69-caliber Buck and Ball Cartridges

69-caliber Buck and Ball Cartridges

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69-caliber Buck and Ball Cartridge -- This cartridge, combining a .662-inch lead ball with three 31-caliber lead buckshot, was so fearsome and effective that many units, including distinguished regiments of the Irish Brigade, insisted upon keeping their M1842 smoothbores even though more modern rifle-muskets were available. It is probably not coincidence that M1842 muskets firing buck and ball are usually present at the Civil War battlefields associated with staggering casualty figures: the Wheatfield at Gettysburg, the Cornfield and Bloody Lane at Antietam, just to name a few.

These recreated cartridges are made according to the specifications of the 1841 U.S. Army Ordnance Manual. The cartridges you receive will contain NO POWDER. You'll need to fill them with the appropriate measure of powder for your musket before they are ready to shoot (the period charge was 110 grains, but only use a charge that's safe for your musket). The cartridge tubes are long enough to accommodate extra powder for flintlock shooters, for priming the pan.

Buck and ball is just plain fun to shoot. It is not kind to target frames, so keep that in mind if you're shooting at public ranges that make you pay for damaged frames!

I can fit up to 24 Buck & Ball cartridges in a USPS Small Flat Rate box. Because these cartridges are heavy, flat rate shipping is the best option. If you need more than 24 rounds, please contact us

Posted Wednesday, Jul 22 2020
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