Cyalume MILSPEC Chemlights (6) Single-Use Chemlights (10-Pack)

Cyalume MILSPEC Chemlights (6) Single-Use Chemlights (10-Pack)

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Cyalume Chemlights© are the only milspec chemical light sticks available on the market. These 6” Chemlights© provide instant 360° illumination that can be seen up to a mile away. Chemlights© are used heavily by military, law enforcement, and first responders as marking devices. Their use potential is unlimited. To activate, simply bend, snap, and shake the tube. Cyalume Chemlights© meet Defense Logistics Agency (DLS) and NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) specifications. Each Chemlight© comes individually sealed in protective foil for protection from light and moisture, giving them up to a 4-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Chemlights© are durable and waterproof. They can be run over by 2-ton trucks without breaking. The body is composed of a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and is phthalate free for environmental and personal safety. The internal illuminating chemical substance is non-toxic and non-flammable, while all components of the Chemlight© are recyclable. Chemlights© float in water as well.

Chemlights© are ubiquitous items in a Warfighter’s kit. They are used for everything from marking vehicles and personnel to signaling applications. Of course, they are deployed using various methods by various teams, units, etc. The individual Chemlight© features a molded-in snap hook that allows it be hung on different locations. The hook is designed for ease of use and will come undone with slight pressure. A small, fully enclosed loop is molded in right below the snap hook for a more secure mounting solution. Chemlights© are small, lightweight, and can be used in virtually every environment. Their uses are almost limitless!

Standard 6” Chemlights© are sold in packages of 10 and are available with runtimes between 8-12 hours. Special, ultra bright 5-minute models are available too.

All sticks are tested at a temperature of 72° F (22 degrees C) to determine the illumination duration. Each 10° C (50° F) increase or decrease in temperature doubles or halves the reaction rate, and therefore the brightness and duration. For example, the same light stick that emits approximately 30 lux (a unit that describes how much light is visible over a square meter) at 15 minutes after activation at 24° C (75° F) will be half as bright but glow twice as long at 14° C (57° F). At 34° C (93° F), the same light stick would be twice as bright, but glow half as long. Storage at elevated temperatures (above 120° F or 49° C) will decrease shelf life and start to soften the plastic tube, and increase the risk of a leak. Exposure to cold temperatures will not affect the light sticks if they are warmed above 40° F (4.5° C) before activation, unless they are frozen (which occurs at -15 to -20° F, or -26 to -29° C). Once light sticks have been frozen, they will still produce some light, but performance will not be as reliable. Humidity and atmospheric conditions do not affect the light sticks.

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

6" Blue (8 Hour):
6" Green (12 Hour):
6" Orange (12 Hour):
6" Orange-Hi (5 Min):
6" Red (12 Hour):
6" Red-Hi (30 Min):
6" White (8 Hour):
6" White-Hi (30 Min):
6" Yellow (12 Hour):
6" Yellow-Hi (30 Min):
6" IR (3 Hour):
6" IR (8 Hour):
Low Density Polyethylene

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