Aimpoint Comp M4s U.S. Army M68 CCO Red Dot Sight (NV Compatible)

Aimpoint Comp M4s U.S. Army M68 CCO Red Dot Sight (NV Compatible)

Milford, NJ

The Aimpoint CompM4 series of sights are Aimpoint’s top of the line. The CompM4 is now the latest version of the US Army’s M68 CCO (Close Combat Optic) and has been busy in the Global War on Terror. While the CompM4 has a slightly different appearance from the earlier CompM2 and M3, the most notable improvement is the incredible ACET Technology which improves the units’ energy efficiency, providing up to 8 years of continuous use from a single AA battery. That’s right: you can leave the CompM4 on for up to 8 freakin’ years! No other battery-operated sight will allow you to do that. This means you can be assured the dot will be there every time you pick up your rifle. No more, will you have to remember to turn on a sight when your rifle comes off the rack or out of your cruiser. There is no built-in shutoff in the CompM4. A new integral mount comes standard with the CompM4 which eliminates the need for a separate ring. The mount can be customized with vertical and horizontal spacers to fit a variety of weapon systems.

The Aimpoint CompM4s is the latest variant in the CompM4 series. Identical to the original CompM4, the “s” version places the battery compartment in a low position. This design change was done at the request of operators in the field who wanted a less cluttered view and sight picture. Otherwise, the CompM4s is identical to the original.

Aimpoint utilizes a unique band-pass coating on the front lens which reflects select frequencies of red light at near 100% efficiency in order to give the highest possible dot brightness with the smallest amount of energy while transmitting nearly 100% of light in the infrared and near-infrared part of the spectrum to provide the clearest, brightest, image possible when used with a Gen3 NVD. However, the Comp M4 is still optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices.

In our opinion, no other red dot sight can touch the Aimpoint CompM4 series. It is ideally suited for all small arms and unsurpassed in terms of functionality and build quality. Like all Aimpoint products, the CompM4 is built like a tank yet can defend its claim of unequalled light transmission. This is quite noticeable when mounting an NVD behind the optic. Our CompM4’s have taken a beating and continue to function as if they just came out of the box. If you want the most advanced and universal red dot sight on the market, we can recommend no other.

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

4.7″(L) x 2.8″(W) x 2.8″(H) w/ Mount
11.8oz. w/ Mount
Extruded Aluminum
Hard Anodized, Matte Graphite
Lens Covers:
Rubber, Matte Black
Keyed Surface, Mount Keyed to Sight Body
Ring Width:
Temp Range:
-49º to 160º F
45 Meters
Passive Red Dot Collimeter Reflex
Eye Relief:
Red Dot 2MOA
1 Click= 0.5″ at 100yds.
Optic Coating:
Anti Reflex, NV Compatible
One (1) Standard AA Battery
Battery Life:
80,000 Hours (Typical)
16 Positions (7 NVD, 9 Daylight)
1 Extra Bright
Manufacturer's P/N:
12172 (M4s + QRP Mount), 12308 (No Mount)

Posted Thursday, Apr 18 2019
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