"Sharing Knowledge" Bronze Statue

"Sharing Knowledge" Bronze Statue

Raton, NM


Sharing Knowledge - created by artist Curtis Fort in honor of the Center’s 50th Anniversary. The bronze showcases the Center’s mission to provide education and training in firearms safety and marksmanship!

About the artist: Curtis was born and raised on a working ranch in Tatum, New Mexico. As a young man his goal was to follow in his father’s footsteps as a cowboy and rancher. He earned his B.S. in Range Management from NMSU. It was during his college years that he began to experiment with clay sculpture and continued after graduation while working as a cowboy on ranches in New Mexico and Texas.
While working on Vermejo Ranch, Fort’s cowboy life and sculpture was the subject of an article in the Smithsonian Magazine. Little did he realize the impact that would have on his career. After continuing to work as a cowboy for several years he had to make a career decision. That choice has led him down a 30-year path as he tells his story in western bronze sculpture. Curtis continues to “make a hand” by helping his family and neighbors on their ranches.
Fort has a large following of collectors all over the world and his work has been featured in many publications. He continues to market his work through galleries, private shows, museum exhibitions and juried art shows.
Although they travel often, Fort and his wife, Carol, make their permanent home in Tatum, NM.

Posted Sunday, Feb 4 2024
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