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Hillman, MI

Salute Popper (S) Made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Steel 13 inch Tall | 5 inch Wide | 8 Pounds Use with SMALL SPRING BASE or PLATE RACK Poppers (generic name for any target that goes down and springs back up) have been around the shooting industry for many decades. Col Jeff Cooper first introduced many of us Marines to these when we first attended Gunsite in Paulden, Arizona. They were first home-made made out of shop steel and the ones I first shot on at Gunsite Summer of 2001 were rigged forDead Fall (heavy steel that when hit by a .45 would simply fall back on an old tire). Col Cooper would laugh at the folks in our Master Pistol Class who brought 9 mm pistols as these often failed to knock down the Pepper Popper (named after John Pepper, an early shooter buddy of Col Cooper's along with Jack Weaver). There was also the connection with Jalapeno Pepper Poppers, as Mexican food and beer were staples with Col Cooper's shooting buddies. Tequila was a favorite of Col Jeff Cooper (those Marines in our Gunsite class felt privileged at the end of the day to be invited to his unique home (The Sconce) and being introduced to Sauza Conmemorativo the favorite Tequila of Hollywood greats John Wayne, Ward Bond, and John Ford. These Popper Targets were very popular, and Col Cooper reminded us that the great thing about shooting steel was that all you needed for a fresh target was a can of flat white spray paint.

At Salute, we have kept these classics alive and refined them a bit by offering them with Spring Loaded Bases and a more robust shape: a Small Spring Base for Pistols, and a Large Spring Base for Shotguns, Carbines or Rifles. The springs can be easily removed to place the Target in a Dead Fall mode. We optimized the design and shape based on input and requests from serious 3 Gun competition shooters like Tracy and Lanny Barnes ( ) of Durango, Colorado. Hope you like them as much as we do! If you want to order them in bulk, let us know and we will make you a special deal.

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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