Knight's Armament Co. UNS-A2 Intermediate Range Clip-On Night Vision Device

Knight's Armament Co. UNS-A2 Intermediate Range Clip-On Night Vision Device

Milford, NJ

Knight’s Armament Company has a long history of building and delivering combat-tested night vision devices to NATO Special Operations Forces. Their Clip-On Night Vision Devices (CNVD’s) have been serving both military and law enforcement units throughout the Global War on Terror and have earned a reputation as high performing, durable optics.

The UNS-A2 (Universal Night Sight) is small, handy CNVD designed to attach to a weapon system in front of an existing day optic, providing the operator with instant nighttime engagement capabilities. This provides extreme flexibility on the battlefield because it means operators do not have to carry a weapon platform dedicated to night use. When the sun sets, the UNS-A2 is simply removed from a pack and clipped in front of the day optic. It is just as easily removed when the sun returns.

The UNS-A2 is appropriate for intermediate / long range rifles. Its refractive lens gathers a large amount of ambient light, disproportionate to its size. The system is carefully collimated (boresighted) at the factory to within 0.5 MOA. This means that any POA/POI shift will be mechanically less than ½ MOA. Depending on the individual rifle’s setup, there may be no deviation. The Harris Exelis (ITT) PINNACLE image intensification tube is shock isolated to withstand big bore recoil including .50 BMG. It delivers a stunning amount of light amplification considering the unit’s small size. The power knob doubles as manual gain control, allowing operators to adjust the intensity of the image to the amount of ambient light. A large fin attached to the focus ring provides very easy adjustment in the dark while wearing gloves.

The UNS-A2 is ideal for use with short-medium magnification day optics. While the sweet spot for magnification is between 6-8X, it can easily provide very useable resolution with standard DMR scopes between 2.5-10X. A grown man can be recognized at 700 yards with a ¼ moon.

Knight’s Armament patented Single Interchangeable Battery (SIB) technology allows the UNS-A2 to function off of commonly fielded batteries. It can run for up to 24 hours off a single AA or CR123 battery. The tethered battery cap can be flipped to accommodate either while a rubber cap protects the exposed/unused side. In fact, the highly efficient circuit allows use of a depleted flashlight battery to provide several hours of operation.

The Knight’s Armament Co. UNS-A2 is available with several different tube options. The PINNACLE P+ tube is a high spec factory tube. Ultra MILSPEC is a high spec MIL-SPEC tube. White Phosphor is latest technology development in image intensifier tubes. It provides 20-30% more light transmission than standard Green Tubes.

Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences. Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court. By purchasing night vision equipment from TNVC, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States. Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil. Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.

KnightAaas Armament Company (KAC)
Manufacturer P/N::
6.25AaA(L) x 2.2AaA OD(W) x 2.95AaA(H Above Rail)
1.75 lbs
Flat Black, Corrosion Resistant
One (1) Standard AA Battery, or One (1) Standard CR123 Battery
Battery Life:
Approx. 24 Hours
Rail Mount:
Attaches to M1913 Picatinny via Adjustable Locking Throw Lever
3′ for 4 Hours
1 Year Warranty
Gen3 U.S. Exelis (ITT) PINNACLE
Optimum Magnification:
Focus Range:
15 Meters – Infinity
Lens Type:
Refractive Telephoto
Man Aaa Starlight:
> 500m
Man Aaa 1/4 Moon:
Vehicle Aaa Starlight:
> 850m
Vehicle Aaa 1/4 Moon:
> 1,000m
Factory Aligned 1/2 MOA or Better
Permanent to Within 1 MOA or Better
Within 1/2 MOA
Recoil Rating:
Up-to / Including .50 BMG
UNS-A2 Optic, Operator’s Manual, Tactical Soft Case, Light Bridge Cover, Lens Cleaning Kit

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