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Wednesday, July 8th

Heels to Holster surviving an abusi

Shirley Watral was a successful IT manager with a new relationship which seemed to be everything she hoped for until signs began to point negative. As she tried to ease her way out, his grasp became stronger, a warning sign she did not recognize at the time but which would devolve into being held hostage and worse.

Her life plunged into the terror of domestic abuse. Though she took steps to save herself, her life spiraled down as he set out to make her stay or punish her, through criminal and cunning methods as he enlisted other unwitting people to get information on her movements.

This is the story of a woman who found the courage to let others help her get away and to finally realize that waiting for someone to come to her rescue was the wrong approach. The trail of events- through fear, plots, and legal wrangling – leads her to the tough realization she needs to rise and become her own superhero, which she did.

The fact she wrote this account underscores that she lived through the experience, but more than that, she found a way to put the horrific period in its place. She figured out how to thrive and shine a light on a map for others to do the same. This is the story of spirit, appreciation, and survival of a woman who found her inner warrior as she encourages you to find yours.

Many people may not understand that physical abuse leaves more than bruises, cuts and broken bones that eventually heal and are not visible. It is the mental and emotional wounds that don’t go away and can’t be seen by others. These wounds are felt by the victim and they must deal with them alone.

In an effort to help abused women find their inner warrior and become strong, confident women, Shirley will donate a percentage of the profits from the sales of her book to nonprofit organizations with a mission to help women reclaim their lives.

[Check it out! ](https://www.amazon.com/Heels-Holster-surviving-relationship-discovering/dp/1734463902/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=heels+to+holsters&qid=1593560081&sr=8-1)

Thursday, August 30th

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt has always been an inspiration for women around the world. I'm not here to discuss her vast accomplishments, for there are plenty. What most people don't know is that Mrs. Roosevelt had a permit to carry a pistol! This permit was issued by Dutchess County, New York when she was 72 years old. But she started carrying a pistol well before that. Eleanor was taught how to use a revolver by her husband, the presidents, body guards. Being the independent woman that she was, she refused to allow secret service to always accompany her during her time as first lady. Reportedly, she wasn't a great shot, but certainly knew how to use a weapon, and kept it in her cars glovebox.

Born October 11, 1884, in New York City, Eleanor Roosevelt, the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, married Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 17, 1905. A politically active First Lady of New York State, from 1929 to 1933, Eleanor broadcast “Women in Politics” on NBC radio, edited the Women’s Democratic News and did major fundraising for the National Democratic Committee’s Women’s Activities Committee.

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Thursday, August 30th

Concealed carry Purses

Considering upgrading your handbag to a concealed carry purse? Here's some things to look for. Quality leather or fabric is obviously vital in your bag lasting any amount of time. Especially if you are carrying this around every day, it needs to withstand lots of abuse. The same goes with straps. Especially if your gun is a little heavier, or if you keep a good amount of stuff in your bag. It is also very important that your firearm has a spot separate from all else in the purse. You don't want anything turning off your safety, causing an accidental discharge, or jamming into the trigger guard! Lastly, check for nylon zippers vs. metal ones. If a tooth of a metal zipper goes missing, you are going to have a heck of a time opeing it! And goodness knows that is the last thing you need in an emergency situation!

Look for shoulder straps that are strong enough to carry the weight of the purse when it contains your firearm, an extra magazine and all your other stuff … it all adds up. Gun Tote’n Mamas’ shoulder straps are reinforced with wire for strength and to prevent someone from easily cutting a strap with a knife. Also, if the purse you like has short, attached handles, make sure it also has a long shoulder strap that you can use, attached with D-rings. You want to carry cross-body when the need arises.

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Thursday, August 30th

Summertime Concealment

Warm temperatures doesn't have to mean more difficult concealed carrying ! There are plenty of solutions to keep you cool and your firearm unnoticed. Flowy, not necessarily baggy shirts help even out shapes. Patterns or prints distract from imprints of your holster or weapon. Concealment Leggings, Belly Bands, and IWB holsters are all made specifically to make carrying easier and less conspicuous. Also consider carrying a smaller arm in the warmer weather. And keep in mind that having your weapon closer to your body will expose it to sweat. Make sure to clean it thoroughly to prevent rusting.

I used to believe you could only conceal a firearm by wearing big, baggy clothing. After much experimenting, I’ve found that’s not always the case. A couple key factors that I look for when clothes shopping are:

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Tuesday, May 15th

Women have always hunted and used g

A lot of people don't realize that women used guns and hunted as much as they did in the olden days. Some of the more famous female gun and hunting pioneers include Annie Oakley and Lillian Frances Smith. But in the days of little to no women's rights plenty regular everyday gals were out there shooting and hunting too! {img}{img}{img}{img}{img}

Annie Oakley learned how to trap and hunt at the young age of seven or eight, and sold the game to locals and shopkeepers to support her own family. She was so successful doing this that by the time she was fifteen, she had paid off the mortgage on her family farm.

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Thursday, May 3rd

FREE Gun Lesson For 800 Women

In Detroit Michigan on May 20th a free gun lesson will be held. It is completely free, and they are hoping to train 800 women! It will be held at the Top Gun Shooting Sports Gun Range.

Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun rights advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at a southeast Michigan target range for 800 women interested in learning more about firearms and personal protection.

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Thursday, April 12th

Babes with bullets

The 3rd annual Babes with Bullets match shells out $50,000 to the winner of the challenges. Who by the way can be either male or female, the name is a little misleading.

Otis Technology announces its participation as presenting sponsor of the 3rd Annual Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge. The match takes place May 19th and 20th at the Miculek’s Shootout Range near Shreveport, LA.

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Tuesday, April 3rd

Support Women Outdoors Enthusiasts

GoWild is partnering with ReelCamo Girl to create a platform for Women interested in hunting and other outdoor sports. We all have something we can learn from one another, and it is always helpful to have a forum to aid in that.

The GoWild hunting, fishing and outdoors app is proud to announce a partnership with ReelCamo Girl, an organization dedicated to empowering sportswomen.

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Friday, March 30th

Becoming An Outdoors Woman Workshop

On April 13-15 there will be an Outdoors woman camp near Prescott, Arizona. There are over 30 classes and workshops including: canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, archery, beginning fishing, photography, horsemanship, geocaching, wilderness medicine, and hiking. All are taught by experts in that specefic subject. Looks like a whole lot of fun! There is definitely enough classes to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone!

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshop on April 13-15 at a rustic camp near Prescott is still accepting registrations.

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Thursday, March 8th

Ladies Handgun Championship

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League ( #AG&AG ) is pleased to announce that #SIGSauer is the Title Sponsor of the first-ever #USPSA Ladies Handgun Championship to be held at Rockcastle Shooting Center on Sunday, October 7, 2018.

This match comprises the final day of the A Girl & A Gun Fall Festival, which includes shooting clinics and competitive events for women throughout the Mammoth Park, KY, property. “We are so honored to have the confidence of Mike Foley and USPSA to roll out the first-ever all-ladies match,” says AG & AG Founder Julianna Crowder. “We have so many talented female shooters in this sport, from D Class to Grand Masters. It will be fun for us to have an opportunity to come together for competition as well as camaraderie.”

The SIG Sauer USPSA Ladies Handgun Championship match consists of 8 fun stages with a round count of over 250 rounds. It will have a combination of challenging small, medium, and large courses of fire to test every skill level. Event staff includes experts in match design and match management to deliver an exceptional experience. The event concludes with a prize table and awards ceremony.

John Scoutten and crew will be on-hand covering the action for Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA, and Tony Pignato will be covering the match for direct to social media production. This match will welcome more than 100 women from across the country. Membership to AG & AG is not required. Registration is open at AGirlandAGun.org/fallfest.

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Friday, March 2nd

Tevas De La Vina Boot

#Footwear for #women can be challenging. Most of us want comfort and modern style, but have to forgo one for the other too often. Finding a picture of a boot that’s appealing is easy; finding a boot that looks good, is comfortable for hours on end and has ample traction, are other factors that aren’t always part of the deal.

In September of last year, the Teva De La Vina boot caught my eye at REI. It was rugged, stylish, claimed to be waterproof and wasn’t clunky. After debating the pros and cons of trying it on, I opted to put it back on the shelf and walk away, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few weeks. So, I eventually looked it up online at REI and saw they didn’t carry a womens size 5.5, which led me straight to Teva.com. My size was available, but I was still a little thrown by the $180 price tag. Fortunately, I found a 20% coupon online and placed my order for the De La Vina in Bison. UPDATE: Here on Amazon, these boots are much more affordable and just a little over $100! By the way, Bison is actually more reddish-brown than the yellow color shown in Teva’s pictures, hopefully that can be seen in our photos.

I had high expectations for these boots. Each year when we cover SHOT Show, I like to wear boots instead of regular shoes. Let’s face it, there just aren’t too many sexy, practical options when it comes to needing to walk (sometimes run) all over a convention center. Having shoes that remain supportive and comfortable all day, yet are versatile enough to go from gravel roads to carpeted convention centers, are ideal. This also helps me pack light and not have to worry about toting around extra shoes when we have to venture from one place to the next. Plus, I want to look like I have a bit of style while traipsing around.

It was the end of October 2013 when I purchased the De La Vina boots and began wearing them in November. They quickly became part of my cooler weather uniform, even on rainy days. The upper portion of the boot is made of a waterproofed leather that really kept my feet dry and warm while out in the elements. The leather also dried without spotting or staining after each time they got wet.

The inside of the boot is lined with a very soft material, so on the few occasions that I wore the boots inside of pants instead of on the outside, my legs didn’t sweat or stick to the lining. Teva advertises in the product description that the sole “is a Mush® Infused Insole [which] brings the absurd comfort of a flip flop into a shoe” and I completely agree, it felt almost like wearing comfortable flip flops. Many times, even after wearing the boots all day long, I would forget to take them off when I got home and would just get started cooking dinner.

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Wednesday, February 28th

CNN Analyst Insults Women

On February 24 #CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes asked the question; “For a woman, where are you going to hide that #gun during the day?” He continued with another question, “If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket everyday with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?” Yes, he actually asked those questions on national television in 2018. Dave Marris captured Tom Fuentes’ comments on his Facebook page.

It is unfortunate that someone with such a public persona and lengthy career in the FBI is so ignorant about women and our ability to carry a firearm.
Never before have their been more products available specifically tailored to women’s needs. There are holsters designed for all areas of a woman’s body that can be easily and safely concealed under everyday clothing. The traditional OWB holster that Mr. Fuentes references is used by some women who prefer to wear jackets or overshirts to cover the firearm, but that is only one option. There are quality holsters for inside the waistband (front, side, or back), corset/bellyband, bra mounted (both front and side), thigh and ankle holsters, boot holsters, and others.

Millions of women know how to evaluate a concealed carry holster for EDC safety and functionality. Secondly, firearms themselves have become smaller and easier to conceal. It is not uncommon for women to have a variety of pistols that conceal better with different wardrobe choices or activities. We recently compiled a list of the best concealed carry handguns that our female pistol instructors carry on a daily basis. There are dozens of quality firearms on the market that are perfect for on-body carry for men and women to easily conceal. These firearms are secured safely in a holster unless the person determines, under the law, that lethal force is required.

Finally, firearm safety is not a gender issue. All people must always follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety. There are 3 safe places for a self-defense pistol and all men and women must adhere to these principles. Mr. Fuentes smuggly jested that a woman would leave her concealed carry pistol in her desk drawer and he showed his ignorance to the emphasis that our organization puts on the safe storage of firearms.

We invite Mr. Fuentes and his colleagues at CNN to become more familiar with female gun owners, our gun-carrying lifestyle, values, and abilities. Many women come into gun ownership with the primary purpose of protecting themselves. They turn to A Girl & A Gun for holster information and responsible firearms training. We welcome them to the mindset of being their own first responders by carrying a handgun and taking charge of their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones.

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Monday, February 12th

Women Ice Angler Project

The focus of this year’s #Women On Ice was to showcase mobility and flexibility, and after a hard day of #fishing on the second day, and a bit of a challenging start to the final day, the ladies moved around until they dialed it in. And they did.

Big slab crappies were of such a quality that even the local guides were asking for the Women Ice Angler Project spot. And the tip of the day was to work the water column as the big slabs were caught suspended just five- to six-feet under the ice. The ladies share information amongst their group as they try different things throughout the day, and Ice Team Pro Staffer Shelly Holland gets the credit for dialing in the 15” crappies to break up a slow morning. “They’re just under the ice,” she hollered to the group. “Fish on!” In a few moments several anglers broke through with crappies of their own.

“We put the pound town on them,” said Barb Carey. But the group soon pulled up stakes in spite of the strong bite to greet the gals participating in a “ladies only” guided (or self-guided) fishing day in Otter Tail County. Nearly 30 female anglers participated and many traveled from out of state. The GrassFed Media video crew finished the filming of their documentary with an in-depth look at extreme adventures. IceFishingFirst.com continued its fourth year of day-to-day coverage with Keith Worrall.

Sponsors include Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Jiffy, Orion Coolers, Ray Marine Electronics, Acme Tackle, K-Drill, Kahtoola, Camp Chef, The Nest of Perham along with media partners Outdoors First, Larry Smith Outdoors and GrassFed Media. Local hosts include Otter Tail Lakes Country Association (OTLCA) and East Silent Lake Resort. Founded four years ago by Barb Carey, WIAP 2018 anglers include: pro-staff anglers Shelly Holland, Bonnie Timm, Shantel Wittstruck, Rikki Pardun; outdoor photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson and outdoor writer Kristine (K.J.) Houtman and Dorothy Rietzler. The Women Ice Angler Project is a media event dedicated to shining the spotlight on women ice anglers. The media effect in just four years has brought attention to how many women enjoy ice fishing. Media and marketing efforts have ramped up to reflect that participation.

For the entire winter, all women anglers are encouraged to post their ice fishing photos and share their stories with Women On Ice’s Facebook page and follow theiceangler.com. “Our sponsors totally support women in this great sport,” Carey concluded. The Women Ice Angler Project sponsors include Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, K-Drill, Jiffy, Outdoor First Media, Larry Smith Outdoors, Grassfed Media, The Great Wild Radio Show, Fish On Kids Books, Stonehouse Photography, WI Women Fish, Orion Coolers, Ray Marine Electronics, Acme Tackle, Kahtoola, Camp Chef, the Nest of Perham, and hosts Otter Tail Lakes Country Association (OTLCA) and East Silent Lake Resort.

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Wednesday, January 17th

Lady Hawk 2.0 pistol

Berryville, Arkansas-based #Nighthawk Custom has a very impressive 1911 Commander-sized #handgun in 9mm or .45ACP they hope will appeal to #femalegunenthusiasts.

The niche specialty gun maker’s Lady Hawk 2.0 builds on their legacy design and pairs a Rose Gold TICN finish on the surface controls and barrel with custom obsidian, abalone and zinc grips — the latter in their first appearance on a firearm. Fully machined in-house, the Lady Hawk has a number of classic Nighthawk features such as a thinned and scalloped front strap and mainspring housing, serrated slide top, and crowned barrel that sits flush with the bushing.

However, it is not made to just look pretty. The newest Lady Hawk variant is standard with Heine Slant Pro night sights, a match grade barrel, and is completely dehorned. One thing about NHC though, they don’t come cheap. Retail as shown is $4,695 and, being a custom house, a very wide range of options are on the table to include threaded and bull barrels, stainless frames, engraving and sighting upgrades.

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Thursday, January 11th

Empowering Women through Guns

Since launching in 2011, the OWHA has been helping #women fulfill their potential when it comes to #hunting and #firearms, and Range Day has played a big part in that. The program allows women to try their hand at shooting pistols, shotguns, rifles and bows, with no licence required. They walk away knowing how to safely handle guns and bows, and how to load, unload and target shoot with proper posture. The members of local gun ranges and I have accomplished this through personalized instruction, working one-on-one with participants and answering questions with experience and thought.

By giving women a place and community to meet others and participate in events and programs to further educate themselves about firearms, archery and hunting, the OWHA also helps rejuvenate interest in Canada’s outdoor heritage. After all, if Mom likes to get out there and participate on the gun range or at hunt camp, then the children will almost certainly follow.

To get involved in the shooting sports, however, it doesn’t mean women are obligated to get up before sunrise and harvest the biggest buck for the dinner table. Rather, participation in outdoor activities provides them with the chance to expand their horizons and learn valuable life lessons. I want everyone to be able to have fun and enjoy the outdoors with their peers, and at the same time lay a solid foundation of skills and knowledge they can build on for the rest of their lives. The ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for women to get outdoors, learn about Canada’s outdoor heritage and carry it forward.

I’ve been working on Range Day since its launch, after it was pointed out to me there was a demand for assistance in introducing women to the shooting sports. I was flattered that women of all ages were asking me to share my expertise, not just those who wanted to shoot, but also women who wanted to better understand the entire shooting and hunting culture.

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Thursday, January 11th

Outdoorswoman Carly Deacon

Ask Manitoba’s Carly Deacon about the attitude Canadians hold toward #hunting today and her enthusiasm is barely containable. “Society has really changed for the better,” says the 37-year-old angler, #hunter and conservationist. “We’ve taken a turn and there’s no longer this attitude that it’s a barbaric pursuit reserved for just a few people.”

Talk to her about the future of hunting in Canada, meanwhile, and her excitement only grows. “We see so many more women and children and families taking part,” she says. “The more we can reach out and support people who are interested, the better chance we’ll have of preserving the heritage of hunting in Canada.”

Deacon should know. As program manager for the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF), and before that, Delta Waterfowl’s field program coordinator, she’s long been instrumental in introducing beginners to hunting, and sharing her love of the sport. It’s this unbridled passion, in fact, that helped her win Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman Contest, hosted by Outdoor Canada and Outdoor Canada West, and sponsored by Franchi Canada.

Deacon was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, into a family that loved to camp and spend time outdoors. But fishing and hunting were never really on the agenda. “I fished with friends a lot, because that’s what you did in Thunder Bay,” she says. “My dad used to hunt, but he hung up his rifle before I had the chance to hunt with him…but I’m working on it.”

Her first real introduction to hunting came when she was 20, after accepting a summer job at Delta Waterfowl as assistant field technician. At the time, she was earning her bachelor of science degree, with a major in zoology, from the University of Manitoba. “I ended up being with Delta for nine years,” she says, noting that in addition to becoming the field program coordinator, she also worked on the organization’s first mentored hunts.

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Wednesday, January 10th

Female Gun Owners Set Sights on Was

#Women from around the country are preparing to travel to the U.S. Capitol as part of the DC Project, a nonpartisan initiative that brings 50 women, one from each state, to Washington, DC, to meet with their legislators about issues addressing the #SecondAmendment. The women, who will be meeting with Congressional members and staff from June 20-23, 2018, have diverse professional experiences, ethnicity, and political beliefs, but share a common interest centered on the appreciation of America’s gun culture.

The DC Project was started by champion shooter Dianna Muller in 2016 to encourage female shooters to meet with legislators in order to give politicians a direct connection to the fastest growing demographic of gun owners. Females provide unique stories and perspectives on the attraction of the 2nd Amendment, including competition shooting sports, commerce, self-defense, hunting, and conservation.

“The Second Amendment is part of the United States Constitution and does not belong to one party,” said Muller. “Female gun owners are diverse, and have individualized stories and accounts of why this Amendment is so important to them. These stories need to be shared as they are representative of many within legislators’ constituencies.”

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) is the presenting sponsor of the DC Project. With a nationwide network of firearms instructors and female gun owners, AG & AG is a strong voice for the Second Amendment. Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director, is making her third trip with the DC Project to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“A Girl & A Gun is honored to be a part of this initiative. As a mother who was a supporter of gun control for decades, I now devote my life to empowering women with the safe use and storage of firearms,” said Sandoval. “It is important that our lawmakers learn our stories and have access to our resources for education on gun-related issues.”

The DC Project will host several events during the week as participants give speeches and meet with lawmakers to address the rising demographic of female gun ownership; the value of the 2nd Amendment in today’s society; and the importance of the preservation of America’s gun culture, from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense.

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Wednesday, January 10th

100 year old huntress

Bertha Vickers of Morgantown, #Mississippi started hunting during the #GreatDepression to help put food on the table and never stopped.

The newly turned centenarian was born in 1918 and celebrated her 100th this week only days after an image of her harvesting a doe from the Magnolia State’s woods went viral on social media.

“One of my neighbors invited me to come sit in a (shooting) house,” Vickers told the (Jackson) Clarion-Ledger of her two-day hunt, the first day of which left her empty-handed. On the second, she took a doe with a .243. News of Vickers’ whitetail success story quickly circled the internet, which left her puzzled.

“I don’t know why everybody is making such a big deal about it,” she said. “If I’d killed a big buck I could see it, but it was just a doe.”

The Oktibbeha County native recalled eating lots of quail during the Depression, but she switched to deer and turkey by the 1960s accompanied by her hunting partner husband who passed in 2000. She is reportedly still a fan of squirrel hunting whenever she isn’t cutting her own grass or working in her garden and looks forward to getting in some fishing once the weather warms up.

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Tuesday, January 9th

Archery Inspired Manicures

Fashion is a popular form of self-expression, and fingernails are the icing atop one’s artistic cake. It’s indoor archery season, which is a great time to rock some archery-inspired nails while rocking the range. If you’re equally comfortable showing your archery skills while showcasing your fashion sense, put these archery-centric nails on display the next time you draw your bow.

Excitement erupts when two passions collide. In archery, your hands are front and center every time you draw your bow, so draw some attention by sporting these archery-inspired nails the next time you shoot your bow. Statement nails showcase your love of archery while catching a few eyes every time you shoot at your local range.

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Monday, January 8th

Camo is the new Pink

Amid measures green lighting its use as a safety color in three states, blaze #pink is faltering in stores and among #female hunters. In late 2017, retailers in Wisconsin reported that its stock of blaze pink apparel moved off shelves at a much slower pace than blaze orange. “We haven’t had a huge response to it,” Nate Scherper, Vice President of Sherper’s told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We’ve really had very few people looking to buy it.” He added, “Most of our female customers prefer the orange over the pink.” Sherper’s says roughly 95-percent of its hunting apparel comes in blaze orange with only 5 percent offered in blaze pink.

Mills Fleet Farm, also located in Wisconsin, reported less than 10 percent of its goods colored pink, but said that sales had been moderate. “The vast majority of our sales are still blaze orange, however,” said Tim Geschke, the store’s assistant manager. The most recent data regarding female hunters collected in 2016 by the National Sporting Goods Association showed the number of women downing deers and ducks made up about 13 percent of American hunters, totaling 3.3 million at that time. The industry as a whole has worked to incorporate and encourage women to take up the shooting sports, but some say the focus on frilly colors might actually have the opposite effect.

“I think it’s really misguided,” Sarah Ingle, president of the Women’s Hunting and Sporting Association, told the publication. “Among the group of women I hunt with, we find it insulting and demeaning.” While Ingle adamantly contends the color conjures negative connotations, hunter and creator of the Hunt, Fish, Travel podcast, Carrie Zylka, offers a more indifferent approach. “I really applaud them for trying to do something to promote women in the outdoors and elicit new hunters,” Zylka told National Geographic. “I think that the money invested would have been better placed in some of the outdoor programs like Being an Outdoors Woman, because, realistically, blaze pink or blaze orange, it really doesn’t matter.”

Though some feel the color pink deters female hunters, there are those that prefer the bright femininity that pink flaunts. “I think the pink is awesome; even the young girls like that,” Liz Menninger, of New York, told The New York Times. Menninger, an avid hunter, whole-heartedly endorsed the introduction of pink in the state’s approved safety color options. Colorado Sen. Kerry Donovan, who pushed for her state to allow pink in the field, said the inclusion of pink sends a resounding message to girls that they too belong in the hunting arena. “When I was growing up hunting, I very literally wore the hand-me-downs of my brothers,” Donovan told The InDenver Times. “There was this clear message that as a young girl, I didn’t belong in hunting.”

Regardless of whether pink empowers or detracts from female hunters, one thing seems to remain certain — retailers aren’t feeling a big push to carry more in store. “I think it was played up in (Wisconsin) and some excitement was generated about it,” Scherper said. “But from our standpoint, it wasn’t going to be revolutionary and so far it hasn’t been.”

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Friday, January 5th

Precision shooting Gloves

Dynamis Alliance partners up with Line of Fire to roll out new #shooting #gloves epically named Gauntlet Precision Gloves. In the works for nearly a decade, Dynamis says the companies designed the gloves from the ground up to give shooters of all varieties, a “second skin” like feel while operating their weapons.

Comfort meets dexterity, according to Dynamis, who says the Gauntlet’s ergonomic design and lightweight microsuede construction pair to deliver a “dexterous, cutting edge, and durable” set of gloves. Dynamis equips the set with flexible finger gussets which are said to deliver a more secure fit. In addition, extensive work was done to reinforce hand webbing preventing significant firearm and tool usage degradation, according to the glove maker.

Unless you live under a rock or wear a tinfoil hat, you probably have a smartphone or tablet. As such the Gauntlet gloves are constructed with a special material on the thumb, pointer and middle fingers on both the left and right glove that permit shooters to manipulate touch screens. Calculate ballistics, navigate GPS or order a pizza for your range buddies– the gloves’ tech-friendly material opens the door to less on/off frustration for those of us who live and breathe tech.

Rounding out the accoutrements is a grippy material placed along the inside of the gloves to maintain positive contact with firearms or any other tools you might have in hand. Gauntlet gloves also feature internal attachment loops that seek to offer a better means of storage so glove mates don’t pull a Houdini and mysteriously disappear. The Dynamis Mindset, “Crush Everything,” comes emblazoned along the pointer finger which seems a little extra, as the kids say. Dynamis will throw down the Gauntlet, so to speak, in February when the gloves are set to start rolling out to consumers. In the meantime, the company is taking pre-orders. Available in sizes small to extra large, the gloves retail for just under $40.

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Vera Koo

At the age of 70, #VeraKoo is both a national and world titleholder in the sport of Action #Pistol #Shooting.
This is the story of a petite Chinese-American woman, a wife, a mother of three grown children and grandmother to five beautiful little girls.

Since the beginning of the NRA National Action Pistol Championships (Bianchi Cup), only three (or four) have been celebrated as Top Woman Champions no more than four times. Vera is the first and only woman in the history of Bianchi Cup to win eight National Top Woman Titles and two World Titles, also being the first woman to place in the overall top 20 at the 2001 NRA Bianchi Cup.

Vera is currently competing in the regular Women’s category, as well as the Senior/Super Senior category, in which she competes against only male shooters. As one of the elite female athletes in the growing sport, Vera enjoys mentoring young shooters as she continues to compete at the highest level. Follow her website for updates about her shooting, her blog, her upcoming book, and her appearances.

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Womens Tactical Pants

#Tacticalpants are the modern day "cool kid" version of cargo pants. They fit a ton of #gear and are extra durable. Most of my guy friends have known this for quite a while, and they rock this style of trousers daily. As a lady it's been a big challenge to find equivalently useful pants that balance both style and cost. A girl's got to look good, right? ;)

Cue the LA Police Gear women's tactical pants product line, which currently consists of the Women's Operator Tactical Pants (MSRP $22.99) and Women's Stretch Ops Pants (MSRP $24.99). The Operator Tactical Pants are the typical tactical pants - they have eight pockets, a slightly more straight-leg fit, and a few v-loops to clip carabiners to. The Stretch Ops Pants are a more modern take on the tactical pant concept, with a slightly more fitted waist and leg.

As previously stated, while I reviewed these pants I was between six and eight months into my first pregnancy. After a few months of wearing maternity pants, which are notoriously pocketless, I loved the practicality of these pants. I have my own method of wearing "normal" pants while pregnant, using an elastic headband and a long tank top. This method worked better on the Operator Tactical Pants than the Stretch Ops Pants, since the Operator Tactical Pants have some elastic in the back of the waistband. The Stretch Ops Pants tended to slide down during the day as I wore them in this way, but I did not encounter that at all with the Operator Tactical Pants.

The pants shipped quickly from LA Police Gear, arriving at my doorstep within three days of placing the order. The price on these pants is incredibly reasonable, and significantly lower than similar pants from other brands. Both styles come in regular and long lengths with options in black, khaki, coyote, OD green, and navy.

As far as sizing goes, I ended up reading the reviews on the LA Police Gear sites for each pair of pants and ordering up a size from my typical size 10 or 12. With the size 14 I had no problem fitting my legs, my butt, or (part of) my belly into either style of pants. Annette found that she had to order up one size from typical on the Operator Tactical Pants and two sizes up from typical on the Stretch Ops Pants. According to Annette, the Stretch Ops Pants are "more midrise than the Operator Tactical Pants and fit tight across the hips but gap in the waist (which would make it easy to carry at 6 o'clock!)."

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Tuesday, December 26th

Delia Akeley and Mary Kingsley

Writing about early #female #big-game #hunters, aka historical huntresses, was not as easy as I thought it would be. I chose 2 women, Delia J. Akeley and Mary Kingsley, who I feel exhibited strength and who pursued their dreams despite what society expected of them. And although these ladies wrote many books, there is very little information available about them.

Delia J. Akeley (“Mickie”), born in Wisconsin on December 5, 1875, worked, alongside her husband, Carl, as a respected taxidermist. In 1905, The Chicago Field Museum commissioned Carol and her to Africa and collect examples of elephants. Delia had never fired a gun before, but she quickly learned how to shoot and hunt in order to assist her husband. Among the many animals collected during the expedition, Delia successfully brought back 2 of the finest elephants.The couple returned to Africa in 1909, this time on an expedition for the American Museum of Natural History in New York. When an elephant injured her husband, Delia took charge of the exhibition for three months. She hunted every day, also observing the behavior of monkeys. The museum still displays one of the elephants from this trip in its Africa Hall. 1924 found Delia divorced and led a small expedition in the Congo to hunt and photograph animals. While there, she began studying reclusive Pygmy tribes. Throughout her life, Delia traveled many times to Africa, studying both primates and indigenous people. She is remembered as a hunter, an author (her books include 1928’s J.T. Jr., The Biography of an African Monkey and 1930’s Jungle Portraits), and one of the first westerners to explore the desert between Kenya and Ethiopia.

Mary Kingsley was born 1862 in London. Although she came from a wealthy family, the only education she received came from her father, a doctor. Self-taught, she read books on natural history found in her father’s library. In the early 1890s, after both of her parents passed away, Mary traveled to West Africa to continue her father’s study of early religion and law. Alone, in her 30s, dressed in Victorian gowns, she traveled throughout the jungles, collecting specimens for the British Museum and studying cannibalistic tribes.In 1895, Mary returned to England and began writing her book Travels in West Africa. She also began a lecture series based on her findings of more than 100 specimens. Her first travels to Africa were quite eventful: She fell into a game pit filled with spears, she was caught in a tornado while climbing the slopes of Mount Cameroon, and she even battled crocodiles. Mary fought to free African culture from the influence of missionaries and settlers. She returned to the continent twice more, her final time a visit to South Africa, in the middle of the Anglo-Boer War and an outbreak of typhoid. She served as a nurse in Cape Town, but after two months contracted typhoid. At the age of 37, she died of enteric fever; she was buried at sea.

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Friday, December 22nd

Chokes and Beads

This isn’t an uber-technical column where I go through #choke constrictions by the millimeter and tell you thread sizes for front #beads. It’s a more an overview of what chokes you need so that you’re comfortable with what you have in your gun. Along the way I’ll cover some basics on what the beads are for on the front of your #shotgun.

Choke tubes are threaded cylinders that screw into the front end of the shotgun barrel and determine the openness or tightness of the spread of “shot” (the BBs) when fired. The typical range—starting with the most open pattern and moving toward tighter patterns—is Cylinder, Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, Improved Modified, Light Full, Full and Extra Full. Some manufacturers (Fabarm, for one) use different terminology, but for the most part these names are the industry standard. Remember to clean your chokes regularly, and use adequate grease to ensure they don’t rust or get stuck (it happens more often than you think). Caesar Guerini also provides a choke wrench with its guns, as well as a choke thread cleaner, which can be used by just screwing off the top and twisting it into the threads. Briley makes a syringe of blue grease that is great for applying a thin line of grease before you screw your chokes back into your gun.

In addition to the chokes at the front of the barrel, there are also front beads. To bead or not to bead…that is the question. For pistol and rifle shooters, lining up the beads to shoot is required to get the bullet where you’re looking. But for shotgun, we don’t “aim” the gun, we “point” the gun. When you are mounting the gun for fit and to see where your eye lines up with the barrel, it’s very important to see how the bead(s) line up. If you have a mid-bead, they should look like a figure 8, with the front bead on the top. If there’s no mid-bead, the front bead is more of a reference point. Once you’re out shooting clay targets or real birds, you’re not supposed to look at your gun, you’re supposed to look at the target. So at that point, you really don’t need a front bead. Your eyes cannot focus on two things at two distances at once, so if they are looking at the end of your shotgun, they can’t focus on a target 30 yards away. If you start by looking at the target, and then are pulled back to look the barrel (by your fiber-optic bead), it drastically reduces your chances of hitting the target, since when you look at the gun, you slow down the movement of your barrel while the target is still moving forward.

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Thursday, December 21st

An Archery Experiance

Last Thursday I packed up my #bow and went to our sportsmen's club with the hubby to get some target #archery practice in. I was itching to shoot since we basically took the summer off to travel. Being back on the range felt so. darn. good.
Part of why I wanted us to shoot is that I signed us up for a match. We just picked up archery this March, but we are already signed up for matches. I cannot help it - I am a competitor to the core. We are registered for the Cobweb Classic at Ace Archers in Foxboro, Massachusetts on Sept. 16. That's less than a month away! The match will have us shooting 60 arrows total. The shots are split up so that we'll shoot three shots in sequence within two minutes then go score them. That is called an "end". This repeats twenty times for a total of 60 shots. After not shooting my compound bow regularly for a month and a half, I need to get back in the habit and build up endurance to shoot 60 shots.

The match will be indoors with the targets at 18m, so shooting outside at 30m isn't quite the same. But just drawing and shooting will help me get my bow muscles back, and Thursday was too nice of a day to pass up the chance to soak up the sun for one last outdoor archery practice. Typically there is an archery league at my club on Thursday nights but we must have missed the announcement that the league ended because we were the only ones there. It turned out great, because the solitude let Josh and I chat and take photos and make goofy comments without fear of judgment. As I drew back on my first shot, I felt so happy just to be on the range. I need to fling a few thousand more arrows down range to truly feel as comfortable shooting my bow accurately as I do shooting either of my competition rifles. Still, there are certain skills that translate between shooting sports disciplines.

Having a shot plan is one of those skills. When I draw the bow back, I have steps in my mind that help me execute each shot. I must have subconsciously identified it while training throughout the spring and early summer. To really solidify it I'll need to write it down and modify it until my shot plan is an accurate representation of what I need to do for accurate shooting. That first shot back felt right. I focused on the front sight, making sure the bubble level was true and keeping the sight picture clear. I squeezed my shoulder blades together like I've been instructed to do, and the shot released. I smiled.It was a 10, a perfect shot. Dead nuts, center of the target. On closer inspection it turned out to be ever so slightly low and right but from 30m downrange it sure looked and felt perfect.

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Monday, December 18th

Top Rated Compound Bows for Women

Lets take a look at the differences between men and women's #compound #bows and the variations that will be necessary to consider.


Power – or how strong a woman is, when compared to a man – is the first that we could debate. I am stronger than many guys I know, and others fellas are a whole lot stronger than me. It’s pretty relative, and quite frankly with some time with weights most women can approximate the strength of an average man. If you're going to do any big game hunting you'll be needing to hit the gym to gain strength to pull the back a 50 -70 lb draw weight.


The average woman has less stamina (that is, the ability to endure physical effort for extended periods of time) than the average male. Anyone who’s been hunting, target shooting, or shooting a course knows that archery can be exhausting.

I say, “foul” because that’s a load of horse manure. And even if it wasn’t, any woman can increase her stamina to maintain the requirements. We can talk more about how ladies lack stamina after YOU spend 14 hours in labor…


On average, men are taller than women. That converts to longer arms. In archery terms, we’re talking about draw length. And while there’s a lot a woman can do – even they can’t make their own arms longer. When armed with a custom bow, specifically set to their requirements, there’s virtually no difference in the woods or on the range between men and women. Like rifle or pistol shooting, archery is truly a level field for anyone.

Luckily, manufacturers have listened to the feedback, and over the years quality lines of ladies’ bows have surged to the forefront of archery and sports shops.

Best Compound Bows for Women

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package – Best Women’s Compound Bow

Overview: Out of the box, this is probably one of the most field-adjustable bows on the market. Perfect for women or young archers ready for a serious bow, the Infinite Edge is available left or right hand and features the Mossy Oak ® Camo pattern.

SAS Rage Compound Bow

Overview: I hadn’t heard much about this particular manufacturer, so it seemed like a good excuse to review the product. Pulling the SAS Rage out of the box, I noticed two things, simultaneously.

Genesis Original Kit – Best Compound Bow for Beginners

Overview:The overall look and feel is exactly what I would expect from a product that is the official bow of the NASP® (National Archery in the Schools Program). It’s a no-frills, basic bow for learning. The wide draw range and light draw weight are ideal for learners of any age – male or female – and adjustments are easy.

Quest Radical Right/Left Hand Package – Best Ladies Bow for Advanced Archers

Overview: The Quest Radical is another bow that bridges the gap from young novice to intermediate archer. Accentuated by a wide range for draw length as well as draw weight, the Quest allows the user to progress without the need for changing bows – and the 70 pound draw weight could easily translate into a first deer drop.

Diamond by Bowtech Core – Best Women’s Hunting Bow

Overview: When I ordered the Bowtech Core, I knew this puppy is built for speed. And I wasn’t disappointed. With quality construction that is to be expected from Bowtech, they managed to balance and distribute some of the massive weight – over 5 pounds of it. The limited adjustment in the draw length and the generous axle length herald this as a bow that means business.

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Thursday, December 14th

Shooting advice for Women

1. Don’t Let the Guys Get You Down
#Shooting is a male dominated sport, but don’t let it be intimidating. Find #ranges where you are comfortable shooting, take lessons, and shoot a lot – but don’t get intimidated. If it is something you love and are passionate about, it is worth pushing through, and today there are many more shooting opportunities dedicated to #women then even just a decade ago.

2. Get a Gun that Gets You
Take advantage of reps or distributors at shooting ranges to try different guns and buy the one that fits you. There are several guns designed and built for women, and these typically work for most women. But it’s still important to try out several different types of guns before you buy. When you are talking about a purchase that could cost up to several thousand dollars, this becomes even more important.

3. Love Light Loads
Practice is more important than power. Shoot lighter ammunition (1 ounce or less) that travels no more than 1250 feet per second. The key with clay target shooting is learning to place the cloud of shot in the right place at the right time. Faster ammunition doesn’t make this any easier, it’s all about lots of practice, which is a whole lot easier when the gun isn’t pounding you after only one box of shells.

4. Stand Strong
Make your stance instinctive. Work on the stance and understand how to stand in relation to the target’s origin so you can pick your intercept point and break point. After you master these fundamentals, you can move on to mastering the “soft knowledge” of recognizing the variables, like wind, that are presented. Your basic foundation will allow you to adapt to changing presentations and be creative (this also helps when you move from the sporting clays range to the hunting field).

5. Get Your Cadence Down
There’s a rhythm to shooting. Good shotgunning requires involves a consistent rhythm of the move, mount, shoot cadence. Learning that rhythm takes time and, again, lots of shots. I admit, I struggled with this part of the lesson, but it is logical and builds the consistency necessary to shoot well.

6. Relax Your Eyes
Let your eyes do the work naturally. By allowing the target to move into your field of vision as you are looking toward where you will intercept the target, you can rely more on your fundamental skills. Relaxing the eyes relaxes the whole body which in turn brings you back to being an instinctive and more consistent shooter.

7. Shoot with Women
Let yourself have fun! The bottom line to mastering these skills is to put plenty of rounds through your gun. Shooting by yourself certainly works – and there are many times this is a good option when you simply need repetition – but shooting with a supportive group is far more enjoyable. Ask your gun range if there are women’s shooting events or other women looking to shoot together. Do an internet search of women’s shooting clubs. Find a group that practices together, not just a league where it’s always competitive. Building a group of friends to get you out shooting regularly will make that practice a lot more fun.

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Wednesday, December 13th

Female Gun Owner Q&A

The path of new #gun ownership can sometimes bring twists and turns, and plenty of uncertainty. As a #firearms #instructor, I hear plenty of questions, especially from females. This list isn’t exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, but these are some of the most common questions I’m asked. —SB

1. How do I know if I’m choosing the right gun for me?
If you’re looking for a concealed carry gun, obviously we can narrow down the options to handguns instead of rifles or shotguns. From there, the options are a semi-automatic or a revolver. The first thing I do when I’m shopping for a gun is hold each one. Just like a pair of shoes on your feet, only you can know if a gun feels good in your hand and if it fits well.Once you’ve narrowed down those options, I’d highly encourage shooting a few different models at the range. Try different sized guns and multiple calibers. Many gun ranges rental options that allows you to try a gun, or several, for an hour at a time, which is a good chance to try before you buy. If that's not an option, see if any of your friends have guns that they’d allow you to try out. Choose a gun that feels comfortable in your hand, and that you’d enjoy shooting.

2. Should I have a firearm for personal protection and a different one for home defense?
I say it’s not necessary to have a designated gun for the designated purposes of concealed carry and home defense. More than one gun is a nice thing to have, but a carry gun can do double-duty as a home defense gun, and it offers the advantage to the user of not having to become familiar with two different firearms. The main thing to consider is where you plan to keep it while you’re at home, especially while you’re sleeping. Do you have a bedside safe? Will you keep it in your nightstand? If your house is broken into in the middle of the night, it’s important that you’re able to get to your gun quickly, and be able to do so while you’re still groggy, so that all must be taken into consideration when you're deciding on your home defense plan.

3. How does a semi-automatic work?
A modern semi-automatic handgun has a removable magazine that holds a certain number of cartridges (ammunition) which are kept under tension by a spring and a polymer follower. The magazine is inserted into the magazine well, located in the grip of the handgun, where it locks into place. When the trigger is depressed, one round is fired. When that happens, some of the energy is used to forced the slide backward, which ejects the spent casing. The recoil spring then moves the slide forward back to its original position. As it's moving forward, the slide loads the next cartridge from the magazine into the chamber, where it's ready to be fired, and start the whole thing over again. This process is repeated each time the trigger is pulled until the firearm is empty. On most semi-autos, the slide will lock back when the last round has been fired. There are plenty more details involved with the differences among semi-auto actions, but these are the basics. When testing out a gun at the range, you should consider how the gun operates and if you're comfortable with the controls, as well as the feel and the way it shoots.

4. Will the gun just “go off” by itself?
Generally, a modern firearm that is in good working order and hasn’t been modified won’t fire by itself. Gun manufacturers design pistols with a firing pin block, which prevents the gun from firing even when dropped. That said, there accidents do happen. Accidental discharges can happen when a person isn’t careful about keeping their finger off the trigger, or a holster doesn’t sufficiently cover the trigger guard. Never, ever put your finger on the trigger of a firearm until you are ready to shoot it.

5. What are the best clothing options for concealing a gun?
Most of the time it’s easier to pick a holster based on the type of clothing typically worn. However, there are some good tips when you’re buying clothing that will make it easier to conceal a firearm. Generally, patterns and prints work really well to break up the outline of a firearm. Shirt materials that are lightweight and flowy, not skin-tight and sheer, help prevent the gun bulge from being visible. If you’re going to carry on your waist with a belt, get a sturdy one that will keep the holster and gun snug against your body without sagging or sliding around. If possible, I’d recommend trying on clothing in a dressing room to see if your gun is concealed well with that particular item or outfit. Also, thicker gun belts are often wider than typical belts, so make sure your belt loops can handle it.

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Tuesday, December 12th

Female Gun enthusiasts in Texas

“Women are oppressed” is a common phrase uttered across today’s mainstream media, essentially claiming that women in America are marginalized by society. At fault, supposedly, are the people who work individually to make America the astounding country it is today. The media blames the system that fights for the rights of those yet to be born. It blames those who speak up for the America they believe in. Today’s media highlights all that is deemed sexist in our society, and it’s time for someone to speak up for the incredible women overcoming the media’s injustices.

#Texas, a hot spot for shooting sports, boasts some of the biggest shooting communities in the country. In a male-dominated field, many women have worked their way to the top of the industry as leaders in #shooting activities. In fact, the fastest growing demographic in the shooting sports is female shooters. Across Texas, the strength of the female community is inspiring hope for the future, and three incredible #women are leading the charge in their local areas.

The first of these powerhouse ladies, Jerah Hutchins, has created a name for herself as the Event Director for Defender Outdoors, the second biggest range in the United States. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the 43,000-square foot venue offers dozens of programs to get the community involved in shooting. Lead by Jerah, an avid shooter and hunter, the range works to broaden the scope of shooting sports in the community. With the goal of eliminating the stigma of guns being dangerous, the team works to provide a safe environment for all shooters. And as the event director, Jerah continues to pave the way for more female shooters to get involved and get active.

Slightly south of Jerah Hutchins, Renee Bustilloz is making waves in her community as a certified NRA Instructor and member of the Lady Hawks women’s shooting group at the Hawkeye Shooting Academy Range in Bell County, Texas. As an instructor, Renee gets the chance to work with women and broaden their horizons with respect to shooting activities. What motivates her? “I didn’t understand why girls were so nervous about guns,” said Renee, “so I started sharing my knowledge with other women.”

In regard to the growing number of females in the shooting sports, Renee sees the trend in her classes. “Twenty to thirty women showing up is not unheard of,” she noted. Renee is active not only at the range, but off it too. Working on her local Friends of NRA committee, along with a full time job as a paralegal, Renee continues to positively affect the Belton area. As a dedicated community member and female NRA Instructor, Renee hasn’t let anything hold her back from being a leader in sharing the passion for guns and shooting.

For our final woman taking charge in shooting, we head to Nacogdoches, Texas. Here Lori Pruitt works as a Managing Partner at the Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun Center. Lori originally got involved in the shooting business after gaining experience in the industry through her daughter’s 4-H club. With her family’s support and involvement, Lori was able to launch Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun Center in July of 2016. Lori’s credentials also include certified NRA Instructor, basic shooting educator and Certified Texas License to Carry Instructor.

As a teacher for women’s shooting courses, Lori’s work comes from the heart. “I am very passionate about supporting women in shooting sports,” she shared. Emphasizing the importance of teaching women confidence in this field, programs like Lori’s continue to boost the participation of women in shooting. As we closed out our discussion, the topic of America’s future came up—a brighter future. “I really do have hope for the future of this country,” Lori said. The future of our shooting traditions and Second Amendment freedoms may sometimes seem uncertain. But one thing is for certain; with women and men across the country working to diversify shooting, we have reason to see a brighter tomorrow for the United States of America.

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Wednesday, November 15th

Century Arms' Mosher Wins High Lady

#CenturyArms is proud to announce Team Century Arms Pro Shooter, Corinne Mosher, took the title of High Lady at the 2nd Annual 2017 Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championship. The AK47-variant practical-style competition was held at the Southern Utah Practical #Shooting Range in St. George, Utah on October 28-29, 2017.

"I train hard to be a stronger, faster competitor for each match I go to. As I see myself improving, my appreciation for the quality of my guns grows as well," said Mosher, Century Arm's Pro Shooter. "I have yet to shoot my C39v2 as well as it can be shot, or run it as hard as it can run, that gives me the drive to push myself to the next level, knowing my guns are already there."

The Red Oktober Kalashnikov match was created to offer a competitive outlet for the AK-pattern rifle in American shooting sports. Over the course of 2 days, competitors were faced with 8 daytime stages and 2 nighttime stages that celebrated the history of the AK rifle. Corinne chose to compete with her 100% American made, Century Arms C39v2 Zhukov Rifle which stood up to the challenge. Corinne placed 9th out of 83 in the Open Kalash Division and took home the title of High Lady. Corinne's next competition will be the 3-Gun Nation Nationals, November 10-12, in Alton, Virginia.

About Corinne Mosher

As the oldest of four children born to two Marines at Camp Pendleton, California, military life took Corinne all over the United States and world before settling down in Kansas City where Corinne lives with her husband and daughter. Corinne attended the University of Missouri Kansas City where she studied at the prestigious Conservatory of Music. Corinne is married to an Overland Park, KS Police Officer and has a daughter that recently became one of the youngest black belts in Korean American Tae-kwon-do at the age of 8. It was after the birth of her daughter that Corinne became interested in personal security and self-defense. Corinne entered the sport of competitive shooting in early 2014 and has quickly gained a national and international following on social media sites. She is a fierce competitor and a proud ambassador to the shooting sports.

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Monday, February 13th

Women Continue to Pave the Way for

#Women are entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community, and our innovative influence and economic impact is palpable in the aisles of #Cabelas, #BassProShops and any local #gunshop or #gunshow. The market has taken notice and is catering to women in new, exciting ways. We see adaptations from personalized firearm colors at #DuraCoat #Firearm Finishes to gorgeous luxury #concealedcarry #purses like #TwelveSixCo, that rival high-end fashion labels.

The Self-Defense Shooters

Many women find their way to the range with the help of a class, like #NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim®. Since it was founded in 1993, this program has taught more than 100,000 women about #selfdefense, and now boasts more than 7,000 instructors. Likewise, NRA’s Women on Target program grew from 500 participants in 2000 to more than 13,000 in 2014.

The Competition Shooters

Despite being tragically under-publicized by major media, we have our own equivalent of #rockstars, with a fan base as dedicated as a group of New Orleans Saints season ticket holders: female professional #competitive #shooters. Saying this field is broad would be wildly understating the reality of this booming category. Names like Smith & Wesson team captain #JulieGolob in IDPA, #LenaMiculek in 3-Gun, #AnetteWachter in Long Range, #KendaLenseigne in Mounted Western, and #JoAnnaWilson sponsored by #PatriotDefense and #GunRodeo are now etched into the foundation of these games along with those of their male counterparts.

The Olympians

At the highest competitive level we find the #Olympians. These are women who are often lucky to discover their passion early. Shooters like #GabbyFranco, a contributor to the NRA Women’s Network and #NRA News, inspire men and women alike in their instruction, talent and biographies. #LannyBarnes and #TracyBarnes, known as the #twin #biathletes, who continue to inspire the next generation threw grace and compassion for the sport. The world took note of their heartwarming story of sisterly dedication as Tracy gave up her spot on the 2014 #Olympic Team to allow Lanny to compete. Even Jimmy Fallon of the “Tonight Show” appreciated the sacrifice and gave tribute to them on his show.

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Monday, October 17th

Custom Leather Concealed Handbags

Fashion meets functionality with the #TwelveSixCompany custom leather #concealedhandbags. This widely successful company is empowering women in the gun industry to help you #StandYourGround come hell or high water, all while being a fashionista!

The Twelve Six Company is family-run business based in a small country town in the Pacific Northwest. All Twelve Six Company handbags are handmade right here in the United States. They support your right to bear arms and provide the opportunity to protect yourself and your family without giving the appearance of carrying concealed. They love helping customers select the perfect handbags that will fit your needs and ensure high quality when you buy the Twelve Six Company brand.

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Monday, October 10th

We Can Do It!

Women played a huge role during the 1940's war time ear, weather it was joining the service, building aircraft, welding battle ships, or loading ammunition for our troops, women where a crucial asset to the military and the success of the #alliedvictory. Take a look at some of the #vintagewarads like #rosietheriveter and #she'saWOW posters that sent a #powerfulmessage to the women and men of our country.

Aircraft Industries

Women industrial workers focused most of their energies on building aircraft, ships, and munitions. In 1940, only 13,000 planes existed; President Roosevelt asked that 60,000 more war planes be built. Douglas Aircraft, one of the largest aircraft plants in the United States at that time had its main facility at Long Beach, California. During the war, Douglas employed 22,000 women, most of whom built bombers and transport planes. Women assembled thousands of Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress airplanes, the workhorse on the European front, which carried ten-man crews and huge bomb loads into enemy territory.


Women experienced greater challenges breaking into the shipbuilding industry since a long tradition of an all-male workforce existed. This slowly changed as the need for greater production increased. In 1942, the Brooklyn Navy Yard lifted its 141-year ban on hiring women. The following year, a need for 30,000 workers in shipyards along the Gulf Coast prompted the hiring of huge numbers of women there. The Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond, California, one of the largest in the country, hired thousands of women to assemble Liberty ships—cargo ships that could be built quickly and inexpensively. At first, Liberty ships took a month to build, then a week, and, finally, just four days. They came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial efficiency and output. Women played a large role in building these ships with speed and deftness. Some women rose to managerial positions, like Elinor Herrick, who directed personnel at Todd Shipyards, which employed 140,000 people in ten port cities.


Women held many jobs in munitions. Producing #bombs and #ammunition was extremely hazardous work. Accidental explosions could be easily triggered by small incorrect movements or misplacement's of material. According to Susan B. Anthony II, "Women form[ed] almost half of all the workers trimming bullet jackets, annealing case parts and assembling bullets and cartridges. In big ammunition—artillery women form[ed] more than a third of the workers."

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Wednesday, September 14th

Ladies Top 10 Handgun Pick

What are the #bestsellinggunsforwomen? Well, we know that each woman can only know which is the right one for her, but here are the #top10choices women are making when #purchasingahandgun which can help to narrow the field of options for you. Remember, what is right for one woman may not be right for another, so when making your choice it is important to consider all of the variables that may be unique to you such as, hand size, #recoilsensitivity , location and reach of the controls and their ease of operation. Get to a #gunstore and get your hands on numerous models and if possible, rent or try these models on the range. Trust me, you will know the right one when you find it.

I find a number of things very interesting in this list. One, women are primarily buying #semi-automatichandguns with a slight majority of them choosing a #9mm . The other fascinating thing is that 3 of the #top10gunsforwomen are choosing are Glocks, which historically has not been known as a woman's favorite brand. These clear preferences help put to rest such myths as; a woman needs a smaller caliber, she should have a revolver or she should have... fill in the blank. You can see by the variety below, that there is NO ONE RIGHT GUN for a woman or any one feature that makes a gun a "woman's gun". Now, I am not nixing revolvers, as both number eleven and twelve came in as revolvers. Many women prefer them and they are the better choice if one's primary mode of carry is in a concealed carry purse. But clearly, women are breaking some of the stereotypes usually placed on them.

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Thursday, August 18th

NRA Women...Fighting For American G

Seeking to give #female #gun #owners a platform where they can make their voices heard, the #National #Rifle #Association has relaunched its #NRA #Women channel. Using the theme of “new energy,” the NRA Women channel features women in #shooting #sports who are passionate as #gun owners and believe anti-gun #advocates and members of the media need to be educated on firearms.

In addition to sharing their individual stories, some of the fresh (female) faces of the NRA will seek to prove to the public that a woman’s right to defend herself with a firearm is vital. “People in the media and the public in general just really desperately needs an education,” Natalie Foster, CEO and founder of Girl’s Guide to Guns, says in the new promotional video for NRAWomen.TV.

“Basically, they want everyone to be afraid of firearms and they’re not focusing on a woman being able to protect herself,” Mia Astine adds.

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Wednesday, July 20th

Filming The First Bunker Buster Fil

#Bunker #Buster is a new clothing and accessory line for women who are proud supporters of the Second Amendment. Bunker Buster features our iconic ponytail skull that represents the soldier within, the fighter who takes a stand and empowers the well-armed women. We’ve made it our mission to redefine the gun industry by creating a new line of women’s fashion wear and gun accessories.

Last week Bunker Buster teamed up with #Gun.Rodeo to work with director Andrew and his film crew on the new Bunker Buster Sally #Video featuring #KRounds pistol holster and rifle bag. Let us introduce you to our main star Sally, who will be the leading lady in our videos for Bunker Buster Missions. She is an outstanding marksman who represents the well-armed women and has based her career on empowering the next generation of second amendment supporters.

Stay tuned for Bunker Buster Sally Mission featuring K Rounds.

Wednesday, July 6th

Princess of The West!

From the second she began shooting—first to put food on the table and only later as an entertainer—there was no denying Oakley’s knack for the sport. After meeting and marrying Frank Butler, she performed for years in the vaudeville circuit before joining Buffalo Bill’s show in 1885. She quickly became known as a maid of the West, performing stunts like shooting clay pigeons out of the air with a rifle while standing atop a galloping horse. Of course, to maintain her “ladyhood,” she always wore a skirt—usually one she had sewn herself.

“To present herself as a woman who had developed all the feminine skills that would be expected was very important to her,” says Mary Zeiss Stange, a professor of women’s studies at Skidmore College. “She was aware of the kinds of gender boundaries that she was trespassing.” Along with being a female in a field largely dominated by males, she had become an almost instant celebrity and had acquired wealth, which were essentially unheard of among women of that time.

But her success was predicated upon walking a delicate line between her celebrated talent for shooting and the Victorian social norms that valued ladylike, modest behavior over earning power.

“She had to make a girl that could shoot acceptable to a Victorian public,” says Scharff. “She’s inventing this new identity of the spunky Western girl who’s no threat to men who are good men.”

As a female shooter, Oakley took measures not to be perceived as dangerous; very few (if any) images exist that depict her killing any live animals. It was Oakley’s girlish manner—combined with her talent—that captivated audiences throughout the country and launched her to stardom.


Friday, June 24th

Capitol Hill Doesn't Stand a Chance

Fifty women — each representing their state in the U.S. — will meet with U.S. lawmakers on #CapitolHill in July to rally for #SecondAmendment rights as part of the #DCProject. The group is the brainchild of #femaleshooter #DiannaMuller, an avid #-guncompetitor, who said the goal is to give voice to a demographic of gun owners that lawmakers may not really know.

“Women often have a stronger impact when speaking about the Second Amendment since we break the stereotypical idea of a gun owner,” Muller said.

Muller teamed with A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, a ladies-only organization empowering women in the shooting community with female-led resources and training, to organize the project.

“We have volunteers from all over the country who are gathering to raise awareness for the changing face of the American gun owner,” said Robyn Sandoval, AG & AG’s executive director, to Guns.com.Together, they aim to represent female shooters in the gun community. Sandoval stressed that it was imperative for ladies to speak out about the changing demographics of #gun ownership.

Surveys have long shown the majority of gun owners as white males, but a National Shooting Sports Foundation study published in 2015 found a growing number of women as return buyers. Also, out of 1,000 women polled, bought their first firearm within three years.

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Thursday, May 5th

Western Style Hair Dryer!

Bad hair day? Show your locks who is boss with the authentic western gun style hair dryer!

A highly popular and #collectible piece, this #westerngunstylehairdryer is a must-have for any collection. It would also be #amazing for use and decor in a salon. This #357Magnum #hairdryer is by Jerdon industries. The copyright on the box is 1981. It features a white holster that can be hung on the wall and the cord wrapped up for safe keeping. Also included are the original box and the use and care manual.

This piece is in great, working, vintage condition. It works great and is actually pretty powerful. There are three settings, which require a pull on the trigger and which are adjusted by the hammer.

Aesthetically, this piece is in wonderful condition. There are some scuffs and minor scratches on the handle and the gun body. The gun body also looks like it might be slightly discolored with a hint of a gold tone. (This might just be the way it was made, but i would like to be very thorough). The cord has some scuffing. The holster has some scuffing as well. The box does show some wear and the ends tend to come open. The stickies are still on the back and covered, but because this piece is 30 years old, I can't say how well they would stick. The holster could still be hung by putting nails through the provided holes.


Saturday, April 16th

Stylish Concealed Carry Purses

What do I think about concealed carry purses? First, I must tell you that I believe my role is to provide information and resources and let you make your own decisions. My opinion is just that, my opinion and really only matters to me in making the decision for myself. What do I know? I know that awareness and practice are key. Do I carry in a concealed carry purse? Yes, sometimes I do. Why? Because there are times that if I didn't, I wouldn't have my gun with me, and that is not an option for me. (As long as it is legal)

When choosing to carry in a concealed carry purse, here are some questions you might ask yourself in making this decision:
1. Am I forgetful?
2. Have I left my purse behind in the last 6 months, in the restroom, a restaurant or store?
3. Am I around small children regularly who might have access to my purse?
4. Am I willing to carry my purse cross-body to minimize risk of someone taking my purse?
5. Can I keep it on me and store it properly when it must be off my body?
6. Will I vow to always have my gun in a holster in a designated compartment of the purse?
7. Am I disciplined enough to practice the awkward draw and use of my gun from the concealed carry purse? (yes, you may very likely need to shoot through the purse to not lose the precious seconds)

Learning to draw or fire your gun from your concealed carry purse can only be learned through practice. There is no avoiding it and if you neglect this piece of your decision to carry a concealed carry purse, you are being irresponsible. As with any holster, your ability to remove the gun safely and get into a strong firing position is critical. You are giving up potentially precious time choosing to carry in your purse, as the time it takes to locate it, free it and draw it is naturally longer than if you had the gun holstered on your hip. Spend some time with your UNLOADED GUN moving and drawing your gun following the Rules Gun Safety and those of Dry Fire Practice. You will be surprised how awkward it is and when you add in anxiety, fear and stress, it only gets worse. Carry your concealed carry purse the same way all the time, with the zippers and/or compartment in the same location and practice this way. Train yourself to always pick it up and put it in the same position on your shoulder.