TNVC Torch PRO Mk.II Infrared Illuminator Extreme Distance LED Infrared Illuminator

TNVC Torch PRO Mk.II Infrared Illuminator Extreme Distance LED Infrared Illuminator

Milford, NJ

The TNVC Torch PRO Mk.II is the latest generation of the wildly popular Torch line of Infrared Illuminators and yet again, shifts the paradigm. The Torch PRO Mk.II re-imagines the concept by introducing a host of features not found in any other product on the market, while offering performance that rivals anything in its class. A clean, smooth, and focus-able beam of infrared light is emitted from its high-power LED. Seamless mechanical focus allows adjustment between 3 and 12°, offering area or point illumination at distances past 1,000 yards! The Torch PRO Mk.II introduces a high / low feature, allowing you more control over the area and point illumination. Coupled with the wide and narrow focus, users can fine tune the output to properly illuminate targets at all engagement distances without obscuring due to excess bloom.

The Mk.II offers the ability to customize the output based on your mission. For the first time, you have the power to change out the infrared LED pill for varying wavelengths. The unit comes standard with an 810nm LED, but 880 and 910nm modules can be purchased separately (NOTE: the 910nm module is high power output only). So for those more concerned with stealth, the Torch PRO Mk.II has you covered.

Encased in a sleek yet rugged aerospace-grade aluminum housing with Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodizing, the Torch PRO Mk.II’s virtually indestructible LED provides the user with the best civilian-legal IR illumination on the market. A German-made impact-resistant glass lens system produces a crisp beam while the smooth focus ring allows for easy one hand operation. The wide flood allows for area illumination at close distances, while the tight spot aids in identification of targets at long range.

While the Torch PRO Mk.II is a great hand-held illuminator, its 1″ tube allows for a plethora of weapon mount options. We offer an optional package with the excellent VTAC Light Mount. Its Tactical Tailcap mimics familiar operating procedures from other popular lights: Press for momentary activation, twist for constant-on. Users can switch between high and low models by returning the unit to “off” and pressing or twisting the tailcap again. A built-in switch lockout prevents accidental activation during transport or storage. The Torch PRO Mk.II is designed to stand up to field abuse, including complete water submersion.

Oh, did we mention compatibility with existing Surefire, LLC bodies and tailcaps? You read that right, the TNVC Torch PRO Mk.II is compatible with Surefire XM and Z59 Tailcaps and G2, 6P, and C-Series Light Bodies.

The Torch PRO Mk.II is available with optional LED Drop-In Pills that expand the units’ capabilities for increased stealth. While the standard 810nm unit will have an 800+ yard effective range, it has a partially visible signature. The higher frequency diodes will have a shorter effective range, but less visibility to the naked eye.

Effective (approx.) diode distances using a Gen 3 devices are as follows with no moon, low sky glow.

Standard Torch Pro 810nm = 800 yards +

880nm Diode = 350- 400 yards

910nm Diode = 150 yards

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

6.77″(L) x 1.73″(OBJ) x 1.0″(Tube)
Mounting Area:
9.5 oz. w/ Batteries
Aerospace-Grade Aluminum, Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized
Infrared Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Peak Wavelength:
810nm (included) 880nm / 910nm LED’s Sold Separately
Effective Range (No Moon):
1,000+ yards (3 deg beam width setting)
3° – 12°
Two (2) 3-Volt CR123A Batteries
Tactical Runtime:
10 – 12 Hours
6′ for up to 30 Minutes
Light Body Compatability:
Surefire G2, G2X, G2L, 6P, 6PX, 6PD, 6PL, 6PDL, C2, C2L, C3, C3L, G2Z, G2ZL, Z2, Z2L, P2X, P2XD, P2ZX
Tailcap Compatibility:
Surefire XM, Z59
1 Year Warranty

Posted Thursday, Apr 18 2019
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