German Tiger Tank 50 Cal Exploder Target

German Tiger Tank 50 Cal Exploder Target

Hillman, MI

German Tiger Tank 50 Cal Exploder

Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel 40 inch Tall | 48 inch Wide | 550 Pounds

Minimum safe standoff distance 360 feet (100 yrds)

New Salute "EXPLODER Targets" (Trade Mark & Patent Pending)

Probably the most recognized tank ever built, the Tiger I has come to symbolize German armor, shock, and firepower. It was truly intimidating. Ordered into production in August 1942, this tank was a clear response to formidable Russian armor the T34 encountered on the Eastern front. With a five man crew surrounded by a massive 60.7 tons of armor, the Tiger I, with its 88mm gun, was fearsome in capability. Total production was 1,354 through August 1944. Its Maybach V12 gasoline engine developed 700hp power to weight ratio of 12hp per ton for a road speed of 23mph 12mph cross country and a limited range of 62 miles. Thick armor and the high velocity 88mm gun enabled the Tiger I to destroy enemy armor at long range. Russian T34s and Allied Shermans had to rapidly close the range and outmaneuver the Tiger in order to destroy it. The Tiger was supreme when used in ambush, as evidenced at Villers-Bocage, France, on 13 June 1944. Here, during the Battle of Normandy, a single Tiger commanded by Waffen SS tank ace Michael Wittmann easily destroyed over two dozen British armored vehicles and blunted a major British offensive. Allied tankers T34 or Sherman knew they were going to earn their pay the hard way when confronting a German Tiger.

This gargantuan exploder has a 5.5 inch diameter bullseye zone and holds 1 lb of Sure Shot explosive in the reservoir.

It's simple to load & reload: You pre-mix the two compounds of white base (prill) and gray fuel (catalyst) and load the Salute Target "Exploder" reservoir with about 1 lb of powder.

You are now ready for action, alone, or against a fellow shooter. With a minimum safe standoff distance of 100 yards, you can now commence firing upon the target. A direct hit will result is a beautiful flash, boom and cloud of smoke that can be seen and heard from 1/2 mile away.

You can continue firing at it conventionally, or simply advance and reload it with another "Exploder" charge. Never overload your exploder target.

We prefer to use the 22 sensitive Magnum for this target because of its ignition sensitivity to lower velocity fragments and its higher velocity explosive force IE (bigger bang).

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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