Sep 30, 2020

New Rifles and Shotguns from Savage

Savage introduced expansions to their existing series of rifles, as well as a completely new Renegauge shotgun at this year’s SHOT Show. These featured a wide variety of options in both lineups. As well as a slew of new choices in both caliber, color, and configuration. Savage looks to take the brand farther toward what the end-user wants with their new lineup.

The newest addition to the line-up was the new Renegauge Semi-Auto Shotguns. Available in both camo and base grey, these shotguns feature a robust fluted barrel that immediately stands out.

For reliable semi-auto functionality, the Renegauge uses a Dual Regulating Inline Valve gas system or (D.R.I.V.). The Renegauge is designed to reliably cycle shells ranging from light 2 ¾” loads all the way up to a 3” magnum.

Additionally, the Renegauge has an adjustable stock that allows the shooter to make large and small adjustments to both comb height and length of pull. These include interchangeable recoil pads and cheek risers, as well as shims to help fine-tune those smaller adjustments.

New upgrades to the bolt-action lineup were shown at both Range Day and on the SHOT Show floor. These included factory upgrades to both the action and stock, and included barrel options from companies like PROOF Research.

The new rifles were shown in multiple different configurations to provide options for both budget and extreme precision shooters.

The new options span across multiple families of rifles and featured MDT Chassis direct from the factory. These options aim to give the end-user what they want without having to change the factory configuration. They have a huge selection of new rifles that are all available now.

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