Leonidas Gravity Plate Rack Steel Target

Leonidas Gravity Plate Rack Steel Target

Hillsboro, OR

Gravity Plate Rack Target with 6 targets : 5-5 inch and 1 reset target

52 inch Tall | 73 inch wide | 31 inch Deep | 93 Pound

Patent Pending

Our new "Gravity Plate Rack is like the proverbial Dueling Tree & Spinner, a shooting industry standard concept that we have greatly improved!

Shoot the targets up then shoot the paddle to make all the targets drop resetting to start shooting again. No going down range. No stopping to reset paper targets. No uncertainty if you hit your mark. Instant feedback for faster training.

Made from the finest AR500 steel armor plate the new, unique, Gravity Plate Rack Target & Base system is designed to survive everything Mother Nature (and active shooters), can throw or shoot at it: Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine and Rifle. Our original prototype of this took months of hammering by our own Salute staff & our local industry partners at Leupold (full auto Thompson .45 Sub-Machine Guns, Colt AR10 & AR15 systems with 5.56 & 7.62 carbine & rifles).

This Gravity Plate Rack helps you bring it all together, and like all Salute Targets, it is built for safety & rugged dependability. It is American made, so you don't have to worry about foreign welds & inferior steel.

Targets are reversible so you can shoot both sides to prolong target life (use one side for pistols & the other for higher velocity carbines & rifles). And like all Salute Targets, no tools required!

They are also maintenance minimal with strategically planned/placed "weep holes" & angles to divert inclement weather. You can leave these outside all winter in rain, sleet and snow. No grease or lubricant needed.

Like all Salute Targets, all you really need for a "new target" is a good can of Flat White Rust-Oleum (founded in 1921 by Robert Fergusson who noticed that raw fish oil spilled on rusty metal decks stopped corrosion from spreading - we at Salute also love it because one pass really covers the average .45 shot impact on steel).

At Salute Targets we say Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. You get high quality & value (not to mention dedicated historical research) for your investment that will last many good years. That means savings for more precious ammo!

So if you want the best, Shoot Salute!

Posted Wednesday, May 24 2017
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Hillsboro, OR

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