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Thursday, July 26th

Roche Harbor Paradise

We had a great time flying with Tim and Elizabeth to the San Juan Islands in Washington. We landed at the Roche Harbor airport, just a few minutes walking distance from the Roche Harbor strip. A quaint little town mixed with colonial style buildings and vacation homes and luxury yachts and sail boats. On our trip to the island, we stopped by a few must see locations. First, was visiting the Pelindaba Lavender Farm were we gazed over spralling lavender fields, perused the vendor booths, and listen to a lavender distilling demo. Next, we headed to the lighthouse lookout where we spotted a few orca whales popping their dorsal fins out of the water as they swam near kayakers. As time slipped away on our one day trip, we headed to Friday Harbor for a quick bite to eat before heading back to Roche. Killing time before dinner and our flight home, we walked down towards the enormous sparkling white skysrapper yachts to dream of the "what if's" and slowly floated back down to reality as we saw the price tags on the "for sale" boats listed at 4.5 million. I know what you're thinking, pocket change, right! Just a little dip into the savings account and a fat lifetime loan and you'd be enjoying the leisurely life on the water...paradise!

After a delicious meal at The Madrona Bar & Grill, we walked back to the plane for our hour and a half flight home. An hour into the flight we watched the sunset on the Pacific Ocean just before landing at Hillsboro airport.

If you live in the North West make a trip up to Roche and Friday Harbor, you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, October 22nd

For the Love of Guns!

If we get a brake in weather we may take our new #SpringfieldXDS #9mm out for some practice. Then we'll take some time to clean the gun to prevent any rust from starting, due to moisture level outside.

Thursday, October 20th

Elk Caught on Game Cam!

Our neighbor up the hill has been watching this heard of 20 or so come across his field for several months now. He set up two #gamecams one on the top pasture and the other towards the lower half facing the downhill slope. The video's and photo's you'll see are from the camera on the top of the property.

Last year the neighbors wife shot her first #elk, as well as my husband. Both animals had spikes and were good eat n'! We gutted both out in the field before hopping on the tractor to come fetch the heavy loads. Strapped by their hind ends we worked late into the night #skinning and #quartering to begin the curing process. Needless to say it was a successful season on the hill and hope good fortune will find us filling our freezers once again.

#Happy #hunting!

Thursday, April 14th

Dominican Honeymoon

My husband and I visited the Dominican Republic for an amazing nine day getaway for our honeymoon this past summer. Our first three nights were spent in Punta Cana at the luxurious all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel. We enjoyed lounging poolside for many hours working on fading our tan lines, and cooling off with a few boogie board secession and refreshing tropical drinks courtesy of the hotel! The last night we went on a horseback ride on the beach and watched the sunset creep over the ocean; a perfect ending to the first half of our trip.

The second part of our trip started with an interesting 4 hour taxi ride through the mad traffic jams of the inner cities on the island, where we final reach our second hotel in Puerto Plata located about a mile from beach. The beach however was not a typical picturesque scene you would expected with a white sandy beach, calm blue water, and shady palm trees to beat the heat. Instead we came across sharp jagged rocks that were pummeled by rough waves of death and limp palm trees with dirty brown sand.

Needless to say we were determined to find that tropical dream often found on the front page of a travel magazine. After talking with our friendly hotel clerk and thumbing through several attraction brochures we headed out seeking to fulfill the tropical bug we had been in search of. Below is a video and a few pictures of our stay in the Dominican Republic!

Thursday, March 31st

Backpacking Trip

We backpacked the Upper Salmonberry River hidden in the Tillamook Forest over the weekend and brought along a few necessities that were life savers!

Sven Folding Saw - 15"
MSR HyperFlow MicroFilter Water Filter
Suaoki Solar LED Lantern Camping Hiking Tent Light
GSI Outdoors
Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset
Small butane can

Sunday, January 3rd

Starting a New Year's Tradition

Spent New Years at Wolf Creek trying out our new clay pigeon thrower that we got for Christmas. It was a great way to spend the day trying out new toys, unloading a few rounds, and relaxing in the great outdoors. We used my 12 gauge Remington 870 Express Super Magnum and my husbands 12 gauge Remington 870 Tactical shotgun with a Crimson Trace MVF-515 Laser Grip.

Don't forget to clean up your shells once your done at the range!