Dueling Tree

Hillman, MI

Dueling Tree Steel Targets & 6 Standard plates

Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel, Base Included48 inch Tall | 17 inch Wide | 52 Pounds

Who is the better shot?

The Dueling Tree Target is a great system for testing you skill and accuracy. With six target paddles that flip back and forth, the Salute Dueling Tree is AR500 poetry in motion.

Add magazine change outs, movement, and secondary target to the mix and you have and endless shooting skills improvement system that can go with you.

We have interchangeable dueling tree paddles for all gun caliber categories.

Perfect for pistols use our Armored center post version if you are going to shoot rifles.

Dueling Trees Help Shooting Skills

Victory in the duel doesn't always go to the faster shot, often the more accurate shooter who has the better plan will win the day. Target order planning, aim, reflexes and shooting strategy are required to be victorious with the Salute Dueling Tree steel reactive targets. Best part is you'll never get tired of plinking the paddles back and forth.

Safety Designed In

Besides being plain old fun to shoot, the Salute Dueling Tree Target is designed to manage the bullet splatter each paddle is set at a 20 degree angle to reflect the molten hot metal down into ground beneath and behind the target. The center post is built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the side and not towards the shooter.

There are less expensive dueling tree targets on the market, but at Salute Targets we say buy cheap, buy twice. Our dueling tree targets are made from AR500 plate steel and are designed to live in the elements and continue to work as designed year after year after year!

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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