69 Caliber Blank Tubes

69 Caliber Blank Tubes

Oak View, CA

69-caliber living history cartridges. You will receive the unfolded tubes on the right of the image. After you fill them with powder and fold the tails, they'll look like the cartridges on the left.

The arms of the regiment were... the old pattern smooth bore musket, caliber 69... The old weapon was an excellent one at close quarters."

-- Brevet Major General St. Clair Augustin Mulholland, The story of the 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, 1899

Authentic 69-caliber living history cartridge tubes -- These cartridges are exact, painstaking blank reproductions of the original 69-caliber ball cartridge. They are almost absurdly realistic. While used extensively in the Civil War primarily from the M1842 smoothbore musket, these rounds are suitable for any 69-caliber smoothbore including the Revolutionary War era flintlock muskets.

These are completely inert reenactment-safe living history cartridges. They contain NO POWDER and NO BULLET: cellulose fiber foam is used to safely replicate the round ball used in the period ammunition. You will need to fill the cartridges with the appropriate measure of powder and fold the tails, but otherwise these rounds are ready to fill your cartridge box and take to the field. I've made the tubes plenty long enough to accommodate extra powder for priming the pan, if you're using them for flintlocks.

I can fit up to 100 in a single USPS Priority Mail box. If you want more than 100, please e-mail or call.

Posted Wednesday, Jul 22 2020
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