Winchester 410 3 inch Double Diamond Shotgun Shells

Winchester 410 3 inch Double Diamond Shotgun Shells

Smithville, TN

Winchester 410 Bore 3 Inch 3/4 oz 7.5 Shot Double X Diamond 5/Pack Shotgun Shells

Product Description
Built with the hardest and most round shot available, Double X Diamond Grade turkey shotgun shell loads deliver optimum patterns needed to take down boss gobblers.

Product Features
Diamond Grade Lead Shot: 8% antimony and copper-plated produces dense, hard-hitting patterns that put 20% more pellets in a 20" circle at 30 yards, when compared to standard 7 1/2 lead shot.

Ammo Specifications
Gauge: 410
Brand: Double X Diamond
Shell Length: 3"
Shot Size: 7.5
Velocity: 1100 fps
Oz. Shot: 3/4
Quantity: 5 Shells/Pack

Posted Friday, Feb 4 2022
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