50 Cal Slammer & Big Base

50 Cal Slammer & Big Base

Hillman, MI

Made of 1 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel32 inch Tall | 20 inch Wide | 160 Pounds

Salute is proud to announce another whole new introduction to the serious tactical target industry: The 'Salute Slammer' .50 cal (& other Big Bore) Target. Our highly successful 'Spartan' leads the industry in providing our military, law enforcement, and serious civilian shooter customers with a top of line tactical training target. Now we round out our full spectrum of targets capable of handling the very heaviest calibers, particularly that of John Moses Browning, the American firearms genius, and his consummate .50 caliber round. Our new 'Slammer' is designed with one thought in mind: to give our .50 cal big bore shooters a robust, challenging, SAFE, cost effective, portable target that will NOT let our shooters down. Here is a target that you can abuse BIG TIME and it will still deliver. Based on our original .50 cal target used by the US Army .338 Lapua development team, this is one tough target. We really worked overtime in upgrading this beautiful baby! The main frame silhouette of the Slammer is 1" thick, by 32" tall, and 20" wide. This main target frame leans toward the shooter at 30 degrees to safely concentrate the majority of bullet splatter downward. The unique, fully reactive, interior steel plate "kill zone" is 8" by 10". This kill zone plate is also 1" thick with a heavy duty hinge and removable large pin on the interior top. When the round strikes the kill zone plate, it ingeniously lifts up depending on variables of velocity and impact location. True to its name, it then "SLAMS" back downward, gravity fed, to make a resounding clang that can be heard downrange. You not only get the satisfaction of the "PLING" when you hit the target, but also the "CLANG" when the kill zone plate drops downward against the main body! There is NO OTHER .50 CAL TARGET LIKE THE SALUTE SLAMMER in the world! And it is priced well below other .50 cal targets that can't do what it does. Because at Salute Targets, as good combat vets (Army, Navy & Marine Corps), we are ALSO our own best customers. When we're not designing, building and shipping our products to you, we are also out on one of our four main Salute prototype test ranges (pistol, shotgun, carbine, and rifle) shooting. Yes, we do TRY HARD to break what we build before we build it for you! So check out the Salute Slammer. We promise you won't be disappointed. _________________________________________________ Ready to shoot. No additional base required. It comes with its own specialized mounting system

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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