Permit to Carry Course

Permit to Carry Course

Taylor, MI

6 hr | $65

This course will award a certificate to passing students which will allow them to apply for a Permit to Carry for the state of Minnesota.

This course will go over Self Defense as a concept, the Firearm as a means to defend oneself, and applicable statutes and laws expected of responsibly armed citizens of the state of Minnesota. *This course requires a live-fire competency portion

Pens, notepads, and PPE will be provided for the course.

Students are expected to bring the pistol they plan on carrying and at minimum 50 rounds of ammunition. If a student does not own a pistol a .22lr can be provided at an extra cost to the student.

*The range to be used is:

Firing Line 3409 Mayhew Lake Rd NE Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

  • A 10$ use-of-range fee will be charged to the student by the Firing Line.

Posted Tuesday, Jan 12 2021
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