Double Tap Dueling Tree Target

Double Tap Dueling Tree Target

Hillman, MI

Salute's Lateral Sequential Swing Plate (LSSP)
SystemDouble Tap Dueling Tree 12 Standard 6" paddles

Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel, Base Included, 48" Tall | 17" Wide | 85 Pounds

*Patent Pending*

Salute's Lateral Sequential Swing Plate (LSSP) target system, generically referred to in the gun industry as a dueling tree, has a proud and unique history dating back over a decade. It was originally inspired by a request received in Baghdad, Iraq, to the US Coalition C-7 Engineer Operations section. US Marines in Anbar Province and US Army and Allied Coalition forces elsewhere were in need of a variety of steel reactive targets that held up better in a harsh environment than paper targets. This LSSP (Salute Dueling Tree system) in the result in a number of options and varieties designed specifically for military 9 mm & 5.56 (lighter calibers) and .45 & 7.62 (heaver calibers). They are currently used today not just by the new Iraqi Army, but also by Peshmerga Kurdish Forces. Salute is proud of this original and patriotic series of designs (literally born in battle), which have also been embraced (particularly the new & unique Double Tap Target system) by many US law enforcement agencies. Know that you are investing in our US military combat heritage. You may find other dueling trees, but as one of our former employees (a US Marine Scout-Sniper said from Afghanistan): When you buy cheap, you buy twice. So enjoy our Salute Lateral Sequential Swing Plate (LSSP) systems. Much more than just a generic civilian dueling tree.

Introducing the first Dueling Tree specifically designed to hone your double tap skills. You can only hit the rear dueling tree paddle once you have swung the forward paddle out of the way.

The ulitimate dueling challenge.

Who is the better shot?

The Double Tap Dueling Tree Target is a great system for testing your skill and accuracy. With 12 target paddles on two dueling tree stands, set one in front of the other, it takes the dueling tree to an entirely new dimension and skill level. This double tap system will challenge even the most proficient shooter while still being fun for all shooters.

Add magazine change outs, movement, and secondary target to the mix and you have an endless shooting skills improvement system.

Perfect for pistol shooting, we have dueling tree targets for all gun caliber categories.

Dueling Trees Help Shooting Skills

Victory in the duel doesn't always go to the faster shot, often the more accurate shooter who has the better plan will win the day. Target order planning, aim, reflexes and shooting strategy are required to be victorious. Best part is you'll never get tired of plinking the paddles back and forth.

Safety Designed In

Besides being plain old fun to shoot, the Salute Dueling Tree Target is designed to manage the bullet splatter each paddle is set at a 20 degree angle to deeflect the bullet splater down into ground beneath and behind the target. The center post is built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the side and not towards the shooter.

There are less expensive dueling tree targets out tere, but at Salute Targets we say buy cheap, buy twice. Our dueling tree targets are made from AR500 plate steel and are designed to survive in harsh outdoor elements. They will give your years of faithfull service

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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