Arizona has had a ban on nunchakus (Nunchucks) since the 1970's. They have finally passed a repeal on the ban of nunchakus. This ban was so vaguely written that it is technically a Class 4 felony to be in possession of a jump rope. This is because the law was written as “two or more…. handles, connected by a rope….”. California, Massachusetts and New York, also have had bans on nunchakus. However, in 2018, New York's ban was eliminated in federal court as a violation of the Second Amendment. The repeal of this ban will go into effect 90 days after the current legislative session ends.

It seems bizarre that weapons bans are based on works of fiction. Arguably, the switch-blade bans were pushed over the edge by “West Side Story”; the nunchaku bans by the kung-fu movies with Bruce Lee. There is a persistent rumor in Queensland, Australia, that the ban on pump shotguns in the 1996 weapons law was because a legislator saw one used in an Arnold Swartznegger movie.

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