.568 Pritchett-Metford Bullets

.568 Pritchett-Metford Bullets

Oak View, CA

This is the original Pritchett bullet, as designed by William Metford and adopted by R. T. Pritchett for military use in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle in 1853. Just like the originals, these are swaged (compression-formed, not cast), are .568-inch in diameter, weigh 530 grains, with a shallow base cavity. This is the bullet that went to the battlefields of the Crimean War with the first model P1853 rifles. Confederate arsenals making Enfield cartridges also used this early Pritchett bullet, because it was simple to make, very ‚Äčaccurate in any .577 or .58 caliber rifle, and did not require any base plug. These bullets shoot best when paper patched, with thin "onion-skin" paper.

You can buy ready-made Pritchett cartridges here:

For quantities over 72 bullets, please contact me for bulk order pricing.

Posted Wednesday, Jul 22 2020
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