10.4mm Vetterli Bullets

10.4mm Vetterli Bullets

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.41 Swiss (10.4mm) Vetterli Bullets, .429" diameter, 315 grains soft lead alloy for 10.4x38mm cartridges

Lead Bullets Only - This is not loaded ammunition!

This bullet is an exact recreation of the original Gewehrpatrone GP1871 rifle bullet, adopted by Switzerland for the M/69 Vetterli repeating rifle. The only variation from the original bullet is the flattened nose tip, which is utilized for safety in tube magazines of Swiss Vetterli rifles converted to centerfire.

These bullets are intended for the historic cartridge in 10.4x38mm, and will cycle in the Vetterli tube magazine if your cartridge overall length is 2.2 inches (56mm). These bullets are designed so that when seated to the heel, the overall length is correct. If using the longer 10.4x42mm cases, the overall length will be too long to use the magazine but they can be loaded individually and will chamber easily.

Like the original, it is a heeled bullet, and will fit the tapered chamber of your Swiss Vetterli rifle, which was designed to use such bullets.

Also like the original bullet, this one has a slightly hollow base. This helps ensure expansion upon firing into barrels of varying bore size. Just as a Minie-style bullet expands due to its hollow base, these bullets will expand reliably to fill the grooves, making this a very versatile bullet and eliminating the need to slug your bore and find a custom bullet.

Posted Wednesday, Jul 22 2020
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