Sherman -S

Hillman, MI

Target is made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel. 9.5 inch Tall | 9.6 inch Wide | 11 Pounds Use with SMALL BASE or PLATE RACK American M4A3 Sherman... The Sherman symbolized the WWII American war effort. First built in 1941, the Sherman was usually armed with a standard 75mm gun. Its improved gun, its stability and mobility increased the crew\'s survival odds against heavier German armor. It was a Sherman Firefly with its upgunned 17 pounder which destroyed the Tiger tank of famed WaffenSS tank ace Michael Wittmann. It weighed in at 34.7 tons and had a range of 100 miles. Its average road speed with a 500hp gasoline engine was 26mph. It had shortcomings, but made up for them with reliability, versatility, endurance and sheer weight of numbers. When WWII ended, the Sherman was master of the battlefield in the West.

Posted Thursday, Jun 8 2017
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Hillman, MI

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