Marom Dolphin Wolf 9 Liter Advanced Hydration Backpack - BG4691

Marom Dolphin Wolf 9 Liter Advanced Hydration Backpack - BG4691

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A better way to enjoy outdoor activities with an Advanced Hydration Backpack

When you are out on the field, on the way, in the woods hiking away, bike riding, exploring, or carrying out your favorite outdoor activities, the need for water normally arises at some point, mostly when you are grinding for hours. Water bottles can only do so much to keep you hydrated and ready for the mission ahead. With the Marom Dolphin advanced military hydration backpack, you can go on for hours doing that thing you love without ever looking for clean water. This military drinking backpack comes with an ergonomic hydration design system that allows you to get your fill without having to stop for a drink. Now you can focus on the action while getting all the care you need.


Enough compartment for your essentials inside the Wolf 9 Liter Advanced Hydration Backpack

You don’t have to make a choice on what and what should come along with you on your next mission just because you need to stay hydrated. With the advanced Marom drinking backpack, you get to enjoy the benefits of both. Fitted with large storage space and lots of compartments, this military hydration bladder gives you all the space you need to be equipped and ready for what lies ahead.


A better hydration system 

Other tactical hydration backpacks can only offer you 1.5 liters water compartment for your outdoor journey, but Marom Wolf’s military drinking backpack turns up the heat to a whole new level. Featuring a 3-liter military hydration bladder, you can go on for hours exploring, biking, running, or doing whatever you love in the wild.

Just the way you like it

Have you ever wanted to satisfy your parched lips and throat only to wince or spew that water out because it was too cold or hot?  That happens more often to you when you are out on the field exposed to various unfriendly temperatures. Why not say goodbye to that awful experience with this high-grade tactical hydration backpack? This advanced military hydration bladder comes with superior insulation and water placement needed to keep the temperature of your liquid moderate and enjoyable.


A companion for the real adventurers

When on the chase, hiking, or exploring a location for prolonged hours, lots of manageable things become a dead weight and a constant source of frustration. Things like the wrong pair of boots, shorts, and even a backpack can get in the way of your performance and experience. That’s why the Marom dolphin wolf drinking backpack comes with only benefits and no managements. Design to sit close to your back for seamless movement, this tactical hydration backpack is extremely lightweight, portable, and ergonomic. Just what you need so you don’t feel uncomfortable when it counts the most.

Bank on quality

Don’t ever have to regret your decision to depend on your drinking backpack to house your water and other essentials. We understand how delicate and time-constrained your outdoor activities can be, and the last thing we want for you is to lose your equipment or come into avoidable dangers due to poor material. That’s why Marom Wolf military hydration bladder is molded from premium quality material, the Durabad fabric, which is way stronger and lightweight than Cordura. With this innovative fabric, you can always bank on your military drinking backpack to deliver.


Technical specifications

  • Made from the innovative Durabad fabric, which is stronger and lighter than Cordura
  • Water repellent zippers.
  • Easy to grab zipper pulls.
  • An inner pocket for hydration bag with 2 top openings for the water tube.
  • Great organization with partitions and zippered pockets.
  • Open side pockets.
  • Weight: 730 gr.
  • Volume: 9 Liter
  • Dimensions in cm: H41 * W23 * D14
  • Main fabric: the innovative Durabad fabric – Stronger and lighter than Cordura.

Posted Thursday, Nov 12 2020
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