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Wednesday, December 31st

Do Background Checks Stop Gun Viole

Strict #gunlaws passed in two states to require #backgroundchecks for every #firearm sale had virtually no effect, a new study has found. Gun violence experts from the Center for Gun Policy and Research and the Violence Prevention Research Program conducted a study in Washington state, Colorado and Delaware to analyze whether state laws requiring more background checks actually resulted in more checks.

The results, published in medical journal Injury Prevention, suggest the laws had little impact.

Delaware was the only state that saw apparent results, with an increase ranging from 22 to 34 percent based on the type of firearm. But according to the study, "no overall changes were observed in Washington and Colorado."

The report, which comes amid a renewed gun control debate in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, also blamed the findings on “insufficient enforcement of the law” by state authorities. Law enforcement officials in Colorado reportedly stated they would not enforce the law, and some retailers reportedly declined to process background checks for private party transfers.

In Washington, law enforcement agencies announced there would be no arrests for selling guns at the non-compliance rally and gun show, according to the report.

Wintemute told the Guardian that the report shows “evidence that these policies may need more assertive enforcement,” saying advocates pushing for laws like these should question how to best “maximize opportunities for enforcement” and “remind” private party sellers that background checks are required.

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Wednesday, December 31st

2017 She Never Quit

We are having another great year at the 2017 #SheNeverQuit hosted by The WOMA and the Lutrell family! This event helps support #Navy #SEAL widows in need.

The Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA) is proud to announce the sponsorship of the 3rd annual She Never Quit Summit by #GunRodeo joining sponsors Sticky Holsters, Patriot Defense, Glock Inc, Otis Technology, Smith & Wesson, Krieghoff, Colt, Mossberg, Thompson Center Arms, Fiocchi, Armscor, FNH USA, Rock Island Armory, Mace, and Howard Leight.

Read More Courtesy of She Never Quit and The WOMA...

Monday, October 2nd

Double Magazine Pouch SALE!

The #KRounds Double #Magazine Carrier is hand crafted of a slim and durable .080 true kydex. It's built on a wide body contouring radius making it easy to #conceal and comfortable at the same time. The CDMC is equipped with a fully adjustable tension screw. The belt loops have been evenly spaced to give a tight well balanced feel to the pouch.


  • *Low Profile .080 design

  • *Body contouring Belt Loops

  • *Wide profile to stay tight to the body and reduce Printing.

  • *Molded friction fit security.

  • *IDPA Legal

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Thursday, September 28th

Gun Review: Glock 26

#Concealed carry guns are always a series of tradeoffs. Capacity is usually an issue which is why the majority of guns designed for concealed carry skew in the direction of smaller calibers such as #9mm and .380. Recoil’s another problem as these guns tend to be small and light, having less mass to soak up the force of the shot. Triggers are often the bane of many CCW designs. It would seem that Double action only (DAO) triggers with long pulls tend to rule the day. One particularly egregious example of this is the trigger found on my #SigSauer P290. From the start of the pull to the point where the hammer releases, the trigger has to move almost a full inch. That may not sound like much, but when you compare it to, say, the trigger on my single action only (SAO) P938, which only needs to move ¼ of an inch, it feels like a football field.


Let’s face it, a GLOCK is the flea-bitten mongrel that shows up to the AKC National Championship – it’s uglier than most of the others, but in a fight, it can kick the pretty-boys’ butt. GLOCKs are built to work while not costing a lot. Unfortunately, they end up being fairly unattractive guns. Then again, do I really care if people think my Dewalt drill is nice looking or not? No, the important thing is getting the job done. That said, there’s a certain elegance in the minimalist approach that #GLOCK applies to their guns but I do wish they could do something about the boxy look.


GLOCK has had more than three decades to refine the ergonomics of their offerings and they have pretty much got it dialed in. If you’re used to shooting any of the bigger GLOCKs, you’re going to feel right at home with the G26. The only nit I have to pick is that the short grip of the 26 leaves my pinkie twisting in the wind. For some people, this isn’t an issue. For others (like me), it feels unnatural. Fortunately, he problem has a simple and relatively low cost solution: Pearce grip extensions.


  • Caliber: 9mm (also .40 auto and .357 Sig)

  • Action: Semi-auto

  • Overall length: 6.49 inches

  • Overall width: 1.18 inches

  • Overall height: 5 inches

  • Weight: 21.7 oz. unloaded

  • Sights: Fixed front sight dot, rear sight channel

  • Finish: Black or FDE

  • Capacity: 10 rounds, up to 33 rounds with extended mags

  • Price: $525 street

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Tuesday, September 26th

The Derringer 'Cell Phone Pistol'

#IdealConceal innovative .380 that mimics a #smartphone when folded is set to enter production and the company has announced tour dates to bring it to the people this fall.

The Minnesota-made double-barreled #Derringer made a big splash last year when it debuted and was supposed to go on sale in mid-2016 with a retail price of $395. However, Kirk Kjellberg, Ideal Conceal’s CEO, in an email Monday apologized for the missed production dates and announced a very limited run of “a few hundred” pistols would occur at the end of November followed by a 1,000-gun run in January 2018, then ramp up from there.

“February will see the same 1,000 gun production volume and March sees a jump to 2,500,” said Kjellberg. “Second quarter production will increase, but we have not picked a number for that as of today.”

Kjellberg said the company is taking their show on the road and will be holding public demonstrations starting in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 27. Other dates in Winston Salem, Chattanooga, Nashville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Kansas City and Des Moines are scheduled through October with more dates set to be announced through social media.

Now you may be asking, does the gun even work? Check out the below– slightly NSFW– review posted this week by Tactical Shit on that very subject.

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Monday, September 25th

Suppressed Maxim 50 Muzzleloader

For the first time since the National Firearms Act (NFA) was created in 1934, civilians can enjoy suppressed shooting in all 50 states with the #SilencerCo latest innovation: the integrally suppressed #Maxim 50 #muzzleloader.

In addition, this product can be purchased right now on the web with no regulation (no 4473, no $200 tax stamp, no photographs, and no fingerprints) and have it shipped immediately to the customer with few exceptions.

As well as producing hearing safe sound results, the Maxim 50 also offers shooters greatly reduced recoil and a 2/3 reduction of smoke emissions when compared to non-moderated muzzleloaders. No matter where you are in the country, you can now enjoy shooting suppressed.

Read More Courtesy of Outdoor Hub

Wednesday, September 20th

Micro .38 SPL Snub Nose Load - Ammo

Expanding on the line of +P personal defense loads taking aim at those packing #subcompact handguns, Federal’s new 130-grain .38 Special round packs a punch.

Resembling traditional wadcutter ammo, the jacked #hollow point HST Micro is no plinker and uses deep-seated #bullets to eliminate air inside the case, producing more consistent powder burn rates. They use a nickel-plated brass case with waterproofing on the case mouth and primer, with a tapered jacket profile. #Federal uses a cannelure groove that locks the copper jacket to the lead core, a six-petal design that mushrooms out as it travels down a wound channel.

While the HST bullet line dates to 2002 and has long been popular in law enforcement use, the HST Micro series is much newer, with a 99-grain .380 ACP and 150-grain 9mm load recently introduced, and now augmented by the .38.

The loading is optimized for performance from “micro guns” i.e. snub-nosed revolvers, which have never really gone out of style. As it is a +P load, older revolvers should be off-limits for the new Federal ammo, but modern guns rated for that pressure now have a premium new offering on the block to stoke their favorite wheel gun with.

The company sent Guns.com 80 rounds to test — four, 20-cartridge boxes — and the good news is that they all went off as planned. Our test gun was a well-used Smith & Wesson Model 642-1 Airweight .38 five-shot J-Frame revolver. With a downright humble 1.875-inch barrel, it is rated for continuous +P use and was the shortest barreled snub we could lay hands on.

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Monday, September 18th


Post a Rodeo of your favorite firearm...two winners will get a #FREE #GunRodeo shirt.

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Wednesday, September 13th

Latest News from SHARE Suppressor H

Nearly two hours of testimony Tuesday on an omnibus new sportsmen’s package were dominated by the topic of removing #suppressors from #National #Firearms #Act regulations.

The #Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement or #SHARE Act, was the subject of hearings this week in the House Subcommittee on Federal Lands. While the measure covers a sweeping list of subjects ranging from good samaritan search and rescue and polar bear conservation, its section on the #HearingProtection Act drew most of the commentary.

“Suppressors are important devices to reduce hearing damage for shooters – my father suffered from it — as well as to reduce noise at #shooting ranges located near residential areas,” said subcommittee chair, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calf, in his opening statement. “In my district, this has been a major complaint of residents near a recently-opened #outdoor shooting range in Shingle Springs.”

The measure aims to eliminate #NFA requirements for silencers and other sound moderators, scrubbing the information on more 1.3 million suppressors currently registered from the books and refunding any $200 transfer tax paid for them since Oct. 22, 2015. In the end, suppressors would be treated as Title I rather than Title II firearms – which would allow them to be transferred through any regular federal #firearms license holder to anyone not prohibited from possessing them after the buyer passes an #FBI instant background check.

Invited to address the lawmakers by the minority #Democrats on the subcommittee, David Chipman, a former agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives now working for Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions group, argued the move to cut regulations on the devices would translate to an increased threat to public safety.

“Silencers mask the sound of a #gun, changing the sound into one not easily recognized as #gunfire. As a result, ambush-style murders become easier, and bystanders may not know to alert first responders,” said Chipman. “Congress must do more to make our communities safer, not put silencers in the hands of criminals, making it harder for people, including law enforcement, to identify the sound of gunfire, locate active shooters, and keep our communities safe.”

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Thursday, August 31st

Lifepack Backpack

#Lifepack is so rich in functionality, we call it the #backpack that’s got your back.

This #anti #theft backpack is paying us a visit from the future. It’s equipped with a #solar #powered #power bank/ #Bluetooth speaker combo and an integrated lock so you can connect it to something stationary to keep your belongings safe. It also keeps you organized and your stuff protected, with features like a super cushiony back, key holder, built-in rain cover, and padded laptop storage.

Features integrated 3-digit combination lock, integrated #USB charger, drop-proof #laptop storage, 4 hidden pockets, water bottle holder, #sunglasses pocket, bottle opener, key holder, built-in rain cover, and receipt/paper storage.

  • Fits up to 15.6” laptop

  • Designed with two, divided sections

  • Bluetooth playback time: 96+ hours

  • Full #solar charging time: ~30 hours

Lifepack is an overachiever—an anti-theft backpack that charges your phone, plays music, and locks your possessions inside. Its minimalist design even uses solar energy to fuel the 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker and two-slotted power bank.

Maker Adrian Solgaard started troubleshooting after his date’s purse was stolen. He created a backpack that’d be really hard to steal.

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Monday, August 28th

Donate to American Red Cross - Hurr

Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Today or call 1-800-RED CROSS or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

With so much property damage already, there are thousands of people displaced in #Houston and the surrounding area. The #RedCross has been working on the ground, delivering meals and getting to residents to shelters. We spoke with their vice president of disaster operations, Brad Kieserman, who's been directing the #relief efforts from the #Red #Cross #Disaster Operations Center in Fairfax, Va. I started our conversation by asking him to tell us how many people are in shelters right now.

BRAD KIESERMAN: The number of people in #shelters just continues to fluctuate. I am expecting that, by tomorrow, we will see, at least, 20,000 to 30,000 people in shelters. There are people taking shelter in churches and community centers. And just trying to capture all of that information in this chaos is challenging. This has got to be one of the most #devastating and catastrophic events I have seen in my career.

MARTIN: How long have you been with the Red Cross? Can you give us some sense of that - the scope of this in your experience?

KIESERMAN: I've been involved in emergency management for over 30 years. And just to give you a sense of what we're seeing here, the rain, the flooding, the wind - and this is really a two-disaster problem - right? The #hurricane struck, and that brought wind, and it brought some rain, and it brought a storm surge. And now, we're dealing with absolutely monumental flooding. As you heard the colonel say earlier, this is unlike anything that we've seen in Texas in, I think, anyone's lifetime. The area that is flooding - just to give you a sense - I heard you talk about the triangle earlier - if you really look at all the places that are flooding and that are going to flood, the flood waters are not going to recede in most places for weeks.

Read More Courtesy of NPR....

Tuesday, August 8th

15% Off Salute Featured Targets

15% off Salute Featured Targets - Promo Code 'Dillon2017'

*Made from AR500 Steel

*Engineered for Safety

*Level-up your skills using Salute Targets

*Enhance you shooting experience

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Thursday, August 3rd

Folding .22 LR Single Shot by Trail

The company, which “was founded in 2014 to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative American-made #firearms” advertises the new #LifeCard as their flagship gun. The single-shot, single-action #22LR is machined from a solid billet and features a steel barrel in an aluminum frame and handle. Overall length is 3.375-inches with a width of 0.5-inches. Weight is 7-ounces.

Incapable of firing when collapsed into its credit card state — thus keeping from crossing into National #Firearms Act AOW regions— the gun, once unlatched has a grip that unfolds to expose the #trigger. For sighting, a small v-groove is recessed along the top of the barrel.

A small storage compartment in the grip holds four spare rounds. The barrel tips up, similar to a #Beretta Bobcat or JetFire, for loading. The bolt for the #pistol must be cocked to manually to fire, and has a half-cock position. The LifeCard ships with a supplied padlock that can slip through a hole in the action to lock the gun. According to the manual, the entire gun contains 27 parts.

MSRP is $399 and the #gun is expected to ship in mid-August.

Checkout Trailblazer Firearms today...

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Friday, July 21st

How to destroy a suppressor

The #WestCoast #Armory has taken matters into their own hands and done us all a favor by destroying one of their own suppressors! Take a look at what 700 rounds going #fullauto mania with an #M249SAW can do to a #Silencerco #SWR...now that's how you destroy a #suppressor.

Stay tuned for more #GunRodeo videos....

Monday, July 3rd

GunRodeo Independence Day SALE!

For a limited time #GunRodeo is extending the 15% off #ammo, #holsters, and #exploding #targets now through July 10th.


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Wednesday, May 17th

High School Trap Team Gets its Year

The #Big #Lake #High #School #trapshooting team will get its picture in the school yearbook with #guns , after all.

#Team members had been told the #yearbook photo would not be included because of the school's policy against against showing #firearms in photos. Some parents were concerned enough they were considering raising the issue during a school board meeting Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon, however, the Big Lake school district said it agreed to modify its no-guns-in-pictures policy to make an exception for the trapshooting team.

"Once the procedure for modifying a handbook policy was followed, the district was able to amend the policy," officials said in a statement.

"It is important to remember that a school district has rules and procedures that need to be followed," the district said. "The intense conversation around this topic on social media and the phone calls and emails we received, only delayed the process."

Team members, coaches and parents say the guns should be viewed as a piece of equipment used in the sport, much like a baseball player holding a bat in a photo. Before the district shifted it position, parent Rick Anderson told WCCO-TV "political correctness has gone way overboard."

The #athletic director had offered to have a team picture taken for the yearbook, but without the guns.

Read More Courtesy of MPR News....

Thursday, April 27th

Proven and Tested - LimbSaver Recoi

#LimbSaver has the world’s most advanced #recoilpad is now available as a slip-on option for most #rifles , #shotguns and #muzzle-loaders . It features advanced atmospheric chambers which produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation. No installation necessary, just slip over the end of your #firearm #stock and feel the difference immediately.

#AirTech #SlipOn pads are designed to slip over existing #firearmstocks without any modifications. Though slip-on pads will work with or without factory recoil pads, we highly recommend removing the existing pad before putting the slip-on recoil pad on; this will ensure the best fit and will prevent slipping during use.

The LimbSaver recoil pads are #durable and at an #affordable price of $28.99-$38.99.

Read More Courtesy of LimbSaver....

Tuesday, April 25th

Subcompact 1911 Review

Upgraded to #Subcompact

#Wilson #Combat values the feedback its gets from its customers and keeps track of current trends in the industry. The two trends that have influenced the company the most are the explosion of #concealedcarry #firearms and the increase in the popularity of #1911s chambered in #9mm.

On the range, I was pleased with how well-mannered the #Sentinel XL was. We tested the #compact #pistol with three loads from Wilson Combat as well as a subsonic load from Gorilla #Ammunition, which was extremely soft shooting.

I tested the pistol’s accuracy at 25 yards. And let me just say that I cannot match the capabilities of the Sentinel XL. I will admit that attempting to #shoot tight groups with a bright #green #fiberoptic #frontsight is not that easy. In an attempt to properly measure the pistol’s inherent accuracy and minimize shooter error, I shot from a seated position, resting the pistol between my knees. I fired a 10-shot group with each load and measured the best five shots. The three #WilsonCombat loads all created sub-2.5-inch groups while the Gorilla group measured 2.75 inches.

Wilson Subcompact 1911 Specs
  • Caliber: 9mm

  • Barrel: 4 inches

  • OA Length: 7.6 inches

  • Weight: 27.6 ounces (empty)

  • Grips: Black cherry

  • Sights: Fiber-optic front, Battlesight rear

  • Action: SA

  • Finish: Armor-Tuff

  • Capacity: 8+1

  • MSRP: N/A

  • Read More Courtesy of Personal Defense World....

    Tuesday, April 11th

    Salute Targets - Spartan Tactical T

    Spartan Tactical – Save $50- Use promo code ‘SAVE50’

    Focused Training For Acute Results

    This is #Salute #Targets most challenging tactical target yet, The #Spartan™ #tactical #target will prepare you for the split second when you need to protect what you cherish most. The target trains you to focus on the three primary areas of vulnerability on the body: The Head, Heart and Pelvis. Or as any modern warrior or shootist would state: The Electrical, Hydraulic, and Chassis kill areas. You’ll aim at these three primary areas on The Spartan’s #AR500 steel plate base, which is laser-cut with the curves of the IPSC A-C zone shape.

  • No need to go downrange to reset the target.Each of the three spots on the target are receded and designed to pivot outward with your accurate shots. You can slap them back into place with the thrust of your follow-up bullet strikes.

  • Immediately confirms your increasing speed and accuracy.The bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, along with the visual swing of the plates, gives you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.

  • Highest quality steel that survives the elements.The Spartan™ will last through rain storms, high temperatures, multiple coats of paint, and just about every #caliber you can aim at it to improve your tactical #shooting skills.

  • Get your #affordable #steeltarget by #SaluteTargets.

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    Tuesday, April 4th

    AR-15 Raffle | Kemah Police Departm


    Patriot Defense is raffling off a custom 1 of a kind AR-15 to help support our local Police Department.

    100% of proceeds will go to our local KEMAH POLICE DEPARTMENT to assist them in buying proper gear to keep our LEO’s safe while on the job.


  • TICKETS = $20/each

  • Maximum Tickets Sold = 350

  • Fundraiser will end May 1st, 2017 or if all tickets sell before the ending date.

  • Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted the day of the drawing.

  • Must be legal to own a long gun in order to enter raffle

  • Must live within the United States of America.

  • Winner is responsible for providing a Federal Firearms Licensed Shop for transfer if not in the Kemah, TX area.

  • Thanks for helping our community and good luck!


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    Tuesday, March 21st

    .308 Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L)

    In this video we have a little fun with the new Multi Purpose #Launcher (or MUL) from #XProducts . This launcher is similar to the #CanCannon however instead of compatibility with a standard #AR15 #lower, this one fits on an #AR10 lower and uses #308Winchester blanks to launch all manner of things. Stay in your seat, because we have a couple of fun surprises in this video you won't want to miss. We'll be doing more with the MUL and the standard Can Cannon in future videos, stay tuned.

    They are currently designing the following accessories for this product Harpoon product line:
    #GrapplingHook (For Sale Now!), #NetLauncher (In Sketch), #Dog #TrainingToys For #Duck #Hunting and Retrieval, T Shirt #Launching, and #Lawn Darts.

    Read More on Iraq Veteran8888....

    Tuesday, March 7th


    It seems to be a popular time for updating flagship pistols. A couple months ago Ruger announced that it was thoroughly updating its famed #22LR #Mark pistol series with the Mark IV. Now, at the top of the new year, #SmithWesson has announced an update to its extremely popular full-sized M&P pistol line with the #MP M2.0.

    The Smith and Wesson M&P was introduced in 2005 as the company’s push into the blossoming world of #polymer #handguns . It’s a short, recoil-operated, semi-auto using a #Browning type locking system. It features a unique take-down method that doesn’t require a dry-fire pull of the trigger, for added safety.

    The gun’s target demographic was #lawenforcement, but plenty of shooters in all walks of life have embraced the M&P for target shooting, home- and #selfdefense , #competition , and as duty weapons. Many variants and sizes have been introduced over the years, along with a couple of spin-off #pistols designed for #concealedcarry and bearing the M&P name, such as the M&P Shield and M&P Bodyguard.


    The M2.0 retains the proven 18-degree grip angle of the original, which allows shooters to point the gun more naturally. But Smith & Wesson engineers also looked at and made changes to the part of the pistol that contacts the hand the most, adding a more aggressive texture to the somewhat chubby M&P grip. They also paid attention to the gun’s customizability options, adding a fourth interchangeable palm swell insert. It falls between medium and large on the size scale and is dubbed medium-large. While it may seem trivial, when you shoot the M&P with the different sized inserts in rapid succession, you can really feel the difference in stability and comfort.


    The factory trigger was always the big gripe about M&Ps. Many shooters found them to be mushy and replaced them quickly. S&W listened, and the M2.0’s redesigned trigger is crisp, with a lighter pull and a positive, audible reset. All that, combined with the gun’s signature high grip-to-barrel bore axis, makes for a fast-shooting, accurate pistol with very little muzzle flip, right out of the box.


    That stability and comfort is enhanced by the new grip texture, which I like, though some may not. Shooters who use an inside-the-waistband holster, especially those who carry in hotter climates, might find the rough texture uncomfortable and would want to add a layer between gun and skin. But when it comes to hanging on to the pistol, it’s wonderful and reminiscent of the grips on the #HKVP9 or the #WaltherCCP.

    At the range, the M2.0 was extremely controllable and comfortable in both calibers and ran like a champ in the hands of various shooters at the S&W range who were all picking it up for the first time. And, more importantly, it was solidly on target using plain ol’ American Eagle 115-grain 9mm and 180-grain .40 S&W loads, with no malfunctions. I attribute a lot of that accuracy to the excellent trigger, which really is vast improvement over previous factory triggers and exceptional for a striker-fired pistol.

    Some extensive range testing is in order, but from a first look and a few mags, the M&P M2.0 series looks to be a worthy successor to the first series of M&P pistols that offers shooters just enough tweaks to make an upgrade desirable. (MSRP: $599)

    Read More Courtesy of Range365....

    Wednesday, February 15th

    When will the Hearing Protection Ac

    The #HearingProtection #Act of 2017—H.R. 367, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and John Carter (R-TX)—resurrects a 2015 proposal by then-Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon to ease #suppressor ownership restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

    For more than 80 years, suppressors have been exiled to a list of National Firearms Act (#NFA) items created in 1934—when Franklin Delano #Roosevelt was in the #WhiteHouse. Ownership of suppressors is generally legal, but qualifying to take one home requires onerous and time-consuming requirements such as, but not limited to, fingerprints, photographs, notifying your local chief #law #enforcement #officer, a background check and a $200 tax stamp.

    The Hearing Protection Act, in simplest terms, aims to eliminate the #taxstamp and effectively reduce the six-to-nine-month wait—in the 42 states where ownership is legal—by requiring only a #NICS background check and a 4473. The bill, as currently written, also refunds money to those who started the purchase process while legislation was pending. It sounds like an easy victory, considering the current administration, but it’s too early to put this one in the win column.

    The ground game is ongoing, with the latest proposals—H.R. 367 and S.R. 59 (Sen. Mike Crapo, R-ID, co-sponsored by Jerry Moran, R-KS, and Rand Paul, R-KY)—introduced on Jan. 9, 2017. Both would remove suppressors from #NFA listing, and they have garnered 97 and 7 co-sponsors, respectively.

    NRA-ILA is reminding members and enthusiasts to contact their representatives by phone, writing and e-mail to let them know they need to support the Hearing Protection Act. The #Trump administration’s overwhelming support has lulled some into a false sense of victory, making action critical.

    “Gun owners and #sportsmen should be able to enjoy their #outdoor heritage with the tools necessary to do so safely,” NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox said. “This bill makes it easier for them to do that.”

    Sign to Repeal the NFA...

    Read More Courtesy of Shooting Illustrated....

    Monday, February 13th

    Glock 43 Review


  • Length: 6.26”

  • Height: 4.25”

  • Barrel Length: 3.39”

  • Width: 1.02”

  • Weight: 17.95 oz. (unloaded) 22.36 oz. (loaded)

  • Trigger pull: 5.5 lbs.

  • Capacity: 6+1

  • MSRP: $529

  • To the surprise of many, the G43 was a little larger than anticipated. My response: how could it really be any smaller? Some thought that the G42 would be made to accommodate a #9mm round, but the engineering that comes into play is far greater than many would suspect. With that said, the size of this firearm is pretty near perfect for myself. It fits great in the hand, better than the G42. Admittedly, the #Glock42 is fun to shoot… but I have trouble getting a really firm grip on it. With the added height and length of the G43, this makes it feel much better in the hand, not even that far off from the #Glock26.

    In line with all of the other Glocks, the G43 is no different when employing it’s line of safeties. I’ll reiterate what I’ve said about all Glocks and their safety features: Sometimes people overlook the fact that thumb safeties have been known to get caught up in clothing while drawing. With the Glock, your safeties are all internal and do just what they’re supposed to do. During a stressful situation, there is no need to potentially fumble with an external safety.

    This is a biggie for me, especially with a firearm that I plan to carry. Here’s the (my) rule: If it doesn’t perform correctly even once, it’s retired from my concealed carry system. No second chances. Some say that’s too tough a rule, but I respectfully disagree.

    Read More Courtesy of Concealed Nation....

    Friday, February 10th

    ATF White Paper, Repeal the NFA, Su

    In 2011, the #American #Suppressor #Association formed with one primary goal in mind: remove suppressors from the purview of the #National #Firearms #Act, #NFA. For years, we worked behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. to set the stage for Rep. Salmon’s #HearingProtectionAct of 2015 (H.R. 3799, S. 59). Following Rep. Salmon’s retirement from the legislature, the bill has gained new primary sponsors who have reintroduced it.

    On January 9, 2017, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. John Carter reintroduced the Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 367), to cut through the red tape on owning #firearm #suppressors. Senator Mike Crapo also reintroduced the Hearing Protection Act (S.59) in the Senate. The Hearing Protection Act will remove suppressors from the scope of the National Firearms Act (NFA), replacing the outdated federal transfer process with an instantaneous National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS). The bill also includes a tax credit provision for the $200 transfer tax on any suppressor purchased after October 22, 2015, which was the original date of introduction. In stark contrast, many countries in Europe place no regulations on their purchase, possession, or use.

    As we fight for our right to shoot quietly, we need your help to make sure our voice is heard loud and clear on #CapitolHill. Please take the time to fill out the form below so that you can send an email to your Representatives and Senators to let them know that you support the Hearing Protection Act.

    Repeal the NFA....

    Hearing Protection Act....

    Tuesday, January 31st

    D&H Tactical Handguards

    #DHTactical is proud to offer our new and innovative #ultralight free float #handguard system for the #M4, #M16, #AR15, family of firearms. Our patented expanding coupler system allows the handguard tube to be rotated anywhere throughout 360 degrees and locked down in seconds. This allows the user to place their mounted accessories where they want them around the axis of the bore and not be locked into a fixed "clock" position as mandated by other systems. This offers a new world of possibilities for all users looking to gain a competitive edge and add a truly drop in custom component on their personal #firearm.

    Turn your dull monotonous #rifle into a force of #tactical #badassery with a D&H Tactical Handguard. The #GunRodeo staff is positively impressed with the ultralight-weight feeling of the handguards, and the simple mechanics of locking it into place. With its smooth tactical design and ultralight material we give this product a firm fist-bump!

    Enter to Win a D&H Tactical Handguard Now....

    Find a Dealer Near You....

    Monday, January 30th

    Tanfoglio Xtreme Magwell

    #Magwells are designed to allow for #faster #reloading of the #semiauto by giving you a bigger opening that is flared and beveled to guide the #magazine home. Acting as a funnel, the magwell maneuvers the magazine into position for smooth insertion. Whether you enjoy testing your speed at range or training for #competitive #shooting this is a must have for all #speedshooters.

    #PatriotDefense #Tanfoglio products are popular among #pistol and #3gun shooters who strive for quick reaction times and faster #reloads, which improve overall scores and times in #competition. Check-out the incredible #JoAnnaWilson #3GunExhibition #Shooter take charge with speed and agility using the #PatriotDefense #Tanfoglio #Magwell in the video below.

    Follow JoAnna Wilson on Facebook....

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    Thursday, January 26th

    BulletSafe is Leading the Industry

    From plates to caps and #bulletproof #vests for K-9's, BulletSafe is leading the industry with #affordable prices available nationwide. Not only is this incredible vest a support system for #PoliceDepartments, but this #highcaliber product is now becoming a #hottopic within the #gun community as a reinforcement for self-preservation. The BulletSafe Level lllA could become your next lifeline when an unexpected attack occurs.

    The #BulletSafeVest offers level IIIA (3A) protection for just $299. NIJ Level IIIA is enough #protection to stop #handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum! #BulletSafe offers you a great #bulletproofvest at an unbelievable price. BulletSafe vests are the best value in body armor.

    Choose from different styles of ballistic plates to find the right body armor that fits your needs. Choose ceramic ballistic plates if you want a #lightweight plate for a great price. Choose the #AlphaPlate if you want the lightest plate at a great price too. #Backpack panels can be inserted in your book bag, purse, or bug-out-bag.

    Enter to Win a BulletSafe Vest Now on Gun.Rodeo....

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    Tuesday, January 24th

    Combat Arms Supply Recon Slings

    #CombatArmsSupply llc. is a #US #Marine #Veteran owned and operated business. They are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing premium #tactical products to the #lawenforcement, #military, and #sportsman communities (while wearing Hawaiian shirts).

    While their business started with a cup of hot coffee, our core product now is the #SpecialOperations #CombatSling (SOC-Sling), which is the best quality, most versatile and coolest rifle sling on the market today. Combat Arms Supply also designs & manufactures custom OEM & private label slings, straps & harnesses.

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    Monday, January 9th

    Sure Shot Exploding Targets

    #GunRodeo believes in selling high quality products, which is why we back #SureShot #ExplodingTargets as being the best on the market. Sure Shot is the only target manufacturer that will guarantee their product to have a 7 year shelf life on their #CenterFire formula. Not only is it the loudest and most powerful, but it's the most consistent and consumer friendly target on the market.

    Gun.Rodeo offers a 1/2Lb .22 LR exploding target called The Magnum that is stable enough to mix then throw in the air and smash it with a baseball bat. One Sure Shot 1/2 lb Magnum target is as loud as 2 + Lbs of our Center fire and 3-5Lbs of the other brands!

    Order now on Gun.Rodeo...

    Wednesday, January 4th

    Patriot Defense Tunable Muzzle Brak

    This PD-3G-MB Tunable #MuzzleBrake is CNC Machined from 6AL-4V (grade 5) titanium, with a bead blasted finish (cerakote color finish optional). This compensator was designed and engineered for max performance to the end user. Flow simulations and force analysis were run on each revision until the data showed us that we had the optimum port size, and angles to create the flattest shooting brake on the market.

    Finished weight comes in just over 2oz with all excess weight being shaved off giving the shooter an unparalleled balance of speed and sight tracking during those quick shots or transitions. 3 tuning ports allow the shooter to meter the amount of gas diverted upwards in order to achieve optimal performance on each individual rifle or ammunition being used. Blends smoothly into any .750″ barrel, threaded 1/2X28″, and legal in all 3-gun divisions.

    Follow Patriot Defense on Facebook and Instagram @PatriotDefense.

    Order a Tunable Muzzle Brake and Enter to Win....

    Monday, December 19th

    Spreading the Joy of Christmas with

    Its #Christmas time at #GunRodeo boys and girls. With ye olde holiday season approaching we found a way to let loose as we hunted for the perfect tree. Don't waste time being traditional sawing by hand, bring out the big guns son. Take out the yule log, crack open the nog, sit back and relax as we bring you tidings of comfort and pure explosion joy. How to cut down a #ChristmasTree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Gun.Rodeo!

    Sponsored by #SaluteTargets, #SureShot, #PatriotDefense, #ExoticFirearms, #TVMunitions, and #TNWFirearms. See more great videos at www.gun.rodeo and don't forget to enter to win one of our daily giveaways.

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    Friday, December 16th

    Lock and Load: Tactical Range Day

    We have had the incredible good fortune of working with The #MediaRocket on many of our still photo and video shoots. With a technical pedigree matched only by their keen artistic eye, The Media Rocket makes it easy to look good. Check out this video they threw together for us in just a few hours.

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    Friday, December 16th

    Drones vs. the Backwoods Boys

    Even though we're all about technology here at #GunRodeo, we still have our secret fears about the machines taking over and destroying the human race! And now that we've seen the proof that it's coming, we're loading our magazines and spotting our scopes!

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    Thursday, December 15th

    Lock-and-Load Thanksgiving Style

    Here at #GunRodeo, the #holidays are about #eggnog, #yulelogs and community. And speaking of community, after the #Thanksgiving #holiday we got together with some of the Gun.Rodeo friends and crew and threw ourselves a photo "Shoot".

    You know what kind of #shoot I'm talking about!

    Watch More on Gun.Rodeo....

    Thursday, December 15th

    How to Cook a Turkey on Gun.Rodeo!

    Here at #GunRodeo, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. No shopping for gifts, no crazy uncle Bob, dressed in his stained Christmas sweater and smelling of brandy and cigars, and of course lots of great food. The only problem is, no matter what recipe we follow, year after year we wind up with a dry, overcooked turkey. Well no more! Feast your eyes on our resident chef: #SniperSally, from #BunkerBuster and her #Thanksgiving #turkeyrecipe!

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    Thursday, December 8th

    Mag Packer - Reload in Seconds

    When you buy something from a woodworker, you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of experimentation. You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not just buying a product, you are buying a piece of art… a small piece of someone else’s life.

    #Magpacker Mini #AR-15 #Speed #Loader is a #compact version of our original #Magpacker #AR15 Speed Loader. The mini version loads your #magazines just as quickly and smoothly as the original, but without the bullet pool area for dumping your rounds. Our Magpacker Mini AR-15 Speed Loader is made out of hardwood in one of the following: Alder, Poplar, Okoume, or Sipo Mahogany. This model works with .223, 5.56 and 300 Blackout rounds in magazines of 10, 20, 30, and 40 round capacity. This Magpacker also works perfect with the Ruger Mini14 magazines up to 40 rounds and can be used with magazines that have a ranger plate. We also offer a larger wooden speed loader, our original Magpacker AR-15 Speed Loader, as well as a polymer version, the Magpacker Polymer AR-15 Speed Loader.

    View Mag Packers Video below!

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    Monday, December 5th

    Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gun Enth


    Top 10 Holiday wish list!

    our top 10 list of most wanted items for shooters this holiday season. write 'em down and send the list to santa!{img}

    #1 Mag Packer

    Made from solid Okoume Mahogany #Magpacker for AK-47, AR-15, 300 Blackout, and a variety of other ammo packers. $49-$99

    Visit MagPacker.com


    #2 Handgun Hangers

    #Handgun Hangers organize the shelves in your safe to store guns more efficiently. There are four styles of the product for storing guns underneath or above the shelf.$24.95

    Visit StoreMoreGuns.com


    #3 Patriot Defense Tunable Muzzle Break

    3 Tuning ports allow the #shooter to meter the amount of gas diverted upwards in order to achieve optimal performance on each individual rifle or ammunition being used.$125.99

    Visit PatriotDefense.com


    #4 Women's Concealment Purse by Twelve Six Company

    The #TwelveSixCompany hand makes each #concealmentpurse with the finest leather material, which ensures high quality and fashion. $129-$375

    Visit TwelveSixCo.com


    #5 K Rounds Concealment Holsters

    #KRounds uses only the highest grades of materials which is why they use KYDEX® for all their holsters, which come in IWB Traditional, #IWB Appendix, and #OWB Pancake. Customer orders are available.$54-$194



    #6 Tactical Mug

    There is only one word to describe this mug. Cover your ears, folks, because that word is BADASS. The #BattleMug starts out as a 13.5 pound solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum before it enters a state of the art CNC facility.$189



    #7 Ammo Ice Tray

    This #AK47icetray takes ordinary water and molds it into bullets. Presumably the same kind used to load an AK47. And presumably with the help of a freezer.$9-$11



    #8 Gun Toilet Plunger

    Turn an unpleasant task into comedy with The Redneck Plunger. Not only does it actually do the job, but it also makes realistic #shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger.$16.98



    #9 Chocolate Pistol

    Superb hand-crafted detail and made from almost a full pound of silky smooth Milk Chocolate candy, the #ChocolateHandgun will give anyone the best "Near Death by Chocolate" experience of a lifetime!$29.99



    #10 Gun Sweater

    Stay warm this winter all while proudly dispaying your love of guns with a stylish yet slightly ugly AR-15 Gun Sweater!$26.99


    Wednesday, November 30th

    The Newly Engineered Gualbo Steel S

    The #Gualbo #steelslug #12ga #slug is an expanding 32 gram #shotgun steel slug with petals that peel back upon impact to maximize the slug's energy transfer and create a devastating wound channel.

    The central upper pin guarantees stability and precison, both in trajectory motion and at the moment of impact against the subject. To maximize the final damage, the front petals have been projected in order to come off the main body of the slug once it penetrates the tissue for about 10 cm.

    The plastic body has been developed with lateral tongues that hold the steel slug and come off the central body immediately upon discharge from the barrel. This central balance not only guarantees the equilibrium and precision of the Gualbo Steel slug but protects the barrel from potential damage.

    Roll or fold crimps work well with the DGS line. The highly efficient gas seal and finely detailed slug structure are engineered to work symbiotically to achieve hard-hitting accuracy. Exclusive self-adjusting column height for perfect crimps.

    Read More Courtesy of Ballistic Products....

    Thursday, November 10th

    Gun Rodeo Sponsored Shooter JoAnna

    Meet the newest member of the Gun Rodeo Sponsored Shooters roster, #JoAnnaWilson. She holds the title of High Lady in production division at the 2016 Cowtown Classic USPSA Match in Texas. When she's not throwing bullets down range she's running a new venture as owner and partner of #PatriotDefense #TacticalGear and Accessories.

    PatriotDefense.com is a family owned and operated business striving to build high quality custom rifles, and also supply #personaldefense and tactical gear at the lowest possible prices. They know and trust their product line, and are constantly testing new equipment. That means they are fully equipped with the right information to help customers choose which products will work best for your particular needs or application.

    In additon to building our own Patriot Defense brand of AR-15/AR-10 platforms and custom bolt action rifles, our product categories include: firearms and related accessories, including, but not limited to: reloading equipment, shooting glasses, range finders, scopes, dragbags, hardcases and backpacks.

    Watch JoAnna Wilson 3-gun Nation Southwest Regional below.

    Enter to Win a Patriot Defense Tunable Muzzle Brake on Gun Rodeo

    Read More Courtesy of Patriot Defense

    Tuesday, November 8th

    She Never Quit Summit 2016

    Ladies from across the country joined with The Women's Outdoor Media Association #WOMA for the #SheNeverQuit foundation for a week of shooting and training with some of the top gunners in the industry. Guest trainer 6 time #Olympian #KimRhode along with #Olympic #Biathelete #LannyBarnes, and many other sponsored shooters including, #AthenaLee, #JoAnnaWilson, #DiannaMuller, #MaggieReese, #LenaMiculek did an incredible job helping at the event.

    This event benefits #NavySEAL family charities selected by Melanie, wife of Marcus #Luttrell, famed Navy SEAL #LoneSurvivor. Sponsors donated an array of different auction items where all the proceeds go towards the family charities. This event was a lifetime opportunity for women to shoot rifles, shotguns, and handguns with renowned pro shooters/trainers. For many of the ladies that came to the event they walked away having made new friends and life long memories all while supporting the men and women who continue to protect our freedoms. We love our military serves men and women, find more ways to support them by visiting....

    Team Never Quit....

    She Never Quit....

    Babes with Bullets....

    The WOMA....

    Tuesday, October 11th

    Improve your Range Skills for Hunti

    The problem most #hunters will have with this initially is in establishing a realistic distance from which to begin. It is stunning how many hunters have no working idea what they can and can’t accomplish with a #rifle they’ve owned for over a decade. Volunteering to work a range for #DucksUnlimited at its #GreatOutdoors Festival, I was shocked by the number of attendees who were convinced that their targets were “at least 100 yards, maybe a bit farther” when the actual distance was 51 yards. Whenever a hunter without competition or decent #shootingschool training spins a hunting yarn, I mentally divide all stated distances by two or three to arrive at the actual range.

    The maximum range drill is a needed reality check. A mediocre marksman can still be a successful hunter if he knows when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. To get started, rather than post a target at a randomly determined distance and fumble about for a realistic hold ‘em range, I designed a simple 100-yard target.

    My aiming mark is a modified #Canadianbullseye, as found on older military 25-meter zero targets, 10.5 MOA wide and 4.5 MOA tall. From the bottom edge, an easily-defined point of aim for all types of iron and optical sights, the desired point of impact is just over 2 inches up, yielding a reasonable zero for many #fieldshooting and #hunting needs. Most optical sights lacking objective focusing will be parallax free (or nearly so) at 100 yards. The rings are scaled to represent an 8-inch vital zone at distances from 100 to 500 yards. Place the target 100 yards away and shoot a five-shot group from the position of your choice. Add up the score and multiply it by 10 to get a rough estimate of your effective maximum range in yards.

    Read More Courtesy of Personal Defense World....

    Wednesday, October 5th

    Blackstone Gun Safety

    Special thanks to Dan Blackstone of #BlackstoneGunSafety for allowing #GunRodeo to introduce ourselves to his #concealedcarry class. We gave away free Gun.Rodeo Bunker Buster Gear and spoke about our PLACES locator tool that allows you to find gun shops, gun ranges, concealed carry classes, and events.

    Blackstone gave one of our team members the opportunity to receive a concealed carry permit for personal self protection. Dan helped people learn about firearms, increase their proficiency and/or obtain their concealed carry permit. His team are strong supporters of the #SecondAmendment and believe that an armed society is a polite society.

    #Firearmsafety is their number one priority and the basis of that is knowledge. His classes cover the basics of #handguns, cleaning, #ammunition, handling and the safety rules as well as the when and where’s of concealed carry.

    Find a concealed carry class near you by visiting https://www.blackstonegunsafety.com/class-schedule/

    Read More Courtesy of Blackstone Gun Safety....

    Monday, September 26th

    Gun.Rodeo Music Video

    Gun.Rodeo Team and #creativeDirector Andrew and friends filmed a new #musicparody , featuring #REOSpeedwagon "Take It On The Run." The video showcases #KRounds products, along with our other sponsors of Gun.Rodeo with #SureShotExplodingTargets and #TualatinValleyMunitions . On the #Gun.Rodeo set we filmed Kelsey and Ryan sharing a #shootingsession at the range where bullets flew and #slowmotionexplosions rocked the scene.

    Stay tuned for the Gun.Rodeo Music Parody Video coming soon!

    Tuesday, September 6th

    Rigorous Gun Regulations in Germany

    The #Gun.Rodeo team had an opportunity to host a #shootinglesson with two #Germantravelers , Christina and Marcel who made the United States a must-see on their year long expedition. Marcel explained the #Germanygunregulations , which only allow the military and police to #barearms unless you withstand a rigorous process, dues, and good reason as to why you might need a gun. Surly farmers would be an exception to the firearm laws, sadly this isn't the case. For most farmers in order to protect their livestock from predators will #buyfirearmsillegally through the black-market.

    Sport Shooting

    You have to be a member of an established shooting club, certified by this #Germansportshootingsociety for at least 12 months. Before you can buy your #firstgun you also have to provide proof of at least 18 practice sessions within 12 months (i.e. with a rental gun at your shooting club). Second, pass a governmental exam of general #firearmsknowledge (use, laws, handling etc.). Then you will receive a letter from your certified shooting society stating that you need a gun or guns for a specific shooting discipline (e.g., “precision shooting cal.

    You also receive two different types of owner cards: a yellow “sport shooters firearms owner card” and a green “firearms owner card”.

    Read More Courtesy of The Truth About Guns....

    Thursday, September 1st

    Vintage Second Amendment Advertisem

    The early #1900'sadvertising had a way of #capturingastory with every #magazinecover, #poster, or #banner. Yeah, the early 20th century was pretty bad-a. What you may have noticed is that there was a ton of new stuff to spend money on! And you know what that means, right? More advertisements!

    Now television was introduced in 1949, but that is going to be a huge and fun topic, so we’ll save early TV for later. Let’s stick with print and outdoor for now. We will look at some examples of great ads for consumer products, automobiles, and political ads.

    People were buying all sorts of crazy things in the early 20th century like light bulbs, telephones, and Kodak cameras. Companies did a good job advertising these products.

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    Thursday, July 21st

    Marksmanship Afternoon

    The Founders of Gun.Rodeo, Tim and Terence took a quick afternoon break and headed down to the range loaded with #Salute #Targets to #practice their #marksmanship. After a few hundred #rounds of #brass cycled through and #targets #obliterated by lead #bullets from a Beretta 92, Glock 43, and a PWA AR 15 it was time to head back to work.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    Sig Sauer P250

    The #Sg Sauer #P250 is one of the most under marketed technological advancements in #handgun technology that just never got off the ground. Let that just sink in for a second and understand both the power and failure that evokes.

    About the P250The P250 is the single most versatile handgun Sig has ever made. The reason is that unlike most guns where the frame is the handgun sig has developed a system that registers the firing control as the weapon. So by purchasing various grips and barrels you can shoot all the following calibers via one registered weapon:

    In the following grip sizes:

    Full Size
    That is a lot of options and for those of us who are addicted to switching up our daily carry or like to shoot lots of cartridges at the range it sounds like a dream. I bought one shortly after they hit the market thinking it would be the last gun I ever buy. I realise now how ridiculous of an idea that was.

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Pants

    Shortly after the holiday season one of my prefered retailers put the #TRU-SPEC 24-7 Rip Stop #pants on clearance. I am a huge fan of #cargo pants going back to my middle and high school years long before it was tactical. My job affords me the luxury of wearing cargo pants instead of requiring slacks.

    As a parent who has little time for laundry and always in need of extra storage for all the items my kids ask me to “hold for just a minute daddy” cargo pants are part of my life for good or bad.

    Before getting into EDC and CC I often rotated between Eddie Bauer, Gap and other preppy style cargo pants. In the last few years before finding the EDC market I was becoming every unimpressed with quality. The pants stained easily, they tore at the cuffs and would wear in the knees and crotch.

    Moving to Vortex, TRU-SPEC and some of the other “tactical” brands has made a huge difference. While 5.11 and the LA Police Gear imitations often have the same quality issues the preppy retailers have TRU-SPEC has really impressed me for the following reasons.

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    Tuff Products 1.5″ E.D.C. EZ-Feed

    If you follow us on #Facebook you will know a few months back we asked users what #belts they wear. Some really great recommendations came in and we sifted through our budget and connections for #T&E #gear to see who we could check out for an article. My goal was to do an article comparing all the belts together with the goal of picking an ultimate belt. The plan was fundamentally flawed for a few reasons.

    To do a proper belt review you need at least 30 days of wearing a belt. So with 4 belts to review the article would be a 4 month project at the minimum. This would be manageable though those companies that sent T&E gear they expected to get back may not have been very happy. The larger issue became the fact that like the 45 vs 9mm or AK vs AR debates belts serve many purposes. Based on our selections and recommendations we found that many of the belts we did order or get sent to us did not exactly overlap each other in use. They all fell into the EDC market but even in that market you have lots of different levels of carry.

    So instead of writing a comparison article as originally intended we have decided to look at each belt and discus it stand alone for its pro’s and cons. This will be our second article on the topic and will cover the Tuff Products 1.5 inch EDC Cobra Ranger Belt.

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    K Rounds Reversible IWB or OWB In N

    #KROUNDS is a newer company, but like other newer companies in the gun community the people behind it are far from newbies. K ROUNDS is home to individuals with a long history in the #tactical industry, some of whom served in the #armedforces. The production staff offers decades of raw experience. This company is comprised of a seasoned management and production team, and they know how to make quality products at #affordable prices.

    Formed just over a year ago, K ROUNDS has an interesting mission. To make #American made #holsters at an affordable price that can hold up to rugged, daily use, at home and abroad. Now you may be thinking, “Why is this interesting mission? Doesn’t the rest of the holster industry offer the same?” No, sadly they don’t, and here is why:

    In the Kydex market there are a few types of companies. The American made outfits that offer holsters made in small workshops or garages, and the large corporate conglomerate companies pushing out thousands of holsters in a day. Hats off to the little guys. These guys are great examples of American ingenuity and capitalism, and they build custom work better than most. However, they often have large lag times and while the work is often great, it is subject to inconsistencies. Be mindful of the larger shops that focus on using an easily reproducible product. Although they offer great speed, they generally focus on marketing and cost savings over quality. Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch this is a generalization, and yes, there are exceptions.

    I have found that K ROUNDS is neither of these companies. They are what I would call “the biggest little guys” you will ever meet. Much like Napoleon or Chuck Norris, they cannot be judged by their age or size. They offer American made raw materials of the highest quality; with experienced craftsmen hand producing the holsters the old fashioned way. Each holster is created by using an exact mold of the weapon produced, and they do not use blue guns. The company keeps a well-stocked safe, full of actual weapons and lights needed to create the mold. This assures the highest degree of accuracy and best fitting press possible. If you happen to have a weapon that they don’t have on hand, the solution is simple. Just ship the weapon or swing it by the shop, and in a short amount of time, you will have your custom holster. They do all of this in such a large volume and on industrial equipment, which insures that they have a short lead time and low cost compared to the mom and pop competition. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t burning the midnight oil. Often times, the production crew is on sight until well into the wee hours of the morning. Much like smaller companies, they also can allow for customization. I have seen holsters adjusted for RMR’s as well as popular weapon lights. If you have a light, cuffs, a multi-tool, or a unique weapon system, they can holster it, and you won’t have to wait for an eternity or break the bank.

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    Mil-Spec Monkey Adapt Pack

    #Mil-SpecMonkey, Tactical Tailor Adapt #Pack
    Mil-Spec #Monkey has a knack for taking great products and tweaking them a bit via some very high profile collaboration projects. In conjunction with Tactical Tailor Mil-Spec has developed the Adapt Pack.

    As you may notice we are using pictures from the #MSM site. The fact is Monkey or whomever he uses for photography is much better at taking pictures than me. While the images are pulled from the site the bag has been in our possession for about a month now and used very heavily. It has shown no signs of loose threading or significant wear. This review is 100% independent and based on our testing and use.

    Adapt Pack
    The product is designed as a lightweight assault pack for military users or to be used as a go back or on the move bag in civilian markets. It is the size of a typical school backpack:

    Approx Dims:

    Main Pocket: 17″ tall x 9.5″ wide x 5.5″ deep
    Front Pocket: 14″ tall x 8″ wide x 2.5″ deep
    Total Volume: 1,178.25 cu. in.
    Weight: 1.75 pounds
    It comes in a wide array of colors that range from hunter to military to police to urban depending on your needs or sense of style.

    What separates this from other gear is how well thought out and how adaptable this bag can be.

    Attaches to LBV
    Hydration pockets included
    PALS webbing for adding additional space
    2 strap or single strap adjustability

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    AR500 Armor® Tactical EPIK

    We have discussed the importance of carrying a true trauma kit. Not a boo boo kit, or a basic #firstaid kit. First Aid kits are useful and you should be keeping one in your car especially if you’re a parent. However we are talking about a true trauma kit that is designed to deal with potentially fatal injuries associated with #gun #shot wounds or massive #trauma.

    #AR500 Armor® makers of some of the best quality steel plate body armor, have expanded their offerings to include medical supplies. Chances are if you’re buying armor plates you’re going to want to have an #IFAK or #EPIK . IF you are unaware of what these abbreviations are then see below.

    IFAK: Individual First Aid Kit

    EPIK: Emergency Personal Injury Kit

    We are not going into why you need to both carry a IFAK/EPIK or why you would need to train with these as that has been covered. The goal here is to discuss the advantages of buying a pre-made kit and the effectiveness of the AR500 Armor® EPIK kit specifically.

    Contents of EPIK
    AR500 Armor Tactical EPIK Contents:

    (1) Celox 35g Hemostatic Granule Packet
    (1) Swat-Tourniquet (Swat-T, Tourniquet, Pressure Dressing, or Elastic Bandage) OR SOF Wide Tourniquet
    (2) Foxseal Chest Seals (in single package) – or equivalent based on availability
    (1) Olaes 4″ Modular Emergency Bandage (Includes compressed Z-Fold gauze, and Occlusive Dressing within the bandage)
    (1) H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze – 4.5″ x 4.1 yards
    (1) Trauma Shears
    (1) 4″ Compressed Bandage
    (1) Waterproof Medical Tape – .5″ x 2.5 yards
    (1) Pair Heavy Duty Black Nitrile Medical Gloves (Large)
    (1) Tactical EPIK MOLLE Pouch
    (1) Color matching removable Velcro medical patch

    Read More Courtesy of 248shooter.com....

    Thursday, January 7th

    K Rounds IWB Appendix Holster

    This is now the third attempt I have made to appendix carry. I am still not sold on this method of carry, what I am sold on though is this ingenious holster made by #KRounds. You may remember K Rounds from our previous review of the In-N-Out #Holster. We have spent another 30 days rigorously testing their #IWB #KYDEX Appendix Holster.

    The Comfortable Kydex IWB Holster
    I know your thinking really yet another Kydex holster? We cover kydex holsters often due to our readers interest in EDC and concealed carry. In a recent survey of our fans, both on Facebook and via the email list, we had an overwhelming interest in EDC and concealed carry. The secret to actually carrying every day is a simple one, comfort. If you’re not comfortable or named John Rambo then you’re likely to not carry, or only carry sometimes.

    Comfort breaks down into two sub categories. The feel of the gun on your person, does it pinch or wear on you, will it fit IWB, can you bend and move without limiting your range of motion? Body weight, type of clothing typically worn, and placement of the gun on your body will be major deciding factors in picking the right holster for you.

    While some people swear by appendix carry for me it is the least comfortable form of carry. I spend a lot of time sitting or driving and that is one of the reasons appendix carry is not for me. My tests while out and about standing for the day have proven to be much more comfortable carrying appendix. This K Rounds holster however is the most comfortable appendix carry rig I have tried yet.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    Body Armor

    #AR500 #armor is a company that focuses on making body armor affordable for the average person. In addition to making affordable gear they have been working hard to make people aware of the legality of body armor. To be clear there is no rules prohibiting you from owning body armor. While it is not inexpensive the cost is much lower than it used to be and is far less than a hospital visit.

    This first part of the review will focus on the various types of armour available as well as the differences. For those new to armor plates this is an important starting point.

    The Basics of Body Armor
    Armor comes in a few varieties but to keep it simple there is soft armor that us usually worn under clothing and typically rated for handguns and there is plate armor that is rated to various rifle speeds.

    For a more indepth look at the rating system used you can see the below table.We are going to focus on Plate or hard armor for this article. The reason for this is that hard armour is often rated to withstand a higher velocity projectiles and it is more affordable. Since most people are going to be using the gear in training classes, ranges and hazardous situations soft armor is likely not going to provide the needed protection.

    Be careful when buying armor form retailers as some plates are actually designed to be worn with level II soft armor under them. If you do not intend on wearing soft armor make sure your buying what is classified as “Stand Alone Plates”.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR

    #SB610 makes #SBR’s or Short Barrel Rifles legal in the great state of Michigan. With this change we are seeing a unprecedented rush of new registrations for SBR’s and an increase in registrations for #AR and #AK #pistols so that people can begin building now while they await a tax stamp.

    Once those stamps start to arrive and people take possession or complete their builds for SBR’s we are likely to see an increase in the amount of SBR related products that come to market. HEavier buffer tubes, collapsible stocks and ways to facilitate transport for these weapons. One interesting thing about the way the SBR laws are in Michigan is that a SBR configured and registered as a pistol is legal for concealed carry. (This is not legal advice please consult a lawyer for actual legalities in your municipality). As such when adhering to the concealed carry laws with a proper CPL it is possible to conceal an SBR in your vehicle.

    This is leading some to install larger center consoles in trucks to fit AR-Pistols/SBR’s as well as backpacks designed to carry these short rifles. There is certainly not as many SBR bags as there is 72 hour bags on the market but you are likely to find more options for this niche market than one may think.

    Tactical Tailor is the maker of one such bag and it is called the Phantom Trekker SBR Bag.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    It 95 Falco Leather Holster

    #FalcoHolsters was introduced to me differently than the other reviews done here. I received a link in a chat message from the owner of #248Shooter with a simple instruction “pick a holster”. Not one to question something like that from a friend I began surveying the selection all the while Charlie is describing #Falco #Holsters.

    My honest first reaction, “Europe? Imported leather from Europe? Fancy.”

    Falco Holsters was established in 1989 and made, at first, premium falconry gloves and gear.

    Falconry. Even fancier. But on to the holsters themselves.

    Europe has a larger firearms market than we in the states give them credit for. Items like suppressors are much easier to obtain despite the overall more restrictive atmosphere firearms, we tend to think of Europe as a giant gun free zone and that is far from the case. So a nod to our friends across the pond, they make some great items too. Hence H&K, Glock, SIG, Beretta, and specific guns like Springfield’s XDm. Most of these are now made out of US manufacturing bases but they all originated in Europe.

    I had a Sig Sauer P226 without a home to ride on my hip. European origin gun. European holster. Perfect. So looking through Falco’s selection I found this…

    The It. 95, a decidedly undescriptive name with an equally short and sweet description. No flashy marketing lingo or overly “tactical” display, just an open top leather holster designed to be worn inside or outside the waist band with a 1.5” belt.

    Sold, designed for range use and concealed carry and no ridiculous marketing. This is a serious company with a serious product.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    ALG Defense Ergonmic Modular Rail (

    There is no shortage of #rails in the marketplace for the #AR-15. The usual suspects are the #magpul drop ins, quad rails, free float rails and many variations on those. For many years it was an all or nothing mentality for AR-15 owners, you either kept the generic #handguard or put a quad rail which was commonly referred to as a cheese grater on your gun. It does not take long for you to realise the added weight and uncomfortable ergonomics of a standard quad rail is not practical.

    Companies started to develop inserts and protectors to make the quad rail more comfortable and rounded as the stance was adjusted to a more forward position on the handguard. However this added size in most cases made grabbing your handguard on par with grabbing the fat end of a baseball bat. Not ideal in most cases to say the least.

    Free float rails have been adapting and changing to accommodate a less is more mentality, by developing ergonomically inspired round thin handguards and adding places to mount Picatinny rails. This provides the user with a lighter, smoother handguard, without sacrificing the ability to position lights, grips sights, and other gear as needed on the weapons system. This new generation of handguards have stepped it up again adding new types of connection systems such as the key mod and the new magpul M-LOK system. These are designed to no longer require the mounting of picatinny rails instead creating a line of gear that connects directly to the rail further lighting the equipment and allowing attachment point without need to access the underside of the rail system.

    ALG Defense and subsidiary of Geissele is ahead of the pack when it comes to free float rails. We have been testing and using the ALG Defense ERGO Free Float Rails with thousands of rounds of ammo and have been very impresses with what it has done for us.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    Patriot Cases Foam Cutting Instruct

    If you have ever had to fly with a #weapon or spend large periods of time #outdoors in inclement weather, you have probably purchased a hard case for your weapon. Both #pistol and #rifle #cases fit into the same mold for hard cases. You typically have some form of heavy duty plastic shell that can be secured and then locked for transport. The insides contain any number of various types of foam that are either pre-cut, custom cut or hand cut by you to fit your firearms.

    When we recently had to look for a hard case for an upcoming trip we are taking. Having never needed a hard case before I was blown away at the high cost of some name brands. Finding Patriot Cases was a huge relief , they offered a really sturdy looking product that met our needs at 1/4 the prices we had been seeing.

    We purchased the AR/AK Case- BLANK with the BLANK representing an uncut solid piece of foam. The foam itself is an upgraded 2.2lb polyethylene material which is an additional upgrade for most manufacturers. The advantages of this upgraded foam are:

    Does not hold moisture
    Impervious to cleaning oil or solvents
    High density offers additional protection.

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    Thursday, January 7th

    a Great Target

    The following is submitted by Mark the #CEO of #EZ2CTargets. It contains a history of the company and an explanation of how they got to where they are today. It also goes into the various styled designs they have and the practical purpose. While this is an advertorial and written by the product owner and not us I will make the following addition.

    Until I found Mark most of the time I #shot #targets printed at home on standard 8.5×11 paper. Using EZ2C targets for sighting in with style 5 targets makes my life much easier. Running pistol drills with style 17 Dot Torture has become a fun torture test to remind me how much more I need to practice.

    At 7.50 for a stack of 40 targets your paying less than $.018 a target. With the 10% discount it is only $/16 per target which is about what it costs me to print them myself factoring ink and paper.Back in 1993, a family of shooters got bored with the same old black targets and frustrated with the inability to see where shots were landing. This combined with being professional printers naturally lent itself to the creation of a new and more efficient target. The designing and printing of targets for family enjoyment began. They needed to be easier to see and offer variety in shooting while still being cost effective. Highly visible fluorescent red ink and contrasting bold black ink were the beginning. Next came designing a target that enhanced and improved the shooter’s skill. A ton of lead and years of trial and error later emerged a dozen different styles of handgun and rifle targets. For years, the Gregory family along with fellow shooters continued successfully firing at those targets. It was now possible to see the target, see where the shot landed and shoot more rounds at each outing…thus the trademarked name EZ2C Targets was born.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Memoirs of a 3 Gun Competition Newb

    Editors Note: We are working hard to field a team for 3 #gun using local #sponsors. I love seeing other# newbies getting involved and sharing experiences. We contacted Tiffany “Duchess” Matala after her recent blog on the #Beretta site and obtained permission to republish this article. Thank you Tiffany for the hard work.I had the honor of tagging along with one of Beretta’s 3 Gun Team members, Lisa Marie Judy, at the Palmetto 3 Gun competition on Saturday May 17th, and all I can say is WOW!
    3 Gun is an incredibly rapid growing sport, and I can see why! 3 Gun is the use of, wait for it… three guns; a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun. The shooter who can hit the most targets in the least amount of time is the winner. 3 Gun has multiple divisions and accommodates beginning to advanced shooters. Targets used in 3 Gun Competition can include cardboard silhouettes, steel plates, or clay disks and can range in distance from 1 yard to 500 yards. Though the basics will always remain the same, each 3 Gun competition is unique, as they each depend on the person who is organizing the competition. Shooting 3 Gun will never get boring!

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    Monday, January 4th

    Womens Prana Halle Pant

    #Gun #ownership and #ConcealedCarry #Permits among women have been on the rise. Heidi Dexter is an excellent example of the type of women who have taken upon themselves to train and carry so as to not become a victim.

    I have been lucky enough to train with her and her husband on 2 occasions and on each this couple has impressed me. Overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion together as a family should.

    Unfortunately for Heidi she faces many unique obstacles as a female shooter. Like many women the amount of options for clothing and gear that properly fits the female body are limited. Combine that with her fit but tall frame and those options become even more limited.

    This review is the culmination of a long time searching for the right pair of pants for EDC and training.

    I’ve been on a search for tactical pants that fit the female form and come in lengths. Not an easy find, because aside from the tall girl problem they still have to look good. I don’t believe one should ever have to sacrifice fashion for function! Any woman who has needed a dressing room intervention after trying on jeans, with misplaced rear pockets, understands the importance of a flattering cut.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Inteliscope and Flir

    You may remember that we did a review on the #Inteliscope at the end of August. Since then we have been talking to the team to share our thoughts with them and get the word on new products in development.

    When you look at the software and hardware required to make the Inteliscope work there is no surprise to me that, the creators of the company are working overtime to bring more exciting things to market.

    As we mentioned in the article one of the concerns, we had with the product was battery life. The team at Inteliscope agreed with that and has been working hard to integrate a charging solution into the product. Having the ability to store 1 or 2 full charge cycles to your device to extend use is a great idea, and we are super excited to see that product hit the market.

    What is even more exciting however is the partnership between Flir and Inteliscope. You maybe aware of Flir by now as this product has made a huge wave on Facebook, CES and many other places.

    Flir has an IR based sensor placed over the camera lens on an Iphone 5 and 5s (Other devices in the works). The unit is designed in two parts. The adapter shell snaps over your phone and then snaps into the main portion that houses all the electronics. Both parts are plastic and have a tactile rubber finish nearly identical to the Inteliscope products. We have found this finish to be very durable and feels rubbery to the touch.

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    Monday, January 4th


    If you train or have a #military background, you should be well aware of what a drop chart is. #Dropcharts are an easy to understand tool used when teaching or studying hold over or under.

    The common misconception often attributed to #television and #movies is that bullets travel in a straight line. As such, you see movie #snipers always placing the #crosshairs on the head of a target that is highly magnified at a mile away.

    Those of us who have taken long distance training courses or maybe have a long history in the woods will know this is not realistic.

    Rifles are sighted in at a specific distance. Often the max distance of your local range limits this distance. Tactical, Home Defense or Personal Defense guns are often sighted in for much closer distances such as 25 yards.

    Understanding dope charts, drop charts, hold over or hold under are essential then in real world scenarios that exist outside your sighted distance. Understanding your likely range of engagement goes a long way in determining the proper distance to sight your rifle. Ammunition types will further affect these metrics as bullet weight, and different powders will change your drop rates.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Falco Belly Band

    Well folks, I’m back with another review

    #Falco #Holsters was kind enough to send me what became my absolute favorite holster, their #it95 model, but they have a number of other products that intrigued both Charlie and I.

    Through the magical mishaps that sometimes occur through the postal service I received a product from Falco meant for my counterpart, a #bellyband style concealment holster made of elastic and mesh nylon.

    And as any good gear reviewer should do when they receive gear meant for a friend in the review community, I began to laugh manically and test it for myself (with his permission, but still)

    Joke was on me, your point Charlie.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

    We have reviewed some of the #ALG #Defense products in the past like the rails and #ACT #trigger they make. Their parent company #Geissele was kind enough to send us out a #Super Dynamic Combat Trigger commonly referred to as the SD-C Trigger.

    The SDC is a completely flat trigger, which creates a feel that is different from a conventional trigger. The pull weight of a curved trigger and a flat trigger can be set to the same weight, but due to leverage the flat will “feel” lighter. There is also a perceived ability to shoot straighter dues to the angle of pull using the flat trigger instead of hooking it.

    Your mileage may vary, and some of the responses I have seen on forums may be a placebo affect. All I can tell you is my opinion. I like the flat trigger but I have no issue with curved triggers. I would not buy a gun or trigger “just” because it is flat. The other elements such as weight, reset and pull make more of a difference. That said if all elements are equal as you can find in several of the Geissele triggers I would take the flat.

    So what features does this trigger sport that make it command a price of $230. 00

    Type: 2-stage
    1st Stage Weight: 2.5lbs.
    2nd Stage Weight: 2.0lbs.
    Total Pull Weight: 4.5lbs.
    Adjustable: No
    Recommended Use: LEO, HD, and Hunting.
    Pin Size: Mil-Spec
    All weights are approximates

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    Monday, January 4th

    KAK Industry Super Sig SB-15 Tube

    Few products have gone from new to prolific as fast as the #Sig #Brace. Designed originally to help disabled vets shoot #ar-15 #pistols. This niche product soon found mainstream approval when the #ATF approved it for use when shoulder firing a pistol.

    Once the clarification letters from the ATF hit the open market and news sites stores sold out of Sig Braces as fast as they could get them. The free market reacted as it should, quickly producing lines of products designed to maximize the efficiency and popularity of the Sig brace.

    While several companies rushed pistol buffer tubes to market to fill the void, KAK Industry has been a pioneer in engineering next generation components. The culmination of this engineering is seen in the KAK Super Sig Tube.

    6.2 oz
    Military Hard Anodized
    Uses a Standard length Carbine Buffer Spring
    Over all length: 9.075
    Once installed length: 8.45
    Diameter of tube 1.175

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    Monday, January 4th

    Jones Tactical Cobra Belt

    A #belt seems pretty simple. It seems like something that mankind has dealt with since moving from loin cloths to trousers. Now with the amount of people who have a #CPL a belt maybe the most important part of the equation.

    I have been carrying a #firearm since around 2003, and in that time I have learned the importance of a good belt. For the majority of the time I wore an instructor’s belt from one of the original and largest makers of that type of belt. The belt did its job admirably, held up my pants and allowed me to carry a full size firearm, a magazine, and some other goodies. One thing about the belt, it was unforgiving. It was 1.75” thick and had a polymer liner to add stiffness to it. But after long days carrying that weight on that belt my hips and back often had battle scars from the day. Not to mention I was fighting with the tightness of the belt all day.

    Enter the Jones Tactical Cobra Belt; at first glance it’s just a belt. As a matter of fact when I pulled it from the box I was unimpressed. Sure the build quality and quality of materials was evident, but the belt, felt flimsy. No way this can hold up to my daily load out plus keep my pants up. Well; I was wrong, the Jones Tactical unit does a great job of keeping my daily carry items concealed as well as keeping my pants where I want them. As I type this I am wearing the Jones Tactical Belt with a Glock 34 in a Kydex holster. The Glock is equipped with a Surefire x300 and a Taran Tactical +6 aluminum base pad. Opposite the Glock I have 2 Glock magazines in a kydex holster with +4’s on them. This gives me a total of 65 rounds on my belt with nary a tug or twinge of discomfort.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Detroit Concealment Holster

    I can already hear your sighs and muffled “What the F*&^” as I write the review for another #Kydex #holster. But hear me out, who doesn’t like to support local businesses? Who doesn’t like quality at a fair price? Who doesn’t like lots of choices? Who doesn’t like Nudity?

    Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s start this review. The first thing I noticed about this Detroit Concealment, rig is the built in retention screw, which is a great feature in this world of press fit kydex. As you continue to examine this rig you will see the incredible detail in the mold, right down to the take down pins and accessory rail. Another great feature are the belt loops, they are not the flimsy things you are used to on a kydex holster. These bad boys are tough; they are made from tough dense plastic instead of kydex.

    I have a rare trait in my DNA enabling me to break and destroy about any equipment I buy or I use. I have broken Kydex rigs from several of the top makers and some lesser known guys. I have ripped off belt loops destroyed holster bodies, cracked mag carriers, you name it I’ve done it. But so far this rig from Detroit Concealment has surprised me. I have been wearing this rig for about 6 months, in a plain clothes law enforcement role, as well as off duty. This holster has held up very well, from getting banged around on search warrants, to being pulled, tugged ,prodded on long surveillance operations and even an off duty dirt bike crash, I’m ok don’t worry. But more surprisingly; so is the holster, and it doesn’t even look any worse for wear.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Kangaroo Cary Air Marshal 3 Holster

    Many of our recent reviews have been on the #tactical side of things. While many of our users enjoy looking at and using tactical #gear, the fact is it’s not practical or part of the #EDC lifestyle for all readers.

    We are going to be taking a step back and focusing on the average self-defense gun owner. The gun owner that carries to protect their life with a subcompact or compact pistol, not an AR-15 pistol with 30 mags in their trunk.

    Along these lines, we have been looking at deep concealment holster choices. I am a huge fan of IWB carry due to relatively fast presentation, and it’s concealment. You may have seen that I have moved to appendix carry in most cases. However, there are several places and specific outfits that would make appendix carry either not practical or not possible.

    The first solution is to change your outfit accordingly, which is the most common answer from the tactical crowd. However, that is not always practical. We have many readers who need to wear a specific uniform to work, wear a suit or even a tuxedo on occasion. What do you do in these cases?

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    Monday, January 4th

    Sticky Holsters

    With all the talk about #Kydex #holsters and war belts going around the interwebz in this day and age. People forget about a fair number of concealed carry practitioners. Some folks like the simpler things in life. Not wanting to have $100 wrapped up in Kydex and another $65 in a good gun belt is very understandable.

    Enter the Sticky Holsters; it doesn’t get any simpler than this folks. This is a holster that is a pocket sewn into the shape of your firearm; that’s it. Now, it is made of a sticky compound that keeps everything where you put it and is also very comfortable against the skin.

    Editors note: It is sticky but only to fabric. The material is not a gooey or adhesive that will leave residue on your clothing.

    The inside of the holster is a quality Cordura material. The sticky holsters come in a lot of different configurations including ankle rigs, pocket rigs and even a “Guard-Her Belt” thigh holster for the tactical lady in your life, or you fellas that rock the Tacti-kilt. I’m not here to judge just writing a review.

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    Monday, January 4th

    FirstSpear MTAP Medic Bag

    I recently had the opportunity to demo the #FirstSpear Medical Trauma Assault Pack (#MTAP) bag. Demo in this case means I beat the living snot out of it for the last 6 months. I’ve had multiple “tactical” medicine bags from all the big name brands and decided to try a bag from a high-end manufacturer like FirstSpear for once. Due to the nature of this bag, it is an ideal piece of equipment for paramedics, law enforcement as well as range officers and those who have received trauma training such as is offered in the one day class being taught at Detroit Bullet Works on Feb 21st.

    Watching the videos from the FirstSpear website immediately got my attention so I tried finding the cubic inches of the bag to see if all my current supplies from my work bag would even fit. After no luck because it was so new, they just sent me one to demo. My first impressions were not in line with my expectations. The bag was half the size I had estimated and after sitting next to my loaded BlackHawk STOMP2 bag (picture) I thought there was no way it was going to fit.I was, however, extremely impressed with the material, stitching, strength and the over all high-quality construction. It took several days to work up the motivation to attempt to move my work gear to the new MTAP bag. It was clear to me looking at the bag sizes that the MTAP would never fit all the gear I carry for my job. Even though the outcome looked bleak, I decided just to give it a try.

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    Monday, January 4th

    New releases from HK

    The new #HK45 and #HK45Compact models are special colored frame/colored slide variants. A choice of an olive drab green or desert sand Cerakote™finish is applied directly to the #HK #pistol slide, preserving the original HK hostile environment nitro-carburized protective finish underneath. The color of the polymer frame matches the slide. Cerakote™ceramic coatings outperform other firearms coatings and have been extensively tested by the U.S. military. All the standard HK45 series features are present on the Cerakoted models.
    “Heckler and Koch is always concentrating on quality and our pistol line is now getting the kind of recognition it deserves. The recently introduced striker fired VP9 has been a tremendous success and adding new models to the HK45 and USP series highlights our pistol-centric direction,”said Mike Holley, vice president of commercial and law enforcement sales at HK-USA. “We have superb quality handguns with one of the best lifetime warranties and the lowest warranty repair rates of any company. And with recent manufacturing advancements we can offer better pricing on HK pistol models like the P2000 series.”
    An enhanced version of the USP, the USP9 Tactical brings all of HK’s tactical pistol features to the 9 mm model for the first time ever. A threaded barrel with an O-ring, match trigger with adjustable trigger stop, and adjustable target sights make this the ultimate 9 mm “spec ops” handgun.

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    Monday, January 4th

    Magpull PMags for the Glock 17 and

    So every once in a while news hits my desk that makes me go huh, what, wait, what? You too can have a “Wait, What” moment like Little John. I am sure we will get a chance to shoot these Monday and I will share more when I actually lay hands on these little unicorns.

    The #PMAG17 GL9 is a #USA made #9mm #magazine that is compatible with the #Glock 17, 19 and other Glock 9mm pistols.

    Designed around the same Gen M3 polymer used in M16 PMags the GL9 PMag provides the boring reliability expected from OEM Glock magazines.

    The GL9 is easily disassembled for cleaning and features full load indicator window along with paint pen marker matrix on the floor plate.

    Glock is the registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. 6000 Highlands Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30082

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Legendary Arms Works

    #LegendaryArmsWorks Launches Website LANCASTER COUNTY, PA — Legendary Arms Works (LAW) is proud to announce the public release of their #website — #LegendaryArmsWorks.com.

    Designed with user-friendly interfaces, #LAW’s website highlights the history behind the formation of their #veteran-owned company as well as the key specifications of each #rifle model. Visitors will also be able to dig deep into the innovative technologies used by LAW’s master gun maker, Mark Bansner.

    “We’ve been looking forward to this launch and to have people browsing our site, learning more about what makes our products superior while having a good time doing it,” says Jack Delozier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LAW.

    Experience the legend for yourself — visit LegendaryArmsWorks.com to learn more and to read testimonials from some of the toughest outdoors critics.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Tuff Products ITuck

    #Concealedcarry has changed so much over the last few years. More states are offering true shall issue #permits with even Illinois and DC being forced to allow for concealed carry. The influx of new #shooters who now carry on a limited or consistent basis is growing at an astonishing rate.

    At the same time technology has changed greatly in just the last five years. New polymers, advanced metallurgy as well as coatings have made carrying lightweight, reliable pistols a more comfortable experience. Gone is the day of a 5 inch 1911 and a leather holster or a snappy revolver your only options.

    While many of these solutions will not appeal to the die hard market the fact is, there is now a huge segment of the population that is only now considering the need or importance of CC.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Kel-Tec KSG Redux

    Hello, again #GAT and #248 readers! I’m back with another review… or a review preview as it may be. On Deck today, courtesy of #Southwick’s Guns Ammo and Accessories, is a# shotgun most interesting.

    #Kel-Tec’s KSG, Burnt Bronze. This 12 gauge shotgun caught my eye awhile back, and I’ve been keeping my eye out for a proper specimen to snag up to review. I now have said specimen and towed it along to a #CCW class to put it through a short evaluation preceding a more in-depth and arduous examination over the coming period.

    Where did the KSG come from?
    First mentioned back in 2011, the KSG comes from Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc’s depths of interesting firearms concepts. Prior to the KSG and RFB (A .308 bullpup) Kel-Tec had been most notable for its very simple and inexpensive lines of small concealed carry style handguns, this changed with the PF9’s introduction.

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    Thursday, December 31st


    I decided that it was time to shop for a new #EDC light, the one that I have carried for a few years now still works great and has its uses. However, technology has changed so much that I thought it was time to look around. One particular light really caught my eye #Leatherman’s LED Lenser F1r what does the r stand for you ask, is it the right-handed model? Or maybe the republican model? Nope even better than that Rechargeable, so no more having to deal with my #CR123A batteries because this guy runs a lithium ion rechargeable battery the charger works off of a USB cable and I can charge it just about anywhere now. I know what all of you apocalypse people are saying rite now… How are you going to recharge your light in an emergency? Well, I will let you in on a little secret but don’t tell anyone… I have more than one light! Yes, I have a back up light…

    Here is a little something to think about for all the regular battery flashlights out there, where does that used battery go when you are done with it? Even if you recycle it, it still has to dealt with. Some form of recycling etc. with the Lenser F1R you have a much more eco friendly solution because it is rechargeable I know I have thrown out and recycled a many CR123A batteries and I happy to make a better choice. I still have a few CR123A lights in the house but now they are just back ups and hopefully will not be needed or go through as many of those little batteries and at $1-$1.50 each I plan on saving a bit of money too!

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Vanquest VPacker Mobius and Tolcat

    #Vanquest has sent over some serious quality gear that we have reviewed before. After a putting a face with the name at #ShotShow and a chance to see what is coming, there is no doubt you will be hearing much more from them this year.

    Today we are taking a step back to one of their earliest products. The #VPacker Bag Series consisting of the #Mobius and #Tolcat packs. These are single sling small #EDC packs designed to carry a surprising large amount of gear in a very small form factor.

    The Tolcat is the smaller of the two having a similar layout to the Mobius but about ½ to 1 inch smaller dimensions on each of the pockets. The Tolcat also does not have the Nalgene side pocket. Other than the dimensions and Nalgene pocket the 2 kits have an identical design and hardware.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    MI Custom Hybrid M-Lok Rifle

    It is no surprise that Steve of #SentinelConcepts has worked with many top companies in an effort to refine pre-production #guns. #MidwestIndustries a company I have been following for some time now recently entered into a partnership with Steve to produce a hybrid but affordable rifle.
    Wednesday I finally got a chance to hit the range and break in that gun. It was 19 degrees and misting sleet, That’s not uncommon for Michigan so train like you fight right! So we took the 16 inch Custom Hybrid M-Lok out to get sighted in and run a few rounds through her.

    7075 T6 forged aluminum upper and lower
    Precision machined to M/16/M4 specs
    Free Float 12 inch M-LOK Rail
    16 inch Criterion 1/8 twist barrel
    Magpul CTR stock
    Magpul MOE grip
    Magpul MBUS Pro
    100% USA Made
    Lifetime Warranty
    Surefire Suppressor Break
    Geissele trigger
    VCOG from Trijicon . We have a Vcog review in works so I’m not going to muddy the waters on that portion of the review.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Blitzkrieg Components 9mm Hydraulic

    One of my favorite guns to run out and have some fun with is #RockRiver 9mm LAR-9. It has all the ergonomics of the #AR platform combined with the cost efficiency and low recoil of the #9mm round. Not to mention it’s just a lot of fun to shoot! Now the fact that I already #LOVE this #gun, and it is one that the wife will take out as well made me skeptical about messing with something that already works. So when I was asked to test the #Blitzkrieg Components RB5007, I was not really enthused.Let me start by saying that I am not a small man and that I am not frightened by the recoil of high powered rifles. Now my wife, on the other hand, has been known to be more sensitive to the effects of recoil than myself, so I figured I would bring her along for her opinion as well. Now this company makes several claims, reduces kick & muzzle flip, Improves: accuracy, clustering, dependability, shoulder flinching, felt recoil and service life. The product has a 10 year-1million round Guarantee. As I do want this to go to press sometime this year, I decided to look at all but the service life and Guarantee claims.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    April Ladies’ Month Raffle

    Coming back from #ShotShow #2015 speaking to my partner one thing was clearly evident while #2014 may have been the rise of the #woman #shooter 2015 was going to be the continuation.

    Heading out to public ranges since I have been nothing but pleased by the large amount of women shooters who are actively training and working at the skills behind responsible concealed carry. What good does an increase of 134% in female CPL licenses do us for Michigan women if they are not trained.

    A tool I have used for those times I just can’t make it to the range is Laser Ammo products, like the ones we reviewed here. http://248shooter.com/index.php/laser-ammo-surestrike-review/

    Now Laser Ammo has partnered with The Well Armed Woman to create a great raffle. Proceeds will be used by The Well Armed Woman to offset training courses and range events for local chapters around the country.

    Check out the full press release:

    Laser Ammo USA Launches April Ladies’ Month Raffle

    Joins with other industry sponsors to raise funds for educating, empowering and training female firearm owners

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Great Neck, NY – April 1, 2015:

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Blitzkrieg Upgraded Luminescent Lig

    Just over a year ago we published our first review from #Blitzkrieg components. A new #manufacturer who developed a #chevron front sight post to replace the standard post in #tactical #weapons like the #AR-15. Fast forward to this year and you will find that Blitzkrieg Components has leveraged that success into more sight options as well as new products for the AR platform.

    We caught up with Brian the CEO of Blitzkrieg Components at SHOT Show 2015 for a chance to look over his expanded product line. One of my favorite things from this company is the new luminescent chevron front sight post.

    Billet 416 Stainless Steel
    Chevron height 0.25.”
    Fits into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing that uses a standard threaded post
    Melonite finish
    Five layers of paint in a machined groove
    Chargeable via flashlight, sun or other light sources

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    Thursday, December 31st

    Barrett M82A1

    I’ve been given a rare opportunity #248 and #GAT friends. I’ve recently been able to consolidate my passion for the shooting sports and firearms industry into a single employment opportunity. The benefit for all of you is an increased pace of reviews and articles of which I am woefully behind on. The benefit to me is a stabilized and enjoyable career base (hopefully).

    The mutual benefit is a vastly upgraded access to review material or anti-material, as is in this case. Even better is having the time to push those reviews out with the detail and substance this audience deserves.

    Now onto this month’s gun review the #Barrett #M82A1!Barrett’s M82A1 is the Titan of big bore and long distance shooting. It’s far from the only name or game in the shooting world for large calibers or long distances, but it is the most iconic and recognizable and for very good reason.

    Back in 1980 Ronnie Barrett took John Moses Browning’s .50BMG cartridge and threw it inside a precision based long distance rifle platform he designed from scratch. .50 BMG had been used precisely at distances prior to 1980. Most famously perhaps by Carlos Hathcock, who used a scope mounted to an M2 Browning machine gun to fire a single round 2,500 yards to kill a Vietcong guerilla fighter. That distance record held from 1967 until 2002, when it was topped by another .50BMG rifle shot. The capabilities of .50BMG as a precision round were obvious, and Barrett developed a rifle to deliver on those capabilities.

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    Thursday, December 31st

    EDC Pack

    So you found the #EDC movement, or you just have developed a stockpile of items you feel are needed in your daily life. The fact is with advanced technology and an increase in tactical training more people are carrying more things on a daily basis.

    For the ladies, the Mary Poppins purse is the go to. For the men, we have had to rely on pockets and belts to carry our gear or a backpack. In the 90’s many of us made the mistake of sporting a fanny pack to carry our stuff. I was a rollerblader in a past life and know there is more than one pic of me floating around with blades and a fanny pack.Fast forward to a more common sense form of fashion, we find that the choices for male carry are still limited. Backpacks are great as are messenger bags. In fact Mon- Fri I usually carry a messenger bag with my laptop and my EDC items. However for those events where a laptop is not needed, both of these solutions are overkill and unwieldy.

    We reviewed the #Vanquest #MOBIUS and #TOLCAT #VPacker bags, which are small shoulder-carry bags. In truth, the MOBIUS bag Vanquest offers are still my favorite bag. It’s a perfect size and has a built-in #Nalgene bottle holder. However some of my followers and even personal friends (If I can call some of them that), and most importantly my wife think the MOBIUS is too much like a man purse. Apparently as this is such a widespread issue, Vanquest also offers the VSlinger series that greatly differs from the VPacker series.

    Modeled as a single-strap sling pack rather than a hip-based bag, the VSlinger series includes the larger JAVELIN 2.0 and smaller KATARA packs. I have changed out my EDC to use the KATARA VSlinger Ambidextrous pack since just after SHOT Show.

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    Wednesday, December 30th

    Musical Ballistics

    What does #music have to do with #ballistics? Well this chronographs closest relative is an electric guitar yes you read that correctly. Here is it is in a more simple explanation a standard chronograph uses optical sensors to measure velocity, this revolutionary device uses a magnetic field very similar to the pickup on an electric guitar. I have been loading #ammunition in all shapes and sizes for the better part of two decades (Oh god, I just realized I am getting old) anyway a chronograph has been a large part of my tool kit to determine if my rounds were safe. It is a great tool for giving your ammo a check-up. With a chronograph you can check your velocity against what is in the book to know if you are achieving proper results.

    Challenges with the predecessors in chronograph technology were the optical sensors not enough light they don’t work at all, too much light and you start getting false readings. What MagnetoSpeed has done is a huge leap forward for the technology it would be like skipping from the telegraph to the cell phone it really is one of those things that makes you just smile when you use it. The great thing about their technology is that it is not light dependent and it is not affixed to a tripod giving you the freedom to collect your data while shooting in several positions.

    The guys at MagnetoSpeed put a lot of thought into this chronograph and it really shows right down to the alignment tool that is included for setting up the chronograph on your weapon platform.

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    Wednesday, December 30th

    GLOCK 43

    Recently we had the opportunity to head down to #Nashville for the #NRA convention. This year we had the special treat of being invited to the #GLOCK43 launch party. It was a media only industry event where we had a chance to get hands-on with the just announced and soon to be released GLOCK 43.

    As a huge fan of the #P938 and as someone who has not enjoyed most other “pocket guns” my expectations were not very high for the gun. In all honesty, I went more to have a chance to catch up with Michelle V and get one on one with several of my media friends.

    After a safety brief, signing of waivers and a rundown on the specs as well as differences from the 42 and 26 vs. the 43 then it was off to the range with a Colion Noir

    In each lane, there was the new single stack 9 accompanied by four magazines two with pinky extensions and two without.
    The gun itself is just slightly larger than it little brother the 42 but packs the punch of a 9mm vs. a .380.


    Length: 159 mm / 6.26 in
    Width: 26 mm / 1.02 in
    Height: 108 mm / 4.25 in
    Vs G42

    Length151 mm / 5.94 in.
    Width 24 mm / 0.94 in.
    Height 105 mm / 4.13 in

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    Wednesday, December 30th

    San Tan Tactical STT-15

    We have discussed billet vs. forged before. We have built #guns on a few forged lowers, and even some of the less expensive #billet lowers. It wasn’t until recently however that I had a chance to put in serious time with a high-end billet matched upper and lower.

    It was a cold winter day when my #SanTanTacticalSTT-15 matched set entered my life. It sat in a box for weeks as I ordered and organized the parts required to start my build.

    Why did we pick San Tan?
    There is no shortage of quality made billet sets on the market. Some sets look nicer, and some are cheaper. But I have yet to see one that offers the level of function out of the box in an attractive styling that was better priced than the San Tan. So that settled that. It did not hurt either that our friends over at Black Sheep Warrior highly recommended them.

    The Features We Love
    When I train in tactical classes, I like to do so with a standard forged lower and upper. This gives me the ability to grab and go with any gun I come across in the wild. However when looking to put together a 3 gun or range gun, compatibility was less important to me, comfort, speed, and accuracy were the deciding factors.

    True ambi releases are a must due the positions you can find yourself in when competing. There is no need to add adapters like bad levers or a tactical link to manipulate the weapon with either hand when working with the STT-15.

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    Wednesday, December 30th

    SDI AR-15 Armorers Course

    One of the best parts of doing what I do is getting to meet cool people and be invited to special events. #NRA and #SHOTShow are certainly highlights of the year, but there are plenty of other meetups that offer unique opportunities to network and grow.

    One such unique opportunity was when we were recently invited to the #MTOA (Michigan Tactical Officers Association) Conference. While the entire conference had meaningful highlights for #law enforcement officers, the primary focus of my visit was centered on the 2-day #AR-15 armorers course being taught by #SDI.

    SDI is the acronym for Sonoran Desert Institute, which is the only long distance school to offer students the ability to earn an accredited associates degree in Gunsmithing. Governed by the Department of Education and DEAC, SDI has built a team of qualified instructors and a base of course material that exceeds any certification program found in person or online.

    The MOTA brought in 3 SDI instructors including Frank Vigil the owner of Heritage Gun works a master armorer. One look at pictures posted by happy customers across social media or even better, one feel of the lightweight, high quality builds he has brought to life shows exactly how talented he is.

    AR-15 Armorers Course
    The course itself was a 16 hour condensed class designed to assist police armorers and advanced users to develop the skills to diagnose and repair common malfunctions on the AR-15 pattern rifle.

    Starting from a complete rifle the course teaches how to disassemble the rifle into all its base parts. Time is taken to explain the purpose of each part as well as the types of malfunctions common to that parts failure. Once dissembled the students are then instructed on how to re-assemble the rifle and function check the weapon.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    The Third Most Fun “Button” On

    I recently installed the #Armaspec #TacticalCombatButton on one of my #ARs it was that basic AR I had floating around for when someone wants to go the range and use up all your ammo to get that “Black Rifle” experience under their belt, just nothing special about it. Well I got to feeling bad for it, it always gets abused and molested by somebodies greasy fingers who has no idea what they are doing and it is the one rifle I own that rarely gets cleaned properly for the simple reason it is usually the job of whatever trigger molester borrowed it to go the range and use my #ammo and my rifle to clean it! So needless to say it gets no love, time to change that I have some great parts to install on her over the next few months and well show her the love and respect she deserves after her long career of being molested and abused.

    The first part up to bat the Tactical Combat Button TCB for short, it really brings a lot to the table for the size and cost here are the specs from the companies website:

    *All mounting hardware included

    Improved magazine changes
    263% larger button
    Ergonomic design
    7075 T6 Aluminum and Type III black hard anodized or FDE and ODG Cerakoted
    Fits AR 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308
    Made in U.S.A
    The button is easy to install with even basic understanding of the AR platform or with the help of a YouTube video. You can find a helpful video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My0b0ZY5Zwc

    Simply remove the existing mag release and screw in the new one and your off to the races. It took me about 10 minutes and that included finding a screw I dropped on the floor of the shop.

    Fit and Function
    As you can see from the photo’s of it installed on the AR 263% larger isn’t as big as it sounds but is defiantly large enough to make a nice difference. When you have meat hooks like mine having that extra large button to push really helps (my wife tells me I am good at pushing all buttons) but that is a different article all together. All joking

    Tuesday, December 29th

    A Wolf in GLOCKS Clothing

    We have all heard the adage about if it walks and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. What happens when it’s not a duck, but instead a highly tuned cybernetic organism based on the systems of a duck?

    That’s sort of what we have going here with the recent build sent to us from #LoneWolfDistributors. Lone Wolf is a well-known company that specializes in selling parts to tune up your #GLOCK.

    Back in our early days of reviews we reviewed a barrel from Lone Wolf that converted the GLOCK 27 in .40 to a GLOCK 26 in 9mm. These conversion barrels are one of the products that have made Lone Wolf so popular over the years. Also, they have built a name-supplying drop in barrels for shooting lead cast bullets, tactical threaded barrel, #OEM parts and modified frames.

    Now they sell or make just about every part to upgrade your GLOCK. I’m no stranger to upgrading a GLOCK just look what we did to a G19 with Innovative GunFighter Solutions. What happens when your result isn’t a GLOCK?

    LWD sent us their “G22” conversion since even making their own G17 is too passé. The G22 conversion is a full sized handgun on par with the 17 but designed to fire .40 caliber round. This “G22” has a 40-9 conversion barrel, which, in essence, makes it a G17 with a heavier slide.

    To better explain what this gun is as a whole, it may be best to start with the parts. In all actuality, I don’t foresee many of you ordering all the parts to build your own GLOCK anyway. So you can think of this as a series of smaller reviews if you’re so inclined. It is far more likely your going to be converting or upgrading a GLOCK you have already purchased.'

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip an

    #Armaspec is a #USA based, USA manufacturer making quality products for #AR pattern #rifles. We recently reviewed the #TCB or Tactical Combat Button, which is an enlarged magazine release.

    While Chris was checking that product out, I have been running the R-23 Rhino. The Rhino by Armaspec is a patented combination of a mag funnel and a grip for the AR rifle.

    60-degree magazine insertion angle
    Fits mil-spec M16, M4, and AR-15 lowers without modification.
    Ultra-light, super strong mil-spec reinforced polymer
    Supports all Magpul PMAGS including Gen 3
    lifetime warranty
    Fit and Installation
    The R-23 is designed to fit on any Mil-Spec forged lower. It was not designed to and will likely not fit on a forged lower. I know it didn’t fit on the 3 I had access to here. It did. However, fit on 5 different forged lowers from multiple manufacturers.

    Installation took about 2 minutes with the included hardware. Clamshell, the R-23 around your magwell, attach 3 screws, and you’re done. There has been no wobble or alignment issues on any of our test guns.

    Magwell What attracted me to the product was the flared magwell. While I have gotten better at changing mags under pressure with my carbine by no means am I excellent. When practicing at home no stress I hit the magwell dead on 99% of the time. On the range, it is common to enter on an angle at least 50% of the time.

    I find on my flared milled lowers the mag goes in properly about 75% of the time. Still not something to write home about.

    By installing the R-23, the mag insertion angle allows for 90-60-degree insertion. This swing room of 30 degrees works on both the left and right side giving you a full 60 degrees of insertion angle.

    Those of us with big tools can appreciate the increased assertion angle. God knows you don’t want to miss the hole or jam a mag someplace it doesn’t belong.

    In practice, the wider angle of insertion allows for you to correct easily an off angle insert. Meaning your more likely to

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Magpul GLOCK Mags the GL9

    When I need to make a copy of something to this day I still say I need a Xerox. When it’s time to blow my nose, I ask for a Kleenex. In the south when you order a pop you ask for a coke, even when you want a Sprite. Confusing I know, but it is what it is. Some things are just known by the brand name that built them, more than the generic name of the product.

    Since I never served in the #military and came to the #AR game late in life, when I think of magazines for the AR platform, I think #Pmag . Based on that success when looking for extra #GLOCK mags during the scare in 2013, I got my hands on some Pro Mags, and #KCI mags as that were all that was available. Those magazines could only be described by one word, CRAPTASTIC. As I threw the Pro mags in the garbage and marked the KCI mags emergency only, I swore I would never buy anything but official GLOCK magazines again.

    Fast forward to Shot Show this year, I found myself eating crow. Magpul the company I have relied on for AR magazines since my first AR, announces their new GLOCK 17 magazines named the GL9. The naming makes little sense I can only assume it stands for GLOCK Like 9mm.

    Initial Problems
    We didn’t get our hands on any of these mags until after the NRA show. While we never shot any of the magazines between Shot and NRA it was widely publicized that in smaller guns such as the G19 or G26 feeding issues had surfaced. Magpul immediately issued a recall repairing or replacing magazines for all affected. If you have an issue with your products that’s the way to handle it in my book thumbs up Magpul.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Trijicon 1-6 AccuPoint

    The worst part of getting to do what we do here is when we have to send a product back. I’m not going to lie I stalled the hell out of this article because the idea of shipping the #AccuPoint 1-6 scope back to #Trijicon pretty much breaks my heart. So it is with a bittersweet feeling I write this review.

    We are a #Michigan based blog and huge fans of Michigan businesses. As a state, we are lucky to have 2 of the best #optic companies located right here in our home state.

    While selling products to Michiganders is certainly one place they make money Trijicon has built its business on government contracts and its flagship ACOG. (Trijicon ACOG TA31ECOS Review).

    They furthered their reputation on RMR’s (Trijicon RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR Reflex Sight Review)

    Then drove home new products like the VCOG for consumers (First Impressions MI Custom Hybrid M-Lok Rifle)One thing these products have in common is Tritium. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Because if it’s difficult to produce and use in nuclear weapons and reactors Tritium is the 5th most expensive product in the world at $30,000 per gram.

    So when people look at the high cost of Trijicon products, it is important that you look at the source of the cost. Not only is this a rare and expensive product it is also one of the most heavily regulated products in the United States.

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    Tuesday, December 29th


    I’m going out on a limb here people, we at #248Shooter need your help. This article is likely to get me blacklisted from advertisers and other industry friends. I’m writing it anyway; it’s an article that needs to be published. Of all the articles, we have shared this might be one of the most important articles in my career. The worst part is I owe it all to a friend who now gets to hold an “I told you so” over my head.

    I am a #gear whore. I love new shiny objects that promise better #shooting or cool guy points. Running this blog, we get lots of cool #gadgets thrown at us. We evaluate their use, and you only see reviews on maybe 50% of the items we get sent. The other 50% either doesn’t make the cut or aren’t really of enough benefit to warrant a full review. That doesn’t mean I don’t get all excited at #Shotshow, #NRA or #GreatAmericanOutdoor show when the next new gadget comes out. Each time I hope and pray this is the product that is going to take me to the next level.

    This weekend at a DMI training course in Adrian, I was forced to acknowledge something I had been refusing to grasp. Upgrades can compensate for bad form to make you a better shooter, but that doesn’t make you a better shooter. Read that sentence again and think on it, I’ll wait.

    Ok did it sink in yet? Let me give you an example. My trigger control sucks as much as a single mom working 8 mile. I didn’t notice how bad it was because when using a light triggers the issue is muted. This leads me to believe the problem does not exist. Sure the upgraded triggers make it appear I’m a better shooter, but my skill level remains unchanged. The minute I use a heavy or even standard trigger the fundamental breakdown is observed on the target.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Shockwave Blade with Adjustable Tub

    Taking the #ECE course from #SentinelConcepts this weekend taught me the value of a light and maneuverable carbine. When using a #CQB #pistol, it is even more important. Fighting in an urban environment such as a home with obstacles and corners, light and maneuverable will give you the edge to engage quickly. Nobody grasps this concept better than the folks at #KAK Industry. You may have seen reviews on them before from us. They make high quality #US made products with a focus on the #AR-15.

    One product that helped build their name was the Sig Pistol Brace buffer tube we reviewed, and it’s subsequent versions. KAK has moved into 2015 with a vengeance to become the name in the pistol tube market with its recent partnership with Shockwave.Shockwave developed a solid polymer pistol brace that offers many unique advantages over the incredibly popular Sig Brace. The biggest of these is arguably thanks to the combined partnership with KAK Industry.

    The Shockwave brace combined with the KAK Industry 12 point adjustable buffer tube creates a stable, adjustable shooting platform for those with long arms. Unlike competitive products that loose support as they are moved rearward, the solid polymer structure with locking adjustable tube, will not collapse when pressure is applied to the rear of the brace.

    It has a solid blade form that rests against the arm instead of the softer rubber that would wrap around the arm also increases stability when shooting. This gives the Shockwave brace an advantage when rapidly fired or shot from certain positions.

    The Shockwave comes with a copy of the ATF letter designating it as a legal accessory for pistol users, making it compliant in most states. In short if you can own a pistol brace in your state you can own the Shockwave.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    LUCID P7

    The new #LUCID P7 Prismatic Combat Optic is now shipping to distributors and should be seen out and about in the wild now and/or shortly. LUCID was generous enough in their hustle to get this new #scope to market to send one out in a little box in my direction.

    Many of you read my initial impressions and evaluation plan a couple weeks ago and as promised I put this P7 against the most arduous and proven competitor I could muster, the #Trijicon ACOG.

    So let’s break down both optics and see what we have.

    The P7
    The prismatic combat optic boasts the following specifications:

    Housing and Frame: Cast Aluminum
    Weight: 19 oz.
    Mounting: 13mm hex nuts, reversible
    Lenses: 25mm Ocular with manual focus, 30mm Objective
    Optic Coating: Chemical Rubber Armor
    Power: 1 AA Battery (not included), estimate 2,500 hours life, 2 hour auto shut off
    Reticle: P7, Red Illumination, automatic and manual brightness adjustment, 10 settings
    Waterproof and Nitrogen Purged recoil rated to .458 SOCOM
    Adjustments: ½ MOA clicks with resettable thumb turrets, hex wrench included for reset
    Field of view: 25ft at 100 yards
    Eye Relief 3.25”
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    As stated in my preview article the P7 doesn’t have a large field optics in its class and the above numbers and features are desirable and satisfying for its intended role.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Grey Ghost Range Bag

    I find loading my #rangebag before a class or a review to be only slightly less #therapeutic than #shooting. Part of my tranquility comes from my almost #OCD based obsession with everything being in its place. With the #GreyGhostRangeBag (no fancy name needed) I find my compulsion satiated.

    I know what you’re thinking: a range bag review seriously! In all honesty, there is nothing earth shattering about this bag from Grey Ghost. But does a range bag need to be earth shattering? Like peanut butter and chocolate (I’m dieting so long for those 2) sometimes the simplest of things when put together right are all you need.

    12 inches tall
    14 inches wide
    8.5 inches deep
    1428 cubic inches
    500D Cordura
    The Big Things
    A deep adjustable pocket with a hook and loop divider allows you to break up your kit as needed. I have the Grey Ghost Range Bag divided 60/40 with the med kit in the smaller section and ammo in the larger.At 1428 cubic inches of space this is bag enough to store all the items you might need without being so big you can’t carry it.Along those lines, a wide padded strap makes carrying the bag, even when loaded down with ammo, comfortable. I love that this is an easy to detach strap that gets out of the way when not needed or wanted. I thought the fixed position of the padding would be an issue. Many bags use a wrap around the strap that will move to the point you need it. Those who have used those also find the bag will move around in the padding when heavily weighted. While a less adjustable solution Grey Ghost has made a bag that holds tighter to the body with less movement. By fixing the padding and adding a material that will grip to your shirt to avoid excess swinging and possible sliding off your shoulder they have won me over.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Rudy Project Eyewear

    #Eyepro reviews tend to be one of the least sexy topics for reviewers. If you don’t already wear #glasses, they are a pain in the ass. If you do wear glasses then now you have to shell out cash for another pair dedicated to shooting or wear those awful inserts. I fall into the latter category. My vision has been bad since I was in 2nd grade. As I have gotten older, it has not regressed as bad as many of my friends, but it has still been a downward slide.

    When I started shooting, I relied heavily on magnified optics to correct my vision why using traditional safety glasses. As I transitioned from rifle to a pistol, I was forced to get prescription safety lenses.

    To kill 2 expensive birds with one stone, I opted for a pair of expensive prescription safety rated sunglasses from Oakley. While they worked great outdoors on sunny days, they did not perform well indoors. Making me look like Corey Hart who wears his sunglasses at night was the least of my worries but it did bothersome. All in all they never offered me the wide view I wanted when shooting and the worst part was how badly they would fog up.

    Those glasses disappeared during the #NRA show in Nashville this year and were never turned in to the lost and found. It was about this time I started working with Steve Fisher and Sentinel Concepts who is sponsored by the Rudy Project. Steve would go on and on about how awesome these glasses were and how I needed a set. So I finally broke down and purchased a pair.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    CAPTAC Next Gen Identification

    #Metal and #leather have been 2 of the most used materials in #guns and #holsters since their creation. It was not long ago nobody knew the word #Kydex. In the last few years however Kydex has exploded and is for many the go-to choice for #EDC carry.

    Kydex has become so popular for holsters because it is lightweight, customizable, inexpensive to work with and possible to infuse graphics on. Those same advantages in the holster market are carrying over to a new product thanks to Captac.

    CAPTAC is an American based manufacturer of Kydex clips for hats and MOLLE gear. These clips are used for a wide range of practical or ornamental applications.

    CAPTAC currently offers 2 different product lines.

    Hat Clips
    Designed from a single piece of Kydex the CAPTAC Hat clips are designed to be worn on the brim of the hat. The heptagonal design is shaped to fit with the natural curvature of the brim but will also work on the rim of the hat as well.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Trayvax Adventure Wallet

    This week we took a break from our usual #concealedcarry, #self-protection style reviews to cover #EDC accessories. In continuation of this theme, we are going to discuss a product that is going to be used every single day of your life.

    #Trayvax is a company that was brought to my attention by John @ Lather House Soapery located here in Royal Oak Michigan. John is a follower of #248Shooter, a friend and someone who is far more in touch with the EDC movement then me.

    He has been through easily 20 wallets since I have known him. In fact, nothing occupies more of our beer drinking time than talking about guns, wallets, flashlights, and knives. While not as versed as John, I have gone through my fair share of wallets. Over the last 2 years especially my wallets have transitioned from leather and nylon to aluminum.Trayvax is an American designed, funded and built wallet. Currently, the company offers 2 different styles. The original or classic style is retailing for 24.99 in standard colors and 39.99 for cerekoted tactical colors. As well as the Element version that is more refined. The element differs from the classic by replacing the elastic strap with a leather one, removing the bag carrying feature, adding a money clip , and moving the bottle opener internally.

    While I certainly like the look of the element it is far classier than I am. It is also a bit more expensive at $69.99. Certainly not expensive when compared to my gun collection but I’m a person that enjoys function over style.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Hunter X-22 Stock – Ruger® 10/22

    #Magpul today launched it’s #X-22 stock for the #classic #Ruger series rifle. this reinforced #polymer #stock is light weight and versatile for all your #varmint or #plinking needs. Here is what Magpul has to say about the product.

    The Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock is an ergonomic, full-featured stock for the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle. Made from high quality reinforced polymer, the Hunter X-22 features an ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull and comb height to fit a wide variety of shooters,

    multiple sling mounting options, a non-slip rubber butt pad, and M-LOK slots for accessory attachment.

    The Hunter X-22 fits standard Ruger 10/22 .22 LR pattern rifles with no gunsmithing, and a reversible barrel tray ensures proper fit with factory pencil profile as well as heavy bull barrels.

    Weighing in at only 2.4lbs you are getting a lot of stock in a lightweight frame.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Eotech 300BLK XPS-2

    #300Blackout is a cartridge that came on the market and found a unique home. While boutique cartridges can come and go 300 Blackout has had staying power. One of the reasons for the 300 blackouts success is it performs excellent both suppressed and supersonic.

    For those guys who love the black rifle but want a heavier, larger bullet in the #30caliber family, the supersonic version is a big winner. For those of us in Michigan who can take deer with a rifle, a #300BLK will meet the #DNR requirements. It also has been a proven beast in the hog #hunting arena, where it is being used widely.

    For those guys who are open to #NFA items like #SBR’s and suppressors, you can build a quite hard hitting #CQB or plinking rifle that is 1 or 2 stamp. Since I am poor after leaving my job to focus on 248Shooter and GAT Daily, my 300 Blackout is on a pistol with the Shockwave stabilizer brace we reviewed a few weeks back.

    The big problem with a gun this versatile is switching from super to subsonic ammunition will move your zero. When looking at a gun that so commonly goes back and forth from one type of ammo to another it becomes bothersome to either adjust all calculations or re-zero constantly.

    Eotech solved this problem when they created the dual zeroed XPS2-300 for the 300 Blackout caliber in both super and subsonic.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    IFAK’s and Blowout Kits

    #Protection means different things to different people. Thinking back to my teen years, living in what I thought was a carefree suburb, protection meant a crumpled up, bent and highly compromised condom that I kept in my wallet. It was that one piece of gear that I desperately hoped to use.

    I mention this because that condom in many ways is like the #EDC of many #CPL holders. There are those who carry just in case, some who expect to need it one day and, unfortunately, there are even a few who hope to need it.

    No matter which of these camps you fall into, the fact is you need to make sure your gear is ready for the challenge ahead. If you are not properly prepared or rely on old, wrinkled, faulty and even miss-fitting products when the time does arise (see what I did there) you have only prepared to fail.

    Part of being prepared for the challenge is knowing what types of challenge you face. Let’s talk flashlights for a minute. Roughly 40% of the CPL holders who carry every day in an interview admitted to not carrying a flashlight. The chance of darkness happening once a day is 100% so why are you not preparing for the inevitable.

    When you look to people who are unprepared for the dark, which is inevitable, it is no surprise to find even more people unprepared for a traumatic medical event. Take a look at this prudential commercial that highlights the reality vs. the perception of future risks.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Falconer 27

    At #ShotShow last year we had a sneak peek at the Project F backpack. It was #love at first sight. We waited and waited and finally in July the product was released with several revisions prior to the final production.

    Net Weight: 3.4 pounds | 1542 grams
    Capacity: 27 Liters
    Overall Exterior Size (Fully Extended): 18.5″ (H) x 11″ (W) x 10″ (D)
    Main Compartment (Exterior): 18.5″ (H) x 11″ (W) x 5″ (D)
    Main Compartment (Interior): 18″ (H) x 10.5″ (W) x 4.75″ (D)
    Middle Compartment (Exterior): 17.5″ (H) x 10″ (W) x 2.75″ (D)
    Middle Compartment (Interior): 17″ (H) x 9.5″ (W) x 2.5″ (D)
    Top Front Compartment (Interior): 4.5″ (H) x 8.75″ (W) x 2.25″ (D)
    Bottom Front Compartment (Interior): 10.5″ (H) x 8.75″ (W) x 2.25″ (D)
    Rear Hydration / CCW Compartment (Interior): 17.5” (H) x 10” (W) x 1” (D)
    1,000-D Mil-grade Cordura® fabric with water-repellent Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont® (500-D Cordura on Multicam-Black)
    Genuine MADE-IN-USA MultiCam® & MultiCam-Black Cordura® by Crye Precision™
    Lightweight & water-resistant 210-D Ripstop nylon interior.
    Durable RC-Class YKK® zippers, reversed for protection.
    MOLLE / PALS-compatible attachment system for expansion
    Mil-grade ITW® and UTX-Duraflex® hardware from high strength Acetal polymer.
    Main compartment zipper loop made by ITW (Zipline Orbit)
    Circular user-friendly paracord zipper pulls
    Neoprene rubber padded grab handle for extra comfort
    High tensile strength nylon webbings and binding tapes
    Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread
    Specs in context
    Bags have gone from a simple large pocket device, down to very niche specific highly compartmentalized designs for singular purposes. One of the things I love about Vanquest is the fact that they design bags for many types of users instead of for specific niches. This is evident as we start to go through the compartments and the various way they can be used.

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Detroit Concealment iNfil Holster

    By the company name, you have likely guessed that #DetroitConcealment is a locally run #Kydex holster maker. Or you may know that already from the #eXfil review we did a few months back.

    Detroit Bullet Works turned us on to these guys when trying to source a #holster for a less common #gun. Since then I have run both the outside the waistband eXfil for my HK USP 9 and the iNfil for my HK vp9.

    Let’s face it there is no shortage of Kydex makers. We have reviewed a few and have looked at and refused to review even more. So what makes Detroit Concealment worth reviewing and showcasing?

    CustomizationHey, wait a minute! In your little bullet point list you put quality first! Yeah I know, frankly that is because the average person is likely to look at that first. However, Detroit Concealment popped up on our radar due to trying to find a guy to make a holster for a less common gun. So we are going to talk about that first.

    Like most companies, Bill has a selection of blue guns to build holsters for the most common guns. Unlike many companies he is willing to use your actual gun and light, so there is no more scavenger hunting for a company that can make your exact pairing.

    To do that you need a person confident enough in their skill set to perform the work and a person local enough to work with. For us, Bill was the easy answer.Quality
    There, for those of you who have OCD, I am back on track.

    There are a few things that stand out to me when doing a review on Kydex.

    Screws and Grommets
    Clips, Hooks, and Loops
    See what I did there “stand out,” I crack myself up.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    Low Light Handgun and Carbine

    If there is one quote that sums up the class with #SentinelConcepts it’s, “You don’t know what you don’t know till you know that you don’t know it.”

    #Gear :
    IGFS modified G19
    Inforce APL
    #Magpul GL9 Magazines
    Forest City Tactical Holster
    #Tuff Products Magazine carriers
    Tuff Products EDC Belt
    #5.11 Pants
    5.11 rain shell
    Elzetta Charlie flashlight
    Streamlight Protac flashlight
    Rudy’s Photochromatic eye pro
    Raven Moduloader Pocket Shield
    Cleer Medical IFAK
    Palmetto State Arms AR15
    Aimpoint T2
    Troy PDW Stock
    Inforce WML
    Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling
    The day started with the typical safety brief and low light fundamentals. We began shooting around 5 pm with the sun still up but beginning to set. This allowed us to begin shooting while transitioning from lighted to dusk and eventually full dark.

    Shooting through varied light conditions allowed us to see the effectiveness of lights and night sights as conditions changed. Fiber optic sights did great at night and day but not so great in the dusk. Tritium based night sites performed admirably at dusk but didn’t when a light was employed at night.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    5.11 Women’s Tactical Pants

    Hello and welcome to my first review EVER. As I settle down in front of the computer, I am accompanied by my #5-11StrykePants and a glass of red wine. This will be a learning experience for the both of us… Let’s get it on!Us ladies in the #tactical world know there are not many items specifically geared for our figures and trying to translate the men’s version into a female fit can be daunting and downright difficult. I feel your pain sister. Thank goodness 5-11 is coming up with some really great clothing items specifically geared for women.

    When I first saw these pants I had already owned 5-11’s woman’s basic Tactical Pants. They were functional, but I wanted a more comfortable fit, so I bit the bullet and ordered the Stryke Pants in the storm (grey) color. I purchased these pants from a website called GovX (www.govx.com) which is a member site that sells items at a reduced rate to military, police, fire/EMS/first responders, and government employees. They were on sale for $52.95, retail for $70.99 on the 5-11 website (www.511tactical.com), and come in black, storm (gray), khaki, dark navy, and TDU green.It’s important to know that I’m an average sized woman, 5’4”, 147 lbs (yes, I told the truth), and a curvy size 8. Depending on the brand I could go with a size 8 or a 10. In this case, I ordered a size 8 and haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been using these pants for the past 6 months. They are currently my go-to item for everyday use, and I own a pair in green for work.Let’s start with the overall fit. The pants sit somewhere above the hips and lower than the belly button. It’s a great height because you don’t look like you are wearing mom jeans, but it’s high enough not to have the ever lovely plumber butt when you bend down. The length is great, not too long but long enough to cover your boots when sitting or maneuvering. The cut is not generous in the thigh area and may feel like it’s a little snug however the wais

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Midwest Industries

    We recently had a chance to sit with Troy the owner of #MidwestIndustries. The opportunity presented itself in a less than typical manner. It is no secret that I have worked closely with Steve Fisher on several projects this year. This relationship afforded me the ability to travel with him to classes around the country.While this traveling is not uncommon for me, the reason for the class was. Troy hired Steve Fisher and invited James Yager to their hometown #Wisconsin to train his team. Troy believes in taking care of his #team. As a special event for the guys, he killed two birds with one stone. Imagine a unique bonding event, much like a corporate retreat, without trust falls and other liberal bullshit. Instead, he #amped his guys up with a day of #shooting, free ammo and 2 of the top trainers in the country. Bet you wish you worked there. All while they ran various Midwest guns to become even more proficient with the company’s product line.The reason for this trip taught me a lot about how Troy leads before I even had the chance to meet him. Instead of focusing purely on profit or basing his reward on sales volume, Troy brought people from multiple departments to the range, from machinists, sales, customer service and even the inventory and shipping team.After a hard day of training, we all were invited back to Troy’s house for some food and beers. It was there I learned more about the man and the company he built.

    Troy started off as and is very much so still to this day, a machinist. He loves making and putting things together. There is not a widget in this world that he won’t examine, and then try to understand, while thinking about how to improve. 13 years ago he took his love for tool making and applied it to his lifelong hobby, guns.

    Like many successful companies, the goal was never to become what he has turned into. It all started with a simple thing, light mounts. At the time, light mounts were over priced and under built not to mention poorly d

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Raven Concealment Systems Morrigan

    Named after a war deity from #Irish #mythology, the #Morrigan is quite different from the products that customers are accustomed to seeing from Raven. “Historically, #RCS is known for extremely modular, multi-functional designs,” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “With the Morrigan, our goal was to create a much simpler design that was very application-specific. The Morrigan is designed to have a small, streamlined profile, and serve optimally for those who carry on or behind the hip, inside the waistband. It does this remarkably well, without requiring a bunch of extra parts and time spent assembling it.”The Morrigan is ambidextrous, and has adjustable cant and adjustable retention. Other than attaching the soft-loops, it comes ready for use right out of the box. The holster body is very trim, and contoured for comfort for both right- and left-handed shooters. Of particular interest is the innovative “tourniquet-style” retention system, which uses a band of low-profile Velcro to “cinch” the retention down on the weapon, instead of the more traditional retention screw. This gives a much greater range of adjustment, while also eliminating the tendency for retention screws to back off and loosen over time. It also makes the retention setting more repeatable, since one need only mark the strip with a paint pen to indicate where “just right” is.Also of great interest is the price-point of the holster: MSRP is just $49.99. “We wanted to make a solution for the daily-carry market that was highly functional, but still fit within the budgets of departments and families who need top-quality concealment holsters,” said Scott Wilson, Director of Sales at RCS. “The Morrigan embodies all the quality and innovative design you expect from Raven, just simplified.”

    The Morrigan will be in stock at RCS dealers starting on Black Friday, and will be available for the following pistols:

    Glock 17
    Glock 19
    Glock 43
    Smith & Wesson M&P Fullsi

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Next Level Armament Charging Handle

    Charging handles are one of those parts that nobody really thought of until a few years ago. With #lefties requiring an almost liberal level of “equality” (sarcasm) and larger #optics being mounted on the #AR platform, #gunowners started looking for #ambidextrous as well as larger grip space on their charging handles.

    Just about everyone has taken a stab at building a better charging including yours truly. But Next Level Armament has taken it to the next level.

    The NLX556 Scythe is precision machined from 7075 aluminum and available in either black hard anodized or raw aluminum. It consists of less moving parts than most aftermarket non-standard charging handles and offers a truly ambidextrous operation. Its extra large “ears” make reaching around a magnified optic easy peasy even when wearing gloves.I have been running this on my primary training gun in 6 classes over the last several months. After thousands of rounds, it has performed just like it should and only shows minimal wear

    The handle works as it should, holds up to wear and has not caused any issues with the guns normal operations. So there is no real con to this upgrade. The only thing negative I can find is that it retails for $80 which is still less than its closest competitor but more than a standard handle or the BCM Gunfighter (though not ambidextrous) I know many of you run.

    From a left-hand user perspective, this charging handle gets the job done. It is easy to operate with your off hand even when having to work around a forward assist.

    The wide ears are also thicker than a standard handle allowing you to get an excellent grip on the charging handle when trying to clear a malfunction. This came in very handy when practicing clearing double feeds.

    I don’t take the winter off from training and being in Michigan means that a good portion of my year I am training with gloves on. The grooved ears helped when using a wide range of gloves from lightweight all the way to

    Tuesday, December 29th

    Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

    Over the years, we have highlighted #EDC bags, truck kits, go bags, and just about anything else that puts essential #gear at your finger tips. In addition to an EDC bag that I take most places and a #truck #emergency kit, I keep a get home bag. Having experienced the transit shutdown and chaos in #NY following #911, of all my kits, this is the one I fear I may have to use one day.

    The kit is simple, small and lightweight. Its purpose is based on transportation happening on foot. The largest item in the pack has been a 32oz water bottle that is packed with other supplies but is a horrible use of space. That is why when I saw the #Hydrapak Stash 1L collapsible bottle I immediately honed in.

    For the last 30 days, I have replaced my standard 32oz bottle for the stash to see how it holds up, and how usable it is. These are my findings.The bottle collapses to a 2.25” tall, hard plastic container. The hard top and bottom create a protective shell around the soft material that is similar to hydration packs many of us have used.

    Unscrew the cap and with a twist and the bottle collapses. Press the top and bottom together and you have a completely secured and rugged collapsed bottle. To open, reverse the process.

    Like my preferred hydration solution, the bottle offers a standard wide mouth to fit ice, purification tablets, powders or just about anything else you might want in your beverage.

    The lid has a ring that can be attached to a carabiner, hook, belt loop or shoulder strap for carrying while expanded and full.

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    Tuesday, December 29th

    AT Armor S.T.O.P Body Armor

    After the events that occurred in #SanBerdino the other day, we decided to move some reviews around and push this one to the top.

    #Armor plates for years have been something you bought if your department allowed you to, you are in a militia, or you wanted that cool guy factor at a class. It was not super common for everyday Joe’s to have a set at home or in their car. While armor is still not “#mainstream” it is a hell of a lot more common at classes and hidden in go bags or closets.

    The change has been driven by several factors. The over decade of war in the Middle East has lead to technology that has made armor lighter and easier to wear. In turn, more companies are now making affordable options available to the general public. This has fueled training courses requiring it for classes like the recent Sentinel Concepts Shoot.

    For me, it all started with a set of steel plates was purchased in case of an emergency. I didn’t spend very much on them, and they are heavy enough that wearing them in a 8-hour class is more than I plan to bite off. So when the time came to go to Steve Fisher’s Shoot House class in Alliance Ohio, I looked at buying a new set of lighter ceramic plates.

    Steve referred me to Mike, the owner of AT Armor. After some discussion, he directed me to the S.T.O.P line of plates, and I ordered a large set. I regret not getting a carrier from him as well, but I think that will be resolved by Christmas.

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    Monday, December 28th

    A Breon Custom Pmags

    #ABreon Custom’s is doing something unique in the tactical market. This is not a vinyl overlay or a stipple job. They are not painting #Glocks with crayons or toe nail polish as we have seen on YouTube. Adam has developed a unique application that involves a Polymer infusion to create multiple colored custom creations on any #polymer or #Kydex surface.Adam Breon who is a Battle Creek native that now resides in #Ohio is a unique polymer artist. All the work you see above is hand done. This is not pre cut patterns or machined laser etching. This is one of a kind hand developed work. The best part is while the designs can be both colored and intricate they add no actual width or texture to the mag. So for those of you who are not looking to loose the feel of a traditional #Pmag this is your first real customizable option.

    A Breon Customs was officially started in 2010 by Adam Breon and his wife. However the initial research and prototypes began development back in 2009. After a year of research and development Adam built a product he was proud of. This is one of the things that truly speak to these types of customs shops I have found in Michigan. These are not big companies looking to turn out a product at the highest ROI. These are skilled American craftsman who take pride in their work and favor quality over profit margins.

    From its inception A Breon Customs has focused on quality product at a fair price as its marketing. No they do not use that as a slogan on their marketing that mindset is their entire marketing plan and budget. They do not buy Banners, Facebook posts or Advertising space instead they rely on word of mouth and referrals to expand the operation. Unless you have an incredibly well built product that is a fast track to failure. After 3 years of success with constant growth, Adam looks like he made the right choice.

    We are luck enough to not only speak to Adam and get to see his work hands on, but we also had the pleasure of speaking about the

    Monday, December 28th

    SIG556xi AR and AK Ammunition

    So the news has already started pouring out of shot show and we are only on day 1. #SigSauer trending on the release of its mor modular tactical offerings has released the new #Sig556xi.

    This #gun is a modular work of art.

    3 different interchangeable barrels: 10, 14.5, 16
    3 types of handguards: Aluminum, Polymer, Carbon Fiber
    3 types of Stocks: Swiss Folding, M1913 Mount Folding, AR Style
    3 different types of ammunition: 556, 300BLK, 7.62×39
    2 types of receivers AR and Russian Receivers
    Using a serialized up a deviation from the typical ar using a serialised lower they can change all parts of the weapon without needing to register additional components. The gun is capable of firing AK, 7.62×39 and AR-15 magazine types based on the appropriate receiver.

    This gun looks to be a work of art and we will do our best to get our hands on one soon. In the meantime check out this promotional video.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

    If you’re reading this blog chances are you enjoy# shooting. You may even enjoy #reloading or #cleaning your #weapons. What I have never heard anyone say they love doing is loading magazines. From #Stipper Clips to LULA there have been many products designed at making this mundane part of shooting faster, easier or both.

    Nobody and I mean nobody has done it better than what I am seeing out of Caldwell. They have invented a manually operated machine that can load 50 rounds into any standard or high-capacity (100 round drums) in seconds. The design accepts ammunition directly from the box for fast loading and inserts 5 rounds per push of the charger.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Tuff Products Discount Code

    Special #Discount and #Coupon for #TuffProducts
    We are huge fans of companies like Tuff Products. They offer heavy duty and reliable gear to those who rely on their gear.

    There is a full review slated for some of the offerings from Tuff Products but from what we have seen already and heard on the street this is a company you will want to order from.

    For a limited time Tuff Products is offering 248 Shooter fans the opportunity to save 20% off any order over $70. You can buy any product form them directly from the user friendsly online store and save a full 20% with no limit on how much you can buy.


    Enter Code 248S
    Products include:
    Speed Loaders
    Stripper Clips/Quick Strips
    3 Gun Gear
    EDC Belts, Bags and Pouches
    Range Gear
    Belts from Standard to Custom
    LEO Duty Gear
    Med Kit Pouches
    Tasers and Pepper Spray and much more.

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    Monday, December 28th

    KA-BAR Mil-Spec Monkey Knife

    #Mil-Spec Monkey who has been a long time supporter of us here at #248Shooter has a new release on the market. Actually it’s not a new release as it is not officially released it is more of a pre-release.

    Mil-Spec Monkey has teamed up with one of the top names in defensive #knives KA-Bar to release the “KA-BAR MSM KNIFE 001”.

    SK5 Steel
    Blade Length 3.5 Inches
    Blade 1 & 7/16 Inches at Widest Point
    Overall Length 8.5 Inches
    1/4 Inch Wide
    Malice Clips
    Polymer sheath
    Single edge but can be sharpened to a dual edge
    Classic 550 Paracord Wrapped Handle
    This knife has one purpose and it is a purpose far too many knives never get to enjoy. It is made to be used and abused. This is not a safe queen work of art. This knife was a culmination of Monkeys years training and working with serious contractors. The purpose was to design a no frills affordable knife that could stand up to an active duty and all that comes with it.

    The knife can be used for just about anything you can think of. The handle can be used for smashing glass. Note that the knife does not have a special tip to do this but we did shatter auto glass with it as a test. I would advise using gloves.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Ensure You Have Enough Ammo

    The other day I was getting ready for the #TravisHaleyclass. While I have my #ammo properly stored and accounted for, thanks to a new trick I will be sharing with everyone in an upcoming article, I realized that I was likely going to be short on some #9mm. Lucky for me #248Shooter has a very strong relationship with #DetroitBulletWorks and he had the ammo in stock that we needed.

    While there, we started talking about the various needs of the dedicated #shooter. The dedicated shooter as I like to refer to them, is what I hope all my readers are. These are the people that put at least 100 rounds of ammo through their EDC gun every month or at least average that, by taking classes or heading to the range.

    When you average in classes like travis Haley or my PDT courses I take every few months I average closer to 300 rounds per month or 3600 rounds a year in just 9mm. My carbine numbers are actually a lot higher and starting to really wear my budget.

    Ammo availability and price have really hurt the people who want to train. Many of us can not get to Walmart first thing in the morning to beat the rush on ammo. We find that it gets easier to shoot 50 rounds or even worse no rounds at all.

    Chris the owner of Detroit Bullet Works and myself started talking about the needs of these dedicated shooters and how important it is for dedicated shooter to get access to ammo for training. What started as a problem slowly morphed into a solution, the Detroit Bullet Works & 248 Shooter Ammo Club.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Diamond Like Carbon

    The #NRA show in #Indiana this year was a real joy for me. We had the luxury of sitting with several of the companies we have been working with for a long time and finally meet some of the newer ones. In addition to trolling through the booths we would randomly run into other interesting people. #EricTinnerman the president of #PerfArms was one of these people.

    While speaking to another bolt manufacturer about the virtues of a bolt they had been making, I was introduced to Eric. Perf Arms is a newcomer in the firearms market and fashions themselves after the #BASF motto. We don’t make the things you buy; we make the things you buy better. Eric and his company, in an almost accidental way, are changing the firearms industry. Let me tell you that story.

    After years in the firearms industry I have learned one very important truth. The AR-15 and 1911 are iconic weapons and the need to regularly clean and lube parts to ensure reliability is something many companies have tried to change.

    The AR-15/M16/M4 platforms direct impingement gas systems are dirty and they transfer heat and dirt to the bolt carrier group. While cleaning them is going to be required no matter what you do, people have tried to solve the need to oil guns. Oil while it solves some problems, is a magnet for dirt and carbon and can increase the chance of debris causing malfunctions.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Kriss Vector Super V

    There are just some #guns that break the conventional mold. The #KrissVector in it is many forms is one of those guns. From it’s styling to its function it is nothing like any gun before it. While most guns in the #semiautomatic #pistol arena are based around a slide that moves the #Kris has created a blowback system completely unique to them.

    By driving the action down instead of back and over the top of your hand the muzzle flip is greatly reduced. This allows you to rapidly fire 45 caliber rounds on a full auto, burst or semi auto while easily staying on target. It is often billed as a no recoil gun.

    Having seen the gun in several movies and following the technology behind it for years I finally broke down and got one to put to the test.

    Opening the Package:
    The Kriss comes in a Patriot Cases full size rifle case. Since Kriss also sells a carbine version and SBR versions of the gun I can see how such a large case would make sense. For the pistol it is way overkill however. Kriss opted for the egg crate foam over the cut foam but again with cost and ease of packaging multiple products I completely get it. I have since ordered hard foam from Patriot Cases and am having it cut to fit exactly as I want.

    By default the gun comes with just 1 Glock magazine. It is a 13 round Glock 21 magazine and it will fit flush in the gun. Available on the website they offer assembled magazine kits that extend the standard 13 round mag to a 25 round magazine. They also sell the kits for you to upgrade existing mags you may own. This thing is ridiculously easy to blow through rounds and you are going to want the extended magazines.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Rubber City Armory RCA Muzzle Break

    #RubberCityArmory based out of #Akron #Ohio has developed a coating solution called #BlackNitridePlus℠. This is an all #American based #familybusiness that uses American steel, raw materials, and work force to make #quality products.

    A trademarked process that transforms a metal surface into a material that’s harder than the substrate itself. It’s enhanced properties reduce friction so well that lubrication is not needed. And BlacknitridePlus℠ processing helps dissipate heat efficiently so operating parts run cleaner and cooler – a great benefit in semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

    If you follow us on a regular basis you will know we have been putting claims of low lube no lube products to the test since our inception. We are huge fans of the RF85 treatment out of Anderson Rifles and the new DLC coating provided by Performance Arms. When we got a chance to check out the 5.56 tunable muzzle break as well as a full Bolt Carrier Group coated in BlackNitridePlus℠ and have been very impressed so far.

    First off visually this coating is exception it is a very dark black with a slight shine to it. Almost like an auto body semi gloss type paint color. It is smooth and beautiful you really can tell it is coated steel unlike salt bath nitride where your feeling the metal.

    The muzzle break itself is made from 4310 pre-hardened steel that is then cryogenically treated to create a molecular realignment. This makes the steel stronger and less prone to fracture and other destructive forces. After this is all done the steel is then coated with the BlackNitridePlus℠ and packaged up.

    The screws used to adjust the gas system are all 18-8 stainless steel (more on this in a moment)

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    Monday, December 28th

    SecureIt MILSPEC KIT

    #SecureIt is a top #military, #police and #civilian producer of #storage solutions for #firearms and #gear. With over 10 years experience working with US special forces to secure a wide range of weapons and gear, SecureIt has built its reputation on operational knowledge from inside the USA.

    Recently we reported on the release of the MILSPEC Kit that allows you to retro fit a traditional gun safe or cabinet into tactical storage at a military level with SecureIt weapon storage platform. Today we are going to share our opinions on the product having had the chance to test one out first hand.

    Why Would I want This?
    The obvious answer is so you can be the most tactical on your block Duh! For those of you who don’t just buy thing because they look cool (the other 5% of our readers) then here are the practical points.

    My safe sucked for storing weapons like my Kriss SDP. pistol Ar-15 and even my carbine length Ar-15’s. The system I had provided a bar with set heights for the guns all in a row. As you will see below in the after photos’s my gun’s vary greatly in length. Also the optics I have mounted on some of my guns really made it difficult to get to the guns. It’s like trying to fit one of the old school canvas tents back in the retail box when you try to fit the amount of guns in a safe that its lists as acceptable.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Recover Tactical CC3 Grip and Rail

    I recently had the pleasure of installing and shooting the #Recover #CC3 Grip & Rail System on one of my #1911s. The fit and finish is extremely nice, it is a precisely sculpted piece tucking in where it needs to and hugging the #firearm ever so snugly! Upon taking the two sides out of the package, along with all the necessary hardware I was skeptical to say the least. I mean after all I was looking at a couple of pieces of plastic and a couple of hex head bolts! This package did come with everything needed to be able to mount them on the weapon and even the allen wrench is included, and at a fair price $49.99 with free shipping makes for an extremely economical solution to get a weapon light, or laser on your 1911.Installation went quick 3-5 minutes and I had them installed, they felt like they had come with the pistol. Nice and snug no slipping and intuitively designed to work with the contours of the weapon. As I worked my way around the pistol looking at things like the magazine release and slide stop it is noticeable that these once prominent and protruding features are now in fact a little buried into the weapon due to the new furniture.As you can see from the photos, the Recover CC3 Grip & Rail System has a very attractive appearance, and fits well on the pistol. But it should be stated that if you are putting these on a 1911 that you consider yourself to be familiar with like your daily carry etc. there is going to be a new getting to know one another period with these installed. Some of that muscle memory that you have built up is going to need a little touching up to get comfortable with the change in depth to reach some of the controls.

    (It is my recommendation that a potential user will want to look at installing an extended magazine release and slide stop to maximize the potential of this product)

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    Monday, December 28th

    AR500 Armor Ballistic

    Over the last few months we have been wearing, using and preparing reviews for the #AR500 #Armor® that we received.

    We published one, not to long ago, about the basics of the armor as well as proper fit, which you can read here: Basics on #BodyArmor

    When I first started looking at these plates I was approached by a good friend of mine who said “man you can’t use steel plates the shrapnel will kill you or mess up your face”. I thought to my self he surely must be wrong and did a rush of Googling. Low and behold there was numerous images of people who took shrapnel or spall deflection even when the steel plates had been coated with some form of spall protection.

    I addressed these concerns with the team at AR500 Armor® and they assured me they are truly making a safe plate that is designed to protect the wearer from spall and shrapnel that can cause injury. They further assured me that the plates would stand up to the handgun rounds as well as common rifle rounds. You can see what the plate is designed to stop here: http://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-faq.html

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    Monday, December 28th

    MBA for $139

    Now on to the good stuff! So this one was handed to me by #248Shooter and he asked me to really look at this one good. My background as an #F-Class & #Benchrest #shooter puts this right in my wheelhouse. So he handed it to me and I looked it over top to bottom and just kind of laughed, another stock! YAY…. Well I finally got it installed on a #rifle just a simple build really; I used the Palmetto State Armory lower that it was attached to when he delivered the LUTH-AR stock to me. I snatched an 18″ bull barrel 5.56 upper off of one of my rifles and headed to the range. When I got to the range I was able to adjust the stock quite easily; the designer of the stock Randy Luth really put some thought into the end user and how they were going to interface with the stock. Randy founded DPMS and Panther Arms and has over 31 years of experience so it is no surprise that when he went to work on designing a revolutionary stock he nailed it.

    Over the years of teaching others how to shoot long range I have had the opportunity to shoot a lot of rifles and every weapons platform is just a little different for each person, so being able to make the adjustments to your rifle that give you the optimal relaxed and repeatable position is EXTREMELY important.

    The upper that I was using for this test is a proven performer consistently yielding groups that resemble a 3 leaf clover on five shot groups, the best you can hope for with a thrown together rifle using a semi auto action!

    The build quality on this stock is top notch. I could not find any sharp edges or flashing to speak of (this can be a problem when dealing with parts made of composites”) but the QC at LUTH-AR is on top of it.

    Now we have the Luth-AR MBA-1 mounted and ready to shoot, I have my favorite pet load Detroit Bulle

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    Monday, December 28th

    Trijicon RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR

    Recently we had the chance to review the #RMR08G from #Trijicon. There is no question that Trijicon is considered one of the top manufacturers of #optics, #fiberoptics, and #Tritium night sights.

    This time around we spent some time with the matte black #RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR Reflex Sight. Housed in rugged forged aluminum, the #RMR is extremely tough yet lightweight. It has new easy-to-use adjusters with audible clicks allow for quick windage and elevation adjustments. The new RMR08G Trijicon is tougher than any alternative and is suitable for military, law enforcement, responsible civilians and hunting applications.

    What separates this RMR from the standard Trijicon line up includes:

    Green triangle vs. red dot
    No batteries needed for night use
    We wanted to put it to use on the most typical places to find a RMR like this. This is a defense style RMR designed for hard use in no light to low light when seconds count and you don’t want to be fiddling with batteries. So we focused our tests on a handgun as well as 2 popular shotguns. While this will certainly work with almost any gun we felt these would be the best representation of real world use.

    Some quick highlights on features:

    12.9 MOA Green Triangle Reticle Pattern “Day time & Night time”
    Dual illumination: Tritium and fiber-optics illuminate reticle in all lighting conditions
    Forged aluminum housing with matte black scratch and corrosion-resistant hard-anodized finish
    Hard-coated optical glass window helps prevent scratches and scouring
    Waterproof to 65’

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    Monday, December 28th

    Savoy Leather Holster

    From the earliest days of making #holsters #Leather has been the material of choice, only recently have plastics and #Kydex grown to become popular alternatives. While these new materials offer some advantages, especially in tactical environments or in LE, #purists still gravitate to leather. Even many of the tactically minded will still have at least one leather holster in their collection.

    While the days of the Peacemaker and the large ornate #OWB revolver holster have gone the way of the high noon shootout, there remain many options from utilitarian to ornate. We have reviewed the utilitarian holster makers in the leather market in the past. Frankly I look at things from a practical and affordable viewpoint so that is what we review.

    When I found Savoy leather, I was completely blown away. They have managed to find a way to create incredibly functional highly useful IWB, OWB and IWB-OWB holsters that are works of art in both form and function. These creations do not come cheap, but quality American craftsmanship with American materials is worth the cost.

    Picking the holster
    Savoy offers three typical holster types: IWB using clips, [note the type here] OWB through the buckle and the In and Out Style that allows you to carry either IWB or OWB.

    I have said many times in other articles picking a holster that serves multiple purposes usually comes at the cost of loosing the individual advantage of sole purpose piece of gear. For this reason, I would suggest if this will be an EDC piece for you, you should pick one for that specific need and stick with to it.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Rubber City Armory

    When I got this #RubberCityArmory bolt with #BlacknitridePlus™ it already had some miles on it, I kind of like that. It makes my job a little easier as a reviewer, somebody else has already put some rounds on it and gives me a chance to look at some of the wear and tear it has on it, as well as tear it down and clean it (I am a fanatic for the cleaning of weapons) I find it is the best way to get to know them.So the day I got the bolt, I noticed that it wasn’t very dirty :-( I said what gives? Did you clean this already? The answer was nope! And I knew it already had close to 600 rounds on it, so I was impressed from the start. I took it over to the bench and tore it apart and only needed to give it a wipe down and per the manufacturers instructions put it back together. I jammed it into my upper and bagged it for a trip to the range; I also grabbed 500 rounds of 5.56! Off to the range to have a little fun, the nice thing about testing a bolt is you get to shoot fast, most bolts tend to give out under higher cyclic rates, so I always make it a point to rapid fire at least 200 rounds after I have gotten the weapon nice and hot.

    So I got the first 100 rounds down the pipe without issue, nothing exciting at all. No feeding issues, no failures, it just plain and simple did its job, as a reviewer I always hope for something to fail or something to improve, it makes the review a lot more exciting! Unfortunately, the first 100 rounds went like *$&$ through a goose! And I have nothing exciting to tell you about it, other than I was getting dirty looks from the two old guys two benches down, I believe the question I received was “Why are you wasting ammo” my answer was quite simple, “I need the empty brass for an art project.” That was the end of the questions! And I was back to my testing.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Emerson Kershaw CQC-7K

    #Emerson #knives are known for making #high-quality blades that stand the test of time. In conjunction with #Kershaw knives, Emerson has developed the Emerson Kershaw CQC series. Quickly becoming one of the most popular knives the #CQC-7K is flying off the shelves of wholesalers and retailers.

    #DetroitBulletWorks was able to obtain only 50 of these knives for sale to the public. However, these are no average CQC-7K these are customs creations of art. DBW has replaced the standard black thumb disk with a bullet disk. Available in 300 Blackout, .40 S&W or 9mm for a limited time on a pre-order basis.

    Here is some info on the CQC-7K if you have not seen this knife in person.

    Kershaw Knives and Emerson Knives have joined forces on a series of knives that combine the precision engineering of Kershaw with Emerson’s uncompromising functional design.

    The CQC-7K features a modified Tanto blade for both slicing and punching capability. The blade has two finishes: satin finish on the grind and a stonewashed finish on the upper. The handle’s front scale of textured G-10 offers a secure grip and the handle’s stainless steel back has a solid frame lock.

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    # sopmod

    # military  # m4a1  #   # fn  # m16  #   # m14  #   # ak47  
    Monday, December 28th

    B5 Enhanced Sopmod Stock

    Special Operations Peculiar Modification or the more commonly referred to #SOPMOD is a series of modifications made to #military weapons like the #M4A1, #FN Scar, #M16, #M14, #AK47, #ACR, #MCR, #Scar-H and so on.

    These modifications include forgrips, rails, buis, acogs, Aimpoint, grenade launchers, IR targeting devices, reflex sight, suppressors, thermal sight’s, but stocks. Night vision.

    In general, the SOPMOD kit is composed mostly of non-developmental and commercial off-the-shelf (NDI/COTS) accessories packaged together to support the M4A1 carbines.

    Due to the needs of the team and availability of cannibalized parts the actual items used can vary greatly from unit to unit and even individual operators. From a tactical standpoint, this makes for mission specific weapons and at the same time create the marketing opportunity for government contractors to capitalize on the “as used by special forces, seals, rangers or any other numerous units of badassery

    B5 Systems is the type government contractor that has been born by their ability to produce the NSWC Crane developed SOPMOD Buttstock for the U.S. Military. The Enhanced SOPMOD stock offers an almost identical feel to the standard SOPMOD stock but adds additional storage for batteries.

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    Monday, December 28th

    make your own Gun Porn

    So for my past few trips to the #range I have been using the #Inteliscope Pro I had no experience with the earlier iterations of this platform with some of those I heard mixed reviews and wasn’t in a hurry to get my hands on one. Though I have to say I always thought, it was a neat concept. I downloaded the app for this product LONG before I #mounted it on my #rifle and began to use it, and the developers put a lot of thought into the software behind this one. Some might even say they put the cart before the horse because it took a little while for the hardware to catch up. Even now the case they have designed for the phone leaves a bit to be desired. I wouldn’t call it a weak design; I would call it a rushed design. I had to toss it aside and use my #Magpul bumper case, which I will say it held quite well with no issues.So for my past few trips to the range I have been using the Inteliscope Pro I had no experience with the earlier iterations of this platform with some of those I heard mixed reviews and wasn’t in a hurry to get my hands on one. Though I have to say I always thought, it was a neat concept. I downloaded the app for this product LONG before I mounted it on my rifle and began to use it, and the developers put a lot of thought into the software behind this one. Some might even say they put the cart before the horse because it took a little while for the hardware to catch up. Even now the case they have designed for the phone leaves a bit to be desired. I wouldn’t call it a weak design; I would call it a rushed design. I had to toss it aside and use my Magpul bumper case, which I will say it held quite well with no issues.

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    Monday, December 28th

    discipating incandescent gases

    Everybody has a flash hider on their #AR in some iteration; some are fancy some are utilitarian some cost big $$ some you picked up at the #local #gunshow out of a bin of parts on the table that some shady guy was selling! Whatever your choice is, do you know what it is doing for you? Flash Hiders have come a long way since their introduction, gaining their wide use during WWII. However, they still serve the same purpose, to reduce the muzzle flash and push the #incandescentgases to the sides to preserve the #shooters #nightvision.

    A lot of companies have their own versions, and their own science behind why and how they do things. Some of these things today look more dangerous than the rifle they are mounted on! Others are just innocuous little pieces of metal that do their job and nothing more. And well some just don’t work!

    So it is not often that we get to see a twist on this product that catches our attention, the guys at Rainier Arms have done just that. The one we tested has no fancy name like some of their other products, and it is one of the more reasonably priced ones on the market. But don’t let that fool you, or under estimate this little guy. Expensive does NOT always mean better!

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    Monday, December 28th

    Triple Feed

    A few months back I had a chance to take a class with a fantastic #instructors who’s name I am going to leave out of this as he may not want to be tied to this patch.

    Part of the #class involved learning how to clear common #malfunctions like a double feed in the #AR platform. During such a clearing, one of the students who is also a writer here, created the unicorn of malfunctions, a triple feed. Somehow instead of generating a double feed he had jammed 3 #bullets into the upper receiver creating a nasty mess that required an all hands on deck clearing.

    This became a running joke through the entire 3 days. It did not take long until some of our military guys started swapping out triple feed for the “shocker.” If you don’t know what that is you might want to hit google.

    We designed the Triple Feed Patch with both the malfunction and double meaning in mind. All proceeds from the sale of these patches go to keeping 248Shooter open. So with each purchase your getting a cool patch and helping me pay for the products we need to buy, to keep doing reviews.

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    Monday, December 28th

    HSP G-Code Incog Holster

    After the #HSP Disruptive Carbine Course I had taken a few months back, I started to rethink my #holster choice. All of the instructors had been sporting the #Incog during the class, but considered they work with Travis, well that is to be expected. Then I noticed that as people transitioned out of their battle gear into their #EDC items to leave the class, many of them tucked an Incog in their waistband.

    My curiosity was peaked, and I went to one of my writers who had been trying to convince me to buy one for some time. Huck, who you can hear and see on our #Ar500 Armor Shoot video, would not stop talking about it. “Oh man you got to try this it’s the best holster ever,” “Man I wear a G17 in my belt all day, and nobody knows”, and on and on and on, you get the picture.

    My last straw was when our female reviewer, the lovely and talented Heidi, started in on why I didn’t have an Incog review after I had reviewed so many other holsters. Of course, she was wearing one and had different holsters in different colors cause she is just that cool.

    It was time for me as an editor to start drinking the other writer’s Kool-Aid. How can I very well trust you to read my reviews and that of my staff, if I can’t trust the recommendation of the team writing them?

    So I ordered one. Kryptek Mandrake on green cause they did not offer Typhon, and I’m a sucker for Kryptek. The next week they offered a limited run in Typhon, and I nearly lost my mind. Then G-Code opened up a limited edition run of blood stripe and I got pissed, red and black are my colors with proceeds going to raise money for the MARSOC Foundation. I must have some of the worst luck in the world when it comes to buying things.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Detroit Bullet Works Ammo Luggage

    Most of us have an #EDC that we carry with us. Others have a go bag or get home bag that is in our car or home that is fully packed with items that are needed in an #emergency, and you likely would not be here if that did not include #ammo.

    Ammunition in long-term storage with wide hot and cold temperature ranges, as well as unregulated humidity, poses a serious issue. Traditional options like military ammunition boxes often are too large for bug out or get home situations.

    #DetroitBulletWorks has evaluated the needs of these situations and developed a solution based on years of prepper and ammunition experience. The DBW Ammo Luggage™ is a state of the art hard Pelican 1010 or 1020 case designed to withstand the most inclement weather. Except lava of course nothing withstands lava!

    The DBW Ammo Luggage™ storage solution offered in 20, and 50 round configurations is a 2lb custom cut foam bed to secure your ammunition from scratching, noise, pressure changes, weather and so much more.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Combat (SD-C) Trigger

    We have reviewed some of the #ALGDefense products in the past like the rails and #ACT #trigger they make. Their parent company #Geissele was kind enough to send us out a #Super Dynamic Combat Trigger commonly referred to as the #SD-C Trigger.

    The SDC is a completely flat trigger, which creates a feel that is different from a conventional trigger. The pull weight of a curved trigger and a flat trigger can be set to the same weight, but due to leverage the flat will “feel” lighter. There is also a perceived ability to shoot straighter dues to the angle of pull using the flat trigger instead of hooking it.

    Your mileage may vary, and some of the responses I have seen on forums may be a placebo affect. All I can tell you is my opinion. I like the flat trigger but I have no issue with curved triggers. I would not buy a gun or trigger “just” because it is flat. The other elements such as weight, reset and pull make more of a difference. That said if all elements are equal as you can find in several of the Geissele triggers I would take the flat.

    So what features does this trigger sport that make it command a price of $230. 00

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    Monday, December 28th

    Laser Ammo SureStrike

    So we received #LaserAmmo in the mail the other day. When I first checked this company out I thought, this is a novel idea and might have some benefits. That might be the understatement of this year. The team I spoke with at Laser #Ammo is knowledgeable and really interested in helping those in the #guncommunity. These are the types of companies I love to work with, so it only made sense to give them a whirl.

    Well, after the first day I am hooked on the product. After the third day, I wondered how I had gone so long without this. After two weeks, I think they named the product wrong.

    It should be “super mega awesome training laser designed to save you thousands and improve your skills with drawing, shooting and target acquisition at home in your spare time that is also a bore sight”. Since that is kind of long, it could have been: SMATLDTSYTAIYSWDSATAAHIYSTTIAABS since we all love abbreviations in the tactical market.

    Well, my guess is none of those would fit on the small self-contained kit they ship you. So they had to just call it #SureStrike. I think they missed out here but what do I know.

    Ok, enough about the name lets talk about what you get and why I think this might be one of the coolest products I have had a chance to review.

    What You Get:
    We picked up the SureStrike ultimate LE Edition for $199 since it contains the majority of calibers we regularly shoot. The kit comes with:
    • 223 SureStrike laser cartridge and pipe
    • 9mm SureStrike Dual Function cap — 5,000 additional shots!
    • 40S&W caliber adapter
    • 45ACP caliber adapter
    • Safety system
    • Extension pipe
    • 6 reflective targets
    • Carrying case
    The main part of the kit is a slim 9mm stainless steel bullet shaped laser. The LE kit has two base plates for the device; the main one is for pistol calibers, and the second is for 223/556.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Kriss SDP

    Not too long ago we did a review on the# Kriss #SDP also commonly referred to as the Kriss #Vector. The Kriss is a #revolutionary #gun, completely different from anything else on the market. This drastic shift in design is either loved or hated by those that #shoot it. You can read all about our initial impressions and the features that make it different in our original post.

    Unfortunately for the civilian market the gun as it was originally designed would be classified as an #NFA Short Barreled Rifle. This makes it illegal to own in several states and harder to get in many others, not to mention expensive requiring a $200 tax stamp. Without the brace, you will find that we didn’t enjoy the Kriss as much as we originally hoped we would.

    Thankfully the team at #SigSauer invented the nifty Sig Arm Brace, and the ATF has ruled that the brace may be shoulder fired without being considered a stock or SBR.

    Kriss has gone and used this nifty invention and the associated ruling to offer the Kriss SDP in a configuration closer to it’s original design.

    Using the new Kriss Vector M4 Stock Adapter retailing for 59.95 you can now replace the QD endcap on the SDP with an M4 adapter. When combined with a KAK Super Sig SB-15 Pistol Buffer Tube ($42)and the Sig Brace you end up with a pistol compliant gun, that is easy to fire and so much fun to shoot.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Bullseye Camera System

    So you finally got that hot new #gun you been eyeing for weeks, months or years over on #Bud’s Gun shop or at your #local store. You even picked out the perfect glass to put on top of it, and it’s time to sight it in.

    While I feel this scenario doesn’t happen enough, my wife thinks it happens too much around here. Either way, when it comes to sighting in my #riffles, it’s a bittersweet experience.

    I have the luxury to belong to more than one private range, but all of the ranges I belong to make sighting in your rifle a bit of a chore. Walking down range after each shot is often not feasible with other shooters around.

    Trying to mark shots with binoculars works as an option but I prefer marking each shot and looking at the target up close before making adjustments. If your lucky enough to get a range that lets you shoot, 600 yards+ then chances are even with the option to go downrange with each shot , your not going to want to walk that much.

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    Monday, December 28th

    Bullseye Camera Systems

    After almost 2 months of testing #248Shooter just released the review of the #Bullseye Camera Systems Long Distance Target Camera.

    We are very excited to follow up that review with breaking news from #BCS. Today they have announced a new short range camera system called the Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-in Edition. Available for pre-order now with shipping expected Dec 1st of this year.

    Check out this excerpt from their press release.

    The Bullseye AmmoCam™ Sight-In Edition is a fully self-contained unit that weighs only 5 lbs. and is the perfect solution to those shooting and sighting in at 300 yards or less. Simply set the unit down range, flip the switch on and start shooting. The system is weather resistant, has a 12+ hour battery life and supports iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows-based laptops. It also allows multiple users to connect to the system to track shooting progress.

    The idea of having such a small self contained unit capable of recording shots up to 300 yards offers a huge advantage to shooters. This is the type of product easy to transport that makes shooting with kids or old timers much more fun.

    Retailing at $349 and currently only available from http://www.bullseyecamera.com

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    Monday, December 28th

    Techna Clip

    #Holsters have been a recurring topic on our site since the early days. Besides the fact that I am a #gearwhore, we review so many holsters because there are many niches to fill.

    #Open Carry
    #Fast Access
    Inside the Waistband
    Outside the Waistband
    Appendix Carry
    Light Bearing
    With multiple style options and individual unique requirements, you’re never going to find one holster that covers all your needs. This became painfully obvious to me when I evaluated ways to better carry while working out.

    It was in an effort to fill this gap in my holster armory that I came across the Techna Clip. Techna clip is a belt clip secured to the grip or rear of a gun, providing a no bulk, deep concealment solution.

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