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Our Bullfighters


Gun.Rodeo's Winningest Bullfighter.

Co-Founder and "Make It Happen" King.
Tim birthed the Gun Rodeo idea during one of his sleepless nights, wondering why the Gun industry is technically so far behind other industries. As Gun.Rodeo has been developing, we've learned a lot about the needs of businesses in the industry, and how we can help. Tim's late nights are absorbed with "making it happen" across a gamut of tech-related offerings. Besides working on just about everything Rodeo-related, Tim’s most unique duty is deciding which Zombies to include in our Android game: Rodeo Hero. Outside of work, Tim enjoys Instructing SCUBA Diving, Hunting, Shooting, Skiing, Boating and starting new projects. He always has to be busy! Since Tim's specialty is brainstorming, it’s no surprise that his favorite project at Gun.Rodeo is the Places tool. Tim most likes working for Gun Rodeo because “we have the opportunity to make a difference in the Shooting Sports Industry!”
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Say <Howdy> to Terence, our resident code wonk.

Co-Founder and Chief Geek.
Terence has 20 years of experience in technology, working through the first tech bubble in the mid to late 1990's (anyone else order ice cream from He's held Senior-Director level technology positions in both software and financial services. The last 9 years have seen him as CTO and Co-Founder of a highly successful e-commerce company. He recently left his responsibilities to a successor and jumped into the ring at The Rodeo.
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Get to know Anna "Banana"

Anna does production work at Gun Rodeo when we need an extra hand cranking out thousands of tees or hundreds of hats for events or promotions. Her main focus is customer service; Anna assists in the front half of web design consulting work helping clients improve or create professional websites using Gun Rodeo's ProLaunch Business Package. If she’s not farming or shooting, she’s handling the shipping and receiving department at our warehouse facility taking care of customer orders and Daily Giveaway prizes, no package is too big or small for this Rodeo girl to handle. Weather it’s the Shot Show or local gun events you’ll likely find her promoting Gun Rodeo, where she loves to share her passion for Second Amendment and enthusiasm for the Shooting Sports Industry.
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Get +Connected+ with the 'Johnny D' of Creativity 

Creative Director
From vinyl wrap to shooting trap, Jonathan makes it look easy. Jonathan is the Creative Director at Gun Rodeo. Both conceptualization and implementation, Jonathan's skilled hands stylize the Gun.Rodeo brand and collateral, even the minutia like vehicle graphics. Jonathan is a PRO2 Supporter and is dedicated to promoting responsible and safe gun ownership. He enjoys hiking, sailing, target practicing, farming, information technology (obviously!), the outdoors, and coastal camping. His favorite thing about Gun.Rodeo is our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in technology & design, while simultaneously protecting the rights and privacy of gun owners.


Let Nicole "How can I help?" brighten your day.

Office Manager
Nicole has been a bullfighter here at the Gun.Rodeo office since we started. As our fearless Office Manager, Nicole is often the first face you’ll run into when picking up local-pickup merchandise. From answering emails to entering Places listings, Nicole can do it all! When she’s not in the ring, Nicole also enjoys making lavender soaps and oils. Her favorite thing about Gun.Rodeo is that we go go above and beyond in everything we do.


Definitely Say Hello to Liza (She has the keys to the safe!) 

Money Maven
Liza has also been a bullfighter here at Gun.Rodeo since its inception. Running our accounting department, she won't set foot outside the ring until everything balances to the penny. So don't even think of forgetting a receipt! Liza believes in the mission and purpose of Gun Rodeo, and works hard to make sure we live up to our goals.

Please read the Gun Rodeo statement on Shopify's recent anti-gun actions. Thanks, I read it.