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Tuesday, October 20th

Great Gifts for Campers

Believe it or not, the holidays are coming right up! In my opinion, it's never too early to start looking for gifts. That way you can take your time to get perfect and really thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

I came across an article from [Outdoor Union](https://bit.ly/2Tbhdsf) for "The 6 Best Gifts for Campers" and thought it was worth sharing with my fellow early shoppers! I will list a couple of them below, but if you are having a hard time choosing the article is helpful as it goes into the pros and cons of each item.

This first item is awesome for those who love a trip to the woods, but can't function without their morning espresso! The [Handpresso](https://amzn.to/35liyTf) is a portable espresso maker that includes 4 unbreakable espresso Cups, a portable thermos, a Microfiber cleaning cloth, and a case with a strap for easy carrying.

Maybe you also have a wino on your list? The [GSi Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set](https://bit.ly/2TbT5pw) is the perfect kit for those who love to lush in the woods. It includes a 750 ml Wine Carafe, a neoprene Wine Tote, and two Nesting Wine Glasses. Just add their favorite bottle!

Can't remember what your brother in law likes? You can't go wrong with this classic [Stanley Classic Outdoor Growler Gift Set](https://bit.ly/3oi5NS7). This thermos keeps liquids cold 24 hours, and hot 18 hours. It also includes four stacking 12oz steel tumblers- maybe now he will be more inclined to share his spiked hot chocolate with you. A win-win!

>The holiday season is right around the corner. We’ve pulled together our top camping gifts for the season.

Bring a camper fine wine glasses or a plug-in espresso machine and they’ll thank you for it but leave it at home. But give them a special camping wine set with an insulated carafe and a Handpresso, and these will surely make it into their backpack.

When it comes to campers, you can’t think of gifts in conventional terms here. You have to make sure they are appropriate for the occasion. Not only that, but you have to choose gifts that suit the camping style the recipient prefers. Things like camping conditions or group size matter a great deal.

[Read more Courtesy of Outdoor Union](https://outdoorunion.org/reviews/best-gifts-for-campers)

Thursday, April 23rd

COVID off Sanitizer Spray

Introducing our COVID-OFF Sanitizer!

It eliminates 99.99% of Germs, is Alcohol and Triclosan free, and is non-stinging.

Spray on your hands and rub in, or spray on surfaces and wipe off to sanitize.

Made in the USA. Comes in a 2 ounce Green Glass Spray Bottle. A great size for either at home or on the go!

Scented with calming 100% pure Grosso Lavender Essential Oil made by Helvetia Lavender Farm.

Buy 1, Give 1- For every bottle sold, we will match it and give to a local Fire or Police Department in need. Help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help protect those on the front lines of the pandemic.

$9.99 for one bottle, $13.99 for 3 bottles, Free Shipping.[Buy Now](https://www.gun.rodeo/bullseye/gunrodeo/handsanitizer/covid/7395/COVID-off-Santizer-Spray)

[Check out the Gun.Rodeo Giveaways page](https://www.gun.rodeo/daily-giveaways), we are giving away one bottle of our sanitizer on the first and last Sunday of every month!

Sunday, November 17th

Portland Wes Knodel Gun and Knife S

Last day at the Wes Knodel show meeting amazing Second Amendment supporters!

#WesKnodelShow #GunShow

Friday, May 3rd

Shotgun Flower Shell

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Flowers are easily the #1 gift for mothers on this holiday, and for good reason. But why not switch it up this year with ST lab's Flower Shells? These are standard 12-gauge casings, except they replace the lead with flower seeds. There is just enough gunpowder to blast and scatter the seeds wherever you please. Gardening will truly be a blast with these life giving rounds!

Plant flowers, not bullet wounds. That's ST lab's rosy goal with Flower Shell. The Scandinavian company, which has developed several trendy, quirky, and what they hope will be considered visionary products, plans to release their 12-gauge shotgun shells filled with the shooter's choice of 12 different flowering seeds in the very near future.

Read More Courtesy of Dude I Want That...

Friday, March 22nd

Mini Matchstick Revolver

This little stainless steel revolver won't do much damage- it only shoots match sticks. It's a pretty cool concept for a fancy toy though!

At the very least, the gun will finally find a use for that giant pile of matchbooks you've collected from all the bars and restaurants and hotels you've visited since 1987.

Read More Courtesy of Dude I Want That...

Wednesday, March 13th

Bullet Novelties

Bullets could easily be the most re purposed and recycled item related to guns. Here's a long list of cool ideas and products out there that are modeled after, and/or made of bullets.

Handcrafted Bullet Pens

30-06 and .50 cal cartridges are big enough to comfortably hold in hand, it's almost like they were destined to be made into pens!

Found Here...

50 Caliber Bullet Beer Glass

Beautifully crafted double walled glass made to look like a .50 cal bullet.

Found Here...

BenShot Bullet Pint Glass

Each of these glasses are heated and hand sculpted around a Solid copper bullet .

Found Here...

9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins

These recycled casing push pins are a clever way to incorporate the second amendment into your style.

Found Here...

Brass Honcho Armored Flashlight

These .50BMG bullets are recycled from the US Military, all having been fired out of a machine gun. They are fitted with an ultra bright LED, are shockproof, and flame resistant. They turn on and off by twisting the projectile tip, and pulling the tip forward / back concentrates the beam of light.

Found Here...

Bullet Chess Set

This chess set is made from spent .223 bullet shell casings. One side uses steel casings and the other side uses brass casings.

Found Here...

Bullet Knives

A fun folding knife novelty.

Found Here...

SipDark Whiskey Bullets

These stainless steel faux bullets are perfect for chilling beverages instead of using ice.

Found Here...

Shotshell 20-Gauge Thermos

This thermos holds 16 oz. of liquid and keeps drinks hot for up to 24 hrs.

Found Here...

Bullet Bouquets

A beautifully hand-crafted bouquet that will last forever!

Found Here...

Balm Shot

Great lip balm flavors in an eye catching tube that gives proceeds to good causes.

Found Here...

Read More Courtesy of Dude I Want That...

Wednesday, March 13th

Gun Novelties

Looking for some fun gun-themed gift ideas? Or maybe you want to show your support of the 2nd amendment on the daily through quarky gun novelties? Here are some cool items that will fulfill those needs!

The 357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer

This Hair Dryer from 1981 is a real blast from the past! It even has a holster that can be wall mounted.

Found Here...

Shotgun Planter

Made from an antique rifle stock, this is a really clever reclaimed piece. You can hang or wall mount it and plant succulents or mosses in the designated area.

Found Here...

Condiment Gun

A fun way to dispense your favorite condiments.

Found Here...

Colt .45 BBQ Grill

This grill is quite the piece of art! It is also an opportunity for endless puns and "dad jokes" while barbecuing.

Found Here...

Bullet Gun Cleaning Kit

This one is cheesy, yet fun. This kit includes 10 brass wire brushes, 5 grit-removing mops, 2 solid brass adaptors, 2 slotted patch holders, 25 cleaning patches, a double-ended nylon brush, a double-ended cleaning pick, a bottle for gun oil, and 3 solid brass rods.

Found Here...

45 Caliber Gun Key Blank

Also a great excuse for making puns, this key will really add some firepower to your keychain.

Found Here...

Read More Courtesy of Dude I Want That...

Wednesday, March 13th

Camping Gear

Summer is right around the corner- I know I'm anxious to get back out into the wild! Here's a list of gadgets you might want to think about acquiring before camping season starts.

Day One WaterBag - 10L Purifier

Water is every humans #1 need, make sure you don't get caught without it! The DayOne Waterbag uses P&G purification packets to treat full 10L (2-1/2 gallons) of water in 30 minutes. You can use creek, river, lake, or pond water without worry because it purifies sediment, arsenic, bacteria, lead, viruses, humic acid, protozoan cysts, and DDT.

Find it here...

EROVR 10-in-1 Transformable Cart

This is the ultimate transforming cart, shift-able into 10 different models The total cart weight is 25 pounds with a load capacity of 250 pounds.

Find it here...

Hydro Hammock Hot & Cold Tub

This item may be a bit boujie and not a complete necessity, but in the name of luxury- why give up the option of a nice hot bath? This can be used as a portable hot tub liner (for sand and snow), a hammock water bed, bathtub,or a swinging swimming pool. They offer single- and double-layer models, with the option to pair with an LPG water heater system. It is sturdy enough to accommodate up to 50 gallons of water and 2 adults.

Find it here...

Light 'n Go Bonfire Log

Have trouble getting a fire going, or just tired of carrying around all of the bits and pieces required to make fire? Look no further, these all natural birch stumps are kiln dried then carved in the middle with a pattern that erupts flames with a single match. Suitable for use wherever fire is permitted, jumbo sized Bonfires crackle for over 2 hours, and standard pieces for around 1-1/2.

Find it here...

Hammocraft Floating Hammock Frames

Hammocrafts can be fashioned to fit over stand up paddleboards, rafts, duckies, and drift boats.They are recommended for use on lakes and slow-moving rivers. These are strong and sturdy enough to string 1-4 hammocks between their posts.

Find it here...

Read More Courtesy of Dude I Want That...

Wednesday, March 6th

Man over-eagerly trying to catch Bi

Last December, outside Helena Montana a man was setting up targets when bullets started flying toward him. One round came within three feet of him and another came even closer. He crouched behind trees for safety and later confronted the shooter, who was driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck. The victim relayed a statement from the shooter, “I thought you were Bigfoot. I don’t target practice—but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it.” He then boldly suggested that blaze orange might be a good idea for the victim to wear in the future.

The Sheriff handling the case had his doubts about the encounter. The victim of the shooting was not able to provide a description of the assailant, and not being able find the F-150 in question. However, after this story surfaced in the media, a woman came forward with a similar tale. She claimed to have been shot at by shot at by a man in an F-150 as well.

Sheriff Dutton said, “We’re working to find this person, It is of great concern that this individual might think it’s OK to shoot at anything he thinks is Bigfoot.” He doesn’t think there’s any cause for alarm however, as the shootings “seem to be a localized event to one geographic area,”. This shooter could, and probably should, face charges if caught.

ccording to the Idaho Statesman, a man was fired upon by a passerby that mistook him for Bigfoot. Yeah, the mythical ape-like creature that some believe inhabits the more densely wooded portions of our country. That Bigfoot.

Read More Courtesy of Range 365...

Wednesday, March 6th

Great Grandma bags 12' Gator

78 year old great grandmother and mayor of Livingston, Texas, Judy B. Cochran killed a 12-foot, 580-pound alligator. She obtained a tag and went through legal protocol to bag this beast, getting revenge for the loss of her miniature horse 3 years prior. She suspected that the gator snatched the mini horse because the gator was seen in the same pasture as the horse. Once the gator was hooked with the help of a local trapped and a road-killed raccoon, Cochran delivered a single shot to the head with her Winchester .22LR rifle. She plans to eat the meat, have the head mounted, have the hide tanned to make some boots. See very impressive attached pics!

A great grandma finally got revenge for the disappearance of her miniature horse when she tagged this massive 12-foot, 580-pound reptile with a single shot from her rifle.

Read More Courtesy of Range 365...

Friday, February 8th

Colorado Runner Kills Mountain Lion

Earlier this week, on Monday, February 4, a man was attacked by a mountain lion. This event occurred in Colorado on the West Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. The victim was on a run (without earbuds/music) and described hearing something behind him. He was then attacked by a mountain lion as he turned around. It jumped at the runner, biting his face and wrist. He was able to break free and strangle the big cat, killing it in self-defense. The runner sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries as a result of the attack. It is fairly common for big cats that weigh 100 lbs or less to attack people, especially if they are juvenile like this specific mountain lion was.

“Mountain lion attacks are not common in Colorado and it is unfortunate that the lion’s hunting instincts were triggered by the runner,” Ty Petersburg, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. “This could have had a very different outcome.”

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Friday, January 25th

SHOT Show - Day 3

A big shout-out to #TNWFirearms for letting us showcase Gun Rodeo at #SHOTShow, we truly appreciate the kindness and generosity you've shown us over the years. Don't forget tomorrow will be the last day to pick-up a free American Patriot T-Shirt. Finally, Gun Rodeo will be announcing 4 winners of a Gun Rodeo Complete Website Package to those who submitted a business card to us during the show.

Click here to learn more about React Website Builder or Complete Website Package.

Enter to Win a TNW Firearm on Gun Rodeo now!

Thursday, January 24th


#ProjectChildSafe a sponsor at this years #SHOTShow graced the halls with banners of profound messaging "Own it? Respect it. Secure it." Having young children at home should make you become self-aware of the surrounds you will subject them to. Much like child-proofing your home with 'terrorist-resistant' door knobs and child-proof toilet seat covers that require a crowbar and hammer to unlatch, the same precautions should be taken when securing all firearms.

Day 3 of SHOT Show found us wandering in search of a particular gadget that could secure a firearm safely in the open, but still have the ability to access it quickly in the event of an emergency. Much to our surprise we came across #IDENTILOCK, the "world’s fastest, most reliable trigger gun lock activated by fingerprint technology that works in 300 milliseconds - the same as the blink of an eye!" It was exactly what we were envisioning, its accessible and most importantly it creates a safe environment for those young and curious minds. Currently IDENTILOCK product is available for Glocks, 1911's (full-size), Smith & Wesson and coming soon will be Springfield Armory handguns. They do have plans to extend product lines to various firearm platforms in the near future.

Stop by and visit IDENTILOCK at Booth #1252.

Learn more about IDENTILOCK....

Wednesday, January 23rd

SHOT Show - Day 2

Wow, what a day! In a nation that is undoubtedly divided, it's a breath of fresh air to listen and speak to those who are strong in their convictions to uphold #SecondAmendment. Enjoying the time spent with new faces and returning friends the Gun Rodeo community is strong. Here are a few pro-gun American loving patriots who turned up at the show!

Stop by the #TNWFirearms Booth #1141 to receive a FREE American Patriot T-Shirt.

Don't worry if you're not able to attend, our shirts will be on sale + FREE shipping until January 26th!

Order your shirt now!

Wednesday, January 23rd

SHOT Show 2019 - Wilkinson Tactical

#SHOTShow 2019 has been nothing short of excitement with new accessories and firearms hitting the floor. One firearm manufacturer in particular has unleashed an AR platform like none other. From a 12 gauge shotgun to a precision rifle in a matter of seconds is the Wilkinson Tactical CR12. With a quick switch of an upper you can have 6.5 Creedmore, 6.0 Creedmore, a 7.62 NATO or a 12 gauge shotgun. That my friends is the epitome of 'tactical.'

Visit Wilkinson Tactical at SHOT Show Booth #841

The Wilkinson Tactical CR-12 Modular Weapons System (WAMS) is a "first in class" magazine fed, tactical weapon platform. It is the first field reconfigurable weapon that can transform in seconds to the best weapon system option needed to meet the ever-changing mission environment.

Learn more Courtesy of Wilkinson Tactical....

Tuesday, January 22nd

SHOT Show 2019 - Day 1

Day 1 of #SHOTShow was a success!

Don't forget to visit TNW Firearms Booth #1141 where Gun Rodeo will be giving a limited amount of Gun Rodeo American Patriot T-shirts out per day. These shirts are going fast so be sure to stop by before their gone.

Won't be at SHOT Show or didn't get a shirt at the show? Get FREE Shipping on the Gun Rodeo American Patriot T-shirt from now until January 26th.

Order your American Patriot T-shirt now!

Here are just a few of lucky Gun Rodeo winners at SHOT Show!

Tuesday, January 22nd

SHOT Show 2019 - New Product Highli

SHOT Show 2019 is bringing the heat with new products and knock-out technology advancements. With large capacity magazines (30+) still a demonized magnet of debate, one company is taking control of the situation. Introducing #CrossIndustries, the 2 magazine 4 configuration compliant mag. Now available for AR15 Pistols, 5.56 x 45 NATO / .223 Remington. Choose from Smoked Transparent, OD Green Transparent, as well as a FDE or Tan Transparent.

Visit Cross Industries at #SHOTShow Booth #1866....

With 4 different ways to configure our CROSS MAG, we've delivered every possible way for you to enjoy your 10+10 rounds. Magazines will be available in your choice of opaque and transparent.

Read more courtesy of Cross Industries....

Follow Cross Industries on Facebook....

Tuesday, December 18th

Paracord Projects

The Uses for Paracord are just about endless! Here's a list of a few unique things you can make with Paracord.

Paracord Belt

Paracord Keychain with Secret Compartment

Paracord Bullwhip

Paracord Rifle Sling

Paracord Bundle Compression Strap and Handle

Paracord Snow Shoes

Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Survival Tin Pouch

Paracord Watchband

Paracord Hanging Chair

Paracord Tent Rigging

Paracord Koozie

Paracord Snare Trap

Paracord Dog Toys

Paracord Laptop Harness

Paracord Leatherman Pouch

Paracord Dog Collar

Paracord Double Monkey Fist Bookmark

Paracord Bottle Net

Paracord iPhone Case

Paracord Bow Sling

Paracord Lanyard

Paracord Eyeglass Lanyard

Paracord Army Man

Paracord iPhone Cable

Paracord Self Defense Key Fob

Paracord Drawstring Bag

Paracord Multi-Tool Pouch

Paracord Backpack Strap Wrap

Paracord Bandolier

Paracord Wallet

Paracord Rock Sling

Are you looking for the best paracord projects to keep you busy in your spare time? We have here paracord projects for beginners and advanced paracord projects from paracord lanyards and belts to whips and weapons. There is even a cool paracord keychain with a secret hidden compartment that makes a super tiny survival kit.

Read More Courtesy of Survival Life...

Wednesday, December 5th

Winter Survival

With the thick of winter coming, it is important to know what to do to keep yourself warm. Obviously, heaters are most peoples go-to, but there are desperate situations that should be thought about when that isn't a possibility.

First, Prepare! Have your chimney and furnace inspected, check for cracks in your windows and doors, and switch your ceiling fan blades to turn in the opposite direction(This forces the warm air down, keeping the heat from escaping).

Close it up! Close all of your windows, storm doors, curtains, and any rooms you aren’t using. Only open them when the sun is shining.

Get cozy and festive! Use candles to produce heat and light, use rugs to insulate hard floors, and cook meals inside to generate extra heat.

Before the worst of winter hits, prepare your home for anything that can happen. There are a few things which should be done beforehand in case the bad gets to worse, and you are left without a heater.

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Monday, December 3rd

Stryka Warranty

A Shasta County man affected by the California fires this past summer was given a new scope after his was destroyed in the blaze. The Scope was melted and barely recognizable, but Stryka takes their Warranty Policy very seriously. In the event of damage or malfunction, they will repair or replace your Styrka optic free of charge. No questions asked, No registration required, and No receipt needed. They will even take care of your optic even if send it in once a year. They clean it, tune it as needed and send it back to you virtually as good as new. Now that's some impressive customer service!

Wildfires ravaged much of California during the Summer of 2018 and ended up destroying the house of a Shasta County man who owned a Styrka S5 3-9×40 rifle scope. Sifting through what had once been his home, the man came upon charred, melted remains of his optic. All that remained was the scorched front lens held in place by a couple inches of scope tube.

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Thursday, October 25th

Deer Decoy Hunting Tips

Hunting using decoys can either be rewarding and helpful, or, (if done incorrectly) ineffective and can even make deer avoid you altogether. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when hunting with a decoy:

DECOY VISIBILITY-Make sure that you are putting your decoy in a visible area- if your prey can't see it, then what's the point?

USE THE CORRECT DECOY- Use a decoy that will attract the type of prey you are looking for. In rutting season, Estrus doe decoys attract potential suitors, and young buck decoys pull in mature bucks that want to assert their dominance over their territory. Outside of rutting season, try setting up a feeding doe decoy or one set up in a bedded position. Lastly, when attempting to lure dominant mature males, larger decoys might cause them to be intimidated and leave. Also make sure to use a matching call to the decoy you are using.

SCENT- Make sure that there are no artificial smells radiating off of your decoy. It is important to use scent control/removal products. But, just as important is using natural smells on the decoy to give it realism! Not too much, not too little!

Using decoys is a great way to directly influence deer behavior and bring them within range to take a well-placed shot. However, misusing decoys either limit their effectiveness or cause deer to avoid the area.

Read More Courtesy of Mossy Oak...

Thursday, October 25th

Deer Hunting Essentials

One of every hunters biggest fears is forgetting to pack something essential. Forgetting even the most basic of items can ruin a hunting trip. That's why you should always make a list ahead of time! Here are a few key items every hunter should remember to pack broken down by season:

EARLY SEASON: Tick Spray, Scent eliminating Field Wipes, a Pruning Saw, and Batteries/ memory cards for game camera.

PRE RUT/RUT: A Grunt Call, a Doe Bleat Call, Scent (doe in estrus, buck urine, natural doe urine), and a Rattle Bag.

LATE SEASON: Insulated Harvestor Gloves, a hot Thermos of coffee, Hand warmers, and a Beanie.

ALL SEASON: Binoculars, a Rangefinder, a Knife, Two pair of gloves (always carry an extra pair), Scent Elimination Spray, Bottles of Water, Snacks, a Face mask, a Flashlight (with extra batteries), and a packable rain hoodie.

Each year, deer hunters spend hundreds of dollars on products in hopes of making their hunt a memorable and hopefully successful experience. While on the hunt for these products, most hunters look for a few key things to make their time spent in the outdoors more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. When it comes down to it, we know that it’s not possible to take along every new and improved product that is on the market.

Read More Courtesy of Mossy Oak...

Thursday, October 25th

Climbing Stand Tips

Here's a few tips and tricks to maximize your tree stand's useful-ness and potential this hunting season:

When choosing a tree to park in, the general rule is to use tree with a shoulder-width trunk. Make sure the tree is tall, straight, rough barked, and has enough girth to support you.

Go high! Make sure that there are sufficient branches and cover both above and below you. This gives extra stealth and protection.

Hook it up! Putting hooks and/or carabiners around (to hang your pack, bow, water bottle, etc.) will keep your limited floor space from getting cluttered and will keep everything secure and in place.

Stay safe! Always try to wear a harness hooked up to a secure area on the tree to prevent falling.

I wear a full-body safety harness and put the belt around the tree before ever leaving the ground. I simply slide it up the trunk above me as I climb. Once I’m hunting, the belt stays secure just above my pack hanger, which keeps it at the ideal height for standing to shoot.

Read More Courtesy of Outdoor Life...

Monday, September 24th

Western Powders Handloading Guide

Western Powders has released a comprehensive Handloading Guide written by Rob Behr. It covers the following topics: Reloading Basics; Tips, Tricks, and Signs of Trouble; Advanced Reloading Techniques; Powder Position and Pressure; Berdan Primers; Using a chronograph; Finding Twist Rate; Montana X-Treme Products Instructional Guide; Blackhorn 209 Black Powder Information; Glossary; and a Burn Rate Chart.

This book stands apart from its competition for two primary reasons. First, as Rob Behr of Western Powders noted in the preface, the guide contains brief, yet very helpful, information sections throughout. Second, the load data contains load data only for Ramshot and Accurate powders.

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Thursday, September 20th

Gun Terms

Here's a list of common gun terms and their meanings:

Action- This refers to the parts of a gun that load and unload the cartridges and used casings. For example: Bolt action, Semi-auto, Lever action, Pump action.

Battery- is when a gun is loaded with the action closed. So when a rifle is fully forward, or when the slide on your handgun is all the way forward, it’s in battery.

Backstrap-very back of the grip on your gun.

Beavertail-the uppermost part of the grip, just below the slide.

Blowback-The operation of some types of guns. It means that the gun functions off of the explosion created in the chamber of the gun.

Carbine- A carbine is a rifle with a short barrel.

So, a little bit ago I wrote up an article about what each gun owner needs to know on the most basic level. This time around, I wanted to take it to the next level, and just go down the list of stuff I feel is important for every gun owner to know, so they can feel proficient with their firearm at the range, and not feel like a “newbie.”

Read More Courtesy of Gun Carrier...

Tuesday, September 18th

Hollywood Gun Myths

A lot of peoples first exposure to guns and gun culture is through Hollywood Movies. Here are a few gun related Myths that come from these movies.

Guns with silencers make no sound-Sound is greatly reduced with silencers, but there is still an audible fire and echo.

Guns are cocked after each use- most triggers cock the hammer for you. Pumping a shotgun ejects perfectly good bullets when the trigger isn't pulled.

Bullet Sparks-lots of movies show a bullet spark when it hits metal or concrete. There’s only a spark if the bullet hits a specific metal and it’s highly unlikely to ignite anything.

Bullet Power-Notice how basically everything explodes into a fire-y mushroom cloud when shot in movies? That's just not how it works.

Cutting the Hangman’s Rope- This is common in a lot of western movies-The hero rides by an execution on horseback and snaps the rope with just one shot. It would take way more than one shot to do that!

It’s undeniable how movies influence what we have come to believe about guns in the best part of our childhood days. I could still remember imitating my favorite action heroes and makeshift weapons while playing with other kids.

Read More Courtesy of Gun Carrier...

Tuesday, September 18th

Pros and Cons of Off Body Carry

Off body carry has both advantages and disadvantages. Most people use some kind of bag for OBC-Fanny pack, backpack, purse, or what have you. On one hand it is a more comfortable way to carry, is more inconspicuous, and is just a bit easier. On the other hand, it requires a lot more practice drawing quickly and efficiently. The obstacle of getting to your weapon while it is in your bag creates a challenge for some. You are also much more likely to be disarmed or forget your gun when off body carrying.

There are both benefits and hazards to off-body carry. Using a fanny pack as a modern day gun bag is comfortable and makes it easy to dress but also requires significant practice as it could lead you to become disarmed or even forget your gun behind. As with anything, it is important to know the advantages and the disadvantages before adopting this technique as your own.

Read More Courtesy of Gun Carrier...

Wednesday, September 12th

Hunting ethics

Hunters and the sport of #Hunting can easily get a bad wrap these days. What counts in being a good hunter is being ethical about it. Be the best example you can be. Show skeptics that hunters really aren't all that bad.

~ Make sure to always follow rules and regulations! Be an upstanding hunter AND save yourself from fines and fees.

~Be familiar with your weapon! It is always ideal to kill with one shot, for you don't want to wound the animal and cause it to suffer needlessly.

~Feel free to show your successes, but do so in a way that isn't in a bragging fashion. Try to limit the amount of blood and gore in publicly shared photos. Show the animal and the sport consideration and dignity.

~Respect the land, clean up after yourself and others! There will always be slobs and inconsiderate folk out there, do your best to show that you are not standing for such behaviors.

Hunters make up a very small percentage of adults in the United States – only about 5 percent. Although support for hunting remains high among the population, it behooves all of us to reflect upon the successful American conservation model that has returned so many wild animals to today’s sustainable use.

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Tuesday, September 4th

NRA car show

The #NRA is having its 4th annual Car & Truck Show! Be at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia on Sept. 23, 2018 to be a part of the fun! If you have a cool car, entry into the competition is only $10! And free tours of the NRA museum will be going on during the show.

The fall tradition is back, building on 2017’s incredible turnout of more than 400 vehicles and over 3,500 attendees! This year’s show, produced and hosted by the NRA Range, is open to all years, makes and models, including muscle cars, antiques, exotics, motorcycles, trucks, and custom and off-road vehicles.

Read More Courtesy of Ammo Land...

Thursday, August 30th

Ditch SoB carry!

SoB carry, or small of back carry, is when a pistol is concealed directly over the spine in the 6 o’clock position. People that choose to carry this way usually do so because it is "more comfortable" and sticks out less than on the hip carry or other methods similar. It is becoming less advisable for several reasons. Firstly, it is hard to reach naturally. It is much more awkward and drawing the gun will happen considerably slower than other areas. And in a situation where you are knocked onto your back on the ground, it becomes virtually inaccessible. Lastly, when concealing in this position, it becomes very obvious that you are carrying when you bend forward, as it causes a large print.

“I would strongly advise against it and have to understand the specific set of limitations or context that any individual was facing that forced them into that choice in order to give any meaningful advice other than, ‘Don’t,’” he said.

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Thursday, August 30th

Most common boat names for 2018

Here are the top 10 boat names for 2018 (according to Boat U.S.)



Seas the Day


Second Wind



Rum Runner

Knot on Call

Pura Vida

....and 10 of the goofiest ones for good measure!


Reel Nauti

Flounder Pounder

Kale Yeah

Shaken Not Stirred

Ship Happens

Bite Me

Mojo Risin’

Jolly Toots

Penny Pincher

Boat names can reveal a lot about the personality, passion and life experiences of a boat owner. This year, BoatUS decoded the most popular boat names ordered through its online boat graphics and lettering service at BoatUS.com/BoatGraphics, producing a revealing list of the Top 10 Boat Names of 2018.

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Thursday, August 30th

Why you should take your kids fishi

Fishing can instill positive values, provide valuable experiences, and teach great lessons. These are all things that are very important to pass on to younger generations. We all know that fishing in itself is a beneficial skill, and that it is a great bonding and relaxation technique. Giving kids a break from technology provides an exercise in concentration and helps attention spans. Loads of confidence and empowerment comes from reeling in a fish. Understanding why conservation is important and gaining knowledge about nature comes so easily from just one trip!

Whether you are a parent or a mentor, there are many reasons to teach a kid to fish. Some reasons are obvious, like spending time outdoors and making new memories, but there are also some not-so-obvious reasons. Don’t forget to keep these additional reasons in mind the next time you have the opportunity to take a kid fishing.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Misused Gun Terms

Gun terms are misused and misinterpreted all the time. Here are a few common ones, test yourself and see if you've been using them correctly!

Clip vs. Magazine:

'A magazine holds shells under spring pressure in preparation for feeding into the firearm’s chamber.

Clips hold cartridges in the correct sequence for “charging” a specific firearm’s magazine.

Clips feed magazines. Magazines feed firearms.'

Shells vs. Shotshells:

'Shells are a descriptor for any handgun, rifle or shotgun cartridge or cartridge case.

A Shotshell refers to a round of shotgun ammunition.'

Bullet vs. Cartridge:

'A “bullet” is merely the projectile that exits the barrel. A non-spherical chunk of lead, copper or other material intended for use in a rifled barrel.

Cartridges consist of the case, primer, propellant and projectile.

The bullet is seated in the cartridge case.

“Assault weapon.” Sixteen-round “clip.” A box of “bullets.” When it comes to firearms, there’s no shortage of misused terminology. Sometimes the error is committed innocently, a simple mistake owing to the shooter’s ignorance. A common example is the interchangeable use of “clip” and “magazine.” However, other misused terms are more harmful.

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Wednesday, August 29th


There are three general styles of Shotgun Slugs: Foster Slugs, Brenneke Slugs, and Sabot Slugs. Full-bore slugs fill up most of the bore of the shotgun as they travel down the barrel. Sabot slugs employ a plastic sabot to engage the rifling and then drop off after it leaves the barrel, much like a wad deviates from a load of birdshot in flight.

This is the original slug created to be fired in a smoothbore shotgun. Karl M. Foster started making them for neighbors in the early ‘30s as people were looking for something to knock down a deer to feed families during the Great Depression. Foster originally hand-cast these slugs and filed grooves on the side for rifling, which is much the same as Foster-type slugs appear today.

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Wednesday, August 29th

The Benefits of Custom Guns

Custom Guns- they are no doubt more expensive than your average base model, but some say it is well worth it. All guns are investments, but custom guns have a tendency to increase in value over time. In buying custom, you are likely enhancing your firearm and potentially making it more quality and accurate. Not to mention improvement of overall aesthetics through added unique embellishments. Guns are pieces of art in themselves anyways, so why not put in a little more to make yours one of a kind?

Custom guns require extra attention and labor for production and, in many cases, the component parts that are used in the assembly of a custom gun are of a higher grade. Those are the primary reasons that custom guns cost more than production guns. It’s important, however, to know what you’re paying for when you purchase a custom gun. If you’re buying a beautiful hunting rifle with express sights, a grade “V” walnut that’s been cut to fit and detailed engraving, that doesn’t mean that it will shoot any more accurately than the stock production rifle upon which it was based. Very accurate rifles might have aftermarket barrels, blueprinted actions, custom trigger jobs and the like, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll be beautiful.

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Tuesday, August 28th

Bullets 101

I came across this great comprehensive article on ammo. They discuss different sizes, calibers, prices, comparisons, and types. Visit the link below to check it out!

We’ll be covering purely bullet size…and the benefits/weaknesses of each. Now, there’s A LOT of sizes out there but I want to cover the ones you’re most likely to see and/or use. These are the ones that you can walk into just about any sporting goods store and buy.

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Monday, August 27th

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company is veteran-owned and operated! The company has announced a brand new roasting facility opening in Tennessee.

The plant, located in Manchester, Tennessee — about 65 miles southeast of Nashville — will create 52 jobs over the next five years. Part of a $6 million investment into the state, Black Rifle Coffee Company CEO and founder Evan Hafer said the Tennessee factory will help ensure American consumers gain the freshest coffee.

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Friday, August 24th

NRA Carry Guard Expo Workshops

The NRA Carry Guard Expo is back for its second year in Richmond Virginia! The three day pass gets you into the expo Friday-Sunday, September 14-16. There you will have access to a plethora of free seminars, workshops, and the exhibit hall. From safety tips, to martial arts, to knife skills, emergency response techniques, and much more!

These workshops feature a powerhouse lineup of best-in-class speakers and experienced instructors presenting on all things concealed carry, personal protection, and home defense. From martial arts techniques presented by MMA legend Frank Mir, to knife skills, emergency response methods, personal safety tips and more presented by other subject matter experts. With so many training opportunities spread out over three exciting days, there is a workshop for every person and interest. Spaces are limited in these premium workshops, so click here to buy your tickets today. We look forward to seeing you in Richmond at this year’s NRA Carry Guard Expo!

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Wednesday, August 22nd

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Mark your calendars for this second annual NRA Carry Guard Expo event! The Concealed Carry Fashion Show is coming up on September 14th to Richmond, VA. The Male and Female models will be showcasing a variety of Concealed Carry pieces including conventional pistol holsters, accessories, purses & bags, etc.

Scheduled for Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia, the Fashion Show will showcase the Expo’s top concealed carry products and demonstrate the features and benefits to an audience of firearm enthusiasts and industry media.

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Monday, August 20th

Defense Distributed Facing Lawsuit

Twenty states announced Monday that they plan to ask a federal judge in Seattle to immediately issue a temporary restraining order against Defense Distributed, a Texas-based group that has already begun making 3D-printer gun files available on its DEFCAD website after a recent legal settlement with the US State Department.

“After almost 18 months I was skeptical that there was anything else that this administration would do that would truly shock me, but they have,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters assembled in Olympia and by phone. “Frankly, it is terrifying… We think that it is important to put a stop to this right away and make it as difficult as humanly possible to access this information.”

The new lawsuit, which Ferguson explained will be filed “within hours,” comes just one day after Defense Distributed voluntarily agreed to block IP addresses from Pennsylvania after that state’s attorney general filed a similar motion in federal court there.

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Wednesday, August 15th

Booking a Hunting Trip

Planning a Hunting trip? Here's some things to keep in mind to make sure it all goes smoothly and is well planned. Start with a plan, do your homework, talk to a friend about it, ask lots of questions, don't be misled, be realistic, and don't be hasty. Mostly, just be well prepared and informed to all that your hunt entails.

This is it; the year you’re finally going on that once-in-a-lifetime, guided hunt for a trophy. If you want to make sure it’s a memorable experience for all the right reasons, there are a few things you should know and steps you can take to ensure your dream trip doesn't turn into a nightmare.

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Wednesday, August 15th

Best Bass Baits

The top 5 Pro Fisher recommended baits for bass fishing include: A 6-Inch Finesse Worm, KVD Sexy Dawg, Rage Thumper Worm, A Football Head Jig, and a Rage Tail Rage Swimmer. Pictures Below.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jordan Lee of Grant, Alabama, has won two Bassmasters Classics and a total of $1,110,929 on the Bassmaster Circuit. He’s a member of Mossy Oak’s Fishing Team. Here he tells us his favorite summertime bass baits.

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Wednesday, August 15th

Important Fishing Knots

Below are 5 diagrams of Popular Fishing knots. Included are the Fisherman's Knot, Blood Knot, Palomar Knot, Surgeon's Loop Knot, and Snelling a Hook.

According to Popular Science, there are over 170,000 different knots. Fortunately for fishermen, you only need to know a few. Your repertoire should include 8 or 10, but if you’re only going to learn 5, these are the ones I’d pick. Everyone has their favorites. Your top 5 may vary slightly but should contain at least 2 or 3 of the following.

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Wednesday, August 15th

10 hunting tips

Here's 10 great hunting tips, click the link below to read more in depth.











Expect to be oxygen-deprived if you’re coming from the East or the South to hunt our mountains. But even so, you need to have your body in good condition. I explain to my hunters that they need to be in shape to hike at least six miles per day in rough terrain. They may want to get into a running routine before the hunt, lift weights and/or ride a bike. The better the physical condition you’re in, the better your odds will be to have a successful elk hunt. If you’re on a 10-day hunt, by days two or three, once your body becomes adjusted to the altitude, you may have days of hiking that aren’t so hard.

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Thursday, August 9th

Scentless Hair & Body Care Products

Introducing the Scentless Hunter and Scentless Huntress product line! Mossy Oak and Southern Racks Outdoors are collabing to create a product line of unscented Hair and body care items designed with hunters in mind. Scentless Hunter is a 3-in-1 that shampoos, conditions, and is body wash all in one. Scentless Huntress has a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion available. (isn't it funny how women's products are for one specific thing and men's always seem to be some kind of 3 in one?) These are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin and keep your stink at a minimum so that your prey can't smell you from a mile away!

The Southern Racks Outdoors Scentless Hunter and Scentless Huntress product lines are specifically designed to be non-irritating and soothing to sensitive skin. Scent-free products are frequently damaging and drying to both the skin and hair but this new line promises to do away with those issues. From their scent-free presentation to their lack of harsh chemicals they are made for the needs of avid hunters who would use them on a regular basis.

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Wednesday, August 8th

Glock Facts

Did you know that Gaston Glock only used his left hand to test fire the Glock? That way if the gun blew up, he still had his right hand to draw mechanical plans. Did you know that Die Hard 2 Was The Glock's First Movie Appearance? Visit the link below for more fun facts about Glock.

There are a ton of facts about America's most popular poly pistol that most people don't know but here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Glock, even if you are a passionate gun enthusiast. Many of these facts are pulled from the excellent book by Paul Barrett called Glock: The Rise Of America's Gun. While many feel that the Glock is uninteresting, there are some facts about the pistol's development and other interesting facts that might grab your attention.

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Tuesday, July 24th

MagPump Summer Rebate

MagPump is doing a summer rebate program ending September 1 st. All 9MM, AR-15 and AK-47 magazine loaders can get $25 back on up to three units through this mail-in offer.

This rebate is a way for us to thank our MagPump retailers for their support and to help drive more MagPump business through their doors,” said MagPump CEO, Pete Crawford. “We hear time and time again how much our customers love this product; this offer will encourage many more to ask for MagPump at their local gun shops.

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Thursday, June 28th

How to keep your house cool without

It's no secret that air conditioning takes a huge toll on your power bill. Whether or not you have AC, here are a couple of ways to keep your dwellings cool this summer.

Use a Dehumidifier: this takes the moisture out of the air, making the heat less humid and more bearable.

Reduce and reflect sunlight: Use your blinds and curtains to keep the sun out.

Turn off Electronics: Heat is a byproduct of Electronic use. Unplug whatever you aren't using and turn off your lights during the day.

Don't cook inside: Cooking usually involves heat of some sort, especially stove tops and ovens. You are trying to minimize the amount of heat in your house, so maybe cook on the barbecue outside instead!

Open the windows at night: Doing this lets in the cooler air ( free ac!). And if you remember to close them in the early morning, the cool air will stay trapped in your house.

The best time of the year to cool off at the beach is now! But if you’re a homebody, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your house cool during the summer. Turning on the air conditioning is the most convenient solution, but you won’t be too happy once you get your power bill.

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Wednesday, June 27th

Shotgun vs. Spray Paint Can

Check out this video! I think you can probably guess who won in the battle of shotgun vs. spray paint can. Do Not try this at home...

The Gould Brothers, a pair of exhibition shotgunners, run a redneck experiment to see how many cans of budget krylon various slug and shot loads will penetrate in direct comparisons.

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Tuesday, June 26th

Don't keep your gun in an oven!

An Ohio man decided to keep his revolver in the oven for safe keeping. When the oven was turned on to be used, it caused the gun to fire. Police found bullet holes in the oven and gun. The gun owner was also struck twice by fragments while trying to secure the weapon. This is why it is so important to think through where you store your weapons! Who would have thought something like this would have happened, but one should always consider the worst case scenario before deciding on a hiding place.

Robin L. Garlock, 44, of Warren, was taken for treatment at St. Joseph Warren Hospital after he was hit by fragments from a revolver he had stored in his oven, as reported by the Youngstown Vindicator. Garlock had placed the handgun in the kitchen appliance to keep it out of the reach of visiting children but his girlfriend, without knowing the loaded firearm was secreted in the broiler, turned the oven on and the ammunition eventually started cooking off.

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Thursday, June 21st

Breakdancing FBI agent shoots civil

What a title! This FBI agent has been charged with assault in the second degree, a class 4 felony, and could possibly face more charges depending on the results of his blood alcohol levels. Apparently the agent was at a bar showing off his back flip/ break dancing skills and once finished, he picked his gun up off of the ground and it discharged( It is unknown whether this was accidental or intentional.). He then put the gun back into his waistband and allegedly fled the city shortly after the occurrence. The man shot in the leg by the agent will reportedly have to undergo vascular surgery to repair a major artery.

FBI agent Chase Bishop, 29, a D.C-based special agent that was visiting Denver for training earlier this month when he allegedly shot a man at Mile High Spirits in the city’s LoDo downtown area, was charged Tuesday with assault in the second degree, a class 4 felony, by Denver District Attorney Beth McCann. The DA cautioned additional charges could be filed once a pending blood alcohol content test on Bishop is completed.

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Tuesday, June 19th

Jerry Lewis' Gun collection up for

The #gun #collection of Late comedian Jerry Lewis is now up for auction. There is said to be at least eight Beretta semi-auto handguns, a pair of Smith & Wesson 3913 compacts, a Colt Agent, and at least 16 Smith & Wesson snubnosed J-frame .38s.

While the late slapsticky telethon host and actor who moved in much the same orbit as the famous Rat Pack for years has a lot of Hollywood-Vegas collectibles coming up for auction — to include gold watches given to him by both Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. — it is his firearm collection that is featured first in a 212-page catalog by Julien’s Auctions set for Friday.

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Wednesday, May 16th

Outdoor Mentor Program

The Georgia Outdoor Passport Program has now become law. This new program will allow first-time Georgia hunters and anglers of all ages to receive an Outdoor Passport License allowing them to fish and hunt many different types of game at a reduced cost; Offer discounted licenses to those who complete the program and elect to purchase licenses for the next season; and create an outdoor mentor training program at the DNR.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries, praised Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal for signing SB 332, the Georgia Outdoor Passport Program, into law. The legislation creates the Georgia Outdoors Passport, an effort to encourage the next generation of hunters and anglers to participate in hunting and fishing, as well as current hunters to become mentors.

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Wednesday, May 16th

Common Accuracy Mistake

Trying to improve your shooting accuracy? A lot of people figure it's best to squeeze the trigger extra tight, or "slap" it as quickly as possible. But these practices actually move your firearm, even if just a tiny bit, causing your shot to be off. Experts say pulling the trigger slowly and steadily, and directly back will prevent you from flinching as most people do involuntarily when anticipating a shot. Also it helps to not grip your gun too tight, especially after a while of shooting you are more likely to get shaky than if you are gently yet sturdily holding it.

Watch a group of shooters for a time, and you will likely see a range of problems with trigger mechanics. Some shooters “slap” the trigger, with the finger coming off and then slapping into the face of the trigger. Others might squeeze too tightly. In all cases, accuracy suffers–usually because the rifle is being jerked or twisted as the cartridge is going off.

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Wednesday, May 2nd

Leupold & Stevens Commissioning of

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., sponsored the commissioning of the USS Portland – the first United States naval ship to be named for Portland, Oregon – on Saturday, April 21. The San Antonio class amphibious transport is 684 feet long and is crewed by 371 sailors. It is the third USS Portland to have been commissioned by the U.S. armed forces, but the first to exclusively be named for Oregon’s largest city – previous incarnations have paid homage to Portland, Maine, or both cities simultaneously. A staple in the region for more than a century, the Leupold brand was originally founded in Portland before moving its headquarters to nearby Beaverton in 1968.

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Wednesday, May 2nd

Grants to Boost to Wetland Waterfow

The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, chaired by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, today approved $24.6 million in grants for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners to conserve or restore more than 176,000 acres of wetland and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, shorebirds and other birds in 18 states throughout the United States.

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Wednesday, May 2nd

Amarey Biometric Gun Safe

If you're in the market for a gun safe, don't buy this one! This review shows that it is very flimsy, not what amazon describes it as, and can be opened with a paper clip. This Gun safe will not keep your gun safe!

The safe is made of thin, 18-gauge steel, the box weighing all of 4.4 lbs. (Snapsafe lock boxes, which I have spent time exposing online, are made of heavier, higher-quality steel than this.) The safe’s top-opening door fits loosely and has two gaping holes in it, one for the fingerprint reader and one for the bypass lock; there’s plenty of purchase for a screwdriver. The hinges at the back are small and completely exposed.

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Wednesday, May 2nd

Assault Vehicle

The article attached raises an interesting point. All kinds of mass murders have been happening... not just with guns but rather with large vehicles. The parallels between these "assault vehicles" and "assault rifles" are quite similar when examined.

Following Monday’s mass mayhem in Toronto that saw ten people killed and 15 others injured by a madman driving a rental van, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is challenging authorities and the liberal media to start using the term “assault vehicle” or simply call these killing machines “assault weapons.”

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Tuesday, May 1st

Lena Miculek

Team SIG member Lena Miculek went through 14 challenges, completing each with an average time of 35.5 seconds. She scored a perfect 100.

SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG member Lena Miculek on placing first in the ladies category of the Open Division at the 2018 SIG SAUER USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals held April 18th through April 22nd.

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Tuesday, May 1st

Nickel Boron Coating

Putting Nickel boron coating on firearms parts creates less friction between parts and dissipates heat more efficiently. Both of these characteristics will put less stress and wear and tear on your weapons, making them last longer and work better.{img}{img}{img}

Nickel boron coating on firearms parts is all the rage and for good reasons. The first thing the coating does is cut down on friction. It accomplishes this feat by cutting down on the surface-to-surface contact between the siding parts of the firearm by using the columnar growth (imagine columns on a microscopic level) of the nickel boron.

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Friday, April 27th

2018 JROTC National Air Rifle Champ

Taylor Gibson, 17, of the North Salem Vikings Army JROTC from Oregon, returned to the JROTC Three-Position Air Rifle National Championship with an abundance of aspirations in her mind – ready to defend the precision title she earned at last year’s event and to give a repeat of her record-setting performance.

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Wednesday, April 25th

Record-Breaking Turkey

Chris Echele from Darlington Florida used his Stoeger M2000 shotgun to take this record breaking turkey from 60 yards away. It is the No. 1 Overall Atypical Eastern turkey in the state of Florida. With six beards, inch-plus spurs and weighing 20 pounds, 6 ounces, this record-breaking turkey has a total NWTF score of 152.3750.{img}

“It's been wild. I never would have thought that an old country boy could end up with a state-record turkey. I was just out turkey hunting, having a good time,” Echele said. “I knew he was a grown tom, but I had no idea he had that many beards.”

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Tuesday, April 24th

Luxury Concealment by Twelve Six Co

When a new #gun comes calling your name, so does the endless ways to accessorize it. Soon enough you’ll find your next paycheck going in and out of your bank account quicker than you could say “broke”. Bring on the red dot sights and custom coatings, and for the ladies we’ve found a hidden gem just for you.

Luxurious leather interior, detailed stitching, custom fittings…no not a high-end car it’s a concealment purse by Twelve Six Co. This woman owned, and operated company is cranking out handmade quality leather #concealment #purses custome ordered to fit your firearm. Yes, even your full-size 1911 pistol. From totes to over the shoulder purses these fashionable bags are perfect for the everyday carry.

Take a peak at the video below to see our latest review of Twelve Six Co. or Enter to Win a Twelve Six Co. Giveaway on GunRodeo.

Visit Twelve Six Co. to order your concealment today…

Monday, April 23rd

Backround Checks hit new All time R

The number of background checks done in march 2018 was 2,767,699. With lots of talk about banning different gun related items, this number reflects that people are trying to stock up while they still can.

The March number of National Instant background Criminal Checks hit an all-time record. The 2018 numbers in the chart are from the second year of the Trump Presidency.

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Monday, April 23rd

Guardian Long Range Competition

The first West Coast Guardian Long Range Competition match will be held in Arizona at The Big Sandy Range on December 8&9, 2018. 100% of the proceeds go towards raising money to help Orphans and Foster kids find their forever homes.

McMillan wants to make this first ever west coast match a huge success. They are expecting over 100 shooters and many more spectators at the event and are looking to the firearms industry for help!

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Monday, April 23rd

Max Michel winning streak

The 2018 competitive shooting season has been going well for Sig team captain Max Michel so far! He took the grand prize as Main Match National Champion, second place in carry optics, and third place in rimfire.

SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG Captain, Max Michel, on continuing his award-winning 2018 competitive shooting season at the U.S. Steel National Championship. Michel took home the grand prize of overall Main Match National Champion at the 2018 U.S. Steel National Championship in Covington, Georgia, March 28th through the 31st. Additionally Michel took second place in the carry optics division, and third place in the rimfire division.

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Thursday, April 19th

Free Informational Seminar

On April 21, there is a free seminar on how to get a Wear and Carry permit in Maryland.

At the end of the April 21, 2018 Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club monthly meeting, please feel free to attend a presentation by Michael Burke (a Monumental member and member of Maryland Shall Issue) for a discussion of how to obtain a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit.

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Wednesday, April 18th

.300 BLK vs 6.8 SPC

In this attached article, the trajectories of .300 BLK and 6.8 SPC are tested and compaired.

Here we will discuss how the trajectory of the .300 Blackout is better than that of other, faster rounds. We are, of course, not talking about ballistic trajectory, but rather the upward sales and popularity curve and the resulting technological gains in terms of subsonic bullet design. As you all probably know by now, the .300 BLK has taken the shooting world by storm. It has successfully outpaced the sales and popularity of other cartridges in the AR-15 world, such as 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, and many others, and done so with shocking gusto.

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Wednesday, April 18th

New Federal Premium Ammo

Federal Premium has announced an expansion in their ammo line including 224 Valkyrie, as well as 6.5 Creedmoor and 223 Rem.

Federal Premium is pleased to announce it has added new calibers and grain weights to its full line of American Eagle rifle ammunition. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

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Wednesday, April 18th

Free Custom Turret Promotion

TRACT Optics has announced a custom turret promotion from now until Thursday, April 19, 2018. Customers will receive a free custom engraved turret (a $100 value) with the purchase of any T-Plex riflescope, including TORIC, TEKOA, TURION and 22 FIRE riflescope models.

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Tuesday, April 3rd

Immersion Course in Firearms Compli

This 2 and a half hour firearm immersion course helps to gain the knowledge to get your FFL or giving employees the information that they need to do their job correctly.

Getting an FFL or hiring new employees requires a deep understanding of the regulations that govern your business. Furthermore, operationalizing those regulations into your retail or manufacturing business is critical to remaining efficient and compliant.

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Tuesday, April 3rd

Youth Warrior Award

Stewards of Wildlife Conservation (SWC) has given their first ever "Youth Warrior" award to Carsyn Norvell. She was the first kid to ever donate to the non-profit, and has donated not once but several times. It is always inspiring to see the younger generations contributing to charities that are meaningful to them. Selfless acts such as these are so important in building character, not just for youngsters, we all could learn something from Carsyn! If you are passionate about something, do something! Actions speak louder than words.

At four feet tall, Carsyn Norvell is a true giving warrior. In fact, nearly three and a half years ago she was the first youth ever to donate to Stewards of Wildlife Conservation (SWC), a non-profit organization based in Uvalde, Texas.

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Monday, April 2nd

Free Knife with Purchase

{img}Cool deal! I always love it when companies reward your purchase with a free item! #Lyman is doing this, you get a tactical knife when you buy either a #pistol or pistol grip!{img}

Lyman® Products is offering a free Pachmayr® G10 Tactical™ Knife with the purchase of any Pachmayr G10 pistol or revolver grip. The G10 promotion, which started March 1st will end Dec. 31st, 2018.

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Monday, April 2nd

Mossy Oak Mini web series

A new web mini series by #MossyOak is coming out called "impulse". It will follow hunters across the United States focusing on several types of Game.

Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions is proud to present an all-new digital mini-series titled IMPULSE. IMPULSE features passionate pursuers of the outdoors lifestyle as their impulse takes them across the country pursuing all types of wild game.

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Monday, March 26th

Solidarity for Gun Rights

Today, March 26th there is a "stand for solidarity"event for Gun rights in New Jersey.

On March 26th, 2018, leaders of NJ2AS will be attending the Gun Owner Rally in Trenton. We will be there to stand in solidarity during this critical moment in American history because unity is key.

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Thursday, March 22nd

Ruger Donates 1022 Carbine Rifle to

To support the Scholastic Action Shooting Program( #SASP ), #Ruger has donated a 10/22 Carbine #rifle .

Ruger Firearms has generously donated an early model 10/22 Carbine rifle to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). The rifle is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through March 28, 12:30 PM eastern time.

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Friday, March 23rd

Anti bullying hotline

Nobody deserves to be bullied for their beliefs. This hotline is for students that feel that they are being harrased or peer pressured into standing for values against the #secondamendment . The SAF toll-free hotline number is 800-426-4302.

The Second Amendment Foundation today announced a project to help students who have been harassed, intimidated or bullied for resisting peer pressure to join the wave of protests against guns and the right to keep and bear arms.

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Monday, March 19th

Lefties Rejoice!

Around 10% of the population is left hand dominant. Not a lot of products are geared towards lefties, so it is great to hear that more and more firearm companies are catering to them!

More and more pistol companies offer ambidextrous controls to grant left-handed shooters the ability to operate magazine releases, safeties and slide locks/releases more efficiently. The AR-15 platform, with its modular style that already gives shooters the customization capabilities, allows shooters to literally build what they need from the ground up. Bolt guns, however, have long given lefties a slight headache forcing them to change shooting position or awkwardly reach around the rifle in order to cycle the bolt. Realizing a need for left-specific firearms, more companies are beginning to answer the call and provide more bolt rifle options to southpaws.

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Friday, March 16th

2018 Summer Junior Air Rifle Camps

Know any high schoolers looking to get into air rifles or shooting sports? This camp was designed by a two time Olympic gold medalist in marksmanship, so i think its pretty safe to say that this is the best one out there!

Registration for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2018 Air Rifle Summer Camps is now officially open. Running from June to August, the vigorous 9-week schedule includes a mix of camps and clinics formatted to train high-school age (9-12 grade) junior shooters on intermediate and advanced air rifle marksmanship skills through various exercises and demonstrations.

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Thursday, March 15th

Accidental Discharge by Illinois Ju

In September,2017, 67 year old Judge Patrick O'Shea accidentally discharged his Smith and Wesson handgun. The bullet went through the wall and into the next apartment. The question is, why would he try to lie his way out of this predicament, when this was clearly some kind of a dry-fire accident? Read the article and decide for yourself!

It happened on 15 September, 2017. An Illinois Judge, Patrick O'Shea, 67, accidentally fired a short barreled Smith & Wesson five-shot in his apartment in Wheaton, Illinois. The bullet went through a mirror, the wall, and into the next apartment. No one was hit, and there was little property damage. He checked to see if anyone was in the apartment. There was not. He may have thought “No harm, no foul”, and proceeded to attempt to lie his way out of the problem. Big mistake. It changed his life.

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Thursday, March 15th

Girl finds Confidence Through Air R

We all could learn something from this young woman! Despite spending most of her life missing a leg, nothing stops 15 year old Jadelynn Kendall from competing in the Marion High School Army JROTC sporter rifle team. The resiliency in her powerful character shows that she has more strength and determination than most of us do with all of our extremities intact! She even participates in other sports such as the swim team and volleyball, just to challenge herself! Even with the challenges of her day to day life, plus bullying, she simply refuses to be cowardly or let anything stop her from living a full life. Take notes!

At first glance, Jadelynn Kendall looks like any other air rifle competitor. She carries her equipment into the range, sets up her gear and takes the firing line, just like all of the other members of her Marion High School Army JROTC sporter rifle team. Only her second year in the sport, she’s still learning the ropes. “I’ve always been nervous to try new things,” she said. Despite her fears, the 15-year-old from Indiana has come a long way. Her high school years were preceded by days of hardships and growth, but her teammates and those around her have helped to give her the confidence to stand strong – both on the leg she was born with and on the prosthetic she conceals beneath her clothing. Because though appearing the same on the outside, Jadelynn is actually unlike anyone else. She is equipped with a powerful character that, despite being constantly given extra challenges through her disability, allows her to take on the world one step at a time.

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Wednesday, March 14th

Sheri Baity

Sheri Baity is no stranger to predator #hunting . Born and raised in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Sheri grew up in the great outdoors. Whether it was trout #fishing or hunting groundhog, whitetail, turkey or black bear, Sheri’s first love was being outside.

She married a dairy farmer in 1992 and not only found herself on a working dairy farm established in 1848 but facing a devastating problem; coyotes. She set her mind to learn about coyote hunting and learn she did. One year in the month of October, Sheri took 17 coyotes on her property. Word spread in her small community and the next thing she knew, she was helping other farms out with their coyote problems.

Not one to let a good story go to waste, Sheri took up the pen and wrote about her hunting adventures for outdoor magazines. Her book, “Coyote Hunting Farm Style” was released in 2001. While working with a game call company, she traveled to Bass Pro, Cabela’s and Gander Mountain stores giving coyote hunting seminars and demonstrating game calls. She is now the owner and president of her own game call company, Crow’s Nest Calls.

As a predator hunter in Pennsylvania, Sheri was limited in what she could use for night time hunting. In her home state red and green lights and spotlights are standard, but as solo hunter, she wanted to travel light. Using only a 50mm scope and binoculars for light gathering she was able to hunt from the half-moon to full moon or when complete snow cover was available. This severely limited her hunting options.

Sheri first ran across NiteSite at a SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The NiteSite team took time to explain the NiteSite set up to her. “These guys from England just pulled me right into their world of the coolest equipment I have ever seen. They took the time and thoroughly showed me the equipment and explained things,” Sheri recalled. “Then they took me into the blackout room and demonstrated the infrared system. All the possibilities in my mind just opened up to what doors this equipment would open up!”

Within the year, Sheri became a NiteSite system owner. And not just any ordinary owner. As passionate as she is about coyote hunting and teaching the skills to new hunters, she is passionate about her NiteSite system. She explained, “One of the first things I learned before I got my (hunting) license is to 100% identify your target before you pull that trigger! NiteSite is the only equipment that I have found in over 25-years of coyote hunting that can do that and so much more! Without a doubt, you can clearly identify, see the back stop and precisely know what is coming to your call with crisp clear detail.”

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Wednesday, March 14th

Father Daughter Hunt

#Hunting in #NewMexico is a game of chance. The New Mexico Game and Fish uses a Lottery Draw System so this is basically a true statement. We bring you a new hunt as ARHunters.com continues to film and document hunts with AR Hunting Rifles in New Mexico and Colorado.

This time it was a treat to have Father and Daughter draw tags in the same unit, for the same scheduled hunting dates and be able to go hunt together. Usually one has a tag and the other gets to be the camera jockey or pack mule. Hunting NM Javelina isn’t as easy as you might think it could be. They are small, territorial, group animals and if you are not in the right place at the right time under the right conditions your success odds are greatly reduced. So when ARHunters Staff Hunter Nathan and his Daughter Faith got the results of the draw and realized they could be hunting the same Unit at the same time together it was kinda special.

Plans were made and they decided it would be a hustle on the weekends to get it done since she is a stellar and disciplined student with a heavy and full activities plate. The first trek out was a long drive south and we pulled into the area well after dark the evening before that we wanted to be in on the first morning. We simply put our cots out under the stars right beside the vehicle, using it as a windbreak and I was along as the camera jockey/pack mule this time so that both hunters could go full tilt.

Faith carries her well seasoned custom AR15 chambered in 6.5Grendel that has seen plenty of hunting action the passed few years. Nathan carried an AR15 Rifle chambered in 7.62×39 on this trip as something new to hunt with and try out. The 6.5Grendel is an factory Alexander Arms 24” barreled upper with a 6×24 Alpen Optics Scope on it and a Custom Lower with custom colored Mission First Tactical furniture and a CMC Trigger. The 7.62×39 is a factory Olympic Arms 16” barreled upper with a Leupold Optics 1×6 Hog Plex Scope on it, Custom Lower also with a CMC Trigger and Daniel Defense Furniture. Both rifles are shooting their caliber of ammunition using the Hornady Factory 123gr SST bullets for this hunt.

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Tuesday, March 13th

Age Discrimination Laws

In the wake of the Parkland, #Florida tragedy, a few federally licensed firearms retailers ( #FFLs ) have adopted a corporate policy to refuse to sell certain products, e.g. long guns, modern sporting rifles, standard sized magazines and ammunition, to otherwise eligible adult customers aged 18 to 20. This corporate policy of refusing to sell certain legal products to law-abiding young adults exercising their Second Amendment rights is not based on any evidence that such a policy will have an impact on the criminal misuse of firearms or on prohibited individuals’ ability to access firearms illegally.

NSSF respects the right of individual businesses to make their own decisions about what is appropriate for their business. However, in making the decision to refuse to sell to consumers based solely on their age, FFLs need to be aware that such a policy may violate state or local laws barring age discrimination and potentially subject them to civil lawsuits or civil enforcement actions. Several states and the District of Columbia have state “public accommodation” statute that bar age-based discrimination. These laws could apply to an FFL’s decision to implement a corporate policy to refuse to sell certain legal products to adult customers age 18 to 20, unless a state or federal law already restricts the purchase of that product. For example, there are currently cases pending in Oregon against two FFLs, Dick’s Sporting Goods and WalMart, for unlawful age discrimination.

In nine states and the District of Columbia, the law includes a private right of action. This means that a business that refuses to sell a product to an adult customer who is otherwise legally permitted under current law to purchase that product, simply because of their age, may be sued by that adult customer for age discrimination under state law. iii In addition, most of these states also require the claimant to exhaust administrative procedures before filing an action (or appealing) to a court. This means the FFL may also be required to defend their age discrimination policy before a state governmental commission, depending on state law. All states permit some form of attorney general (or other commissioner-type) enforcement or involvement in the proceedings. Additionally, there are at least two local governments that ban discrimination based on age: Madison, Wisconsin and the City of New York, New York.

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Tuesday, March 13th

Armed School Staff

Murderers attacked our #schools . That has been in the #news and on our minds. Who are the #firstresponders and who are the last responders?

We’d like to think that the police will arrive to save us. Unfortunately, that isn’t how crime and public violence works. The criminal is almost always gone when the police arrive minutes after we call. In cases of public violence, the murderer is stopped most of the time by people who are on scene when the attack starts. Or the murderer commits suicide before the police arrive to physically stop him. So who is the first responder that will stop the attack?

What about parents? What about therapists..social workers..doctors..law enforcement..and judges? They are usually involved well before the problem arrives at the classroom door. Parents raise children who can control their own behavior. Sometimes that fails. Then, concerned parents hope that therapy will help their child. We contact social workers when the family breaks down. Criminals and mass murders usually have a violent history. The police are usually the next resort when individuals won’t govern their own behavior. We want the courts to protect us from criminals and the mentally ill who are a danger to others. That only works some of the time.

Sometimes we have advance notice that a person can turn violent. In the case of the murderer in Parkland, Florida, even the Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved..and failed. We saw deputies arrive at the Parkland high school and wait for the murderer to get tired of killing. Do guns belong in our schools? Does a first aid kit? Does a fire extinguisher? The people who want every teacher disarmed say the problem of violence and injury shouldn’t exist at school. Evidence shows us they are wrong. Violence comes to school despite the many layers of things we’ve done to prevent it. That leaves school staff as the last responders, not the first. Everyone else had a chance to keep violence out of our schools and to keep our children safe. That works most of the time. Sometimes it doesn’t. Do we need armed staff in our schools? Not usually, but we’re not talking about a usual event.

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Tuesday, March 13th

Frontline Solutions For School Safe

Workable Frontline Solutions For #School #Safety Are Ultimately A State And Local Issue And Responsibility.

What are we doing to secure school safety for our communities? Kids are being seriously injured or killed in our schools. Doing something is better than doing nothing and there is, of course no excuse for doing nothing, but we must do the right thing. Innocent lives rest in the balance.

All we hear about in the news, though, is accusation and denunciation, all laid at the feet of the usual convenient scapegoats through whom the public is encouraged to vent its frustration and outrage. We see displays of raw anger and antipathy, emotional outbursts, and sanctimonious posturing. And we are proffered feel-good single solution answers that, on careful examination, do nothing at all to protect the lives and well-being of our children, and scarcely mask their true import: to promote a social and political agenda.

Those of us who have young children or grandchildren should not have to send them to school where they are not safe. If reasonable safeguards are put into effect in our schools, children will be safe. Think about it. Substantial security already exists at airports, in hospitals, in shopping malls, in corporate and governmental office buildings, in courthouses and banks, and in police stations. You get the idea. And yet, there are schools in America that have no security or, at best, minimal and inadequate security for our children.

There was virtually no security at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; and what minimal security did exist at the School that the public did hear about—namely the assignment of one Broward County Deputy Sheriff to the School—proved useless in preventing or, for that matter, in even attempting to prevent the tragedy that ensued. In an updated article, titled, “As Gunman Rampaged Through Florida School, Armed Deputy ‘Never Went In’”, The New York Times reports:

“The only armed sheriff’s deputy at a Florida high school where 17 people were killed took cover outside rather than charging into the building when the massacre began, the Broward County sheriff said on Thursday. The sheriff also acknowledged that his office received 23 calls related to the suspect going back a decade, including one last year that said he was collecting knives and guns, but may not have adequately followed up. The deputy, Scot Peterson, resigned on Thursday after being suspended without pay after Sheriff Scott Israel reviewed surveillance video.” Matters didn’t improve once other Broward Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, forthey, too, did nothing to confront an active shooter.

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Monday, March 12th

Optic of the Year Award

The VX-Freedom series from #Leupold & Stevens, Inc. was named “Optic of the Year” at the Big Rock Sports East Show in Raleigh, North Carolina. Big Rock representatives enthusiastically embraced the new-for-2018 VX-Freedom line.

Big Rock Sports is a world-class shooting, fishing and taxidermy distributor that has reach throughout North America. Leupold’s Director of U.S. Commercial Sales, Janos Jeszenszky, was on-hand to accept the award from Big Rock Sports’ President, Andy Melville, and Vice President of Merchandising, Bob Hunter, respectively.

“Distributors and dealers alike have been very excited about the VX-Freedom series – and orders have reflected that, too,” said Jeszenszky. “The entire sales team is confident that the Optic of the Year Award from Big Rock Sports is the first of many to come in 2018.”

The VX-Freedom delivers relentless reliability and elite optical performance at a price point that’s impossible to disagree with – especially given that the line is designed, machined and assembled in the United States. It is currently available in some of the industry’s most popular magnification ranges, such as 1.5-4×20, 2-7×33, 3-9×40, 3-9×50 and 4-12×40. The series supports muzzleloader, rimfire and centerfire rifles. Duplex, Pig-Plex, and the new Rimfire MOA, Tri-MOA and UltimateSlam reticles are available.

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Monday, March 12th

Q&A about Arming Teachers

Defending our students is a serious issue. It deserves more thought than a sound bite or a tweet. Unfortunately, #politics is driven by emotion rather than reason, by appearances rather than by facts. I’ve heard bad arguments about #armingteachers and about disarming them. Let's look at the issue piece at a time. Let’s separate fact from fiction. Perhaps you’ve heard this.

Should teachers be armed at school? Each of us has something different in mind when we think about “allowing guns in schools.” Even the definition of school is different from state to state. Regulations may extend from daycare facilities to postgraduate research sites and hospitals. These “schools” may be privately owned, operated by a church, or publicly funded. Do the regulations cover the classroom during school hours, or the parents’ van when students are on a field trip after school? Describing what we mean eliminates a lot of soundbite confusion. The issue is complicated. Who is responsible for authorizing armed staff? Is it the school principal, the school board, or the local sheriff? Usually, they are all involved in approving a program and selecting volunteers.

“I’ll quit teaching if they make me carry a gun in class.”

I’ve studied this subject for years and I have not found a single example of school staff being ordered to carry on campus. ‘The programs allow trained and authorized staff to be armed rather than forcing anyone to carry a gun at school. Should selected school staff be allowed to go armed to protect themselves and others? A school board usually makes the decision to arm staff. The board then looks for volunteers who already have a concealed carry permit. If selected, then the volunteers are often screened by the sheriff. Training may be local or at the state level.

Teachers don’t want to carry guns.

The answer you get depends on who you ask. Recent training classes for school staff have been full to overflowing. I know of training programs which trained over a thousand educators yet they had to turn qualified teachers away because they didn’t have enough money to train everyone who wanted to attend. Fortunately, enough teachers want to be trained to protect our students.

Guns don’t belong at school. That isn’t a place for violence.

This statement confuses reality with fantasy. In fact, violence is in our schools every day and has been for awhile. Our children are more likely to be the victims of violence in our schools than when they are at home. Students are more likely to be killed by violence in schools than by accidents like fire or earthquake. We conduct fire and earthquake drills at school, but we ignored the greater threat of deliberate violence..until now.

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Friday, March 9th

New Delta 1 Sights

#GunPro is pleased to announce the latest addition to its growing Delta 1 Sights product line: #SigSauer and #Springfield XD Delta 1 Sights.

Gun Pro’s Delta 1 Sights offer lighting fast target acquisition via its fully patented and intuitive single point alignment system. Their innovative design, further defined by its open sight picture, provides for extremely simple and accurate shot placement.

“We’re excited to offer Delta 1 Sights, with their superb open sight picture and lightning fast sight alignment, to an entirely new group of firearms enthusiasts. We are confident that our sights will revolutionize the sight market,” said Greg Wittner, Director of Sales. For more information about Delta 1 Sights and other Gun Pro products, please visit www.gunpro.us.

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Friday, March 9th

Triple C Shooting Range

Off the beaten path, a rock entrance gives way to a serpentine road, winding seemingly aimlessly through live oaks, tanks, fields teeming with bawling cattle, wily song dogs, whitetail #deer … and a shooting range, the likes of which are seldom seen—not just in #Texas but anywhere! Fortunately for me and many others near DFW, it’s a short ride over.

To paint an even more blissful picture, the Triple C Shooting Range is perfectly nestled deep within a working ranch just outside of Cresson, Texas. (map directions) More than your cookie cutter range ripe with concrete shooting benches, disappointing yardage and range officers with an axe to grind, the Triple C is steeped in friendly lone star hospitality, stunning rural Texas beauty and enough steel to erect a bridge over the Trinity River.

Even better, you won’t find any holier-than-thou, warden-minded range officers at the Triple C, just top-shelf folks aiming to keep people safe in a low stress environment rich with rural Texas sights, sounds… and shooting stations of all kinds, from pistol bays to extreme-range lanes, sprawling across the heart of the ranch. While shooting can get pretty boring at short-distance ranges, especially in a concrete jungle, I can’t imagine anyone ever getting bored at a place like Triple C where matches are always on tap and virtually every trigger-itch, rifle or pistol, gets scratched like a boss.

In a nutshell, an exceptionally large one, the Triple C Shooting Range is comprised of a range office pulling double duty as a pro shop, 13 covered long-range rifle lanes, 15 pistol and shotgun bays, a zeroing range and a small-arms training range. Triple C is open year-round with 3-gun, IDPA, steel and long-range matches scheduled monthly. An array of handgun, carbine, zeroing, long-range and personal defense training classes also are scheduled throughout the year although at virtually any time, on any day, members are assured shooting lane and bay accommodations even when training and matches are in full swing. Of course, these matches and training courses are a great way to stay on you’re A-game.

The Triple C Shooting Range also has no cease-fires on long-range stations since shooters are never permitted to go downrange; steel targets are furnished—believe me, there are plenty—and they are painted at least twice or three times per week. Each of the long-range lanes are roughly 15 yards apart so crowding is never an issue and members actually own the rights to the lane while they are present. Pistol and shotgun bays also are robust. Each target area is roughly 25 yd. x 25 yd. and many bays remain open even during competitions. That said, members own the rights to their bay while they are shooting. Covered areas and tables are positioned between bays and offer shade, gear setup, socializing and a relaxing place to eat some grub with friends.

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Friday, March 9th

African American Gun Association

Three years ago on February 28, 2015 in honor of Black History Month The National #AfricanAmerican #Gun Association was started. Since then we have went from 1 person to over 20,000+ Members Nationwide and 54 Chapters. Let's have 150 Chapters by 2019 !!

It is Time to Protect Our Schools with Good Guys that have Guns! The last few weeks I have received numerous calls from members around the country…..we have been hit again with another school shooting and this time it seems to be causing real discussion and possible changes in laws. The conversations have been emotional because people are scared for our kids. Nobody wants kids to get shot in America or any other place for that matter. Kids are innocent and shouldn't have to be potential targets for any crazed lunatic who is out to cause harm.

You ask ten people on what American schools should do to protect themselves and you get ten different answers depending on who you ask. I personally believe that the best way to protect our kids is to place Security Professionals and/or under cover police with concealed Firearms in the schools. These steps along with “hardening” the school as a target by locking all doors to the outside, security cameras, restricting entry to one or two locations will greatly increase the security of the school. That will work. Some may not like the new look of the Modern School in 2018 but folks this is the reality.

I have 2 children who are in school and I don't have any problem with my kids being protected by trained Security Professionals at the school. To me it makes common sense so why not do it. Criminals, Racists, and Mentally ill people aren't going to change if they want to hurt you. They are going to continue. You can't talk your way to a safer school. We must take action by doing something tangible that will work….. Our kids deserve it so let's give them at least that. Evil people will always get guns so we must always be prepared to stop them by depending on ourselves. We have a choice at this moment in time and our kids are depending on us. If every gun was taken from every Law Abiding Citizen all you would do is make it that much easier for Criminals to kill people because Criminals will always have Guns regardless of what you do.

It is time for America's schools to look at the reality in 2018. Academic Institutions can no longer have open door policies so that anyone off the street can come on any campus and starting killing Until that stops the same will unfortunately continue …. The definition of Insanity is to repeat the same thing and to expect a different result”. Send comments and/or suggestions to President@naaga.com.

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Friday, March 9th

Graf & Sons

Graf & Sons, Inc, The #Reloading Authority is proud to announce that it has been appointed sole distributor for Peterson Cartridge Company. Peterson Cartridge Company is a USA-based company that was established on April 21, 2014. It specializes in the creation of Match-Grade Brass designed around and for the #longrange #shooter.

Peterson Cartridge was founded by Derek Peterson and his two business partners. Their team is full of industry experience. Joe Coury, the director of development, brings over two decades of sales and marketing experience to the public and defense industry. The Ballistician, Stan Hoover, is in charge of ensuring product quality and shooter safety with three decades of experience. He was an engineer with a global manufacturing company and has been shooting and reloading ammunition since 1972. Peterson Cartridge Company specializes in providing the highest quality, most consistent brass rifle casings manufactured today.

Graf & Sons is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products at a great price for the best reloading experience. This USA made, Match Grade brass is very high quality and comparable with several industry leading brands. Partnering makes perfect sense as Graf & Sons – with its 60 years of experience in the shooting and reloading industry and the ability for international sales – is well positioned to provide our customers around the world with the best reloading and shooting experience.

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Wednesday, March 7th

Enhanced 2018 CMP National Matches

Registration for the Civilian #Marksmanship Program’s ( #CMP ) 2018 National Trophy Pistol and #Rifle Matches opened March 1, 2018. The annual event, held at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Base since 1907, has undergone significant changes for the July 2018 season – presenting new matches never before offered by the CMP and reclaiming traditional matches missing from the Camp Perry soil in recent years.

After months of development, the CMP has proudly brought smallbore back to the ranges of Camp Perry. Making a debut on the CMP’s smallbore schedule is a 3×40 with iron sights and an any sights match, a 3×20 team match and prone events. Scoring will be administered in collaboration with Shooters Technology, using a mobile application that will transmit target images via cell phone to the Orion scoring system and allows scores to be compiled before competitors even return from hanging targets down range.

A six-day CMP National Matches Junior Camp, Smallbore & Air Rifle, will also take place 17-22 July at Camp Perry. Camp is open to junior athletes who shoot both three-position smallbore and standing or international precision air rifle. Participants must be between the ages of 12 to 20 and must currently be shooting in three-position smallbore competition matches and international air rifle. Also new to the CMP schedule is a three-day series of long range events for teams and individuals. Long range matches will be fired at 1,000 yards and are open to match rifles, service rifles or Palma rifles.

Introduced at last year’s Nationals, the CMP will again host its own Cup Matches, which include a 4-man team event and a 2000 Point Aggregate event which will feature a cash prize based on the average 2-day score. The CMP will also continue to offer an assortment of bonus competitions for vintage and modern military rifles, sprinkled into the mix – each named to honor the memories of important figures in marksmanship history, as well as to commemorate the spirit of past and present National Matches. These matches include the Oliver Hazard Perry Match and the Roosevelt Commemorative Match.

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Wednesday, March 7th

Self Defense Insurance

A couple of Montana #Shooting Sports Association members have asked me recently about #insurance for firearms and self defense. That divides into two sub-topics: 1) Insurance for firearms stolen or lost in a fire, etc., and 2) Insurance for legal costs if a person must use a firearm in #selfdefense .

Montana Shooting Sports Association estimates that the average gun-owning household in Montana contains 27 firearms (Right. If your gun safe has space it may be shopping time.) Even with modest firearm values, the total value of such a standard collection will probably exceed the limits for firearms on a typical homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. What should a person with such a collection do?

If you're independently wealthy and can afford to replace a lost collection, you might choose to do nothing. The rest of us will probably want some sort of insurance. NRA membership comes with a modicum of firearms insurance – $2,500. The NRA may have expanded coverage available for a price. Your homeowner's policy may cover a minimal amount of firearms too. There are other insurance products for firearms out there. This is not intended to be a review of competing insurance options. However, one affordable option may be to simply add an increase in value for firearms to your existing homeowner's policy. That's what I do. It is not expensive.

If you take this route, some homeowner's insurance companies will insist on a list of the firearms you want protected on the policy, including makes, models, serial numbers, and maybe photos. Because of privacy concerns, I wouldn't provide that. However, if your homeowner's insurance company is willing to insure a certain value amount for firearms, for a disclosed premium, you will certainly want to privately document your firearm collection. If you ever have a loss (e.g., fire), you will need to be able to produce a list of the firearms for which you claim insurance coverage. You should have a list of the makes, models, and serial numbers, and photographs, all stored in some secure place and offsite. This is the alternative I use and that my homeowner's insurance company allows.

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Monday, March 5th

30 Carbine Ballistic Gel Test

To give credit where it is due, video games got me interested in #firearms . During the early 2000s, World War II first-person #shooter games were all the rage and I soon had a list of #guns I would like to shoot one day.

American guns, however, were not really on the list. Time marched on, and I have gotten plenty of trigger time behind quite a few of those video-game featured firearms. The lone American gun that finally joined their ranks was one ironically never covered in those early games—the M1 Carbine. The M1 Carbine was an admission of reality when it came into adoption in 1942. War was changing, and those in non-combatant roles just might have to fight, be it truck drivers, radio operators, etc. These troops had important things to do besides lug around a heavy battle rifle all the time, but they needed something that could punch harder and reach further than a pistol.

The M1 Carbine is a handy weapon that weighs in at just over five pounds, and it fired an intermediate powered round, the 30 Carbine ammunition. The M1 carbine was produced by the millions and served in some capacity until the Vietnam War in the 1970s. Some praised its light weight, ease of use, and healthy magazine capacity. Others hated it for its perceived lack of stopping power. In any case, the M1 rifle remains an American classic with elderly examples still in circulation. New models are still being produced today by several manufacturers. However, the 30 Carbine’s sedate ballistics remain the subject of debate.

In my mind, I wanted to see the results for myself to satisfy my own curiosity. What better excuse than to drag out some 10% ordinance gel to find out? The M1 Carbine is still quite popular today, and my warrant for such a claim lay not only in the numbers still produced but the increased variety of ammunition available, including defensive hollow-points. I selected Hornady’s Critical Defense 110 grain FTX to test against the most common 30 Carbine round you are apt to find, 110-grain full-metal-jacket—my brand of choice coming from Privi Partizan.

My ballistics gelatin comes from Clear Ballistics with my batch being calibrated to 10 % FBI specs, according to the MFG. This simulates human tissue.
The 30 Carbine is available in a few handguns today, as well as some rifles, but the M1 is by far the most common and the specimen I brought along was the excellent new-manufactured M1 from Fulton Armory.

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Monday, March 5th


The number of Form 4 applications received by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives ( #BATFE ) in 2016 and 2017 seems to indicate a clear peak followed by a marked drop-off. Nearly three times as many applications were received in 2016 as in 2017. Another indication of the Trump Slump or pre-Hillary Clinton panic buying? Hardly.

About two years ago, BATFE issued Rule 41F Machine guns, Destructive Devices, and Certain Other Firearms; Background Checks for Responsible Persons of a Trust or Legal Entity with Respect to Making or Transferring a Firearm.

The ATF reports that the goal of this rule is “to ensure that the identification and background check requirements apply equally to individuals, trusts, and legal entities who apply to make or receive NFA firearms.” The rule became effective on July 13, 2016. Approximately two years’ worth of consumer purchases were compressed into the first six months of 2016 – pushing the total number of Form 4 NFA applications to 312,850 for the year. All but about 12% of these applications were submitted before Rule 41F came into effect. Since suppressors account for around 90% of the tax-paid transfer applications, one can reasonably assume that the majority of these applications were for suppressors.

Rule 41F put individual applications and trusts on equal footing. Previously, individual applications required approval from the local chief law enforcement officer – and, predictably, not all applications were given the same consideration. Rule 41F changed the landscape; legal entities and trusts went from 89% of transfer applications to 48%. Individual applications move much faster through the vetting process, if only because there are fewer background checks to conduct in relation to each application.

After the pre-rule rush, 2017 looked like a down year with “only” 110,377 Form 4 Applications received. This is actually in line with previous years before Rule 41F.
By the end of 2017, there were nearly 1.4 million suppressors registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record – the database of all suppressors not owned by the federal government. The number of suppressors manufactured between the announcement of Rule 41F and April 2017 outpaced the number of Form 4 Applications; supply simply outpaced demand. The rest of 2017 saw four times as many Form 4 applications as suppressors manufactured as the market forces rebalance and BATFE catches up on processing the backlog of applications.

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Monday, March 5th

6.5 Grendel Brass Casings

#StarlineBrass continues to add to their growing line of high-quality #rifle #brass with the release of the 6.5 Grendel. Staying true to their reputation, Starline’s new 6.5 Grendel rifle brass is produced at a match-grade level, without the match-grade cost.

To purchase Starline’s new 6.5 Grendel cases, ask for them at your favorite retailer or order factory direct online at www.starlinebrass.com. The 6.5 Grendel was designed for use in an AR-15 type rifle to offer ballistics similar to the .308 Winchester, but with less recoil. This flat shooting round utilizes the inherently accurate, high ballistic coefficient 6.5mm diameter bullet.

The 6.5 Grendel’s short case length enables it to use longer, heavier match bullets, making it one of the best choices for long range shooting out of an AR. With proper bullet selection, the 6.5 Grendel is an excellent hunting round as well, suitable for deer-sized game and varmint hunting.

Conversion of an AR to 6.5 Grendel requires a new bolt, barrel and magazine to feed the larger diameter cartridge. Several companies offer completed AR uppers and firearms. Reloading dies are also readily available. In addition, several manufacturers now produce bolt-action rifles in 6.5 Grendel, many of which are built on “mini” actions. This makes for a lightweight rifle with good range.

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Friday, March 2nd

Camo Fun Facts

#Camouflage is the technique used to conceal the presence of a person, piece of equipment, or installation by making it blend into its surroundings. Since the 1850’s, militaries around the world have embraced the concept of camouflage in order to help obscure the visibility and movement of their troops by enemy forces. Prior to this time, militaries generally wore uniforms that were comprised of bold, easily recognizable colors.

It was the British who first abandoned their own bright red coats in favor of khaki uniforms in India, which blended more easily into the landscape in which they operated. Since that time, methods of camouflage have become more advanced and deemed crucial in battlefield situations. While these methods are diverse, today we’ll be discussing a handful of camouflage patterns currently in use by modern military organizations, mainly among Western nations. More specifically, the majority of these patterns are commercially available to the general public.

The United States Armed Forces currently uses multiple patterns amongst their four branches of service. Some patterns have been used by multiple forces, while others were developed specifically for one branch or another. Part of the reason for the variety of patterns in use is that different environments require different types of camouflage.

If you’re deployed in a desert environment, the colors and patterns needed to blend into that environment are obviously different than those needed to blend into a wooded or jungle environment. In some cases, the reasons for certain services using, or having used certain camouflage patterns are less obvious; having more to do with the leviathan processes of management by committee than with providing functional concealment.

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Friday, March 2nd

DIY Ghillie Suit

Last time, we explained the rationale behind the need to have a #ghilliesuit in one’s arsenal. This segment will explain the construction methods of one of the easiest ghillie suit designs, the decoy bag suit. The title may be a little misleading because the ultimate decision on the total cost for this project will depend on your ability to hunt for a bargain. Between Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay and other craft or sporting goods retailers, there’s a good chance that you can come in quite a bit under budget.

Materials: 30″ x 38″ Decoy Bag; 3 bags of Raffia Grass; 1 pound of Mixed-Color Synthetic Burlap; 3 bottles of RIT fabric dye (used here are Dark Brown, Apple Green, Taupe); 1 package of Rubber Bands; 2 rolls of Jute Twine; 1 Seam Ripper; DIY Ghillie Suit Supplies

One of the most affordable homemade ghillie suit designs is a ghillie suit constructed from a mesh decoy bag. When used in conjunction with ghillied headgear, this design is well-suited for outdoor sports and hunters who need the maximum amount of concealment, while offering enough mobility throughout the field or stalking prey without worrying about tripping hazards. Essentially, the decoy bag suit provides 360° torso coverage with some distinct advantages.

One of the greatest advantages of this suit is that it’s one of the fastest suit designs to construct. Because this suit isn’t attached to a base uniform, some of the preparation work required by other suit designs isn’t needed. The only major modification for the decoy bag ghillie suit is the removal of the shoulder straps with a seam ripper and cutting the openings for the head and arms. All other steps focus upon preparing the camouflaging material and tying it to the suit.

The suit does have some drawbacks, but most of these are easily overcome. Because of the sleeveless design, the arms may not be adequately camouflaged for certain applications. However, this design does allow bowhunters to enjoy the advantages of a ghillie suit without worrying about the bowstring catching material on the arms. Additional options like pockets are harder to engineer for this particular suit, but because of the options for clothing underneath the decoy bag suit are numerous, this isn’t an issue for most users. You may wish to cut slots into the bag to access the pockets of other clothing without having to remove the ghillie suit. A single, centralized access slot in the chest or abdomen area is sufficient for reaching necessary gear stored in the pockets with either hand. The legs are also more exposed with this suit, but tying longer lengths of camouflaging material at the leg opening will help remedy this drawback. Crouching is a natural action to take while stalking or even hiding from others and the suit will cover more of the legs when this technique is used.

Overall body style and shape doesn’t affect the effectiveness of this suit design for most individuals. Average people who are 5’6” or taller, who normally wear large or extra-large size shirts/jackets and have a waist size of 32” – 42” size pants should have no problem with this design. You’ll also still have room for additional layering in colder climates and environments. The larger 36″ x 50″ size decoy bags will easily accommodate big and tall sizes. This design is also adaptable to the growth spurts of teenagers and can be worn well into adulthood.

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Friday, March 2nd

Too Much EDC?

Follow a forum or #Facebook group long enough and you’ll eventually see a thread dealing with #EveryDayCarry . In the past few years, these types of posts have become extremely popular as everyone is eager to see what’s in people’s pockets. Posted loadouts range from simple to “pack mule” status and inevitably begs the question, “how do you carry all of that?”

In some posts, you’ll see several knives, multiple spare magazines and even spare handguns. While those posters are quick to point out the phrase, “two is one and one is none,” is that train of thought really necessary for everything? Can you truly say that each item in your EDC is absolutely necessary? To figure out what’s overkill, first look at the requirements of the items you carry on a daily basis. Are you headed out into the wilderness, away from civilization and cell phone reception? Or are you like many us, commuting to work in your personal vehicle where you’ll be +- 50 ft. from it during the whole day? As Bryan mentioned in his leveling up article, it may not be necessary to carry “everything but the kitchen sink” in your pockets and waistband if you have additional supplies somewhat close at hand.

You need to decide what you’re preparing for and what tools you’ll need to accomplish what may come your way. Think realistically about those potential situations as well. Don’t plan your EDC around a multi-day survival scenario, while simultaneously slipping on your flip flops on the way out the door. Those of us that carry handguns do so because we believe that we may face a situation requiring the use of deadly force. However, many of us carrying guns don’t carry equipment necessary for treating a gunshot wound or other medical emergency. Now ask yourself, which situation are you more likely to encounter?

Something I’ve seen sweeping the industry right now is the all in one EDC tool. Usually small enough to fit into a pocket, these tools are designed to offer multiple uses in place of a full size tool. While this is great in theory, many of these tools seem to be oriented more toward the “cool factor” than actual application. For most of us, it would be just as fast to pull out a small tool roll and retrieve a full size tool from our bag or vehicle than attempt to “make it work” with a smaller pocket device. While this may seem like a jab at these smaller tools, it’s really just an observation that an item like that is taking up space in your EDC and could be dedicated to a more useful item. You only have so many pockets and so much space for your EDC, that is unless you want to wear your 5.11 Tuxedo and stand out like a Ripstop Nylon, loop covered, tactical beacon.

Lightweight backpackers have known for years that ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. Every item you add into your EDC adds weight, no matter how small. Items you carry should be ones that get used frequently, otherwise they’re just taking up space and adding unnecessary weight. While it’s cool to have the latest and greatest gadgets, if they don’t realistically contribute to the capability of your EDC, are they really worth it?

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Thursday, March 1st

Body Armor for Civilians?

Many people find themselves mulling over the idea of purchasing #bodyarmor and I’d like to discuss some information that will hopefully help your purchasing decisions. You know, just in case you’re up late at night staring at the computer screen and wondering if you should just bite the #bullet .

I’ll be discussing the trade off in wearing protective armor vs. the mobility you’ll gain without it. In certain settings, a high level of armor definitely makes sense when protection is paramount, but many times the greater mobility offered without it makes more sense. Grab your popcorn, open your mind and let’s get down to ‘bidness.

Some obvious negatives with body armor are first the high cost of owning a quality set, as well as the additional weight you’ll be carrying around. Good armor costs good money, but like most things, more expensive armor offers some benefits over cheaper options. One big advantage of more expensive ceramic plates is the lower risk of spalling (fragmentation of the round impacting the plate) that some users have experienced when using steel plates. The second advantage of ceramic plates comes from their lighter weight. When it comes to weight, certain situations make carrying the armor “worth it” and some don’t. Let’s start by examining a few occasions when it’s good to have armor with you.

Some military situations where it would be advantageous to wear ballistic protection would be things like sentry details, vehicle checkpoints, MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), Close Quarters Battle and Quick Reaction Force missions. A common theme in most of these situations is that you’re mostly an overt target. It makes a lot of sense to want the most protection available when your squad/fire team/buddy is rushing toward an objective with live rounds whizzing past you from people you met the day before. However, as a civilian, you’re hopefully not faced with these situations during a normal day. I’d estimate 99% of your rifle plate usage would be in training and very little would come in real world situations you encounter. The application for most of us would be a “bump in the night,” or disaster-type scenario.

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Thursday, March 1st


Let’s first talk about the #shooting platform and the way I choose to attempt culling of #deer with this caliber. I live in a state where you are allowed to hunt with straight walled cartages or #shotguns under the 45th parallel. So given a chance to carry an AR platformed shotgun, that would allow me to attach any fixture or optic I want rather than a bulky shotgun that does not offer me as many options, well, I jumped at it.

The rifle itself was the ATI OMNI HYBRID AR-15 .410GA Shotgun. It comes with an 18.5-inch smooth bore barrel and a 13-inch keypad handguard. It takes 2 1/2 inch .410 shells and rifle comes with a 5 round magazine. Recently I had a chance testing the grouping of .410 ammo to make the final decision whether I would be taking this into the field. I started with ATI’s factory .410 ammo and added Remington’s Slugger then finishing with some Winchester SuperX.

I had considered setting this up on the machine rest, letting some hydraulic energy pull the trigger for me, but I felt that shooting from a stand or prone in the field would not allow me such luxury so I to the range for some shots. Setting up at 50 yards with a bipod from a stationary table and from a kneeling position I lined up my target through a Minox ZP8 1-8×24 more than enough glass for this little project. Using the WLS Aaron Target (best target ever), I started with the Winchester SuperX; the results were surprising, I had expected much better results. The Winchester had the strongest of the felt recoil out of all the ammo tested. The final result of the Winchester SuperX was a 5 3/4 inch group.

The Remington ammo was not much different in grouping size of 5 7/8 inch group, but what I found most surprising from these rounds was the amount of smoke produced after the shot. I was not sure if I had pulled the trigger and entered a chapter of Stephen Kings “The Fog.” I was not sure if I was shooting a shotgun or a muzzleloader. After the fifth round, I was happy to move on to the final round and away from these rounds that might be confused with a group of hipsters hitting their Vapes. The American Tactical Imports rounds found their mark just as many times as the first two however they landed a lot closer to a 4 1/2 inch group.

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Wednesday, February 28th

Creedmoor Wants Your Ideas

#Creedmoor Sports, the leader in precision #rifle equipment and gear, is looking to their customer base for the next great Creedmoor Sports product. Creedmoor products are designed and produced several ways; first, by evolving an older product to meet today’s shooters needs; second, as a company by and for shooters, many ideas are born internally; and third, many of Creedmoor’s greatest ideas come from #shooters who are out using products every day and know how to make it better. Creedmoor Sports wants to hear from you.

“We love it when a customer calls or emails us with an idea. If the idea has merit we will immediately try to put it into play. If a soft-good we try to take it from idea to sample within a couple days. The idea is walked back to our designer, it’s cut and sewn on the spot in our Anniston, Alabama facility and we start testing. If a hard-good, we start designing the product on our mill and lathe and see what it would take to bring to market,” said Dennis DeMille, Vice President of Operations, Creedmoor Sports.

Customer-inspired products have included the Scope Kennel, a seemingly “why didn’t I think of that” product. Made with a top strap for easy rifle carry, it serves to protect a rifle scope. The Quad Fold Shooting Mat, another made in Anniston, Alabama and customer suggested, is designed for high power, smallbore, air rifle and casual shooting. The Quad Mat provides an extra comfortable platform and stable base for elbows and knees and when folded, measures just 2.5” X 19” X 29.” The recently released Bench and Field Shooting Mat was another customer-inspired product. Not just a ground or just a bench platform, it’s both! Easy to carry and set up and totally color customizable, including a variety of hunting camos and military camos.

Got an idea? Contact Creedmoor Sports at shoot@creedmoorsports.com. Also, don’t forget to join Creedmoor Cash, a first in the industry. Why not earn points while shopping for equipment and components? Make your purchases work for you! Shop, Earn and Shoot! Now, for a limited time, sign up and Creedmoor Sports will credit your account with 100 FREE points!

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Wednesday, February 28th

Jerrys World Record

Lucas #Pistol Caliber Carbine – It’s a brand new sponsor, for a brand new match, on a brand new range. Lucas Oil is now sponsoring Gun Racing with the Championship of Pistol Caliber Carbine action #shooting . John Scoutten and Tony Pignato both shoot the match and report the action, as the best in the sport compete for $10,000 in prize money.

Plus the last of the British Enfields, the Jungle Carbine, is now one of History’s Guns. And from our 25 years of Television History, we’re bringing back Jerry Miculek’s world records set 15 years ago in 2003.

AIR TIMES BY TIME ZONE: Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central, Shooting USA is listed as a one-hour show in your cable menu.

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Tuesday, February 27th

Iowa SCTP Regional Championships

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for the 2018 #Iowa regional trap championships May 12-13, 2018 at the Iowa State #Trapshooting Association ( #ISTA ) home-grounds near Cedar Falls, IA. The program will feature 100 16 yard singles, 100 doubles and 100 handicap targets with all events available to teams either day of the competition. Team scoring will be used for this event with trophies and medals awarded to teams and individuals in rookie/intermediate, junior varsity and varsity divisions. College athletes scores will not be used for HOA.

Singles and doubles targets will be registered with the Amateur Trapshooting association and SCTP/ATA rules will apply. All athletes must be fully registered with the Scholastic Clay Target Program prior to the event. Registration will be available through the SHOT system starting April 2nd.

Event fees will be $43 for the singles and doubles events and $39 for the handicap event (ATA/ISTA fees included). All participating athletes will be entered for a random drawing for over $3,000 worth of prizes! Also, be sure to check out our flurry shoot featuring the Promatic Huntsman for even more shotgun fun!

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Tuesday, February 27th

Unsign the Arms Trade Treaty

The Arms Trade Treaty ( #ATT ) was signed by then-Secretary of State #JohnKerry on behalf of the United States on September 25, 2013, and was transmitted to the Senate by the #Obama Administration on December 9, 2016.

The ATT is one of several treaties in the field of conventional and nuclear weapons that seek to constrain the ability of the United States to make decisions about how it defends itself and its allies. The ATT has no substantive achievements and is fundamentally unserious, but its effort to promote norms to shape U.S. policymaking poses significant risks to U.S. security.

If U.S. policymakers are to understand the ATT and its risks, they must be aware of these wider contexts. While no U.S. action can eliminate these risks, the U.S. can and should mitigate them. The best way to do this is for the U.S. to make it clear that it regards the ATT as a substantive failure—and to formally notify the Treaty Depository that the U.S. does not intend to ratify the ATT and does not consider itself bound by the treaty.

The ATT, like similar treaties, seeks to work not through verifiable commitments, but through moral suasion and the promotion of constraining norms. These aspirational treaties include The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction (1999), known as the Ottawa Treaty; the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2008), known as the Oslo Convention; and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (2017). All of these treaties were the result of activist campaigns by civil society, a phenomenon that has taken a significant part of the making of national security treaties away from the nation-state. (1)

Some of these treaties were the result of a breakaway from the United Nations by the nations most interested in the negotiations; others were concluded under U.N. auspices, with the threat of national breakaways in the background. Though the ATT is not an arms control treaty, all of these treaties make the error common to disarmament, which is to focus on the weapon, not on who is using it. None have the backing of most of the world’s leading military powers, and none have meaningful verification provisions. The U.S. opposed all of these treaties at their start, has ratified none of them, and has signed only the ATT. But in spite of the lack of U.S. ratification, the land mine (Ottawa) and cluster munitions (Oslo) treaties, which have been in existence the longest, have clearly shaped U.S. policymaking.

In May 2017, Jim Shields, head of the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Ammunition, stated that U.S. policy on land mines is driven by the “Ottawa accord[,] even though we have not signed it.” Similarly, U.S. policy on cluster munitions, which was to demilitarize all legacy munitions and so to move closer to compliance with the Oslo Convention, created “capability gaps that we are really concerned about.” (2)

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Tuesday, February 27th

Arming Teachers

After the murders in a #Florida public high school, President #Trump said we should allow some school staff to be armed. The Socialists were entirely predictable in the way they responded. They projected their personal fantasies onto #armedteachers . That isn’t necessary because we don’t have to fantasize about what will happen when school staff are armed. We already know how armed teachers behave. We have armed teachers in schools today and have collected several thousand man-years of experience. Those facts don’t stop the detractors.

With one breath the progressives said that school attacks were a new epidemic of dangerous proportions. Then they said that school shootings were so unlikely that an armed teacher would probably never be needed. Opponents of armed staff said teaching is an honorable and valuable profession so teachers shouldn’t have to carry guns..but if we did let teachers go armed then they would probably go nuts and shoot someone. It is too easy to make fun of the talking heads, so let’s look at the facts instead.

10 states allow licensed gun owners to carry on college campuses. Some allow school staff to be armed and some prohibit it. As you would expect, nothing happened and you can’t remember which states allow armed staff and which states forbid it. We put more armed teachers in K to 12 schools after the murders at the school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. We armed teachers for the same reason we put some armed pilots in planes after the 911 attacks.

Before the murders at Sandy Hook, well before the murders at Parkland, some states already allowed armed staff in K to 12 schools. No teacher has ever been ordered to carry a firearm in a school, but some school districts looked for teachers who already knew how to live with a gun. They quietly asked if teachers had their concealed carry licenses and were already carrying outside of school. Some teachers were asked to take additional training and to carry on the job. That training costs money, and most districts haven’t put physical security into their district budgets. Fortunately, a few private organizations raise funds to train teachers. Unfortunately, the training slots fill up in minutes as thousands of teachers compete for hundreds of training slots each year.

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Sunday, February 25th

NRA Statement

The more than five million law-abiding members of the National Rifle Association have enjoyed discounts and cost-saving programs from many American corporations that have partnered with the #NRA to expand member benefits.

Since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, a number of companies have decided to sever their relationshipwith the NRA, in an effort to punish our members who are doctors, farmers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, nurses, shop owners and school teachers that live in every American community. We are men and women who represent every American ethnic group, every one of the world’s religions and every form of political commitment. The law-abiding members of the NRA had nothing at all to do with the failure of that school’s security preparedness, the failure of America’s mental health system, the failure of the National Instant Check System or the cruel failures of both federal and local law enforcement.

Despite that, some corporations have decided to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice. In time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to Constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve. Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.

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Sunday, February 25th

Misconceptions of Armed School Staf

There has been more national and local news coverage about arming school staff in the past two weeks than we have ever seen. Along with that record amount of coverage comes plenty of statements, from people opposed to the idea of armed school staff, that are either untrue or misleading.

Myth: We shouldn’t require teachers to carry a gun. Fact: No district is requiring any school staffer to carry a concealed firearm. When a school district decides to authorize staff to carry, they ask for volunteers. And most districts get far more volunteers than they thought they would need. There is not currently a requirement for anyone to carry, and no one is talking about making it a requirement. It would be an equally ludicrous suggestion to require all citizens to carry a concealed firearm, where concealed carry is legal.

Myth: Teachers don’t want to carry a gun, they want to teach. Fact: Many teachers already carry a concealed firearm in the rest of their lives. Absent being authorized to carry on campus, they must disarm for work.

Myth: We can’t train teachers to be police officers; they don’t have the right mindset. Fact: No one is suggesting they be made into police officers. Authorized school staffers are extremely well trained in stopping an active killer, and stopping the bleeding for those who have been injured. Both of these skillsets will save lives. When you talk to those school staffers who have been trained and carry on campus today, they are insulted by the suggestion that they don’t have the mindset to stop someone trying to kill their kids.

Myth: Cops won’t know who the bad guy is if teachers also have guns. Fact: A vast majority of these mass casualty events are over before law enforcement arrives. Staffers are trained on how to account for potential confusion in the 911 call, and how to advise law enforcement who the armed defender is. Schools that have armed staff already talk to their local law enforcement to advise them just who on campus is armed.

Myth: Kids will be frightened if they see their teacher with a gun. Fact: Kids don’t see the firearms. Armed school staff carry concealed, and no one is talking about them open carrying. Some school children interviewed actually appreciate armed staff because it makes them feel protected.

Myth: Our school has a School Resource Officer (SRO) or other armed and uniformed security. We are protected and don’t need additional armed staff. Fact: Having armed and uniformed security staff on campus is better than no one being armed. If a campus is large enough for an SRO, it’s a large campus. In the 2013 attack on Arapahoe High School in Centennial, CO, there was an SRO on campus. When he confronted the killer, the coward killed himself. But it was not in time to save Claire Davis. The SRO responded at full speed to the sound of gunfire, but in the 45-seconds it took him to get there, it was too late to save Claire. Had there been an armed staff member closer than 45-seconds away, they just may have been a chance to stop him before he was able to kill her. In Parkland Florida, there was an SRO on campus and that was neither a deterrent nor a guarantee against the loss of innocent life.

Myth: Based on the low “hit rate” of law enforcement when they fire their service weapon, there is no way an armed teacher can hit the killer. Fact: Most of these killers commit suicide when confronted with an armed defender, without a shot being fired. And in a situation where an armed staff member would have to engage the killer, any chance to stop him is better than no chance to stop him. In addition, FASTER trained school staff members pass a qualification test that exceeds the test that law enforcement is required to pass in their respective states.

Myth: Schools can’t afford school supplies, how can we expect them to afford guns and training? Fact: Groups like FASTERSavesLives in Ohio and FASTERColorado in Colorado raise private money to help schools afford the very advanced training. Schools spend a lot of money on SROs, video systems, and other school security measures. Training armed school staff is a very small expense in comparison.

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Sunday, February 25th

Bump-Stocks & Mental Illness

We’ve yet to see where all this is going, at least at the Federal level, but even Donald J #Trump ( DJT ) currently thinks “ #BumpStocks ” need to be banned, and NICS checks need to be “tightened,” particularly with regard to “mental illness,” however that illusive term might be defined.

As always, critical details are never talked about! No legitimate Operator gives a damn about “Bump Stocks!” Their “kiddy-appeal” generated some retail sales, but they are silly, and nothing that has any serious application, nor that would interest me. Yet, arguments in favor of their banning are completely false. Bump-Stock-equipped rifles were found at the scene of the Las Vegas, NV shooting of 1 Oct 17, mixed in with at least a dozen other guns of various descriptions.

Up until this event Bump-Stocks had never been involved in any other crime, just this one event and I guess that alone “justifies” a federal ban, at least in our upside-down world. No one is talking about exactly how Bump-Stocks currently in private hands are going to be rounded-up and apparently confiscated. Ugly details like that are “subject-non-Grata” with our liberal media, and possibly with our President. However, what concerns me much more is the ill-defined term, “mental illness,” being used to arbitrarily strip Americans of our Second-Amendment rights. Who decides who is “mentally ill,” or for that matter, exactly what “mental illness” is?

Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and a host of other tyrants routinely used accusations of “mental illness” as a convenient pretext to disenfranchised political dissidents, eventually imprisoning and murdering them. Health-care “professionals” of the era were recruited to do the paperwork, and most were only too happy to comply. I only wish I could put that scenario above our current generation of leftists! So, will all with “MDs” behind their name, now be able to declare any fellow citizen “mentally ill,” and thus permanently disenfranchise him of her?

As I’ve said before, will a person’s entire (heretofore private) health-history now become an “open book” just because he wants to buy a gun? Will there be any appeal process? Will it take years? Of course, we know the answer to that. Again, no one in the media, even Fox News, ever asks those inconvenient questions. Most of us will agree that authors of the Magna Carta, and of our Constitution for that matter (particularly our Bill of Rights), would have been solemnly declared “mentally ill” by standards of the day, and by most “health-care professionals” of the period.

This is a slippery slope! “When you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him. Give him only one. Better yet, give him none! When government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it. Give them contests they win by remembering the words to popular songs, or the names of state capitals, or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data. Chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant.’ Then they'll think they're thinking, and they'll get a sense of motion without moving, and they'll be happy!” ~ Ray Bradbury

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Friday, February 23rd

Will Automation Kill Jobs?

A recent article in The Guardian dons the foreboding title “Robots will destroy our jobs — and we're not ready for it.” The article claims, “For every job created by robotic automation, several more will be eliminated entirely. … This disruption will have a devastating impact on our workforce.” According to an article in MIT Technology Review, business researchers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee believe that rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them, contributing to the stagnation of median income and the growth of inequality in the United States.

If technology is destroying jobs faster than it's creating them, it is the first time in human history that it's done so. Actually, the number of jobs is unlimited, for the simple reason that human wants are unlimited — or they don't frequently reveal their bounds. People always want more of something that will create a job for someone. To suggest that there are a finite number of jobs commits an error known as the “lump of labor fallacy.” That fallacy suggests that when automation or technology eliminates a job, there's nothing that people want that would create employment for the person displaced by the automation. In other words, all human wants have been satisfied.

Let's look at a few examples. In 1790, farmers were 90 percent of the U.S. labor force. By 1900, only about 41 percent of our workers were employed in agriculture. Today less than 3 percent of Americans are employed in agriculture. And it's a good thing. If 90 percent or 41 percent of our labor force were still employed in agriculture, where in the world would we find the workforce to produce all those goods and services that weren't around in 1790 or 1900, such as cars, aircraft, TVs, computers, aircraft carriers, etc.? Indeed, if technology had not destroyed all of those agricultural jobs, we would be a much, much poorer nation.

What about the claim that our manufacturing jobs are going to China — a claim that's fueling the Trump administration to impose trade barriers? It is true that between 2001 and 2013, 3.2 million jobs were outsourced to China. However, in the same time frame, China lost about 4.5 million manufacturing jobs, compared with the loss of 3.1 million in the U.S. Job loss is the trend among the top 10 manufacturing countries, which produce 75 percent of the world's manufacturing output (the U.S., Japan, Germany, China, Britain, France, Italy, South Korea, Canada and Mexico). Only Italy has managed not to lose factory jobs since 2000. Nonetheless, the U.S. remains a major force in global manufacturing.

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Friday, February 23rd

Russian Threat

The indictment of 13 #Russians for interfering in the #American election is the tiny tip of a large iceberg. We are beginning to be forced to confront how dangerous and how determined President #Putin and his machine is to remake the world in an anti-Western manner.

We are faced with a determined opponent whose president apparently authorized an effort to either manipulate the political future of the United States or simply incite division. This pattern is not limited to the United States. President Emmanuel Macron of France has openly complained about Russian intervention in French politics. In Britain, there have been clear cases of Russian dissidents poisoned in a classically Russian style. In Estonia, Georgia, and Ukraine, we have seen even more overt and aggressive intervention by the Russians.

In Estonia, the internet was overwhelmed in 2007 in wide-ranging cyberattacks. In Georgia, there have been a combination of cyberattacks, and militia and military actions. In Ukraine, we have seen direct warfare in the seizing of Crimea and eastern Ukraine (the former through overt Russian forces and the latter through local militias heavily reinforced by Russian forces). There have also been cyber operations, propaganda campaigns, and targeted assassinations in Ukraine – including in Kiev, the nation’s capital city.
In terms of direct actions and provocations, there is no other country in the world that has made as many active efforts to irritate and undermine other countries as Putin’s Russia.

Despite Russia’s long pattern of active, multi-faceted aggression in multiple countries, our foreign policy establishment continues to deal with each provocation on a case-by-case basis. Our elites have managed to avoid reality in dealing with Putin and his Russia for two decades.
In 2001, President George W. Bush said, “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy… I was able to get a sense of his soul.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched a “reset” on March 6, 2009, albeit with a reset button that was spelled wrong. Instead of saying “reset” in Russian, the button said overcharged. Then she allowed the Russians to acquire a good bit of our uranium.

President Barack Obama, in March 2012, told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would be easier to deal with after the election: “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said. The two leaders did not realize their microphones were on, as Obama promised to be more flexible on missile defense and other issues after the election. Medvedev promised to tell Putin, who was set to replace him as president a few weeks later.

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Friday, February 23rd

Media Sensationalism

When anti-gunners point fingers of blame for tragic #schoolshootings , there is plenty of room for media sensationalism in that ugly spotlight, the #SecondAmendment Foundation said today.

“Last week’s heartbreaking attack on students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is made even more terrible because the suspect is getting more than his share of fame,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “His face has been all over television and newspaper front pages, and there is a concern that this kind of attention might inspire somebody else to seek this same kind of infamy.”

Gottlieb pointed to a project at Texas State University’s ALERRT (for Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) Center called “Don’t Name Them.” It recognizes the responsibility of the press to identify criminal suspects, using their names and likenesses to help in the apprehension, and to report criminal charges. However, beyond that, the “Don’t Name Them” effort encourages the press to instead focus on the victims.

“There are emerging details in this story that strongly suggest Broward County authorities and the FBI may have dropped the ball on the suspect in this shooting,” Gottlieb noted. “But the media will concentrate on stories about gun control, with demands to know how the suspect could legally acquire the gun he used. “The ‘Don’t Name Them’ campaign might help by discouraging attention seekers from launching a copycat attack just to become famous,” he added. “There has been some research that indicates an increase in such events when an initial incident is sensationalized.

“So it appears,” Gottlieb concluded, “that the media may be partly to blame in all of this. That’s certainly not something I would be proud of. We certainly recognize the duty of the media to legitimately report the news, and the press must remain free to do its job. Maybe all we’re suggesting is that the media be as responsible with their First Amendment rights as they demand gun owners should be when exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

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Thursday, February 22nd

Forward Set Trigger Bar Kits

#Apex Tactical Specialties is now shipping the new patent pending Forward Set Trigger Bar Kits for #SigSauer P320 model #pistols . The new trigger bar kits are specifically designed for use in the factory upgraded models.

The patent-pending design of the new Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar allows for a significant improvement in the trigger pull of the Sig Sauer P320 model pistols by reducing overall trigger travel, trigger reset and trigger pull weight. Apex offers four options for owners of the Sig Sauer P320, including a trigger bar only kit that customers can pair with the Sig Sauer factory curved or flat trigger, or one of the three updated Apex replacement triggers for the P320.

The new Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar for Sig P320 (part# 112-041) will: Reduce trigger travel approx. 20%, Reduce reset, Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 10%, MSRP is $79.95

The Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar w/ Flat Advanced Trigger (part# 112-031) will: Reduce trigger travel approx. 30%, Reduce reset approx. 20%, Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 30%, MSRP is $124.95

The Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar w/ Curved Advanced Trigger (part# 112-032) will: Reduce trigger travel approx. 30%, Reduce reset approx. 20%, Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 30%, MSRP is $124.95

The Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar w/ Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger (part# 112-030) will: Reduce trigger travel approx. 40%, Reduce reset approx. 20%, Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 20%, MSRP is $119.95

As with all Apex products, each of the new Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar Kits has undergone extensive testing and will maintain the critical factory drop safety values. The new trigger bar has not been tested with other aftermarket parts from other manufacturers and it is therefore not recommended for use with those parts.

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Thursday, February 22nd

10mm Auto vs. 357 Magnum Ammo

The #10mm Auto, sometimes referred to as the “357 of the Auto Pistol World”, has experienced a resurgence of late. Since its development in the 1980s, the 10mm found sudden popularity only to stagnate and shrink, but now the 10 is back with more #pistols and #ammunition than ever before. With that increased popularity comes truths and myths surrounding the round.

Semi-automatic pistol rounds are generally power-limited. The size and shape of the round must fit into a practical grip. That limits how much lead and powder can be on board. Revolvers don’t have that problem and magnum cartridges have been the mainstay of handgun power since the beginning. But the 10mm promises magnum-like power in a semi-auto platform along with all the benefits of that platform: faster reloads, more ammunition before reloading, ect.

In our head to head contest, I selected the same brand of ammunition with as close to the same weight of bullet as possible. The guns selected are as close as possible in barrel length so as to not unfairly skew the results to one end of the camp to the other. Hornady offer’s their Custom line with a 158 grain XTP bullet for the 357 Magnum and a 155 grain XTP for the 10mm. While the 158 grain weight is fairly standard for a 357, the 155 grain bullet used in the 10mm is slightly light in its typical range.

The test firearms are the Glock 29 Gen 4 in 10mm and the Smith & Wesson Model 27 in 357 Magnum. The Glock sports a 3.77 inch barrel vs the 4 inch barrel on the Smith. This is as close as I could get in factory guns and ¼ of an inch won’t make much difference in velocity. That was proven true when I fired both rounds through the chronograph on two separate occasions during two test runs of each ammunition. Despite having a shorter barrel, the 10mm was slightly faster.

Hornady Custom 10mm 155 grain XTP – 1345 feet per second; Hornady Custom 357 Magnum 158 grain XTP – 1264 feet per second *five shot average of shots. On paper with these comparable loads, the 10mm is slightly faster with an 81 feet per second advantage. That is much when we are talking about handgun velocities. But how would that translate in ballistic gel? I lined up a Clear Ballistics 10% ordinance gel block and got to work. The block was covered with four layers of denim. The optimal performance of a round is 12-18 inches of penetration to consider quartering shots, bone, ect. I started by firing the 357 Magnum round from close distance to assure a square hit. It zipped through the sixteen inch block. I needed to double up.

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Thursday, February 22nd

Creedmoor Reloading Catalog

#Creedmoor Sports, the leader in precision #rifle equipment and gear is excited to announce the release of their first ever catalog dedicated to #Reloading Equipment and Components. Creedmoor has been working for more than a year adding top line reloading equipment and components to satisfy the ever-growing demand by their loyal customers.

“We get calls and emails every day asking us to carry more reloading supplies. We decided it was time to make the investment into adding equipment that our customers demand. We didn’t want to jump into the reloading game without extensive research on what brands and philosophy that would set us apart from larger suppliers. We feel our mix of equipment, components and technical will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the expert.” Says Greg Kantorovich, President, Creedmoor Sports.

Equipment lines include Redding, Forster, L.E. Wilson, Hornady, RCBS and many more. Many additional component suppliers have been either added or enhanced including Berger, Lapua, Sierra, Hornady, and Nosler.

You can see the digital version http://www.angstromcreative.com/digital/flipbooks/creedmoor/or contact Creedmoor for a print version at www.creedmoorsports.com and click on Request a Catalog.

Also, don’t forget to join Creedmoor Cash, a first in the industry. Why not earn points while shopping for equipment and components? Make your purchases work for you! Shop, Earn and Shoot! Now, for a limited time, sing up and Creedmoor Sports will credit your account with 100 FREE points!

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Thursday, February 22nd

$10,000 NWTF Scholarship

#MossyOak is proud to award Rachel Hollingsworth with the 2017 Dr. James Earl Kennemer Academic #Scholarship in the amount of $10,000.

“Receiving this scholarship is a dream come true for me,” said Hollingsworth. As a life-long outdoorswoman, it is an honor and a blessing to receive this award from Mossy Oak and the NWTF as I will use the funds to further my education and accomplish my academic and professional goals.”

Hollingsworth, originally from Jacksonville, Alabama, is currently a sophomore at Auburn University. She is currently enrolled in the College of Animal Sciences with a focus in pharmaceuticals. Hollingsworth proudly serves as a member of the Auburn NWTF chapter, Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honors society and Gamma Beta Phi, a national honors and service society. Her long-term plan is to work in a compounding pharmacy where Hollingsworth hopes to analyze various pharmaceutical drugs and their specific traits and qualities.

To become a candidate for Mossy Oak’s NWTF National Scholarship, Hollingsworth submitted an essay that won her local Choccolocco Valley Longbeards Chapter Scholarship in addition to the Alabama state NWTF Chapter Scholarship. Upon winning both of those, her essay proceeded to the national level for review and eventual selection. Hollingsworth was presented the award by Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland and Dustin Whitacre and NWTF’s Dr. James Earl Kennemer.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Jr. F-Stop Flashlight

#Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, launched the Streamlight Jr. F-STOP, an ultra-compact 2AA alkaline penlight that allows users to smoothly transition between spot and flood beams to meet both close-up and area lighting needs.

The Streamlight Jr. F-STOP’s adjustable focus allows users to transition the beam from a piercing spot light to a smooth flood pattern by simply sliding the flashlight’s bezel. “The Streamlight Jr. F-STOP is lightweight, easy to carry and offers versatile spot-to-flood lighting to cover every need, from task lighting such as automotive repairs and equipment checks to area workplace lighting requirements,” said Streamlight Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Michael F. Dineen. “It’s compact, fits into a holster or clips onto your pocket, and uses easily sourced AA batteries.”

The new light features the latest in power LED technology. It provides 220 lumens, 5,600 candela, and a 150-meter beam distance on the spot setting. The flood setting offers 250 lumens, 360 candela, and a 38-meter beam distance. The Streamlight Jr. F-STOP runs on two AA alkaline or lithium (L91) cell batteries. With alkaline batteries, its run time is 6 hours; 10 hours with (L91) lithium cell batteries.

Featuring a machined aluminum case with a non-slip knurled grip, the Streamlight Jr. F-STOP weighs 4.4 ounces with alkaline batteries and measures 6.5 inches in length. It is IPX4-rated for water-resistant operation and is impact-resistant tested to one meter. The light is packaged with a black nylon flapless holster and comes with a removable pocket clip. The Streamlight Jr. F-STOP has an MSRP of $55.08 and comes with Streamlight's Limited Lifetime warranty.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Elk Camp

A world-renowned conservationist, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, the world premiere of high-end #hunting #films and four musicians who know their way around the country music charts highlight the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s 2018 Elk Camp. RMEF’s annual national convention takes place March 15-18 2018 in Phoenix, #Arizona .

“This may be the most diverse and knowledgeable lineup we’ve ever had at Elk Camp,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “We are honored to host Secretary Ryan Zinke and excited to welcome back Shane Mahoney who left us with an inspiring message a year ago.” Mahoney will serve as Thursday evening’s keynote speaker for the second year in a row. Heading up research on his Wild Harvest Initiative, Mahoney is also the president and CEO of Conservation Visions, a global wildlife initiative focused on international conservation issues.

Also on Thursday, RMEF will premiere Jason Matzinger’s “Both Sides of the Fence #PrivateOrPublic,” a film documenting what it takes to hunt on both private and public land. Additionally, RMEF will unveil several Elk Network original productions. A lifelong hunter, angler and a fifth-generation Montanan, Ryan Zinke became the 52nd Secretary of the Interior in March of 2017. Since then, he issued orders prioritizing conservation, public access and big game migration corridors, among others. (If Zinke’s schedule makes him unavailable, Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt will address Friday attendees.)

Host Chuck Wicks along with Craig Campbell and Glen Templeton will cap Friday’s festivities with the always popular guitar pull. Wicks has five top 40 hits and serves as co-host of NASH-FM’s “America’s Morning Show.” Campbell has five consecutive charted hits and wrote a song recorded by Garth Brooks. Templeton has three songs that hit the charts and portrayed Conway Twitty in a touring musical. Mark Chesnutt will take the stage on Saturday at the always-popular Volunteer Fun Night. Over a career that spans nearly three decades, he has 14 number-one hits, 23 top ten singles, four platinum albums and five gold records. “Mark, Chuck, Craig and Glen are not only extremely talented performers but they believe in and support our conservation mission,” added Decker. Elk Camp sponsors include BMO Wealth Management, Browning, Sitka and US Bank.

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Wednesday, February 21st

National Pheasant Fest

#Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s 2018 National #Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic, presented by Federal Premium #Ammunition , drew 28,868 attendees to the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls over three days, making it one of the largest events in the organization’s history.

For 2019, the Schaumburg Convention Center in the greater Chicagoland area will be the site of National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic on February 22, 23, & 24, marking the first time Illinois hosts the country’s signature upland event. “Upland conservation and the traditions of pheasant hunting have deep roots in South Dakota, and the passion of its residents was evident throughout a spectacular weekend,” stated Howard Vincent, president and CEO of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever. “The city of Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota hosted what will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the top National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic conventions since the show’s debut in 2003. Thank you to all of our partners, sponsors, and community leaders, we look forward to a return visit to ‘The Pheasant Capital’ and the continued support of habitat conservation efforts in the state of South Dakota.”

With 1,500 on hand Saturday night for the largest Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever banquet in the conservation organization’s history, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard issued his support for an expansion of the nation’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to 40-million acres to help rebuild upland wildlife habitat in the Midwest, including 1.5 million acres in South Dakota. This followed a video message from Senator John Thune, who reissued his call for the CRP cap to be at least 30 million acres (Thune is also in favor of restructuring CRP so more acres of land are allocated to pheasant country). This show of habitat support from leaders in “The Pheasant Capital” of South Dakota is especially timely as federal lawmakers begin serious construction of the 2018 Farm Bill, of which the CRP is part.

With South Dakota celebrating the kickoff of its “Pheasantennial” – 100 years of pheasant tradition in the state – Governor Daugaard also took part in the Precision Ag Workshop. Along with the Community-Based Habitat & Access Summit, this pair of special events within National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic showcased the unique and evolving ways in which Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever is working to create habitat, conserve wildlife and keep upland hunting traditions alive. Hunting traditions, history, public lands, and conservation advocacy were themes touched on during the keynote address by Steven Rinella to Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever members Saturday night. The MeatEater podcast and television host lived up to his reputation as the preeminent hunting and conservation communicator alive today.

In addition to providing significant economic impact for the host city and attending outdoor industry vendors, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever uses its National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic to recruit members for its habitat conservation mission. A total of 1,680 individuals signed up as Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever members, including 1,139 associate members, 465 youth members and 76 elite level memberships. The event also delivered wildlife habitat benefits specific to Midwest farmers and ranchers. The Landowner Habitat Help Room at the show serviced 185 landowners to provide conservation guidance on 47,157 acres of land. Accompanied by a trained Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever biologist, landowners were educated on ways they can improve their acres for wildlife and even what local, state, and federal conservation programs they qualify for enrollment.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Mass Murder Copycat Effect

Another mass killing has taken place in the defenseless victim zone of a #Florida high school in the Miami metropolitan area of Broward County. The major media in this country has blood on its hands. They know that mass murderers are incentivized by media coverage that gives a form of immortality to the deranged killers. The pattern is clear. Many of the killers are open about their desire for infamy. The Port Arther murderer asked his lawyer, again and again: “Did I break the record?”.

The media does not care how many innocents die because of their push for ratings and to further their agenda to disarm the population. Once again, a disturbed teenager has become a copy-cat killer, following the narrative and fame the media has been pushing for a couple of decades. These mass shootings come in clusters, as the killers are incentivized by the promise of fame the media provides, in their rush to push for restrictions on firearm ownership. There are numerous ways the media can cover school shootings while providing little incentive for more school shooters. The media has been told, again and again, how it could be done. Clayton Cramer wrote a paper on this in 1993. It was published in the Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 9:1 [Winter 1993-94]. It won First Place, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Ethics Prize, 1993, Undergraduate Division.

These mass killings receive far more media attention than comparable mass killings involving other instruments, such as arson, automobiles, knives, or other items. The mass murders would be substantially reduced if the media followed a few guidelines recommended by Loren Coleman in his book, The Copycat Effect, in 2004. The book details strategies for reducing incentives for mass killings. (1) The media must be more aware of the power of their words. Using language like “successful” sniper attacks, suicides, and bridge jumpers, and “failed” murder-suicides, for example, clearly suggest to viewers and readers that someone should keep trying again until they “succeed.” We may wish to “succeed” in relationships, sports, and jobs, but we do not want rampage or serial killers, architects of murder-suicide, and suicide bombers to make further attempts after “failing.” Words are important. Even the use of “suicide” or “rampage” in headlines, news alerts, and breaking bulletins should be reconsidered.

(2) The media must drop their clichéd stories about the “nice boy next door” or the “lone nut.” The copycat violent individual is neither mysterious nor healthy, or usually an overachiever. They are often a fatal combination of despondency, depression, and mental illness. School shooters are suicidal youth that slipped through the cracks, but it is a complex issue, nevertheless. People are not simple. The formulaic stories are too often too simplistic.

(3) The media must cease its graphic and sensationalized wall-to-wall commentary and coverage of violent acts and the details of the actual methods and places where they occur. Photographs of murder victims, tapes of people jumping off bridges, and live shots of things like car chases ending in deadly crashes, for example, merely glamorize these deaths, and create models for others ­ down to the method, the place, the timing, and the type of individual involved. Even fictional entertainment, such as the screening of The Deer Hunter, provides vivid copycatting stimuli for vulnerable, unstable, angry, and depressed individuals.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Nikon Becomes Sponsor of National

#Nikon has announced that it will become the first-ever Title Sponsor of the #NRL (National Rifle League) for the approaching 2018 season. The NRL Presented by Nikon will host 15 national-level precision rifle matches beginning February 23, 2018, and the season will culminate at the NRL Presented by Nikon Championships October 19-21, 2018.

Nikon celebrated its 100th Year Anniversary in 2017 with the introduction of its flagship BLACK precision optics line and has more than doubled the size of the line for 2018. The new BLACK FX1000 match grade FFP riflescope and BLACK RANGEX 4K 4,000 yard rangefinder—combined with the NRL Title Sponsorship—demonstrate Nikon’s commitment to the competitive shooting sports.

According to Nikon’s Sr. Manager; SRO Sales & Operations, Jeremy Bentham, “Nikon is proud to be partnering with the NRL for 2018 and we are looking forward to working to promote the sport together.” The NRL is recognized for its support of competitive rifle shooting and of the athletes who are participants.

“Nikon is a world-renowned optics manufacturer and with the introduction of the new BLACK line we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together to help grow the precision rifle sports. We could not be more excited to be partnered with Nikon in 2018 and look forward to a very successful season,” stated Travis Ishida, President of the National Rifle League.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Rifle for School Raffle

After another #massmurder in the defenseless victim zone of a #Florida School, the dominant media and other anti-Second Amendment bullies are demanding that American conservatives and the #GunCulture accept their assumption that guns are evil. To accede to those demands is both easy and cowardly.

All of the power in the leftist media, such as ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, AP and CBS, are on the side of the anti-Second Amendment bullies. The easy way out, when confronted with such power to demean, denigrate, and destroy, is to surrender and beat a hasty retreat. It is easy to give up your principles and give implicit agreement that guns are evil.

That is what happened in Michigan. From freep.com: A “Wild Game” charity dinner to raise money for a high school football team in western Oakland County has been cancelled after community backlash over a raffle whose prizes included an AR-15 rifle — the same semi-automatic weapon that was used to kill 17 people at a Florida school this past week. “Due to the recent tragic events earlier this week, the South Lyon Football Booster Organization has decided to cancel their second annual Wild Game Dinner. The sensitivity of the issue coupled with the untimely tragedy has led to the decision,” a statement posted on the team's website said.

The statement, written by the South Lyon Football Boosters, explained that the area has “an abundance of hunters and sportsmen,” the event was attempting to take these interests into account. Charity rallies for rifles are common all across the United States. They are used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy events every year. They are a proud acclamation that the gun culture is mainstream. They announce that the gun culture does not accept the premise that guns are evil. To renounce a charity gun raffle is to announce that guns have no place in American society. AR15 type rifles are the very epitome of guns that are protected by the Second Amendment. They are exactly the type of arms most useful to a free people for defense of self and society. They are an ideal arm for militia use.

Courage and conviction can be found. There are those who refuse to be bullied and silenced. Those who refuse to accept the premise of those who despise them and the entire idea of limited government. So far, in Pensacola Florida, a private school is refusing to bend the knee to the media bullies. From kvue.com: PENSACOLA, Fla. — A private school in Pensacola is featuring two rifles as prizes in a charity golf event. The 15th annual Trinitas Classic and Pro Am Golf Tournament, a fundraiser for Trinitas Christian Academy, will feature a Browning A-BOLT III Stalker, a bolt-action rifle, and a Smith & Wesson M&P15 — a sporting rifle similar in design to the AR-15 — as prizes for a putting contest.

The prizes were announced on the event's Facebook page in January, but a parent has raised concerns about the weapons being involved in a school function after a shooting on Wednesday in a Parkland high school resulted in 17 deaths. Trinitas representatives could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon. The Christian academy is a private K-12 school. Its website says many of the school's families “depend on tuition assistance to be able to provide an excellent classical and Christ-centered education to their children. This tuition assistance is provided by many supporters in the community through our annual fund campaign and fundraising events like the Trinitas Classic.”

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Wednesday, February 21st

Mental Health & Gun Violence

Too many talking heads are frothing over the #Florida #schoolshooting . All this rabid attention surely inspires copycat repeats. Of course school shootings and mass murder are terrible. But, let's ask some intelligent questions about what's going on.

Many commentators bring up various suggestions about mental health, from more taxpayer funding, to wider screening, to better record keeping and sharing, to using mental health evaluations to strip people of their civil rights. So, what's the deal with mental health and “gun violence”? (I put “gun violence” in quotes because the issue is really about violence against people, by any method. One of the largest mass murders in U.S. history was done in a New York City nightclub with a quart of gasoline; another used fertilizer.)

I have explored the intersection of mental health and gun violence. I have written about that intersection and posted that online. Please review my study at: www.progunleaders.com/MentalHealth. There are important points in this analysis you need to be able to understand and express to friends, elected officials and in letters to the editor. Especially relevant is that people with mental health challenges are no more likely to be violent than the general population. Why do most of these incidents happen in schools? Well, duh! It's because of “gun free zones.” I put that in quotes because such places are never “gun free.” They are only gun free for the law-abiding victims. But “gun free zones” are low-hanging fruit full of ripe, defenseless victims for a madman planning yet another copycat killing spree.

To cure this defect, the Montana Shooting Sports Association proposed the Montana School Safety Act in the last session of the Montana Legislature, House Bill 385. HB 385 would have allowed trained and qualified school employees to be armed at work, to protect themselves and our precious children and grandchildren. See the bill copy at: http://leg.mt.gov/bills/2017/billpdf/HB0385.pdf. HB 385 didn't pass. Opponents said it's just too dangerous to have guns in schools. Leave defense of our children to the professionals, they said. Oh, but keep the fire extinguishers in the buildings, they said, because the staff of a school with a beginning fire can't afford to wait for professional firefighters. Yeah, right.

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Wednesday, February 21st

Motives Behind the Massacre

“Enough is enough!” “This can't go on!” “This has to stop!” These were among the comments that came through the blizzard of commentary after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County. We have heard these words before. Unfortunately, such atrocities are not going to stop. For the ingredients that produce such slaughters are present and abundant in American society.

And what can stop a man full of hate, who has ceased to care about his life and is willing to end it, from getting a weapon in a country of 300 million guns and killing as many as he can in a public place before the police arrive? An act of “absolute pure evil,” said Gov. Rick Scott, of the atrocity that took 17 lives and left a dozen more wounded. And evil is the right word. While this massacre may be a product of mental illness, it is surely a product of moral depravity. For this was premeditated and plotted, done in copycat style to the mass killings to which this country has become all too accustomed.

Nikolas Cruz thought this through. He knew it was Valentine's Day. He brought his fully loaded AR-15 with extra magazines and smoke grenades to the school that had expelled him. He set off a fire alarm, knowing it would bring students rushing into crowded halls where they would be easy to kill. He then escaped by mixing in with fleeing students. The first ingredient then was an icy indifference toward human life and a willingness to slaughter former fellow students to deliver payback for whatever it was Cruz believed had been done to him at Douglas High.

In his case, the conscience was dead, or was buried beneath hatred, rage or resentment at those succeeding where he had failed. He had been rejected, cast aside, expelled. This would be his revenge, and it would be something for Douglas High and the nation to see — and never forget. Indeed, it seems a common denominator of the atrocities to which we have been witness in recent years is that the perpetrators are nobodies who wish to die as somebodies. If a sense of grievance against those perceived to have injured them is the goad that drives misfits like Cruz to mass murder, the magnet that draws them to it is infamy. Infamy is their shortcut to immortality.

From the killings in Columbine to Dylann Roof's murder of black parishioners at the Charleston Church, from the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando to the slaughter of first-graders in Newtown, to Las Vegas last October where Stephen Paddock, firing from an upper floor of the Mandalay Bay, shot dead 58 people and wounded hundreds at a country music festival — these atrocities enter the social and cultural history of the nation. And those who carry them out achieve a recognition few Americans ever know. Charles Whitman, shooting 47 people from that Texas tower in 1966, is the original model. Evil has its own hierarchy of rewards. Perhaps the most famous man of the 20th century was Hitler, with Stalin and Mao among his leading rivals.

Some of these individuals who seek to “go out” this way take their own lives when the responders arrive, or they commit “suicide by cop” and end their lives in a shootout. Others, Cruz among them, prefer to star in court, so the world can see who they are. And the commentators and TV cameras will again give them what they crave: massive publicity. And we can't change this. As soon as the story broke, the cameras came running, and we watched another staging of the familiar drama — the patrol cars, cops in body armor, ambulances, students running in panic or walking in line, talking TV heads demanding to know why the cowards in Congress won't vote to outlaw AR-15s.

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Tuesday, February 20th

Retay Partners With Briley Manufact

#RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces that it has partnered with world class manufacturer, customizer and #gunsmith , #Briley Manufacturing in Houston #Texas .

Retay Arms continues to invest in the United States market with a move that offers world class support for its customers. The newly established Retay USA Service Center at Briley Manufacturing will be capable of servicing, maintaining and repairing all aspects of the Retay Masai Mara line of shotguns and will be the US headquarters for all the factory related service needs of Retay customers in the US market. The Retay Warranty Center at Briley Manufacturing will maintain an onsite inventory of over 2000 replacement parts for the Masai Mara shotgun allowing trained Briley technicians to complete service requests quickly and reliably without the lag time that customers may experience when parts must be imported from abroad.

Retay believes that their innovative use of modular major components like the push button Retay Removable Trigger group, two part receiver and Removable Ejector will revolutionize the way warranty and service is handled by giving the customers the option of shipping various assemblies rather than the entire firearm for service in some cases. This innovative approach has the potential to save customers money in shipping as well as headaches in paperwork associated with shipping firearms. Retay USA President, Christian Handy remarks that; “the ability to quickly and reliably service our products has been a focus of ours during product development so it’s only fitting that we have chosen to work with a centrally located industry leader like Briley Manufacturing to ensure our customers needs are meet quickly and reliably now, and in the future.”

All Retay USA customers receive a Limited 5 Year Warranty in material and workmanship on Masai Mara shotguns when purchased through an Authorized Retay Dealer. Customers are advised to register their product at www.RetayUSA.Com and contact Service@RetayUSA.Com to obtain a service authorization. Once authorization has been granted, their item can then be shipped directly to Retay Warranty Service Center ℅ Briley MFG in Houston TX. Briley will then evaluate the nature of the requested service and work directly with the customer to complete the desired service onsite in their facility. Briley will then coordinate with the customer for return of their item. “Retay USA is committed to building a world class reputation of excellence in the United States by standing by our product and offering the highest level of customer service and support. This partnership with Briley Manufacturing is just one more of the ways our company is working to achieve that goal.” – Christian Handy, President Retay USA Questions and Inquiries about US availability of Retay Products should be directed to Retay USA chris@retayusa.com.

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Tuesday, February 20th

Florida Carry General Counsel open

As the State of #Florida mourns the loss of innocent lives on Wednesday in Broward County, I mourn too, but I am also angry. I am angry that the Florida Legislature has once again enabled an evil individual to take innocent lives because the Legislature refuses to acknowledge the fact that that evil people will not follow the laws it passes. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Legislature acts as if the laws it passes will stop criminals. Laws punish wrongdoing, they do not stop wrongdoers. Yet Florida continues to prohibit licensed law-abiding citizens from possessing the tools to protect themselves and their children from mass murder.

Despite the repeated failure of so called “gun-free zones”, the Florida Legislature has taken no steps over the past seven years to protect our children. While the responsibility for Wednesday's events rests solely with the actions of the evil person who committed this act, it is the Legislature that has enabled such tragedies to occur. It is the Legislature's inaction that has made such tragedies worse. The Legislature has ignored the repeated requests of Florida Carry, other civil rights groups, and the law-abiding citizens of this state to give up the fallacy of “gun-free zones”. This body has left our children and their teachers defenseless. It has kowtowed to anti-freedom groups and has blocked or refused to hear common-sense legislation to protect our children and the professionals to whom we entrust our children's care on a daily basis.

It is a well-established fact from numerous such events that bad people with guns will only stop their carnage when confronted by an armed response. Every second until that response occurs allows the murderer to kill and maim more innocents. From 1987 until now, every time the Legislature has acted to restore the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect those for whom they love and care, those citizens have responsibly exercised the trust placed in them. Every time, those citizens have proven the claims of the anti-gun forces to be lies. Every time, the claims of dire consequences for returning rights to the people have proven false.

This case was not a failure of law-abiding citizens to act responsibly. This was another failure of law enforcement to investigate and stop a deranged individual. People did SEE something, and people did SAY something, but law-enforcement failed to fully investigate and prosecute the shooter for prior crimes. Just as in Sutherland Springs, law-enforcement's failure is being blamed on law-abiding citizens and their legal firearms. Law-abiding citizens cannot rely on law enforcement to protect them and must be given the means to protect themselves. The time for half-measures and incrementalism is over. It is past time to give ‘we the people', our teachers, and the parents volunteering in schools the ability to defend themselves and stop these tragedies.

The time to act is now. For years, many in the Legislature have touted their NRA ratings. They have claimed to be on the side of the law-abiding citizens with licenses who, for over three decades, have proven themselves more law-abiding than even the police officers who heroically responded Wednesday. Why then, should these same citizens be left defenseless while they await law enforcement's response? In every state that has allowed law-abiding citizens to carry in schools, the citizens have proven equal to the challenge. None of these states have suffered what Florida suffered Wednesday. Those state have eliminated a favorite target of the deranged individuals who commit such evil.

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Tuesday, February 20th

Gun-Grabbers On Gun Control

#BenShapiro has a saying. His saying is that “facts don't care about your feelings.” Every time a #shooting happens in the US the anti-gun leftist try to goad the #progun side into a debate. The issue is that you cannot have a discussion when one side is arguing facts, and the other side is using an emotional crutch.

We can all agree on what happened in Parkland, Florida was a hideous crime. We can all agree that this is a tragedy that we shouldn't have to accept as “just part of life.” I think we all want to prevent the next mass shooting. It is just that the left, and the right disagree on how to fix the situation. While the pro-gun side wants to fix the actual problem, such as the mental health system, the left would instead attack an inanimate object, as though it is the ring from the “Lord Of The Rings.” The Democrat method is akin to trying to fix the road instead of your car when it breaks down. It just doesn't work.

I am not saying don't debate the people on the left. What I am suggesting is when you do engage them in a war of ideas, for you not to get sucked into a battle of emotions. Ben Shapiro headed off Piers Morgan by removing the emotional argument by insisting that Morgan “not stand on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook.” Shapiro automatically put Morgan on the defensive and took away his ability to use emotion in his argument by using this technique. Morgan spent a minute plus saying, “How dare you?” in his smug British accent. The reason he kept repeating himself is that Shapiro took away the emotional evidence that Morgan was so fond of using and he knew he couldn't beat Shapiro in a war of facts.

When debating gun control with someone on the left, it is always good to know their arguments better than they do. Fortunately for us on the pro-gun side, the gun grabbers will use the same talking points sourced from the same places. In reality, most of the time, they just repeat the twisted statistics they hear on TV. The question I ask is, “If we were to stop the manufacture and sale of all firearms from this moment, then how would you deal with the 350 million plus guns that are already in circulation in the United States?”

The only answer that they have is a forced confiscation of firearms. People always think that there is some list of the location of where every gun resides, but this isn't the case. Make sure they know that fact. It is clear to see that if no one knows where all the guns are, then there is no way for gun confiscation to work.

Even if the government did know where every gun was, confiscating firearms wouldn't work in our country. Unless they are dishonest, they will have to admit a large percentage are not going to volunteer to give up their guns. How would the anti-gunner handle the holdouts? Usually, they will not have an answer. Another argument I have seen today is the “18 school shootings this year” pushed by Everytown. Ask them if they know what Everytown considers a school shooting. When they don't understand what Everytown uses in their study, then bring up the fact that they included BB guns in their stats of school shooting.

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Tuesday, February 20th

Commonsense Gun Safety Law

“No one is talking about taking away your #guns ,” say those who claim “all” they want is “commonsense #gunsafetylaws .” Someone forgot to tell them that some publications have opinion pieces belying that.

“To Repeat: Repeal the Second Amendment,” columnist at The New York Times Bret Stephens demands. He says “to repeat” because he’s it’s not the first time “the newspaper of record” has shared his sentiments. The “repeal” sentiment gets more media play. A history professor ignorant of history endorses the idea in Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle (“Part of the USA Today Network,” which considering its owner Gannett Publications, should come as no surprise.

“I've made it clear in the past that I want extreme measures in response to gun violence – such as repealing the Second Amendment to the Constitution,” Law Professor David S. Cohen writes in Rolling Stone. He has made that clear before, and wants others to join his crusade by “voicing these opinions.” Plenty more examples exist to refute the reassurances that no wider disarmament goals exist. We’ve got examples from the past, from then Sen. Thomas Dodd, author of GCA ’68 saying “I would be for abolishing all guns … I hope some day the world will say ‘Destroy them all,’” to Nelson “Pete” Shields, founder of Handgun Control, Inc., admitting his strategy to ban guns is to do so incrementally.

Add present-day Nancy Pelosi admitting she hopes any new concessions on guns help accelerate more edicts down a “slippery slope” and Chris Murphy describing “bipartisan efforts” on “compromise” as “baby steps,” and it should be clear to all that the “concessions” all go one way and play into the hands of those who will not stop until they achieve complete citizen disarmament and an unchallengeable government “monopoly of violence.” Actually, after that they’ll just be getting started. History is pretty clear on that.

Anyone who thinks concessions can be made and that will be the end of it is deluding both themselves (assuming they don’t know better) and anyone naïve enough to believe them. Every beachhead allowed or bit of ground voluntarily ceded allows those who want you disarmed to use it to launch their next incursion. To do so makes as much sense as throwing a scrap of flesh to a circling pack of jackals and expecting that it will satisfy them, and persuade them to leave you alone.

These are unsettling times for gun owners, as troubling as any I’ve ever seen. We need to remember that ultimately, we won’t lose our guns unless we as individuals make a choice to surrender them. I know that’s unsettling to some, but really, isn’t it something we’ve always known? Now, in the midst of all the sound and fury, with all the demands being made and all the temptations for some who posture as our “gun rights leaders” to resort to “pragmatic” concessions, I’d like to introduce (or reintroduce) readers here to an essay written decades ago that I’ve always found inspiring. I urge you to read, take to heart and share my friend and colleague Brian Puckett’s “Memorandum on Arms and Freedom” and recommit to its central tenet: “We will not disarm.”

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Tuesday, February 20th

Robert Mitchell Rifle Championships

The nearly week-long #rifle #competition known as the Robert Mitchell Rifle Championships concluded at the Olympic Shooting Center in Colorado Springs with titles awarded in Men’s and Women’s Air and Three-Position Rifle. More than 60 athletes from four countries competed in the annual match which was the first for USA Shooting to utilize the new International #Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) rules in which men and women shoot the same number of competition shots in each event.

Though it may have been a smaller match in attendance numbers, there were big scores put up by the athletes in competition. 2016 Olympian Lucas Kozeniesky (Fairfax, Virginia) and three-time Olympic medalist Matt Emmons (Browns Mills, New Jersey) shot world-class Qualification scores of 1178 and 1177 respectively in Men’s Three-Position Rifle. The duo would also end up with Kozeniesky with gold and Emmons silver. Former Prone Rifle specialist Michael McPhail (U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit/Darlington, Wisconsin) rounded out the Men’s Three-Position Rifle podium by claiming the bronze medal. On the Junior side, Peter Fiori (Lebanon, New Jersey) won gold, Devin Schwindt (Lees Summit, Missouri) won silver and John Peterson (Kellar, Texas) won bronze.

In the women’s competition, 14-year-old Katie Zaun (Buffalo, North Dakota) and Erin McNeil (USAMU/Fort Wayne, Indiana) each shot 1165 in Qualification – a world-class score in the Open (adult) division. Despite these efforts, Rachel Martin (Peralta, New Mexico) was the only athlete to win titles in both disciplines, claiming the Women’s Air and Three-Position Rifle titles. Alison Weisz (Belgrade, Montana) won silver in Women’s Three-Position Rifle and McNeil won bronze. Weisz also shot a world-class Qualification score of 625.7 in the Women’s Air Rifle event. In Women’s Air Rifle, Angeline Henry (Fort Worth, Texas) won the silver medal, as well as the gold in the Women’s Three-Position Rifle event. Winning bronze in Women’s Air Rifle was 16-year-old Macey Way (Colorado Springs, Colorado) who also shot an impressive Day One Qualification score of 624.1.

The most dominating Finals performance came from 14-year-old Emily Brock (Delmont, South Dakota) who won the Junior Women’s Air Rifle event with a Finals score of 250.4 – an impressive score in the Open division in international competition. Morgan Kreb (Colorado Springs, Colorado) won silver in the Junior Women’s Air Rifle event and Zaun won the bronze. Earlier in the week in Men’s Air Rifle, Matt Rawlings (Wharton, Texas) won the gold medal. Dempster Christenson (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) won silver and Kozeniesky won bronze. On the Junior side, Jordan Williams (Colorado Springs, Colorado) won gold, Travis Stockton (Arvada, Colorado) won silver and Ryan Habeck (Fort Pierre, South Dakota) won bronze.

The final event of the Robert Mitchell Rifle Championships was the Junior Women’s Three-Position Rifle event where Henry won gold, Zaun won silver and Mary Tucker (Sarasota, Florida) won bronze. Henry, along with Emmons, won the Mixed Air Rifle Team event as well on the first day of competition. This match is named for Robert Mitchell, who helped build USA Shooting from its infancy as a National Governing Body through his 30-year career with the organization. He spent time as the National Team Coach, Director of Operations and Chief Executive Officer. During his retirement ceremony in August 2016, the USA Shooting staff announced that they were renaming this match from the Rocky Mountain Rifle Championship in his honor. The match originated under Mitchell back in 1986 when he was National Rifle Coach.

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Monday, February 19th

Mossy Oak and ALPS Outdoorz

#MossyOak and #ALPSOutdoorz continue to support the National Wild Turkey Federation with #turkeyhunting gear featuring America’s No. 1 Turkey Hunting Camouflage, Mossy Oak Obsessionâ, the official camouflage of NWTF.

As a result of the collaborative partnership between ALPS and Mossy Oak, a variety of products are new for 2018 that serve to promote the NWTF and its mission, Save The Habitat. Save The Hunt. New for 2018, in Mossy Oak’s NWTF Obsession and Bottomland camouflage patterns, is the NWTF Impact Vest. The functional design of this new vest gives hunters a versatile, lightweight, sit-anywhere hunting vest — ready at the flip of a seat. The Impact Vest boasts numerous pockets for a variety of calls — a slate call pocket for two slate calls and three strikers, a silent box call pocket, five shotgun shell loops, and three diaphragm call pockets. A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run-and-gun style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use. The Impact Vest also includes a game bag on the back of the vest which features a pocket inside for decoy stakes. The soft, durable Brushed Tricot fabric reduces noise, and the popular camo patterns blend seamlessly into your surroundings. The Impact Vest, MSRP $109.99, provides hunters with all the convenience of a metal-frame vest while remaining lightweight and versatile.

Another new product offered by ALPS is the NWTF Deception Blind. Decorated in Obsession camouflage, the uniquely designed NWTF Deception blind is the only hub-style blind of its kind on the market. Featuring a low profile of only 46 inches, the Deception is a lightweight blind perfectly suited for low profile chairs providing you an exceptional vantage point all while keeping you concealed. The smaller footprint and unique 4-hub design make for easy and quiet set-up. The aluminum hubs are constructed with engineered tips and pins and the frame uses strong, flexible fiberglass poles. Durable polyester fabric with blacked-out backing help keep you concealed. The Deception also features a 270-degree SILENT-Trac window system for limitless window positions and an extra-large door opening for easy access while carrying gear. An oversized number 10 zipper on the door ensures smooth and hassle-free operation. Two interior gear pockets keep you organized and ready for action. The Deception is available at an MSRP of $139.99.

Several other turkey vests, exclusively in Mossy Oak Obsession and Bottomland camouflage, will also be available from ALPS Outdoorz for 2018. The Grand Slam vest has been updated for 2018 and is available in Obsession and Bottomland starting at $179.99. The Super Elite 4.0 vest remains in the 2018 product line and is offered in Obsession and Bottomland starting at $99.99. The highly versatile Long Spur vest is available in Obsession for $99.99.

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Monday, February 19th

Black History Month

Carter G. Woodson, noted scholar, historian and educator, created “Negro History Week” in 1926, which became #BlackHistoryMonth in 1976. Woodson chose February because it coincided with the birthdays of black abolitionist Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. Americans should be proud of the tremendous gains made since emancipation. Black Americans, as a group, have made the greatest gains, over some of the highest hurdles, in a shorter span of time than any other racial group in mankind's history.

What's the evidence? If one totaled black income and thought of us as a separate nation with our own gross domestic product, black Americans would rank among the world's 20 richest nations. It was a black American, Colin Powell, who, as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, headed the world's mightiest military. There are a few black Americans who are among the world's richest and most famous personalities. The significance of these achievements is that in 1865, neither a former slave nor a former slave owner would have believed that such gains would be possible in a little over a century. As such, it speaks well of the intestinal fortitude of a people. Just as importantly, it speaks well of a nation in which such gains were possible. Those gains would have been impossible anywhere other than the U.S.

Putting greater emphasis on black successes in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds is far superior to focusing on grievances and victimhood. Doing so might teach us some things that could help us today. Black education today is a major problem. Let's look at some islands of success from yesteryear, when there was far greater racial discrimination and blacks were much poorer.

From the late 1800s to 1950, some black schools were models of academic achievement. Black students at Washington's racially segregated Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, as early as 1899, outscored white students in the District of Columbia schools on citywide tests. Dr. Thomas Sowell's research in “Education: Assumptions Versus History” documents similar excellence at Baltimore's Frederick Douglass High School, Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School, Brooklyn's Albany Avenue School, New Orleans' McDonogh 35 High School and others. These excelling students weren't solely members of the black elite; most had parents who were manual laborers, domestic servants, porters and maintenance men. Academic excellence was obtained with skimpy school budgets, run-down buildings, hand-me-down textbooks and often 40 or 50 students in a class.

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Monday, February 19th

School Shootings

I’ll cut right to the point. We can stop murderers from killing our kids in school, but it isn’t easy. The politicians, particularly the #Florida politicians, are against it. What can we do to save our students?

We’ve asked the people who train SWAT cops what they can do. They said it takes too long to assemble a SWAT team. It takes too long to put the team in position near the school. It takes too long to clear the building. Time is the enemy and several students and staff will be shot every minute. We asked the local police officers and sheriffs deputies. They don’t even get the 911 call until the shooting has been going on for several minutes. It takes time for law enforcement officers to race to the scene. They then have to enter the school and find the attacker before they can stop him. That is 15 minutes lost right there. Law enforcement will not let medical personnel into the building until they know the crime scene is safe. That means the cops will clear every classroom before the EMTs enter the building and start treating the injured. Those 45 minutes are critical.

Sheriffs said that takes too long. They said they need armed staff in the school. We protect our money with guns, but Florida politicians say we can’t protect children with armed staff. Let me correct that statement. We can’t protect OUR children. The children of celebrities and politicians have armed guards. Our children don’t. Only the children of the elites deserve protection. That isn’t acceptable. Several states have programs in place to arm school staff. They train volunteer school staff to stop the threat and treat the injured until police and EMTs arrive. These teachers desperately want a chance for their kids to go home alive.

These are the same teachers who will stop a bullet with their bodies to save “their kids”. I want them all to go home alive, both teachers and students. I've taken the training. The training program is called FASTER,which stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response. They’ve trained thousands of teachers and have thousands of man-years of experience with armed staff in schools. Why aren’t they in your school? Learn about them at fastersaveslives.org

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Friday, February 16th

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

For those who harken back to the days of jingling spurs, the smell of authentic chuck-wagon cooking, and #cowboys vying to see who’s the quickest on the #trigger, then circle Feb. 19-25 on your calendar.

That’s when Winter Range rides into town, transforming the Ben Avery Shooting Facility into a festive scene from the Old West where more than 1,000 competitors from around the world will take part in the 27th annual Single Action Shooting Society’s national championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. Cowboy Action Shooting is one of the nation’s fastest-growing shooting sports and requires competitors to take their best shots with single-action revolvers, lever-action rifles and period shotguns. Competitors also must adopt a shooting alias suitable to a character or profession of the late 19th century, a Western movie star or an appropriate character from fiction — names like “Babe Ruthless,” “Chihuahua Charlie” and “Laurie L’Amour” — and then dress in costume accordingly.

Winter Range will feature period militaria, exhibitions of Western skills and crafts, a fast-draw competition, and vendors purveying period clothing, hats and wigs, antiques, reproductions and more. There also will be roaming balladeers, trick horses and even a visit from Wyatt Earp, the great grand-nephew of his namesake, at 1:15 p.m. Feb. 24. A two-day mounted shooting event is expected to draw 100-plus competitors mounted on horses participating in their own arena Feb. 24-25. A variety of food services will be available, including chuck-wagon cooking, barbecue and ice cream. Admission to Winter Range is free (parking is $5). BASF is located on Carefree Highway, west of Interstate 17. For more information, visit www.winterrange.com.

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Friday, February 16th

10mm Auto Ammunition

Despite its thirty-plus years of existence, only now is the #10mm Auto #Ammunition getting its due. The future is looking to be good for the 10mm auto ammunition, with new pistols being released to the market, turning smoldering coals into a fire. If one person is responsible for the 10mm Auto’s existence, famous writer, and pistolero Col. Jeff Cooper is the guy to blame. Conceived as a magnum cartridge for semi-automatic pistols, the 10mm was suggested by Cooper and in cooperation with Michael Dixon and Thomas Dornaus to produce a pistol rugged enough to handle the round. The Bren Ten pistol that resulted became a cult classic, despite lackluster sales in its 1983-86 production run.

The 10mm had a brief career as the FBI’s cartridge of choice. In the aftermath of the 1986 Miami FBI Shootout, the FBI decided to pick a new cartridge that would be in a platform that reloaded faster than the 38 Special revolvers and with more punch than the 9mm pistols fielded on that fateful day. The 10mm threw a bigger bullet faster than those rounds, and it was built for faster reloading semi-auto pistols. Large framed pistols like the Smith & Wesson 1006 series were adopted. This trend didn’t last long, however.
The 10mm gave birth to the 40 S&W. In short, the adoption of the 10 by the FBI was a knee-jerk reaction. The round’s recoil and blast made it hard to shoot well, and the round was loaded lighter in response. By 1990, Smith & Wesson used this downloaded 10mm and shortened its case to fit into the grip of a conventional 9mm pistol. Hence, the 40 S&W was born. The 40 is still powerful, but it boasted lower recoil and could be chambered in traditional auto pistols. The FBI was quick to adopt this round, and many police agencies followed suit.

The 10mm is based upon a rifle round. The .30 caliber Remington was a medium power cartridge like the 30-30 Winchester round. The main difference is the 30-30 has a distinctive rim for extraction, while the 30 Remington has a recessed rim for easy use in auto-loading rifles. The 30 Remington brass is shaved down into the straight-walled 10mm Auto round. The 10mm is controversial in the self-defense role. The 10mm propels a 40 caliber bullet about 180 grains at between 1200-1400 feet per second, rivaling or surpassing the 357 Magnum revolver cartridge depending on your load. Thus, there is something of a bias against the 10mm as being too powerful for defensive use. The famed trial of the late Harold Fish is a firm example of this. Fish’s story had some inconsistencies, but during the trial, his claim of self-defense was challenged because of his use of a 10mm pistol. The prosecution claimed Fish intended to kill by using such a powerful handgun.

The 10mm excels in field use. Pistols chambered in the round have proven themselves adept at both handgun hunting and protection in the bush. Over a conventional medium framed magnum revolver, 10mm pistols, on the whole, carry more ammunition and be lighter on the hip. Those saved ounces matter on a long rendezvous.
The concealed carry market has a 10mm undercurrent. The vast majority of 10mm pistols are large framed handguns based on the CZ75, 1911, or full-sized 10mm Glocks. However, there has been a trend toward stuffing the 10 into something more compact. The Glock 29 subcompact pistol has been around for a while and is a proven performer. Others like the newer EAA Witness Compact are out there, and the continuous caliber debate will undoubtedly spur the new interest in the round into new and dangerous territory.

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Friday, February 16th

GT Distributors is now Employee Own

#GTDistributors is pleased to announce that effective January 26th, 2018, 55% of the company’s stock has been sold to its employee’s retirement plan, through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The Texas-based public safety equipment and uniform distributor’s 100+ employees will become beneficial owners through the ESOP.

This transaction gives employees a financial interest in the success of the business, making the positive bonds between GT Distributors teammates even stronger than they are today. It also rewards those who have played a critical role in GT’s success since the beginning.

Jim Orr, celebrating 35 years with GT, plans to remain President for the long-term and the executive management team at GT will continue in its current form. “It has always been my desire for GT to continue being privately owned and managed, and the ESOP will help us achieve this goal, “said Orr, “The ESOP will enable the continuity of leadership and transition the company from family owned to employee owned. The management team is confident that the ESOP will make us an even stronger company.”

“Seeing the consolidation over the past few years in the public safety equipment and uniform space through mergers and acquisitions, we looked for other avenues of transitioning GT from a family business to something longer term that kept existing management in place and ensured our employees and their families continued job security. So often customer service suffers after an acquisition and faithful employees lose their jobs as they are duplicated elsewhere in the acquiring entity. We feel our existing management and staff know our customers best and understand the company’s future direction.”

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Friday, February 16th

Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

The annual #Ohio #Deer&TurkeyExpo returns to Columbus for three days of all things #deer and #turkey hunting March 16-18 at the Ohio Expo Center.

The state’s premier consumer expo for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts features the latest strategies, trends and techniques in hunting while providing a look at innovative new equipment, accessories, clothing and more. In addition to hundreds of hunting and archery exhibitors and outfitter booths, attendees will gain access to interactive activities, seminars and displays: Local hunters can enter their best deer from any season for display and official scoring by the Buckeye Big Buck Club, plus the chance to win awards.

Entry into the contest costs $20 for scoring and display, while pre-scored trophies can be entered for $10. All entries include a three-day pass to attend the expo. Renowned archer Byron Ferguson returns to the Deer & Turkey Expo with his Archery Trick Shot Show. This performance showcases his incredible shooting abilities with a traditional bow, such as hitting flying targets while blindfolded. At various trial ranges throughout the expo, attendees can test new bows, try their hand with an airgun and challenge their hoverball-shooting skills at a fast-paced shooting game featuring moving targets.

Hunters, both novice and advanced, will benefit from seminars led by field experts on topics like increasing buck movement, training hunting dogs and implementing high-tech tactics. Attendees who crave adventure can brave the Live Game Animals and Predators experience, a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with terrifying North American predators — such as the cougar, bobcat, wolf, and both black and grizzly bears — for a nominal fee. Tickets purchased at the door will be $15 for adult one-day, $20 for adult two-day, and $5 for youth ages 6 to 15. Children five years of age and under gain admission free of charge. A complimentary subscription to either Field & Stream or Outdoor Life is included with adult ticket purchases.

The Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo returns to Columbus March 16-18, hosted at the Ohio Expo Center, 717 E. 17th Ave. Daily event hours are: Friday, 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.deerinfo.com/ohio-deer-turkey-expo. Tickets purchased online in advance are available at a discounted rate. The Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo is sponsored by Ozonics, Snyper Hunting Products, WCOL 92.3 and The Sportsman’s Box.

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Wednesday, February 14th

Stockman Knives

Ok, it’s time to write an article on a #knife for you #cowboys out there, the #StockmanKnives . Of course, just like any group, one knife won’t fit all. I’ve dropped out of the world of rodeoing, cowboying and raising cattle but am still a little active on the sidelines.

I’ve noticed the last decade or two a bunch of cowboys are also carrying folding lock blades just like everyone else. And why wouldn’t they? Of all people, they probably need them the most. How many times when roping a calf, having a branding or whatever else occurs on the ranch does someone almost get tangled up in a rope with a mad cow on the other end?

Over 45 years ago when I started rodeoing an older cowboy that helped me get started told me to carry one of the first big locking folders I had ever seen. I think it was called a G96. He said I’d need it for protection while traveling. I cleaned his horse stalls and he bought me my IRA card (International Rodeo Assn.) and talked me into jumping into the pros. I then jumped into the RCA, which is now the PRCA. I wish I had of skipped the IRA. It was pretty crooked. So yes, cowboys carry fold up lock blades but today we want to talk about a knife that all ranch cowboys use, especially in the spring on brandings and round-ups.

The Stockman knife. A stockman knife will have a traditional slip joint that has double ends. Most have three blades and two springs inside that help the blade stay closed or open.. Here are the purposes of the three different blades.CLIP POINT BLADE-This blade is used on the ranch for everything from cutting hay twine to punching holes in a latigo, to opening a can of beans in a line shack. SHEEPFOOT BLADE-This blade was designed for trimming sheep’s feet. The dull back and point allows you to apply pressure with your thumb or finger without getting cut. SPEY BLADE-This is the perfect design to castrate bull calves. On some of the big ranches out West what we do is gather all the cattle in the spring off the pastures and BLM land and congregate them into one big herd. In the old days they held them in a circle and roped the calves off of the herd. Now we gather them all into some powder River Chutes and open one end and cut the cows off. We’ll set up maybe three branding irons in the opening and have cowboys and cowgirls rope a calf and drag it out to a branding iron.

A group of cowboys will be at each branding iron. One will flip the calve, untie it and two will hold it down. In the round-ups I help with one cowboy/cowgirl will work all three stations cutting the bull calves. The cowboys holding down the calf will holler if they have a bull calf and the cutter will go castrate him. If there’s a really good bull calf that the rancher likes he’ll leave it as a bull to be a future herd bull. Usually one cowgirl will be running back and forth vaccinating the calves.

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Wednesday, February 14th

Cyberattack Caused Olympic Opening

A cyberattack caused the internet disruptions during the #WinterOlympics ’ opening ceremony on Friday night, Olympic officials and security experts said. Jihye Lee, a spokesman for the #Pyeongchang Organizing Committee, confirmed Sunday that “the technology issues experienced Friday night were caused by a cyberattack.”

Mr. Lee did not elaborate on the cause but said that the attack had been quickly addressed and that systems had been stabilized by Sunday. The cyberattack took out internet access and telecasts, grounded broadcasters’ drones, shut down the Pyeongchang 2018 website, and prevented spectators from printing out reservations and attending the ceremony, which resulted in an unusually high number of empty seats. Security experts said they had uncovered evidence that the attack had been in the works since late last year. It was directed at the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee and incorporated code that was specifically designed to disrupt the Games or perhaps even send a political message.

“This attacker had no intention of leaving the machine usable,” a team of researchers at Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence division wrote in an analysis Monday. “The purpose of this malware is to perform destruction of the host” and “leave the computer system offline.” In an interview, Talos researchers noted that there was a nuance to the attack that they had not seen before: Even though the hackers clearly demonstrated that they had the ability to destroy victims’ computers, they stopped short of doing so. They erased only backup files on Windows machines and left open the possibility that responders could still reboot the computers and fix the damage.

“Why did they pull their punch?” asked Craig Williams, a senior technical leader at Talos. “Presumably, it’s making some political message” that they could have done far worse, he said.Talos’s findings matched those of other internet security companies, like CrowdStrike, which determined on Monday that the attacks had been in the works since at least December. Adam Meyers, vice president of intelligence at CrowdStrike, said his team had discovered time stamps that showed the destructive payload that hit the opening ceremony was constructed on Dec. 27 at 11:39 a.m. Coordinated Universal Time — which converts to 6:39 a.m. Eastern Time, 2:39 p.m. in Moscow and 8:39 p.m. in South Korea.

Attackers clearly had a target in mind: The word Pyeongchang2018.com was hard-coded into their payload, as was a set of stolen credentials belonging to Pyeongchang Olympic officials. Those stolen credentials allowed attackers to spread their malware throughout the computer networks that support the Winter Games on Friday, just as the opening ceremony was timed to begin. Security companies would not say definitively who was behind the attack, but some digital crumbs led to a familiar culprit: Fancy Bear, the Russian hacking group with ties to Russian intelligence services. Fancy Bear was determined to be the more brazen of the two Russian hacking groups behind an attack on the Democratic National Committee ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Beginning in November, CrowdStrike’s intelligence team witnessed Fancy Bear attacks that stole credentials from an international sports organization, Mr. Meyers said. He declined to identify the victim but suggested that the credential thefts were similar to the ones that hackers would have needed before their opening ceremony attack. On Wednesday, two days before the ceremony, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an apparent attempt to pre-empt any accusations of Russian cyberattacks on the Games. In a statement, released in English, German and Russian, the agency accused Western governments, press and information security companies of waging an “information war” accusing Russia of “alleged cyber interference” and “planning to attack the ideals of the Olympic movement.”

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Wednesday, February 14th

Russian Figure Skaters Dominate

Nominally, #Russia is barred from the #WinterOlympics , but that was not obvious at the team #figureskating event on Sunday as a cheering section waved the Russian flag and wore ponchos and hockey jerseys in the red, white and blue of the Russian tricolor and shirts and hats that said “Russia in My Heart.”

If there is any enmity toward the Russians for a state-backed system of doping that operated at the 2014 Winter Olympics, it does not appear evident, at least publicly, in this most visible and closely followed of sports at the Games. The audience clapped politely on Sunday, and there seemed to be no booing. After the final round on Monday, the team of Russians won silver behind Canada, which took the gold medal. The United States claimed the bronze. “We felt like at home,” the Russian ice dancer Dmitri Soloviev said. “We felt that every person sitting in each corner of the stadium was yelling the name of Russia.” Russia had won its first medal of these Games on Saturday as Semen Elistratov took a bronze in short-track speedskating and dedicated his podium finish to “all guys that have been excluded from these Games in such a hard and unfair way.”

Figure skating is a much more established and celebrated sport. No country has won more Olympic skating medals than the former Soviet Union and Russia. And no sport other than hockey ratifies Russia’s history of dominant achievement at the Winter Games. Strictly speaking, the silver medal in the team skating competition was awarded to a neutral contingent of “Olympic Athletes From Russia,” and five-ringed Olympic flag would be raised in the medal ceremony, not Russia’s. But that is widely considered a mere technicality. “Everyone will know they are Russians if they have a flag or not,” said Rafael Arutyunyan, a Georgian who coached in Moscow for nearly two decades and now coaches the American Olympians Nathan Chen and Adam Rippon.

Russia was barred from these Games as punishment for systematic doping while playing host to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Black Sea resort. But 169 individual Russian athletes have been permitted to compete after passing what were said to be rigorous drug screenings. Figure skating has not been immune to the doping scandal. Two prominent Russian skaters, including Ksenia Stolbova, who won silver and gold medals in pairs at the 2014 Games, have been prohibited from these Olympics for reasons that have not been fully explained. Even those who were permitted to compete here nervously awaited clearance. “We didn’t know until the day before the Olympics whether we would go or not,” said Ekaterina Bobrova, Soloviev’s ice dance partner. “Of course this was difficult for us.”

Yet there is seemingly little or no ostracism of the Russian skaters here. They compete regularly on an international circuit, are well known and highly regarded and lend competitive rigor to any skating event. Their absence would lessen the outcome in the view of many in the sport. “If you’re at the Olympics, you want to be with the best people in the world,” said Denise Myers, the coach of the American women’s champion Bradie Tennell. Stéphane Lambiel, the 2006 Olympic silver medalist from Switzerland who is now a coach, said the Russian skaters were being welcomed. “Yes, for sure they are,” Lambiel said. “They are great athletes, and they are working hard. They’re amazing. I’m the first fan of the Russian school.” The Canadian Olympic Committee apologized several days ago for an incident in which a Russian coach said a Canadian delegate had verbally abused him in the Olympic Village about the participation of Russian athletes. On Sunday, Michael Slipchuk, the leader of the Canadian skating team, said none of his skating personnel had been involved.

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Wednesday, February 14th

Winter Olympics 2018 Medal Winners

From the only triple axel landed by a female American #Olympic skater to the first men’s single medal for USA Luge at the Games, U.S. athletes are making history in the #2018WinterOlympics. Athletes from 92 nations are fiercely competing for a chance to stand on those coveted Olympic podiums in Pyeongchang, #SouthKorea. There are 15 different sporting activities and a total of 102 events.

Team USA’s Jamie Anderson took home the gold in the 2018 Winter Games after she performed in less-than-perfect weather conditions. "I was trying to keep the spirits high, like, 'Let's run it,'" the 27-year-old athlete said, according to the Associated Press. "A handful of the girls were like, 'No, it's not safe,' and things like that. It's not like what we're doing is safe, anyhow."

The conditions for the men’s snowboard slopestyle were less than ideal, but 17-year-old Red Gerard made it through the swirling winds to capture the United States’ first gold medal of the 2018 Olympics. Gerard reportedly overslept before his event because he stayed up too late watching Netflix and had to borrow his roommate’s jacket when he couldn’t find his. Still, Gerard, the underdog, overcame the odds and made it to the top of the podium with a score of 87.16.

At 17, Chloe Kim became the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal during the Winter Games. Kim dominated two amazing runs on the women’s snowboard halfpipe, earning her the first place spot on the medal podium. Kim’s Olympic dreams were realized with a special family member cheering her on in person – her South Korean grandmother. Kim’s parents emigrated to the U.S. from South Korea, making her Olympic debut in Pyeongchang all the more special.

Winning his third Olympic gold medal, snowboarder Shaun White made history in the 2018 Games as he scored America’s 100th Winter Games gold medal. “The Flying Tomato” is the first American male to win gold in three different Winter Games as well; he won his previous two medals in Turin in 2006 and Vancouver in 2010. White, 31, had a near perfect score of 97.75 on his final run on the halfpipe. He started off strong on his first run but fell on his second of three attempts.

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Tuesday, February 13th

US Concealed Carry Association

The United States Concealed Carry Association ( #USCCA ), a Wisconsin-based organization providing education, training and self-defense insurance to responsible American #gunowners, will be featured on 60 Minutes for a segment with #CBSNews this coming Sunday, February 11, 2018.

The House has passed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that would allow Americans licensed to carry concealed firearms in their own states to bring those weapons legally into other states. Steve Kroft takes a look at this common-sense legislation that the U.S. Senate could pass and send to the President for his signature. His report will be broadcast on the next edition of 60 Minutes, Sunday, Feb. 11 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The interview, which will air across the nation, will feature expert commentary from Tim Schmidt, the Founder & President of The United States Concealed Carry Association on gun rights and legislation moving through Congress.

BACKGROUND: The United States Concealed Carry Association has been urging lawmakers in Congress to follow through on their promise to pass national concealed carry reciprocity, which would ensure that concealed carry permits issued in one state would be considered valid in the other 49 states. U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act through S.446 last year and Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) did the same through the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 in H.R.446. The House bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives. Both bills would ensure that concealed carry permits issued in one state would be respected in them all.

60 Minutes has won more Emmy Awards than any other primetime broadcast, including a special Lifetime Achievement Emmy. It has also won virtually every other broadcast journalism award, plus 15 Peabody awards for excellence in television broadcasting. 60 Minutes was created in 1968 by Don Hewitt and premiered on CBS September 24th of that year.

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Tuesday, February 13th

2018 SCTP International National Ch

The Scholastic Clay Target Program ( #SCTP ) has received official notice of dates for its 2018 International National Championships from #USAShooting . This event will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the International Shooting Park, Ft. Carson.

The dates and course of fire are as follows: July 22-23: Open Training both days, 9am – 4pm; July 24-25: Skeet Championships 125 targets; July 26-27: Bunker Trap Championships 125 targets; All teams must register via the SHOT system which will open on or around June 1st.

Individual medals and team trophies will be awarded to the top three in each category. The 2019 SCTP National Team will be decided by this tournament with the top three women and top three men in both categories of International Skeet and Bunker Trap forming the new team for next year.

SCTP would like to thank USA Shooting for its continued support and dedication as their official youth feeder program to the US National team and Olympic dream! Dates for the SCTP’s 2018 Junior Olympic Development Camp and availability will be published shortly. Teams and coaches with any questions may contact SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash at twondrash@sssfonline.com We look forward to seeing everyone in Colorado Springs this summer!

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Tuesday, February 13th

Catch A Dream Foundation

#RyanButler will be “ Fishing for Dreams ” at the 2018 #Bassmaster Classic to help raise funds to support the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. Ryan Butler, a 36-year old angler from Blue Eye, MO, will be fishing with a higher purpose in the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic.

Butler, who won the Toyota Bonus Bucks Bassmaster Team Championship Classic Fish-Off in December, is sponsored by Wilson Combat, the leading innovator in high-performance, custom 1911 handguns, tactical long guns, and accessories. Presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods, the Classic will be held March 16th – 18th, on Lake Hartwell at Greenville and Anderson, S.C. “As a young child, out fishing with my dad and grandpa, I dreamed about this opportunity. Thanks to the tremendous support and commitment of family and friends, this dream has become my reality,” Butler shared. A devoted family man, Ryan knows the impact that time spent on the water or in the woods can have on a child and an entire family.

“I have a passion for fishing and for helping others. My new hope is to now take this opportunity I have been blessed with and use it to make other people’s dreams come true.” As Ryan considered how to seize this opportunity in the Bassmaster Classic to truly make a difference, it was important to partner with a credible national charity like Catch-A-Dream that places emphasis on our youth, the outdoors, and upon a message of real hope. Ryan sums his mission up nicely, “I wanted to partner with an organization that shares the same values and resource ethic as all of us in the outdoor sport and industry, and that ALL of us, from anglers to fans to sponsors, can wholeheartedly support. This is it! This is a project on which we all can ‘weigh-in’ together and we can make a strong statement about our dedication to our sport, our professions, our families and to those children and families who desperately need to know that hope does, indeed, exist.”

The Catch-A-Dream Foundation has granted over 620 life-changing hunting and fishing experiences to children with life-threatening and terminal medical conditions since its inception in 2000. “We have 2 goals,” he said; “Raise at least $100,000, which will fully fund 20 child trip experiences, and to provide the opportunity for one child and their family, not necessarily a Catch-A-Dream child, the opportunity to attend the 2019 Bassmaster Classic with backstage access and all expenses paid. This, in itself, would be a once in a lifetime experience for one young fishing fan and their family!” “We are humbled and excited to be partnered with Ryan, Wilson Combat, and the entire fishing industry in this unprecedented project,” said Dr. Marty Brunson, CEO for Catch-A-Dream.

Brunson, who was named 2008 Person of the Year by the Fishing Industry Youth Initiative added, “We have a longstanding relationship with the bass fishing community, and obvious common ground with the shooting community, so we look forward to bringing those two groups together for a common cause!” “We created an easy to use platform for this project,” adds Butler. Simply text the keyword BASS to 71777 or visit catchadream.org/ryanbutler to make your tax-deductible donation. It’s convenient, easy and completely secure. “The support and encouragement from my sponsors, especially Wilson Combat, has been tremendous during this journey. Join my sponsors and me, and together, let’s make a difference!” Bulter challenges.

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Monday, February 12th

Firearms Community Members Arrested

Last Monday, February 5, 2018, two members of the #firearms community [ The Patriot Picket ] were arrested while performing #protest activities on the public sidewalks in front of Lawyers Mall on the Annapolis Maryland State House grounds, as they have done in the same spot consistently for the past three sessions of the General Assembly.

They were handcuffed, taken to the Annapolis Police Department station, processed, ticketed and released within a couple of hours; they received additional tickets related to the original incident when they met with the Maryland Capitol Police the very next day. As of this notice, the Maryland Capitol Police has made a request to the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney to drop all charges.

This incident has a chilling effect on 1st Amendment-protected activity – peaceful assembly and redress of grievances. Those involved, and other members of the firearms community, are making plans to assemble in protest of this infringement of 1st Amendment-protected civil liberties again this coming Monday evening, February 12, 2018, in the same location as the arrests.

Maryland State Rifle And Pistol Association believes in the defense of the entirety of the Constitution and its attendant amendments; if any of our members plan to attend of their own accord, please be cognizant that there may be additional encounters with law enforcement and, based on last Monday's experience, there exists a possibility of arrest related to activities in the area performed by peaceful protesters – please plan accordingly for the safety of any wishing to participate.

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Monday, February 12th

The SpaceX effect

The successful launch of #SpaceX ’s Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday at the Kennedy #Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida was a tremendous step toward reasserting American leadership in space.

The Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket launched in the U.S. since the Apollo missions – and it is the most powerful commercial rocket ever made. It can carry nearly 64 metric tons (141,000 lbs.) into orbit. This is more than double the payload of the next-biggest rocket currently in operation. For perspective, SpaceX says this is, “a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage, and fuel.”

SpaceX owner Elon Musk also said the rocket system could launch payloads “direct to Pluto and beyond” without the help of gravity assist. This successful test flight should serve as a serious motivator for the National Space Council to jumpstart the nation’s focus on manned space flight. When President Trump reinstated the Space Council on June 30, 2017, he challenged its members to “think big” in space again. The day before the new Space Council met for its first meeting on October 5, 2017, Vice President Pence wrote in The Wall Street Journal that the Council “will refocus America’s space program toward human exploration and discovery.”

The Council must redouble its efforts to meet these challenges. Specifically, the Space Council should heed Vice President Pence’s charge: “To achieve these goals, the National Space Council will look beyond the halls of government for insight and expertise.” The private sector has shown that the conventional wisdom of the slow-moving, risk-averse space bureaucracy is wrong. As, Dr. Robert Zubrin, president and founder of the Mars Society, wrote after the launch: “Seven years ago, the Augustine commission said that NASA's Moon program had to be cancelled because the development of the necessary heavy lift booster would take 12 years and 36 billion dollars.

“SpaceX has now done that, on its own dime, in half the time and a twentieth of the cost. And not only that, but the launch vehicle is three quarters reusable.” In fact, The Wall Street Journal reported in an article its print edition Wednesday titled “For SpaceX, New Rocket Marks Coup” that, the “Falcon Heavy underscores the demise of what used to be the aerospace industry’s reliance on federal dollars for technological breakthroughs.” The Space Council must see the new reality. It must recognize that companies like SpaceX are out-competing government rocket programs. This trend is likely to continue. Instead of focusing our tax-dollars on duplicative efforts, the federal government’s interaction with the space industry must change. We should help these companies achieve more. The Space Council should aggressively develop systems for public-private partnerships with innovative companies such as SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and others, where the government takes on the role of an investor – an investor that would be paid back.

Additionally, The Wall Street Journal article noted that the successful test flight could mean the Falcon Heavy could start making paid missions to space within months. The National Space Council should nurture this possibility and quickly create a system that could help support as many U.S.-led launches into space as possible. Only this will create the environment necessary to establish a thriving U.S.-led business ecosystem. If the U.S. does not do this, our competitors will. A future where China or Russia dominates in space is not a safe, secure, or prosperous future for America. The Space Council must also encourage a culture across all federal space programs that allows for failure and quick recovery.

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Thursday, February 8th

Ammunition Hoarding

I recently had a discussion with a #gunowner the other day about the availability and cost of particular #ammunition that was only a couple of years ago not only very scarce but expensive when you could find it. We were talking about if he thought that the availability of conventional ammunition could ever get bad again? He laughed stating that with Donald Trump in office, #guncontrol laws at the federal level were likely to be impossible and that there was plenty of ammo out there. So what was there to worry about and why bother with ammunition hoarding.

So is ammunition hoarding crisis over? Have we nothing to fear, or are we just lulling ourselves into a false sense of security?
With the start of a new year, we have new ammunition laws in parts of the country, and if you live in California, that means new bans on ammunition buying. Starting on the first of the year, residents of that state will now have to get their ammunition from a licensed dealer, no more buying ammunition and having it shipped to your place of residence. You will have to hope your dealer has what you need in stock or you will have to pay him for a fee to get ammunition for you.

This of course is only phase one, phase two of the plan is that starting on January 1st, 2019 there will be a background check to be completed when you buy your ammunition which will include a processing fee, which you can bet will drive up the price of that box of shells for your gun. We here in New York are also not immune to this sort of liberal chicanery as Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo put something similar into his landmark Safe Act. We too cannot order ammunition online and have it delivered to our homes anymore. We must be treated like children and have it sent to a dealer to be picked up. Or hope the local gun shop has what we need, and if you live in a rural area where your gun shop is a long drive away, well that’s just too bad, it’s for the good of the people we have been told.

Governor Cuomo also put in a background check condition with ammunition purchases with the Safe Act, but as of yet that hasn’t been implemented, but not because there was a change of heart, but because so far there has been no successful way to make it work.Up until the last year or so, the availability of ammunition in many places was scarce, especially for popular calibers like .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum, and the cost, to put it mildly, skyrocketed for a single box of either. Ammunition purchases were rationed, there were stories, some proven true, of big box store employees hiding some for their friends, while many people tried to hunt down what they could just to have on hand. I remember seeing a single fifty round box of Federal .22 Long Rifle ammunition with a price tag of $22 on it. I recall another shop taking five hundred round bricks of .22 LR and the owner splitting them up and putting a hundred rounds in a ziplock bag and asking $15 for each bag. There was a lot of hoarding going on, and there was a lot of price gouging to go with it.

So now we seem to be in a time of ammunition plenty. Even here in New York, I can get as much .22 LR ammo or anything else I want for very cheap prices. You can find .22 Magnum ammunition again when a little more than a year and a half ago, I didn’t see a box of it on a shelf anywhere for over six months. No one is rushing out to line up at the local big box store waiting to see when the truck delivers the ammunition so they can get their three boxes, but we should be very mindful that those times can very quickly come back again.

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Thursday, February 8th

Modern Samurai Project North Texas

A good friend of mine has just announced that he will be hosting a #class at one of my favorite ranges in the US, Triple C in Cresson, #TX . Not only are there beautiful #Texas views on this several thousand acre ranch, but you also get a chance to master your red dot #pistol from a F.A.S.T. coin holder and all around good dude.

Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski has become the defacto red dot pistol expert in some of the professional circles that I travel in and is nothing short of a super nice guy that flat out knows his stuff. The class is a two-day affair that I absolutely plan on attending because while I can hold my own with a red dotted pistol, there is always improvement that can be made. Below is some of the course information, if you have the means to do some learnin' from this guy, I highly recommend it.

Prerequisites: Must have already taken a fundamental class by a vetted instructor. Student should be able to clear Dot Torture drill at 3 yards.

Topics Covered: Zeroing your red dot. 10 yard zero. 25 yard confirmation. Ammo selection, Draw and how to stop fishing for the dot. Why back up irons are necessary? Only use the necessary amount of information required to make an acceptably accurate shot at the speed and distance required, Red dots up close. 5 yards and in, Red dots at distance, Speed: Efficiency of draw and presentation. Concealed and Open setups. Speed is the economy of motion. Speed is not useless frenetic movement. Micro Drill training method, Dot tracking: Grip, stance, dot movement, predictability. Stop over confirming the dot!, Modes of Practice: Speed mode. Accuracy Mode. Match/For Realz Mode, How to get better on your own. Dry fire for skill building. Live fire for confirmation, Target transitions, Shooting on the move, Why you should compete, Mini match to test skills.

Equipment needed: Slide mounted red dot pistol, The ability to carry 3 mags (1 in gun, 2 in pouches), Good holster of student's choice. No Serpas. No old leather holsters, 500 rounds of reliable ammo, Eye pro, Ear pro, Open Mind, Pulling his bio from Primary & Secondary, you can see that Scott (or Jedi if you prefer) is no slouch when it comes to mastering a thing.

Lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ), no LEO or military experience (save being an Air Force brat), NRA pistol instructor (who isn’t?). I have received previous training from George Wehby of BlackBelt Tactical, Matt Jacques of Victory First, John Murphy of FPF Training, Chris Sizelove of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Aaron Brumley of Solo Defense, Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts, Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training, Pat Goodale and Wayne Fisher of PFT Training, Ernest Langdon for Langdon Tactical and private training with Al DeLeon of the State Dept’s MSD unit. I shoot anywhere from 200 to 400 rounds a week. I try to compete three times a month. I train BJJ 2 to 3 times a week. Strength & Mobility training twice a week. I am the 15th recipient of the F.A.S.T Drill coin.

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Wednesday, February 7th

Safari Club International

On February 1 2018, the Board of Directors of Safari Club International changed its headquarters designation from Tucson, #Arizona to Washington, DC. The purpose of the move is to focus and intensify SCI's efforts on all forms of advocacy to protect the freedom to hunt, in coordination with other #hunting organizations.

SCI's CEO Rick Parsons will relocate to the SCI office on Capitol Hill in early April. SCI has advocacy, Litigation and communication units in that building. The SCI Foundation, which owns the building, houses its conservation department there. Parsons has a degree in International Law and has specialized in wildlife conservation issues. While working with the U.S. Government, he helped to draft and implement the global treaty (called CITES) that regulates trade in wildlife so as to prevent extinctions. Parsons has been with SCI since 1985. He has hunted in Virginia, Michigan, Texas and South Africa.

At the same Board meeting, the SCI Board applauded the new Advocacy Communications program of SCI that emphasizes an aggressive approach to outbound communication based on the theme of hunter pride. The goal of the program is to provide information about hunting to the vast majority of people who are neutral on the issue. The information will be designed to change the conversation by giving these neutrals something new to consider about hunting. The decision to designate Washington, DC as SCI's headquarters and to relocate the CEO was made in the midst of SCI's 46th Annual Hunters' Convention. The Convention is an extraordinary global gathering of the SCI family and hunting world. In all, 1,100 exhibitors from the U.S. and all over the world showed their hunting opportunities and hunting gear to more than 20,000 attendees.

There were seminars on hunting technique, ethics, legal issues and a host of other topics. There were side meetings with government delegations from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, China and Kazakhstan, to name some. There were evening events featuring fundraising auctions to support the work of SCI and its sister organization, the SCI Foundation. Between them, SCI and the Foundation put more than $3.5 Million on the ground annually for wildlife conservation, anti-poaching, education and humanitarian efforts related to hunting. SCI also funds a wide variety of advocacy activities in the U.S. and globally. Next year's Convention will be in Reno, Nevada on January 9-12, 2019.

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Wednesday, February 7th

Flying American Airlines with Firea

After seeing another #Virginia Citizens Defense League member’s experience flying #AmericanAirlines in a recent newsletter, I would like to add my own, as it differs from the rosy picture they painted.

I recently flew American Airlines from Reagan National to Phoenix and back, with a firearm in my checked baggage. The experience could have been better. When checking in with American at both airports, I had to wait in the same very slow line as all the people who were rebooking flights or doing other special time-consuming things. Once I finally got to the desk, the practices diverged.

The agent at Reagan was content to have me sign the “unloaded firearm” card, place it in the bag, and walk me over to the TSA baggage inspector. In Phoenix, the American Airlines check-in agent insisted that she had to inspect my locked firearm case, and claimed that if she could pry it open enough with her hands to slip a finger inside and touch the gun, the case was not allowed. Indeed, she started prying away at my case and claimed it “technically” did not meet her unpublished standard, but I was able to convince her that since it had flown from Reagan National to Phoenix without a problem. It would also be acceptable to fly the return trip.

Sure enough, the TSA in Phoenix didn't have a problem with my case. One other thing I saw on this trip is the folly of giving business owners the ability to post “no guns” signs that have the force of law. In Arizona, businesses that serve liquor may post special “no firearms allowed” signs and it's a violation of the law to simply carry a gun inside (as opposed to trespassing if you're asked to leave). This gives anti-gun restaurateurs the opportunity to make a statement, and quite a few restaurants had such signs, which are much more obtrusive than the “no guns” signs you sometimes see in Virginia. I avoided those businesses. One final unfortunate thing was the gun ban in National Park Service buildings, which in one case effectively blocked access to armed citizens wanting to visit beautiful and historic sites. Even the privately-operated lodges and motel rooms at the Grand Canyon ban guns, which may go above and beyond the requirements of federal law.

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Wednesday, February 7th

Texas Knife Reform

Doug Ritter, #Knife Rights Chairman, and Todd Rather, Knife Rights' Director of Legislative Affairs, were in Austin, #Texas , this week to celebrate last year's enactment of HB 1935. That bill eliminated from Texas statute the prohibition against carrying “illegal knives,” including throwing knives, daggers, dirks, stilettos, poniards, swords, spears and most notably, Bowie knives, as well as blades over 5.5 inches except in a few locations.

The celebration was originally scheduled to be held last September at The Alamo, but tragically, Hurricane Harvey intervened. Knife Rights were honored to hold a presentation ceremony in the House of Representatives Chamber at the Texas Capitol. It only seemed appropriate to do the presentation under the historic portrait of Jim Bowie, hero of the Alamo, whose eponymous knife was finally made legal to carry in Texas by the enactment of HB 1935. Rep. John Frullo, primary bill sponsor, was presented with a specially engraved Bowie donated by Bear and Son Cutlery. Also presented with engraved Bowies was a group of our Texas friends who helped get HB 1935 passed Todd Rathner, Rick Briscoe (Open Carry Texas), Matt Abel (Rep. Frullo's Chief of Staff), Rep. John Frullo, Doug Ritter and AJ Postell (Lone Star Gun Rights).

To recognize his signing of the bill into law, on Tuesday we had the honor of being invited to the Texas Governor's Mansion to present Governor Greg Abbott with a very special Texas Heritage Bowie forged by Texas Knifemakers' Guild President Jason Fry, a sixth generation Texan, who generously donated his efforts. With an overall length of 15 inches, the 9 5/8-inch blade of W2 steel donated by Aldo Bruno features a distinct hamon. The handle is spalted Sycamore from the grounds of the Texas Capitol, dyed and stabilized by Terry Dunn of LaVernia, Texas.

The guard and spacer are wrought iron from a rail of the first railroad into Dallas in 1872 that was donated by Will Frary of Grapevine, Texas. The coined spacers are 1836 Capped-Bust Silver Half Dollars, signifying the year Texas won its independence from Mexico. The stand is Mesquite from Abilene, Texas, donated by one of Fry's cousins, also a sixth generation Texan. The wrought iron square nails forged to shape for the stand are from the house of 1840s settler Allen Urquhart who founded Jefferson, Texas, donated by Don Millhouse of Fredericksburg, Texas.

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Wednesday, February 7th

Randys Hunting Center Ruger Retaile

Sturm, #Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce that Randy's Hunting Center of Michigan has been named 2017 #Ruger Retailer of the Year. Owner Randy Brown was recognized for his support of Ruger, his industry leadership in firearms retailing and his enthusiasm for the promotion of new products.

Randy received an engraved Ruger Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster in recognition of his outstanding performance. The award was presented on January 23rd during the 40th Annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Randy's Hunting Center was the clear choice for our 2017 award recipient,” said Shawn Leska, Vice President of Sales. “Randy insisted that we manufacture the Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .450 Bushmaster, and his prediction of the success of that model was astounding. We thank him for bringing the idea to us, and for his hard work in selling as many of them as possible to his customers,” he concluded.

Randy Brown started Randy's Hunting Center in Bad Axe, Michigan. The family-owned business, run with the support of Randy's six sons, has been a longtime friend of Ruger. They focus on putting their business on the road each weekend, traveling to gun shows. “We are truly honored to receive this award,” said Randy Brown. “Ruger's dedication to product innovation keeps our job exciting. I humbly accept this award on behalf of our hard-working employees and look forward to continued success with the Ruger brand.”

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Tuesday, February 6th

Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

It’s the shootout sport that Hollywood created… the #CowboyFastDraw World Championship from Fallon, #Nevada with the best who can draw and thumb their single actions in a fraction of a second.

Plus, Honored American Veterans Afield celebrates 10 years of helping wounded vets get back to the range. And Savage Arms introduces the AccuFit Kit to match you to your best shooting position.

AIR TIMES BY TIME ZONE: Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central.

Shooting USA is listed as a one-hour show in your cable menu. SHOT Show Podcasts posted on iTunes and at ShootingUSA.com Get the Audio Updates from the show floor in Las Vegas and the Video versions are posted on the Shooting USA Facebook page. Get the Shooting USA Challenge Coin!

It’s a limited edition collectible noting 25 years of the first and longest-running gun show to appear on network television. The offer is combined with a personalized and autographed photo of Jim Scoutten, America’s best-known firearms industry and gun sports reporter. Stay Connected to Shooting USA! Subscribe to the Shooting USA YouTube Channel to catch up on Pro Shooter Profiles, Pro Tips, History’s Guns, and more! Plus, add us on “Like” on Facebook, and “Follow” us on Instagram too!

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Tuesday, February 6th

New Mexico State IDPA Shooting Cham

On October 6, 2018, the San Juan Defensive #Pistol Association will be hosting the 2018 #NewMexico State #IDPA Championship, here in Farmington New Mexico. This will be a Tier 3 Match with 13 stages. We are anticipating up to a 150 shooter’s for the match.

Interest in this event has already come from Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, and all over New Mexico. Past participation has come from as far away as Pennsylvania, and Florida. We are anticipating a great turnout! This will ensure not only the success of our event, but also plenty of opportunity for your name and/or logo to be seen by many people in a short amount of time. We will be advertising this event literally worldwide via the IDPA website, with a link to our own website, where all of our sponsors will be seen.

Planning an event of this size has proven itself to be quite a task. We have come up against a few obstacles with which we are hoping to get some help. These include prizes for various giveaways at the match itself, funds for awards, supplies, and other details that need to be addressed. Your contribution will help ensure the success of our event this year, and in the years to come.

With your support, your company name and logo could be displayed prominently on our match banner, t-shirts, your banner displayed at one or more stages, in the Course of Fire, in our shooters handbook and /or in any online advertising we do in support of our match. The online exposure alone will be seen by thousands of dedicated shooters literally worldwide.

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Tuesday, February 6th

SuperATV and Sara Price

Champion #UTV #racer Sara Price is joining forces with #SuperATV for the upcoming King of the Hammers. Price will be racing a SuperATV backed Polaris RZR XP 1000 at this one-of-a-kind event.

Price, along with co-driver Erica Sacks, will take on the UTV race in the notoriously difficult King of the Hammers on February 7. The event combines desert racing speed with a technical rock crawling challenge and draws competitors from across motorsport disciplines to Johnson Valley, California, each February.

Last year, racing an 800cc UTV, Price and co-driver Sacks pulled off an impressive Top 20. “I couldn't be more excited to be back racing one of the toughest one-day off road events in my SuperATV Polaris RZR,” said Price.
The driver has had a promising start to her race week. She placed 15th out of 118 entrants in qualifying held Saturday. 2018 is the fourth year that SuperATV has partnered with Price's UTV racing program. “SuperATV is like an extended family to me. I had the chance to visit their facility this last December and were so well received,” said Price. “I'm stoked, to be partnering with them again in 2018!”

Price's adds King of the Hammers to a full slate of competition activities this season, with a full schedule announcement coming soon. Her adventures will be extensively documented on her social channels. In 2017, Price's calendar included a diverse array of events, including a select series of off-road truck races and a pair of factory backed hill climbs in a Fiat rally car.

Named the 2016 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Rising Star, Price started racing dirtbikes at the age of eight, collected 19 titles and medaled in Women's Super X at the 2010 X Games. She rode for Kawasaki as the first factory-supported female racer in motocross and holds the record as the most winning female amateur to date. The versatile competitor has raced winning UTV campaigns in the WORCS series, Lucas Oil Regional series, and the Terracross Championship where she finished undefeated in 2015 to take the women's title. When she isn't racing, Price works as a stunt professional performing on motorcycles and on four wheels and as a precision driver for television and film.

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Monday, February 5th

509 Apex Flat Trigger

The FN 509 made a huge splash last spring with shooters that were looking for a #pistol that has a full-size grip and a shorter, commander length slide. I was lucky enough to receive not one, but two examples for testing in early 2017. The best part about it? FN was kind enough to fit a pre-production FN 509 Apex flat trigger in one of the guns at the factory. Huge thanks to Tom and Kristina at FN as well as Paul at #Apex for making that happen.

Why upgrade the trigger? Now the first question that you might be asking is why should I upgrade the trigger on my FN 509, it is pretty solid out of the box and I don't think that it needs anything. After shooting the flatty trigger side by side with the factory FN 509 trigger, I have to say, it is absolutely a worthwhile upgrade.

What's in the box!?!? Inside the box, you will get the flat trigger mated to Apex's own trigger bar and a sear. I am told install will be straightforward and easy, sadly I do not have the first-hand experience with that since the trigger was installed by FN when the gun was assembled.

Trigger Weights: First, let's look at the overall trigger pull weight. The factory 509 trigger weighs in at approximately 6 pounds 4 ounces on my Timney Triggers scale. I find that the manual trigger gauges are slightly more accurate than the electronic versions and tend to use the Timney gauge far more often than my Lyman electronic gauge in case you were wondering.

With the Apex flat trigger installed on the FN 509, the trigger pull weight drops to a very palatable 5 pounds on the nose as measured on the same Timney trigger pull gauge. There are a few other redeeming qualities about the Apex trigger that make it a clear choice if you are looking for a better shooting experience from your FN 509.

The overall trigger reach is just about perfect for average size hands and the trigger shoe does a great job of locating your finger in exactly the same place on the shoe thanks to a small kick out at the bottom of the shoe. Take up is minimal and you find a reasonably well-defined wall as soon as the striker is finished with its cocking stroke. Cocking stroke? You might be confused. The Fn 509 is technically a double action pistol so the striker needs to be partially cocked when the trigger is pulled resulting in some nice resistance as you mash your finger onto the nicely finished face of the trigger.

Once the trigger reaches that wall the break is reasonably crisp, but not single action trigger good as you would expect. Asking a pistol that is effectively a double action striker gun to feel like a match 1911 trigger is not even close to reasonable. The trigger overtravel is minimal thanks to the cleverly designed overtravel limiting finger on the back of the trigger.

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Monday, February 5th

Crow Shooting Supply as Ruger Firea

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announces the addition of #CrowShootingSupply as the 19th independent distributor of #Ruger #firearms in the United States.

“We are excited to add Crow Shooting Supply to our two-step distribution network,” said Shawn Leska, Vice President of Sales at Ruger. “As one of the few firearms manufacturers that remains committed to two-step distribution, Ruger is continually looking for ways to improve its network. We are confident that the addition of Crow will help us achieve our long-term goals and better serve the shooting sports market,” he concluded.

Based in Montezuma, Iowa, Crow Shooting Supply is a family-owned national wholesale distributor of firearms, ammunition, reloading components and shooting accessories. Proudly serving retail gun shops, major sporting goods stores, gun clubs, shooting ranges and government agencies for 35 years, Crow is a full-line supplier of nearly 120 of the world's premier industry manufacturers. Crow Shooting Supply serves customers from warehouses located in Nevada, Iowa and North Carolina. “We are excited to add Ruger's great brand to our product lineup,” said Steve Crow, General Manager of Crow Shooting Supply. “They continue to bring innovative, affordable products that our customers want, and we are proud to offer those great firearms as well.”

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Monday, February 5th

80% 1911 Frames

#FreedomConceptsLaboratory is proud to offer custom #pistol builders a new option for making their own #firearms, introducing the Liberty line of 80% polymer 1911 frames.

Developed by Foxtrot Mike Products Inc, the 80% frames accept standard 1911 slides, magazines, and internal parts. Bringing modern ergonomics to a 100-year-old design, the frame features different sized backstraps and generous scallop cuts to make operating the controls comfortable for shooters of all hand sizes. The reusable 80% frame jig comes with all the tools required for final manufacturing.

The Liberty MkIX, featuring a full size grip, will be available March 2018 in the following models: • MkIX-G Government Model for a traditional 5” slide • MkIX-Gx Extended Model for a 5” slide with a full length rail • MkIX-O Officer Model for a traditional 4” slide • All three models have a suggested retail price of $139

“FCL was formed to produce innovative, high quality firearm products that are within the reach of all consumers,” said Paul, CEO of FCL. “We use cutting edge materials, combined with trend setting manufacturing techniques, to push the boundaries of performance.”

In the past, custom 1911 builds have had a reputation for requiring a lot of hand fitting. Freedom Concepts Laboratory 80% frames greatly simplify this process, requiring 40% fewer parts than a standard 1911, with a patent-pending modular backstrap that captures the mainspring assembly, making it easy to finish your pistol.

All Liberty frames are set up to be completely ambidextrous. Freedom Concepts Laboratory is introducing an aftermarket 100% ambi kit, for a suggested retail of $75, however all Liberty frames come with a right-hand magazine release, and readily accept standard 1911 thumb safeties and slide stops. All three Freedom Concepts Laboratory 80% MkIX frames will be shipping in March, available exclusively at Brownells and the Glockstore.

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Monday, February 5th

Honor Defense Offers Voluntary Upgr

All #HonorDefense #pistols meet or exceed industry and U.S.A standards for safety. These include the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Inc. (SAAMI), and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) test protocols.

Abusive handling (drop tests and jar off tests) have been conducted internally and confirmed by an outside laboratory recognized by the State of California. Recent events indicate that handling an Honor Guard pistol beyond U.S.A. safety standards by dropping or striking the firearm with a hammer may cause an unintentional discharge. As a result, Honor Defense has developed an upgrade to the Honor Guard striker assembly (within the slide).

To receive the upgrade, go the Honor Defense website and follow the directions outlined in the Honor Guard Upgrade section. Once received, Honor Defense will upgrade your slide unit and promptly return it to you. This upgrade will provide increased drop performance beyond U.S.A safety standards and is available to all owners of an Honor Guard pistol.

Details of this program will be available on www.honordefense.com on January 21, 2018. Honor Defense is committed to providing the best single stack pistols for personal protection and using only American craftsmanship and parts for our firearms. Honor Defense pistols have been designed utilizing 100 percent USA parts, materials with every firearm assembled by Veterans. Honor Defense is also committed to safety and ensuring we produce the finest possible firearms.

For example, in addition to exceeding industry standards, the Honor Guard is designed for disassembly without pulling the trigger, or the use of tools. This is part of the Honor Defense commitment to safety and overcomes one of the major safety issues consumers have with striker-fired firearms. The added feature of a take-down lever eliminates a disassembly activity that could potentially lead to an accidental discharge.

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Monday, February 5th

Mossberg 590 Shockwave Wins Golden

#Mossberg , an industry leader in #firearms manufacturing and innovation, is pleased to announce recognition for their 590 Shockwave 12-gauge pump-action with a National Rifle Association ( #NRA ®) Publications Golden Bullseye Award. Presented by Shooting Illustrated magazine, Mossberg will be awarded the title of 2017 Shotgun of the Year for the 590 Shockwave during the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, to be held in Dallas, Texas, on May 4th.

Now in their 16th year, the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge the finest products available in the shooting sports. Winners are selected by a seven-member committee consisting of editors, graphic designers and veteran NRA Publications staff, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting and hunting industry.

For consideration of a Golden Bullseye Award, the product must be recently-introduced and available to consumers; evaluated by a NRA staff member or regular contributor to the magazine; exceeded the evaluator’s expectations; be innovative in design and function; and styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry.

“This is a tremendous honor; and on behalf of everyone at Mossberg, I would like to express our appreciation to the NRA Publications staff and specifically, Shooting Illustrated, for this prestigious award,” commented John MacLellan, Mossberg’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The 590 Shockwave represents the innovative culture at Mossberg and the company’s desire to bring game-changing, high-value firearms to the marketplace.”

Mossberg introduced the 590 Shockwave 12-gauge at the 2017 SHOT Show, accompanied by a determination letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). With its 14-inch barrel and overall length of 26.37 inches, the 590 Shockwave is defined as a “Non-NFA Firearm” and requires no tax stamp for purchase. This compact 12-gauge has all of the features of Mossberg’s legendary pump-action platform combined with the latest innovation from Shockwave Technologies, their Raptor® pistol grip, and a strapped forend for improved handling. For more information, please visit www.mossberg.com.

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Thursday, February 1st

Ruger Donates Rare Mark II .22 LR P

#Ruger #Firearms has generously donated a rare and collectible “U.S.” marked Mark II .22 LR caliber pistol to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. The pistol is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through January 31, 12:30 PM eastern time.

We have for auction a “U.S.” marked Mark II .22 LR caliber pistol with a rollmark date of November 3, 1983.
The serial number is 19-79748. It is likely a proto-type of the MK678G training pistols manufactured for the U.S. Army from 1984 – 1986. The pistol has a heavy tapered 6-7/8 inch barrel. The “U.S.” stamp is larger than the contracted models, and the front sight is a higher Patridge-type fixed front sight.

Additionally, the U.S. Army pistols’ serial numbers began with prefix 210-. In 1983, Ruger was awarded a contract from the U.S. Army, Rock Island Arsenal for a .22 caliber target and training pistol for the U.S. armed forces. A new model was established to meet the U.S. Army’s requirements (catalog no. MK678G), and this was the first time Ruger Mark II pistols were equipped with 6 7/8″ bull barrels. The MK678G pistols were rollmarked “U.S.” on the right side of the barrel/receiver assembly, had finer sights, a roller-burnished chamber, and enhanced accuracy.

Special targeting methods were developed using a (then) new laser sighting system, which was later granted a U.S. patent. The laser targeting system worked very well during production, and each pistol was packed with a target attesting to its compliance with the U.S. Government accuracy standards for such pistols. The duration of the contract lasted until 1986, and the Company ultimately shipped over 17,000 pistols to the U.S. Army. No “U.S.” marked pistols were shipped commercially during the period of the government contract.

The pistol is being sold “as is,” and the purchaser assumes all liability for its safe and proper ownership, storage, use, and resale. The pistol is a part of the Ruger factory collection in Southport, Connecticut, and a Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to the winner of the auction. Note: the winner of this auction will be responsible for paying the Federal Excise Tax. The auction ends on January 31, 2018 and 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation’s Scholastic Action Shooting Program.

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Wednesday, January 31st

Ruger wins 2018 Golden Bullseye awa

Sturm, #Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce that the Mark IV and Ruger American #Pistol each received a “Golden Bullseye Award” from the National Rifle Association's American Rifleman magazine. These pistols were named 2018 American Rifleman “Handgun of the Year” and “Women's Innovation Product of the Year,” respectively.

The Golden Bullseye Awards recognize recently introduced products that are available to consumers prior to the selection. Products considered for recognition are tested by American Rifleman staff or regular contributors. The selection criteria explain that winning products should be “reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator's expectations; innovative in design and function; readily perceived as a value to the purchaser; and styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry and, perhaps more importantly, its enthusiasts.”

“We are humbled to receive not one, but two awards from American Rifleman magazine,” said Ruger President & CEO, Chris Killoy. “A significant amount of engineering and design innovation went into the development of these two pistols, and we are pleased to know that the American Rifleman staff members are as fond of these revolutionary handguns as we are,” he concluded.

The Mark IV is Ruger's latest development in the Mark Series line of pistols. Beginning with the Standard Pistol that launched the Company in 1949, this line of pistols has undergone a series of enhancements with the development of the Mark I, Mark II™ and then the Mark III. The Mark IV maintains the same classic outward appearance of its predecessors, but incorporates a significant improvement customers love – a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping. A recessed button in the back of the frame allows the barrel-receiver assembly to tilt up and off of the grip frame without the use of tools. The bolt simply slides out of the receiver and the barrel can be properly cleaned from chamber-to-muzzle. Since the release of the Mark IV, the line has expanded to include 15 unique configurations.

Originally introduced in December 2015, the feature-rich Ruger American Pistol was designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind and was tested in the harshest environments to ensure the rugged reliability consumers have come to expect from Ruger. The Compact model made its debut one year later in 2016 with a 3.55″ barrel, overall dimensions of 6.65″ long, 4.48″ high and a weight of 28.7 ounces with an empty magazine. The Ruger American Pistol Compact model shares all of the features and rugged reliability of the duty-size gun in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package.

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Wednesday, January 31st

3 New Ruger Professional Shooters a

Sturm, #Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) proudly announces it has signed three new members to its professional #shooting team: Randi Rogers, Dave Olhasso and James McGinty. The addition of these talented shooters, led by Team Captain Doug Koenig, provides Team Ruger with an unstoppable foundation to compete at the highest levels within the shooting sports arena.

“We are thrilled to be signing Randi, Dave and James to Team Ruger,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger’s President and CEO. “Who better to show the world just how rugged and reliable our product lineup truly is than these proven competitors,” he concluded. Team Ruger will make its national debut at the start of the 2018 shooting season, with shooters competing in various shooting events from IDPA, SASS, ICORE, NRA Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, USPSA and a number of other state and national competitions. “I am excited to build the base of Team Ruger with a highly talented, diverse group of shooters like Randi, Dave and James,” said Doug Koenig, Team Ruger’s Captain. “These three will not only be successful, but will also demonstrate the quality and accuracy of Ruger firearms.”

Randi Rogers: The shooting sports are a part of all aspects of Randi’s life. She works as the Sales and Marketing Manager for holster manufacturer Comp-Tac Victory Gear. In her spare time, she can be found practicing at the range, writing for different outdoor publications and finding new ways to help men and women of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels enjoy the recreation and entertainment of target shooting. In the last 20 years, Randi has won over 63 World and National titles in action shooting competitions such as SASS, IDPA, IPSC, USPSA and 3-Gun. As an outdoor enthusiast, Randi also dabbles in hunting, fishing and spending time in the great outdoors.“ I have a deep family heritage in competitive shooting, and Ruger firearms have been a part of that from the start,” said Rogers. “I am proud and excited to be part of a brand that provides such a quality diverse product mix while competing in a variety of disciplines including SASS, IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun and even PRS shooting.”

Dave Olhasso: 2018 marks Dave’s 20th year as a competitive shooter. During the past two decades, he has racked up many titles in multiple shooting sports divisions including USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, ICORE and 3-Gun. Dave has proven himself as a capable winner across many disciplines using a wide variety of firearms platforms. “I am very pleased to be part of a brand that is known for its reliability and extensive catalog of rugged firearms,” said Olhasso.

James McGinty: James began shooting local competitions with his father when he was just eight years old. At the age of 12 he started competing in IDPA matches and by age 15, he had become a master in the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) division. In 2008, James qualified for the IPSC World Shoot Junior Open Team where Team USA won gold. In 2009, he captured the IDPA World Championship title in the ESP division. Most recently, James has been competing in Steel Challenge, ICORE, 3-Gun, IDPA and USPSA, finishing in the top tier of his divisions. “I am thrilled to represent such a great company that makes some of the most reliable firearms in the industry,” said McGinty.

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Wednesday, January 31st

North American Professional Hunter

Bob Milligan was born in Port Alberni, #BritishColumbia. From an early age, Milligan was not like other children; instead of playing with friends and going out for sports, he spent his time #hunting and #fishing Vancouver Island. His love for the outdoors lit up like wildfire when his father, Bob Milligan, Senior, purchased a hunting territory in 1984, located in northern B.C. From age 14, Milligan spent his summers there guiding fishermen where he fell in love with the guiding lifestyle. Despite appeals from his parents to become a doctor or engineer, it was clear to Milligan that he only wanted to be one thing – a Guide-Outfitter.

Milligan continued to help guide in the territory until he was nineteen when his life was turned upside down. In the spring of 1989, his parents were killed in a floatplane crash. They left the hunting territory to Milligan and his minor siblings, making him the youngest outfitter in British Columbian history. The tragedy left Milligan with the unhappy decision of whether to sell the outfit or run it. Ultimately, his love for the territory prevailed and he determined to keep his parents alive through the company.

Bob Milligan and his magnificent territory are well-known throughout the hunting community and it isn’t hard to realize why! Milligan has owned and operated the largest guide territory in British Columbia for 27 years and with the largest territory comes the largest game. Hunters from around the world continuously contact Milligan in hopes that he can assist them in harvesting some of the world’s biggest mountain goat and grizzly bear. He has personally guided well over 1,000 hunters with an incredible success rate. It is safe to say that Bob Milligan is one of the world’s best guide-outfitters. Among his greatest trophies are the number one Pope &Young mountain goat and the number one muzzleloader grizzly bear. Milligan is the grandfather of winter goat hunting and is responsible for the 100 percent success rate that SCI hunters have enjoyed for years. He claims that this is his biggest hunting highlight. All of these accomplishments have earned Milligan one of SCI’s highest honors, The North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award.

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Wednesday, January 31st

We proudly stand plaques

I was looking online for an old Aaron Tippin song I heard back in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. The song was “You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything” ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHIw6vs4z0w ). What Mr. Tippin was trying to tell the world through his song was sometimes things were just too important to be on the sideline and not engaged. Sometimes you have to pick a side and stand up for your side–perhaps going against the flow that is supposed to be considered normal.

In the words of the song Tippin tells how his father had to make hard decisions in life based on his beliefs and while he may have been right, there is always an opposing side that rejects your opinion and may even attack your ideas. You must however, continue to stand on your principles. In researching this issue of standing for what you believe I came across someone else who espoused the concept of standing up for what you believe in.

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything,” Malcolm X. In the US military you are taught to stand and render the proper customs and courtesies (in most cases a hand salute) to a person senior to you or to the flag of our nation. But, what if you do not like that SOB of an officer coming toward you as you move down the sidewalk on base? Do you walk across the street to avoid being forced to render a salute to someone you dislike or maybe even detest? Do you duck into the nearest building to make a point that “no way are you going to give into mandatory respect”?

WWII Army combat veteran Major Dick Winters, made famous by the Band of Brothers HBO series, is quoted saying “You salute the rank not the man.” This after an officer who had once out ranked Major Winters failed to render the proper salute to the now senior Major Winters. I can think of a number of very senior officers I worked for on active duty that I have absolutely little to no respect for because of their public and their private actions. This does not mean, should I encounter them while in uniform, I would not render the proper courtesies. Salute the rank not the person, no matter how distasteful they are to you. Don't disrespect the military uniform they wear, because of your personal dislike for them.

Don't disrespect the flag of your nation because you dislike some of the officials duly elected to run the country. Politicians and controlling political parties come and go in the power struggle to lead our nation. What does not come and go is our Constitution and our flag. They are both a constant in the life of our country and in the safety of our nation.

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Wednesday, January 31st

Beretta PMX SMG at SHOT Show 2018

#Beretta showcased their new 9mm submachine gun at this years #SHOTShow. Developed for law enforcement and military customers, the Beretta PMX is a blowback system with a closed-bolt firing mode. It features a 6.9-inch barrel. A sound suppressor can be “employed when the tactical need requires it, both with subsonic and supersonic ammunition,” the press release says.

Both the barrel and bolt are machined from high-strength steel to withstand harsh environments. The gun includes a three-position fire selector—for safe, single and full-auto fire—on both sides of the polymer lower receiver for right and left-handed users.

According to the presser, the selector safety blocks the sear and an automatic firing pin block stops forward movement of the firing pin unless the trigger is fully pulled, or in the event the PMX is dropped by accident. The bolt is held open and rearward by a bolt-open lever after the last round is fired. This lets you know immediately that the PMX doesn’t have a round in the chamber or mag.

Special surface finishes and treatments are applied to the metal parts of the firing mechanisms and on areas of friction between components. This, the company says, reduces maintenance wear and maintenance operations.

Beretta PMX Specs

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm

  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

  • Barrel Length: 6.9 in. (175 mm)

  • Overall Length: Extended stock – 25.2 in. (640 mm), Folded stock – 16.5 in. (418 mm)

  • Overall Height (With Magazine): Without sights – 9.8 in. (250 mm), With folded sights – 10.6 in. (270 mm)

  • Overall Width: With extended stock – 2.9 in. (74 mm), With folded stock cocking handle right – 3.4 in. (86 mm), With folded stock cocking handle left – 3.9 in. (100 mm)

  • Line of sight: 9.8 in. (250 mm)

  • Weight (Unloaded): 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)

  • Locking System: Blowback

  • Operating System: Semi-auto and full-auto

  • Safety: Manual safety on selector which locks the trigger and automatic firing pin safety with bolt open lever

  • Sights: Rear sight adjusts in windage. Front sight adjusts in elevation. Both are removable.

  • Stock: Polymer and light alloy metals

  • Special Features: Picatinny rails MIL-STD-1913 positioned top, bottom and on sides of receiver; vertical front hand guards

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