Aimpoint Micro T-1 MILSPEC Mini Red Dot Sight (NV Compatible) 2MOA

Aimpoint Micro T-1 MILSPEC Mini Red Dot Sight (NV Compatible) 2MOA

Milford, NJ

The Aimpoint Micro T-1 is one of our favorite Red Dot Sights on the market. We have been using it as both a primary and back up red dot sight since its release and have been incredibly impressed with its performance. It is truly a universal sight. Our primary “go-to” carbines are sporting T-1’s as primary optics. These amazing little sights provide the performance of full-sized sights in the smallest package possible. Built to the same battle-proven ruggedness as other Aimpoint products, the Micro T-1 is able to perform under extreme conditions while adding negligible weight to your weapon. It is ideally suited for use on Rifles, Carbines, Shotguns, Submachineguns, and Handguns. The T-1 is also extremely effective as a back-up sight piggy-backed on top of a magnified optic with one of our SAR mounts or placed on a MURLM.

The performance of the Aimpoint Micro T-1 is optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices, but is especially suited for Gen3 night vision technology. Aimpoint’s unique band-pass coating on the reflective lens reflects select frequencies of red light at near 100% efficiency in order to give the highest possible dot brightness, while transmitting nearly 100% of light in the Infrared and near-infrared part of the spectrum to provide the clearest, brightest image possible when used with a 3rd generation NVD.

Adding to the incredible feature list of the T-1 is Aimpoint’s ACET technology that optimizes energy usage, allowing the unit to remain in continuous use for up to 50,000 hours (over 5 years!). We have never turned any of our T-1’s off and take comfort in knowing that they are ready to go as soon as we pick up the weapon and get on target. This is an especially valuable commodity for our Military and Law Enforcement customers who no longer need to worry about turning their sight on when they take their weapon from the rack or cruiser. There is no auto shutdown function in the Micro T-1. These features have made the Aimpoint Micro T-1 one of the best selling units of its kind. We see a lot of them going to special units within the government and among elite Warfighters in the US Arsenal.

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

2.4″(L) x 1.6″(W) x 1.6″(H) w/ Mount
3.7oz. w/ Mount
Extruded Aluminum
Hard Anodized, Black
Lens Covers:
Rubber, Matte Black
Keyed Surface, Mount Keyed to Sight Body
Ring Width:
Temp Range:
-49º to 160º F
25 Meters
Passive Red Dot Collimeter Reflex
Eye Relief:
4 MOA or 2 MOA Red Dot
Range +/-1yds. at 100yds.
Optic Coating:
Anti Reflex, Band Pass Coatings, NVD Compatible
One (1) 3V Lithium CR2032
Battery Life:
Over Five (5) Years Continuous at Position 8
12 Positions (4 NVD, 8 Daylight)
1 Extra Bright
Manufacturer's P/N:
12417, 11830, 200158, 200055, 200054

Posted Thursday, Apr 18 2019
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