Marom Dolphin Lackrif Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag For Men And Women - MD_BG4690

Marom Dolphin Lackrif Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag For Men And Women - MD_BG4690

Las Vegas, NV

Be fashionably prepared

Society these days is filled with a lot of unexpected outcomes that are a threat to your well being, from hoodlums to people getting in the way of your security duties as a law enforcement officer. Whether you are trying to keep your self and loved ones safe at all times or you out there putting your life on the line for the people, Marom Dolphin Lackrif conceded carry shoulder bag is the best friend you can rely on. This concealed carry shoulder bag comes with the right build, lifestyle considerations, and features needed to allow you to go about your day in style and without any raised eyebrows. Now you can work and have all the fun you want with your firearm by your side.


More than a firearm pouch

No matter how fashionable your firearm bag is, things can get awkward pretty fast when someone zips it open to find a pistol innocently staring back. We understand this and have created a better way to merge both your lifestyle and protection. This man concealed carry shoulder bag comes with large storage space and a whole slew of pockets and compartments needed to fit all your work and social essentials. From tablets, laptops, books, to pencils, eyeliners, and more, you have what it takes to go out fully prepared.

Lackrif concealed carry shoulder bag

Lead a healthier lifestyle

A backpack might always come out looking as the best option for you as an outdoor person as it leaves your hands free. However, depending on the load you take along with you, it can lead to lots of strain on your back and shoulder, which develops various health concerns. With our Lackrif concealed carry shoulder bag, you can smoothly avert that. This sling bag design comes with an adjustable shoulder handle that you can align across your frame to improve weight distribution and advert bending to the side or over.

Lackrif concealed carry shoulder bag for men

Ergonomics at its finest

When it is a matter of life and death, every second count. Being unable to withdraw your firearm quickly to protect yourself can put you at a disadvantage. That’s why this man concealed carry shoulder bag is designed with the right design to permit quick firearm deploy, accessories retrieval, and placement. With the Lackrif concealed carry shoulder bag, you can tackle any situation quickly and smoothly.


Flexibility that counts

When it comes to the flexibility of a bag, maneuverability, hue, and weight are the factors that determine how pliable your bag and you can be. With the Lackrif Marom man concealed carry shoulder bag, you can swiftly adjust to the current conditions of your surrounding without any regrets. This man concealed carry shoulder bag comes in a flexible design that allows you to adjust its position easily, move around, and retrieve essentials on the go. It is also lightweight, ensuring you don’t experience any lag in your bag’s response.


Technical details

  • Optional detachable pistol holster panel in a quick opening pocket for tactical use.
  • Suitable for tablets.
  • A discreet and classic look.
  • Great organization for carrying each item in the right place.
  • Water repellent zippers.
  • Easy to grab zipper pulls.
  • Padded shoulder strap.
  • Lockable pistol pocket— can be used with a variety of locks.
  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 720 gr
  • Dimensions in cm: H23 * W30 * D6

Posted Thursday, Nov 12 2020
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