German Tiger Tank - Stencil

Hillman, MI

Add a little character to your German Tiger Tank with a #SaluteTargets attachable stencil.

These amazing stencils were carefully crafted from WWII & Cold War photos to accentuate the main features of these two famous tanks. They were the brainchild of Tim Miller at Gun Rodeo to add an extra degree of realism to Salute Target tanks. These heavy duty targets can handle anything up to and including .50 cal with either Sure Shot or Tannerite a binary chemical explosives added in whatever quantity you want (you can use a teaspoon full or the entire one pond jar! This stencil allows you to easily authenticate & upgrade your targets with what an actual German WWII Tiger or Cold War Russian T-55 looked like from the ‘business end’ as they approach you! These are made of durable 16 gauge steel that will hand on your tank target while you spray over the stencil. Easily removable after painting and you ‘new’ target is now good to go. Each will last years and well worth the $99.95.

Posted Monday, Sep 11 2017
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Hillman, MI

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