new models.

Ladies with a vendetta, or a penchant for jewelry that also serves as a weapon, I'm afraid you can't buy the Femme Fatale Ring Gun. (Unless the person who paid $11,350 for it at auction would be willing to sell it to you for $11,351.)

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