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CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER. Email speters@deltapdesign.com to be added to waitlist. ...The M1A adapter mounts directly to the muzzle of the M1A/M14 (and variants) in place of the mil-spec flash hider/bayonet lug or muzzle brake. The original equipment castle nut is used to secure the M1A adapter in the same manner as the original equipment flash hider or muzzle brake. The castle nut set screw (provided) is relocated while performing a similar function. This allows for a full 360˚ accessory shoulder.

The M1A adapter provides industry standard 5/8-24 threads for the mounting of muzzle accessories with 5/8-24 TPI RH mounting threads.

The mill-spec height dovetail accepts standard M1A/M14 sight assemblies.

Titanium construction allows for a one ounce adapter weight.

5/8-24 threads are provided to accommodate most standard accessories.

Posted Tuesday, Feb 19 2019
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