3/4-24 TO 5/8-24 (DTA) ADAPTER

3/4-24 TO 5/8-24 (DTA) ADAPTER

Walterville, OR

The DTA adapter by Delta P Design™ ¾-24 to 5/8-24 adapter (DTA™ adapter) adapts ¾-24 male threads to 5/8-24 female thread accessories. This part is machined in a single operation from billet material and is individually gauged to ensure alignment and concentricity. Adapters are finished with an ultra hard cyanide salt bath surface conversion. Wrench flats utilize a standard 7/8 spanner.

The adapter provides a standard 5/8-24 for muzzle mount accessories.

*DTA™ of Desert Tech Arms

Posted Tuesday, Feb 19 2019
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Walterville, OR

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