Jun 21, 2019

remeber when?

so this morning at about 4 am as I was getting my youngest back to sleep I started thing about how things have changed. I was born in the early 70's and would have to say the best part about the 70's was when someone put a bullet in the head of disco. any way growing up in the 80's was a great time the music was fun and people got along for the most part. blacks and whites for the most part were friends. when growing up we lived in the burbs and I remember leaving doors and windows open at night. everyone watched out for each other. movies where great and fun. as a kid ,like every other one I else I would stay out all day in the summer and no one had to worry. we thought nothing could harm us. that all changed and I wonder when . so I looked at what happened . in the 90's it started . the music turned from fun to life sucks. maybe it was the drugs they used. going from coc to weed ? no that can't be it. we went from being friends with police to hating then. over the years our political reps went from doing what was good for the country to what is good for the bank account. back to the 90's because that is when things seem to start to change for the bad. see all the sad kids from the 90's are now trying to make us do what they want. sad kids grow up to be sad adults. so what caused that big of a change? now we have huge problems with heavy drugs and people fighting just because others don't have the same views. I have heard that it's because of the lack of god or because lack of morals. I don't know what happened but it needs to change back to when we got along. what do you all think?

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