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Sure Shot Exploding Targets


About Sure Shot Exploding Targets

Maryland-Member since September 2015

Smith Industries Inc, Sure Shot's parent company, is one of only two companies licensed by the ATF to create and sell exploding targets.

We make sure they meet your needs as well as give you proper ATF documents to sell under their licensed company name. In addition, We have the only .22LR target, (the Sure Shot Magnum), that truly detonates!

Our customers claim it's as loud as 3+ lbs. of any center-fire targets / mix sold!

The Magnum is the most powerful target that can be legally sold or shipped and only comes in 1/2Lb targets!
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Sure Shot Exploding Targets
Ellicott City Maryland 
Contact: Mathew Smith
Email: sales@sureshottargets.com
We are the only target manufacturer that will Guarantee our product to have a 7 year shelf life on our Center-fire formula if stored properly and to be the loudest, most powerful, most consistent and most consumer friendly target on the market. We are the only company to offer a 1/2Lb .22 LR exploding target called The Magnum that is stable enough to mix then throw in the air and smash it with a baseball bat. One Sure Shot 1/2 lb Magnum target is as loud as 2 + Lbs of our Center fire and 3-5Lbs of the other brands!

The only Binary target actually backed and endorsed by 6 pro shooters and used by training facilities for Sniper shots up to and beyond 1500 meters!. At Storm Mountain Training Center, (a Professionally operated training camp for Military Contractors and Military), we observed 5 groups of shooters shooting steel targets at 1440 meters and 880 meters. They were hitting the mark some of the time but we could tell they were frustrated with the cross wind and were not using all the shooting skills they had been taught.

We placed Exploding Targets down range without telling them they were going to explode and once team member hit the first target and it exploded the whole line sat up and looked harder! We would not have believed it if we did not witness it ourselves but the instant gratification of the target exploding made every shooter either consciously or sub-consciously go through everything they had been taught! From breathing to trigger squeeze to contact with the firearm to reading the wind, these targets make you a better shooter, plain and simple!!

Vist our website at http://www.sureshotexplodingtargets.com/
Sure Shot Exploding Targets
Sure Shot Exploding Targets guaranteed to hit the mark ever time, without a question.
Sunday, March 13th

Night Shooting

#BigSandy night shooting is unbelievable. Better than any 4th of July.

Sunday, March 13th

Night Shooting at the Big Sandy

nightShooting at #TheBigSandy was outrageous. Like you were in a Star Wars movie.

Sunday, March 13th

Shooting at an RC Plane

Hitting a moving RC plane is not as easy as it may seam.

Sunday, March 13th

A new kind of target

Check out this new target. Pretty Awesome!

Sunday, March 13th

More Explosions

Lots of rounds were fired at #TheBigSandy

Sunday, March 13th

Smoking Guns

#FullAuto atht eh #BigSandy

Sunday, March 13th

The Sounds of Best Booms

It sounded link a war zone at the #BigSandy

Sunday, March 13th

50 Cal Barrett

50 Cal #Barrett at the Big Sandy fall 2015. Big fun!

Sunday, March 13th

Big Sandy Fall

Fun at the #BigSandy shoot in AZ

Friday, January 8th

Sure Shot Loves Guns and Explosions

#SureShotTargets is what puts any event #OverTheTop. Things would not be the same without it and the memories would fade much sooner.

Friday, January 8th

Big Guns at the Big Sandy 2015

We had a great time at the #BigSandy. #SureShotTargets brought the Good Stuff and made the event!

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