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About Pegasus Arms USA

Irvine California-Member since July 2021

Pegasus Arms USA was established in 2010 with the goal to design innovative firearms components unlike anything available. We strive to manufacture the highest quality parts with the intent to keep costs to a minimum as we believe your firearm should not only look amazing, but also perform perfectly and not cost a fortune.

Our passion for the AR15 and Glock platform has inspired us to update the boring “Mil-Spec” industry standard of the cheaply made “cast-aluminum” parts, with offering only U.S. sourced 7075-T6 Aerospace billet aluminum parts designed for ultimate form and function. While also including features that would only be found on firearms costing more than double!

Why Billet vs. Forged?
There are multiple ways to manufacture an AR15 upper and lower receiver but the most commonly discussed are forged and CNC machined billet. 7075-grade aluminum is used for all forged lower receivers. Forgings are made by hammering together two roughly shaped halves of hot aluminum and cleaning up the profile with machines later. Like a Jello mold with both halves glued together?!?! This allows for minimal machining work, keeping cost of production low, and overall a more affordable lower (meaning lower quality). Billet AR-15 upper and lower receivers are made by taking a single block of solid aluminum and having a CNC machine mill out the profile of the receiver. This process takes longer, as the CNC machine mills an entire block of solid aluminum into shape, as opposed to starting with the rough shape in place. Billet receiver manufacturing produces a FAR STRONGER receiver which also allows for more unique designs and integrated features to be achieved!
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