Princeton Tec Point - MPLS Flexi-Arm Single LED Light

Princeton Tec Point - MPLS Flexi-Arm Single LED Light

Milford, NJ

**PLEASE NOTE: The package does not come with an Ops Core Rail Adapter. If you want to mount the light to an Ops Core Rail, you have to purchase the Princeton Tec Accessory Kit located in the Illumination Tools/ Parts & Accessories section.

The Princeton Tec Point – MPLS is a new concept in tactical illumination. The Point is a powerful LED light on the end of a flexible boom, allowing the operator to point the light where needed. The flexible boom is stiff enough to stay in position once bent, providing much needed task lighting in any direction. The Point MPLS is simple to use; a large tactile push-button turns the unit on low power. Pressing it a second time will turn on high power and a third time will turn it off. The Point MPLS is completely modular and can be mounted on various bases for a variety of functions. The unit comes with two mount bases while additional bases can be purchased in an accessory kit to increase versatility. Included in the kit are bases for attaching the Point MPLS to a standard ACH/MICH helmet and PALS webbing.

The Point-MPLS is one of those products that make you think: “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s beauty is in its simplicity. The device weighs practically nothing, yet provides incredible functionality. The ability to bend the boom neck to different angles insures you have task lighting where you need it, regardless of which way your head is turned. Mounting it on armor carriers provides directional lighting for medics. The helmet mount gives operators much needed lightweight illumination for everything from reading maps to fixing equipment. The Point-MPLS is equipment that no operator should be without.

We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

Princeton Tec
10 Lumens
1 Ultrabright LED
Burn Time:
36 Hours
Two (2) 2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, (2032 for Red and IR LED)
17 Grams w/ Batteries
Point MPLS Module, ACH/MICH Helmet Mount, PALS Webbing Mount

Posted Thursday, Apr 18 2019
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