Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic Helmet Modular Ballistic Helmet

Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic Helmet Modular Ballistic Helmet

Milford, NJ

The Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic Helmet shatters current ballistic helmet paradigms. Its radical design displays some truly innovative engineering while providing the operator impressive weight-savings, higher ballistic protection levels, increased modularity, and incredible comfort. Developed for special operations units, the AirFrame was mandated with dramatically reducing head-borne weight while exceeding the ACH Frag Threat Rating. In fact, a fully assembled AirFrame Ballistic Helmet weighs a whole 20% less than a standard ACH/MICH TC2002 while exceeding its frag threat by an average of 20%.

Ballistic helmet weight savings are extremely important to the operator. Anyone who has ever spent time in the field knows that added weight is a Warfighter’s worst enemy. Warfighters are currently so burdened with armor and mission essential gear that they are often smoked 20 minutes after leaving the wire. This amount of fatigue severely affects their ability to maintain situational awareness and poses a direct threat to their survivability on the battlefield. Crye Precision is one of the most innovative gear designers in the world. They are responsible for the creation of Multicam, the ubiquitous Combat Shirt and Combat Pant, as well as most of the armor and load carriage gear used by Tier1 Special Operations Forces. Their AirFrame Ballistic Helmet is one the latest “outside the box” designs to hit the market.

The AirFrame features a unique overlapping shell design that creates an integrated vent, providing passive cooling while reducing the damaging effects of explosive blast waves. The dual shells also allow the helmet to be assembled from shallower-drawn material in the mold. This allows the shell to maintain constant thickness ballistic integrity throughout. The AirFrame is utilizes the excellent Ops Core H-Nape Head-Loc chinstrap system and Team Wendy pads. It is compatible with a host of up-armored accessories that increase the ballistic coverage. It can be ordered as a kit with polymer side rails that allow for the addition of a host of other accessories, further increasing the AirFrame’s versatility. And of course, it is compatible with common ear pro systems.

The AirFrame is currently being issued to Tier1 Special Operations Forces and has seen extensive action down range. Its awesome features combined with its increased ballistic coverage and weight savings make it ideal for the lightfighter. Did we mention the comfort? The AirFrame is one of the most comfortable ballistic helmets to wear over extended periods. Crye Precision certainly cracked the code on this one! All AirFrame Helmets we sell come pre-drilled for 3-hole NVG Shrouds.

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

PLEASE NOTE: The Crye Precision AirFrame Helmet is Level IIIa Body Armor and is subject to any and all restrictions concerning civilian ownership of body armor. Body armor cannot be owned or sold to persons convicted of a felony. Body armor cannot be exported outside the United States. Buyers are required to fill out and sign a body armor waiver or show current U.S. Military or Law Enforcement I.D. Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Body Armor (unless the buyer is a police officer, Police Department, or military). We cannot ship to Connecticut, or even accept credit cards billed there for body armor sales.

Crye Precision
2.30 lbs. (M), 2.55 lbs. (L), 2.75 lbs (XL)
Shell Sizing Circ.:
Medium: (20.5″ – 22.5″), Large: (22.5″ – 24.5″), XL: (24.5″ +)
Manufacturer's P/N:
HLM-M01-00-LG3, HLM-M01-31-LG3, HLM-M01-08-LG3
Ballistic Spec:
2-Grain (V50):
≥ 4200 ft/s
4-Grain (V50):
≥ 3475 ft/s
16 Grain (V50):
≥ 2475 ft/s
64 Grain (V50):
≥ 1750 ft/s
9mm 124 Gr FMJ 1195 ft/s, ± 30 ft/s:
≤ 25.4 mm BFD

Posted Thursday, Apr 18 2019
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